: Zyra was originally designed as a midlaner so it's no mistery she works really well in that position. The reason why she's not that popular over their is that she's extreemly weak against ganks. Unlike other controle mages like {{champion:34}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:112}} they have some kind of ability or passive that allows them to survive ganks. And second reason why she isn't picked that often over their is her midgame. Zyra has one of the weakest mid powerspikes compaired with the champions mentioned above. The natural strength of Zyra goes like this: * **Early:** Very High * **Early-Mid:** Med * **Mid:** Low * **Mid-Late:** Low * **Late:** Med * **Very Late:** High Basicly if you fall behind with Zyra you will have a terrible time. This combined with her first weakness (weak against ganks). Makes it really hard to play her on a competive level in that position. Than a 3th reason are the midlane matchups. Zyra is an immobile mages that is weak against tanks & poke. A lot of midlane matchups involve poke making it hard for her to survive those type of matchups. She's a strange champions when in comes in that position since AD assasins will eat her alive in the midgame despite she probally will win the lane when they don't get jungle assistance. It's basicly a gamble a lot of people just don't want to make. Their are plenty of other controle mages that do her job better, have more selfpeel and scale a lot better in damage. Her strength is that her earlygame is stronger than them. So you can still win a lot of games with her if you can snowball the early game hard enouge. Good matchups for Zyra would be: {{champion:13}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:30}} As far bad matchups goes, their a lot of ones. However you should be able to win most matchups till level 3. After that it's R.I.P. Good for early dragons tho.
I really enjoy this type of longer comments with a lot of in-depth explaination. Would you mind explaining her natural strenght in depth like why she is weak midgame, shy she is very strong etc. Thanks!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Personally i consider her primarry mid, not a support
I think you are the only one. Everyone else thinks she is only a support.
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duckarp (EUNE)
: The asset switching feature is absent, so they would need to program it. It depends if Riot intends just to patch old files during the event or if the assets will coexist. Also I don't think it's clear yet how different will these maps be, if it's only some assets or more substantial changes. Furthermore, it would provide uneven battlefield. Some people might be in advantage in using one map over the other (for instance less distractions/lights/whatever). If you had any experience in software development, you would know that it's VERY rare if it's "just make a simple switch". It always includes extra work etc.
I have no experience in software developments so idk. But if its possible it would be awesome. Also i dont think the map difference will give advantage. Some skins like iblitzcrank or pulsfire ez have have smaller spell animations but the advantage is so low noone even cares about that.
: just move to south africa bud, average temperature in summer is 35' in the shade where i am from, so for me the opposite is true it will be nice to come indoors and play some snow covered rift
Thats why it should be optional. You want to play snowy rift, go ahead and enjoy. I hate snow? Cool, i can enjoy the old map in the same time and everyone is happy!
duckarp (EUNE)
: Even though I'm not opposed to making it an optional feature (by default ON), I'm not sure there's enough of you to justify throwing resources at it. Based on what Riot told us in the past, it wouldn't be a trivial task and I'd be rather if they focused on something more important.
How would it take resources to be able to switch between the 2 maps? Its not like the old map gets deleted or something. I dont think it will take resources.
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