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: That's weird. I thought you cant get the thing you reroll.
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Suijin (EUNE)
: Well I'd like to know more (specific dmg from skills). You always prioritize to dodge skill shots. But which one should you really watch out for? total dmg is like nothing compared to knowing which skill can kill you fast
That's a fair point. Personally, I'm confident enough in my champion knowledge that I feel I can figure out what skills need to be avoided without death recap. Showing all the skills that hit you in a team fight could fill your screen, especially if you're playing a tank. A compromise could be showing the two-or-so skills that did the most damage.
WHenry (EUW)
: Death Recap outdated?
I honestly don't think we need to know the damage from every ability that hit us. I'd be happy with something like: Killed by LeBlanc, 962 damage. Damage sources: LeBlanc: 86%, Nautilus: 12%, Minions: 2% Magic: 91%, Physical 9%, True: 0% (All numbers matching the color of the damage type in which the majority of the damage was dealt). This would give you all the info you need without cluttering the screen. Disclaimer: all numbers are pulled out of nowhere and are in no way meant to be real.
: I don;t play viktor..but here is my input. As viktor,you won;t kill nautillus.So,the best thing is to push and roam(max E) There are some mathcups for Viktor where he maxes Q.For example vs yasuo;)..yauso can dodge your laser,so you better max q for the matchup;) Another example is fizz vs zed.Fizz needs to max Q vs zed and not E.Bcs zed can dodge your E;) U basicly max your skill for the matchup and against the player;).For example ,if the yasuo is really bad,you can get away with maxing E first;).Depends on the player;)And the reason you need to max certain abilities vs certain champions,is bcs of the rotation,if u miss your main ability on someone,the enemy can trade better with you;) Think like this,You are against a Blitz,and he tries to hook,but misses.So,for the next 15 seconds,you have the chance to harras heavy the enemy bcs Blitz won;t do nothing:D..This is it just need to use your brain in games;)
Yeah, you make a good point, he should've roamed. I know that he's not going to kill me, I was more thinking in terms of him not losing out on as much cs as he did from me just freezing the lane. If he didn't push he could've gotten help from jungle atleast.
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Simato (EUW)
: The other day I was getting oneshot by a WW with just Devourer, not even Sated, and Mobiboots. If I recall correctly, I was playing Jinx or Thresh that game. All this lvl 6 WW needed was R and his roundhousekick and I was gone :3
Looking at one of your recent games as Jinx vs a WW and his runes/masteries, he would deal 675 damage (assuming he somehow already has 15 stacks by lvl 6), not counting resistances, in the scenario you described (Values based of mobafire with a little help from Thee ZerO on the NA boards ). Adding his magic pen and the base mr of Jinx we get 527 damage. Let's say you're only lvl 4 when this happens, Jinx has 703 base hp at that point. That leaves you with 176 hp, not counting the bonuses you get from runes/masteries and your dorans blade. I agree, WW with devourer hits like a truck, but can we please stop exaggerating the numbers. It only leads to people not believing us when we're trying to bring up an actuall problem.
: > [{quoted}](name=Akalith,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4kViO5Ql,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-31T12:21:27.675+0000) > > And this is why you're gold4. Do you know how powerspikes work? Do you know why Lee-Sin is strong early game, but falls off really hard lategame? > > Judging from your post, no. Warwick is weak early game, but spikes really hard at full items, similar to vayne or kayle. Ofc he's gonna destroy everythibg when he's level 18. > They answer is counterplay. And don't tell me there is no counterplay, because you can counter **everything ** in this game. It is right after reaching his 3rd full item (Sated > Botrk > Wits End) when the R oneshot kicks in unless by that time you already have Qss and/or a Randuins or similar item. Flash QR ensures that you die 100%, no gettin out of that.
If WW only has Sated, Botrk and Wits End (and assuming shoes), don't run around alone. He's basicly glass at that point and if he ults in you just blow him up or stop him with cc. You can interrupt his ult with cc you know. Edit: That said, sated is really stong and should be brought down a bit in my opinion.


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