: The AI that checks chat logs is not just a word checker. In fact, there is not even a list of bannable words. The AI has been trained to identify all kinds of toxicity, even if uncommon words are used. It is totally possible to only use 'clean' words and still get punished for bad behaviour. Every player is held to the same standard. Once a player gets reported, only a check of their behaviour is initiated. If the behaviour was toxic, it slowly counts towards a punishment. If a players wasn't toxic, nothing happens. So if you don't misbehave, you don't even have to worry about getting reported, because those reports won't have any effect.
watched a video about it and i only knew the first part thx ill stop beeing toxic
: 3 game logs. Undefendable.
3rd chat log didnt have any words from the list riot has of offensive words that get censored and are bannable. but i still got an automatic ban explain please
Cypherous (EUW)
: So lets see > LVL 99 Godfather: you need to get a brain surgery > LVL 99 Godfather: whats wrong with you? Flaming > LVL 99 Godfather: easty > LVL 99 Godfather: noob > LVL 99 Godfather: ur 0 More flaming > LVL 99 Godfather: they just flaem Irony > LVL 99 Godfather: Gg easy Being a general douche > LVL 99 Godfather: jhin can you %%%%ing shut up> > LVL 99 Godfather: u suck Flaming > LVL 99 Godfather: un carriable trash Flaming > LVL 99 Godfather: griefer trash Flaming > LVL 99 Godfather: getting auto banner to know if im stayingin base or not Leaverbuster handles AFK detection just an FYI > LVL 99 Godfather: mad kid Flaming So yeah these were all valid reports, which means the punishment was valid, doesn't seem like this is your first offence either
not irony its typo the leavebuster was just a joke i can send you game replay and the person reporting me jhin flamed me harder but also my team so why am i getting punished because someone that is toxic himself reported me? double standards
: LVL 99 Godfather: I did not say 1 offensive word and Im banned Also LVL 99 Godfather: you suck trash %%%%ing shut up noob
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: When I was new on this boards I had the most perfect answers with the sources posted, showing objectivity from both sides, coming with tips and way to improve the problem and all I got back was "stfu you don't know". For people like him I should not waste time making a good response just to make him come back with shit arguments and denining the entire system just because he is the one who is involved. I use the most basic way of understanding: more know better than one. If they don't agree then I also don't care.
so your most basic way of understanding is to judje people before you give them good arguments. youre way of thinking is " if i THINK that the person im responding to has 2 brain cells then im not even gonna make any arguments"
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: > [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=eup7rwlK,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-21T14:43:42.206+0000) > > Change title "Why im quitting league but i will play next month" Make it "next week".
its next day X( i finally get a good enough pc to play well and then i get bugsplat in 80% of draft games and get lp loss from "dodging"
: number 6 is the only thing i can aggree with, the balancing is indeed wrong but will probly never get decent C U next week^^
: Help any advice on how to get out of Silver.
my advice is either one trick a champ, play easy champs, dont listen to teammates and win alone or stop playing this trash piece of shit game made by shitty company
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: From what rank would you consider someone 'good'
"good" is the rank you want to reach. to me right now i am very sastisfied with beeing gold 4. i really dont have any reason to play lol and whenever i play normal games i cant take it seriously and play as if it was a bot game
duccy (EUW)
: Victorious Skin Season 9
there are at least 2 champions with vic skins apart from mid top and adc. now orianna was given out in s8 so that out of the picture. its either ADC or TOP laner. most likely its going to be a champion that is very popular but doesnt have as many skins as other popular champions. for ex. it is more like that renekton or riven rather than maybe kled or swain but then again they released one for maokai which is played very rarely. but do keep in mind that in that season maokai was picked several times in LCS tournaments so it might be an lcs players picks that dont get championship skins
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