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iipak (EUNE)
Hey mate i sent you friend request. Main adc currently plat 3 solo diamond 3 flex
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Patience (EUW)
: My first experience of ranked in 5 years
Welcome to the cancer club {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Garison (EUNE)
: IGN: GoPro92 Main role: Mid / jungle Curently finished my solo que promos in plat 2 but i was dia for last 2 seasons and will be back in dia in matter of days.
Will add you tmr mate, league has issues atm
: Team [EUNE] Diamond elo flex
Hey, i main adc currently diamond 3 flex q
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: Duo for Ranked - Solo/Duo, I'm Support
add me in game : Kyuseishu
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SRT Hook (EUW)
: Hey man, G1 support main here. I'll add you up later today and see how we pair up!
mate you in EUW im in EUNE :)
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Bai Hu (EUNE)
: Support main looking for duo (platinum5+)
Hey mate i send you a friend req
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