: One in thousend
Yes maybe this is a solution, but most of them talk or no, they accually do troll or keep feeding...trying or not to win...they are just uncarryble and exept of that i dont really know what is so bad in their life and put all their complex inside the games
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: champions and ip
Well...i kind really feel that i read 1-2 hours ago about 1 guy saying dont copy street fighter and at least copy warcraft 3....they really kind dont working well as a company i think...as an old player i have seen many pros but most are aggrevice. you just said its company and needs money also...correct im not saying they dont have to...but...when i reach 30 and i did need 3 more champions(now i need 1 more...im raising the ip slowly slowly) i just said ok lets see on the market at least 1350ip champions to use 5euro, buy 3 of them and end of the story...but for my bad, i saw the lowest price for 1 champion even if he is 450 or 6300 was 550 rp, that means 5 euro. For iconic champio...like really champions should start from 150rp to 500 max for 6300ip...like really now do they have any idea about marketing or just have end only pre-school inside there? with this tactic they could raise thousends of money more insted of that use right now...i just told you for example i would buy 1-2 champions with rp, but why 5 euro? The guy also said about game play and blabla...i agree with him...like really now,this game my opinion is that after season 4, ok maybe 5 its just sick...completly a game just for people got money. completly only for streamers, and most totaly just for pro players...like really now i remember on seasons 1-4 we all were playin all champions, all champions was same without any diffrence, there was no too much counters...it was totaly just on your gameplay...enemy may had 5 tanks but even with low champions you could win a fight...now everything goes with what "pro" players pick and play only...they saw they play maokai? ok lets make maokai unstopoble...they saw cassio, same ...syndra same, sejuani same...really i miss those old days...i think as much the time pass RIOT will lose all players...if they now have about 500.000.000 in whole planet , i dont think after season 8-9 they would play more than 100.000.000 people....i guess their time is just passing away like dota like, normal games who didnt need net to play(crysis-command and conquer-ryse-age of empires warcraft and bla bla)...they dont understand it maybe but they kind destroyed the game it time..and still destroying it.this isnt a "game" anymore i think
: Haven't played for a year or two, any tips?
My opinion my friend, dont start it again. you will lose again to much time of your life and you earn nothing about it..I really have problem with that...playing from season 2, my friends also from s2-3, and they all stop playing but i still play believing ill reach diamond again and i totaly just lose my time. Im totaly playing just because i dont have anything else to do. My opinion is dont start it again. And if you start play only 1 game or 2 maximum per day or 2 days just to make fun on normals(i dont mean to troll) . This game is only about fun or be pro...if you werent at least d3 before you stop playing, just dont start again
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: question about IP
ok thank you for your info :)
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