Voidner (EUNE)
: And that's only one of thousands of players that should be banned...
i would even say millions :)
Fibien (EUW)
: Scoreboard bug, summoners rift.
if riot wants it to be like that its not a bug
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: well.., look on the bright side. @ least u got a S rank for that KDA and Cs score :P {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
nothing wrong with my cs, considering we were losing most of the game and i had to help my team with defending everything
MrLukaUbica (EUNE)
: My account has been permabanned
seems like you used chat more than you played
jacktjong (EUW)
: patience is a quality few have mastered
still no update on mastery token
: not awarding mastery tokens
http://prntscr.com/kbft1l update, got a chest after waiting 2 min in queue
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Aguli (EUNE)
: I agree , i played like a week on new acount after ip exchange and i got anivia legendary skin on 2nd chest. The thing is , when i will get orange essence for that. On my main account i got only 2 skins for champs i do play , leendary sion skin and project leona. So yes the chance is low to both get skin and for champ you like/know how to play it. I get now 3 rammus skins in a row.
i would just like to add that when you get a skin that you would like to unlock, you would have to wait about 3 months to collect enough orange essence for it (if it is for example an epic skin), i buy the event capsules/chest to get only skin shards so i can get some orange essence, basically if you dont spend money like me, then you dont get much from this hextech thing at all
Aguli (EUNE)
: Wow you have chests , and i have 10 keys. You want skins, but if it was so often skins would be too common. 0 prestige + lower income for riot games, its a lose-lose situation.
well you can put it like that, but in my situation where i have all champions and tons of blue essence, getting 2 champ shards a month feels much more dissatisfying than what it use to be, also, about keys and chests its easier for me to get S with a champ and get a chest than get a key fragment
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Ovidiuleee (EUNE)
: Unbann
I use to use 3rd party program that let you have any skin that you want, but only you can see it (i think you all know that one) and riot sent me an e-mail that said im violating their terms and conditions and if i kept using it they will issue me a ban, i simply stopped using it, uninstalled and i didnt get any ban or restriction, you didnt get any warning to your email?
Ponvit (EUW)
: If you have refunds left you could buy one of them then refund it and try another one and in the end you buy the skin you liked most.
i have pbe account, tried them all, im gonna take the one with most votes
Febos (EUW)
: SKT Jhin has wings! Nuff said.
sadly it's not available for purchase
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: Anyone know anything about phones?
I never buy a brand new phone, i purchase used ones in good condition because you can get it for like 50-60% less, now im not sure about the prices where you live, but if you want a great camera then samsung galaxy notes, S6, edges, have great cameras, iphones also have great cameras but the battery lifes are horrible, my recommendation is that you get a flagship phone from 2016 or 2015
Saibbo (EUW)
: i mean people have problems but it was about getting a few fps less not a 99% drop :s, if that happen it probably an issue with your pc you should do something for that (also an advice... put a fps lock, it's much better than to kept it 'free', less cpu/gpu usage, less monitor tearing, etc..)
i actually get screen tearing and choppiness when i put fps lock, having it uncapped is a lot better for me
: VETERAN Player Problem
so you play for 8 years, you bought all runes and you used them, its not like they scammed you or anything, you paid for runes and used them for years, they even gave you all sorts of refunds, earning blue essence now is a problem i agree
: minimum should be 4 minutes because i often roll a joint in champ select and smoke while the game is loading. i dont like fast loading times
locking you champ and going for a smoke outside and coming back to see that the game started same second as you walk in is great :D
: I was going to bring this up, I can barely buy anything let alone buy masteries on top of it
luckily i own all champs on main account because im using it since season 3, and i even spent 100k in blue essence shop and the difference in earning blue essence compared to IP is HUGE
Rainst0rm (EUNE)
: FPS Problem!
yea man never had fps problem in teamfights like I do now, i guess the new runes animation are not well optimised and should be fixed with next patch
: silly person the game doesnt have a first person shooter problem
: Completed the Close Combat mission with random players and no reward...
im completing missions on my all 3 accounts but im ignoring this stupid mission
: My first kill in lol history
JimmisP (EUNE)
: if i close it and open it again it works fine
RAM overload maybe, im not sure what could cause this problem, my pc is not that great, its from 2012 (i3-2100, GTX 550 Ti, 8 gb's of RAM) and i have no issues with league at all, high fps, lol client is always fast, i rarely close it
59finom (EUNE)
missions come in rotations, not when u complete the previous, when missions got added it said below them 1 week left to complete the mission, that means u have to wait for new mission wave to come
Zantonny (EUW)
: It's only EUNE. Fixing it is on the to do list. Just after a few skins, the masteries patch, and when they finish catching up with GoT
They are fixing the replays for god sake, WE CANT LIVE WITHOUT REPLAYS GEEEZ
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Client is Bugged
riot is busy fixing replays, replays > ability to play game GG.

LOVE this TEAm

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