: So, smurfs ruining games... when will it end?
So what do you propose? Lets ban all smurfs? For wanting to play on a new account? I have been f@ from smurfs but still dont cry because riot can do anything and they shouldnt do anything because that's a competitive game
lolmichal (EUW)
: Is it ok to leave promos for a day?
Dont worry i played my platinum promos 10 days after i hit them so you are 100% fine. Good luck in your promos{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ARAM will propably never be removed because its a really popular mode that people enjoy so..{{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Zoe Skin
Make new zoe skin{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Make Star Guardian Urgot 2019{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Were (EUW)
: Please remove TFT Rank Rewards
+1 You are correct and you have a point. I played a TFT game first time in my life and literally stood afk and watched Lucifer on Netflix just so i can get the Beta phase icon . So from your friendly platinum neighboor . Riot. Please. Dont make that mistake and give the same rewards on both Solo queue/flex players and the TFT trolls
: One time I got from honor lvl 1 to lvl 2 in 1 month , slight less than a month. Don't knwo if so how is harder to get form 0 to 1 then from 1 to 2, but theoretically i think is possible. - while numbers of honors doesn't matter, fore sure it matter the thing when it write "everybody in your team honored somebody" since you get aint more honor progres then usually, so always honor somebody and try to keep game calm. - Fake reports do not count to punishment but i have a feeling they count through honor progres, and if not for sure toxicity that get reported that is not enough to get punish but is enough to slow honor progres, - so try not to trigger your team, - don't play of meta and not acceptable champions, - don't enter in fights and arguments, don't try to excuse when you die since people get trigger by escusese, - ignore your team, just say a smile some time, or say gj job when somebody kill on lane. (careful not to coincide when other player die on lane cause he will think you are mocking them) - league community have goldfish memory, a troll in beginning of game that force somebody to play support or TROLL, wil get honored if carry with the role that was not his in first place, and the one that sacrifice for the good of the team and play support heigl get flamed and blamed if he don't do good, so try to make a good impression in last fights of the game because in honor scream people will nto knwo who to honor since they are so self centered that never pay attention to others good plays just to bad palys to flame and blame, so if you did something good in last fights they remember you and honor you. LAST IMPRESSION COUNT - act like a fake polite corporate worker that is a slimebag to rise in ranks, kiss ases and fake politenes, people are stupid to catch on you - point out your good plays in last fights with a joke, not to brag but to make people remember, like " hmm this x champ is really fun" gl {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Most usefull comement thanks dude{{sticker:katarina-love}}
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: Lads Boiz we did it
I havent made it to honor lvl 2 . I am lvl 1 unlocked and 0 out of 3. Can i reach lvl 2 honor if i dont get banned before season ends?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yea, lets just throw inflation out through the window and blame riot for not giving you everything for free... if you cant afford the stuff dont buy it or go earn your own money...
Like i dont make my own money lol.. Still do I have to spend my OWN money on this rip off game?
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MissJJess (EUW)
: oh sry, I did not think it would be a problem. I just wanted to make some friends so I could play regular with some people, the main person I play with is really helpful and I find I play better with him cos he knows when I am going to go for the ADC etc I deleted it now :)
Hahahaha i never said it was a problem i am not a judge anyways. If you are searching for a duo partner go on and Search him its your own free will and is normal for someone to climb with a duo. Me personally went to gold2 playing solo rankeds only but i play from season 3. I believe you can climb as a support main but i dont have experience about EUW's adc mains so i cant tell for sure
Lari (EUNE)
: Why is Yummi a champion?
If you play yuumi and just go drink some tea outside and your adc just farms and doesn't die you do you get an AFK warning?
MissJJess (EUW)
: lol I guess I am number 3! though I don't want to be carried I want to get good enough to carry :P
Maybe you are the one i am speaking about but I've seen tons of similar posts this week alone
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Mada (EUW)
: Yi got nerfed yesterday by buffing his Q and removing the cast time from everything and also removing the wuju passive
You call this a nerf? His q is busted w will proc faster and the only nerf is -20 physical damage. Is this really a nerf?
JustClone (EUNE)
: Take a downvote from me now. Open google. Search Gragas Skin Glitch. And tell me how broken this shit was :) FREE R CAST DURING COMBO :) LEGIT NO COUNTER-PLAY. Even someone at your (but in this case not mine) level of play can do it easy :) Pls when you see it, change your original comment. The more players see what riot does with those skins, the better. I know this may get deleted but still, 100% truth...
Which gragas skin this is? Also i dont get why you downvote it but its your choise
: it's ok if you learn the game you will progres, you are where you are because that's your limit not because some skin bugs!
To be exact i am not any HARDSTUCK player. I play around 3 hours a day and still the last 1 month from silver 3 i was thrown i am now gold 2 and 20 LP and keep at climbing. I just wanted to point out why this happens cause people spend money. I mean i spend money myself on league maybe over 500 euros but still thad bulls...
RedruM I (EUW)
: How can I avoid playing vs smurfs as new player?
I think when you made the account you should choosr the "I am new to moba games". Jax Carried You EUNE{{champion:24}}
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: I got banned...
I play since season 3 and the only thing i will comment about is the new ranking system. We all know that 2016 was the year league started to "die" with the tank meta healing bulls. and now it has been EVEN EASIER to climb,let me give you an example: On season 7 i went to promos for plat V and i had climb from bronze 1 i think and obviously i had a team with 4 dead rats feeding every game but thats another subject.Point is ladies and gentlemen that back then at least there was five tiers and it was kinda harder to climb and needed more time and skill to do so. Today you see a riven vayne lulu janna main climbing without a problem and reaching plat and dia. Rn i am gold 2 but Riot needs to bring the five tiers back for the players to be more "placed on the division they should be". Its kinda stupid to comment on this post but this guy gave me the start -Jax Carried You- EUNE
: Missions rewards get fewer every new event
This company has really gone nuts. 25 euros for 3200 rp? Really? Really?. I used to get around 4200 rp and now i almost get minus 1000 rp with the same money cause of "taxes". I mean this company thinks we are bankers or something. If they really cared about the players they would give 1750 rp with 10 euros like the used to. I have spent since season 3 almost 500 euros on this account alone and i cant stop because i am f addicted.
Twixhun (EUNE)
: Ranking up
I am silver 2 with 69 lp. I was plat 5 last season but this year i have serious exams to join the police academy so i play every Friday 4-5 hours.Can i hit gold till season ends?


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