Haxoor (EUNE)
: I loled, thx m8. Whoever gets scared by albanian mafia in lol must be like 7 y old tops.
Albanian mafia,Russian Mafia and Italian Mafia are the most powerfl mafia in europe.I hope nobudy gets in trouble with them espacially albanians are so violent.
: Well if it upsets you so much that you have to leave you'd have to /mute all when you join a game That's quite sad doh , talking to nice peeps makes a game so much more fun You should maybe try playing with people you know are nice instead c:
These little player can never make me leave the game never neveeeer just focus that on ur mind and the job its done gg wp izi report blitzcrank
Emmala (EUW)
: How to deal with nasty players?
Ok if u can see if he is childish ,u can see thay way he talks u just say give me the addres of ur home it works for me all the time they shut up ,I also used to say im Albanian and they was scared because of mafia LOL .U can use other mafia like Russian or Italian but dont overuse it.
Teejoon (EUW)
: Riot isn't very likely to add many more languages. Since having more languages make it taking a longer time to push out posts since they want a post for a server to be available in all languages. That's one reason EU usually get some posts a few hours later than NA. I'd also guess there aren't too many people that only speaks Albanian and not any other languages. What you have painted, the people in Greece and Italy probably know the Greek language or Italian language which is already supported. Many probably also know English. That is the reason why they might not support it. I want to recall that a Rioter said like 5-6 years ago they probably won't support any of the Nordic languages in a near future since most people there know English, same with Dutch. So I wouldn't get my hope up on them supporting it if it's only a few players only knowing Albanian.
Yeah man Im with your opinion,aslo albanianian are small population 10 milion maximum maybe,but I hope they can.For the greek and italian thats the albanian minority
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
ok fella with my internet i cant even visit support website so i tryed with my hotspot of my phone 4G there is the log ,i cant play league maybe more than a week https://pastebin.com/eFy8qWGH
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: Can't login
Same there bro just "Authenticating...."
: Can't login
Same there bro just "Authenticating...."
: kid plz, take a sit :)
ok lets leave kids talk and mans do the actions .
: typical 12 years old answer .
Wait what ? U said lets eat popcorn and I said if u want to meet me personally add on fb ,what is so childish here ?
: aha ok, so in EUW portuguese don't exist and u want albanian ? come here guy take a sit lets eat popcorn {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
U think u are funny boy ? Well if u wanna meet me personaly add me on facebook
: Holy shit, where did you get nationalism from? He just suggest that maybe because there are immigrants there is why you marked it. But not every language is needed in league. I'm dutch and even if games offer me the dutch language to play in I won't use it. Everything sounds so underwhelming in dutch.
Ok its ur opinon and I just suggested to add Albanian language.If u dont like ur language its fine,but i just suggested to add Albanian language thats all boy/girl.
Afelers (EUNE)
: ~~ALL HAIL GREAT ALBANIA~~ Jokes aside if it gets more attention they would surely consider making it happen
Well its good for all people who play league to have the right to play in their language
: it's just because there are too many illegal immigrant albanians in greece and palermo i think
Please dont make this topic nationalist i think all languages of that region should be included in that region ,what do u think ?
: no country recognize albania as an official country. so don't expect to get albanian language on the game
Albania is a official country check that again pls .
: Since when do people in Palermo speak albanian? Since when do people in Athenes speak Albanian?
IM SPEAKING ABOUT minorty of albanians not italians bcs italians arent going to change the language in client in albanian and about Athens its all the albanians in Greece sorry if i ofended someone :D
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