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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: He is a support... He was DESIGNED TO BE A SUPPORT!
Yes, but isn't it bad to have a champion with such a complex kit in such a one dimensional position? I mean, I still think his W is used better in gank situations than on lane because of the relatively big radius he can be spotted from. The radius fills almost the entire bot lane. I know the opponents get notified when he is W..but it's still a good gank tool. His passive doesn't do anything on the support side, just helps him stay more in lane. But in other lanes he could maybe trade damage and mindgame people I think he deserves something, maybe give back the damage to creeps on his E
: OK???!!! he should be gutted like tahm kench. that champ has no weakness at all, even an iron player has good results with pyke cause hes way to OP.
I was iron on my other account.... not funny...
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