Laasyahnir (EUNE)
: Question about LP gaining for game.
I have no luck for this game then. In last week there was not a single game without afk or "i will troll!". Its just make me sad, because i feel like the only one who want to win something. Mayby in bronze will be better? I need to play like 20 games to be in bronze 5, like 2 years ago...
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: contact the support, and check the if their is other person with the same problem
They have too many unnesesary and dumb "reports" from kids about "FREE RP RITO PLZ" or "NERF IRELIA, GAREN itp." so i made this topic here. Bigger chance to notice i think.
: kindred stop gaining stack from camp when she got 5 stack, maybe the bug is due to this.
No, its not. i checked it. When i reach 6 stack the marks disappear, but problem is betwen 0-6 stacks. Sometimes i just dont get them and it can be serious problem, especialy when you dont get 2 of them in a row, like yesterday. Marks above champions works fine.
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Eliennë (EUW)
: Wow a tattoo? it's fantastic, sure is beautiful :) Yes , I will try to paint the mark of a brighter color in the next^^ I'm thinking of putting them on sale , but i think is difficult to send it across Europe.
Its easy, really. Ebay or something. And tattoo you can see a few post beneth yours ;) I posted it week ago :)
Eliennë (EUW)
: Thank You! They are made by one type of acrylic resin and then painted^^
I saw couple of mask's similar to those, but yours have more detail. Only one thing, you could paint mark on wolfs mask with more "visible" purple ;) I'am looking for necklace like those. I have a tattoo with them, so necklace will be good complement ;)
Eliennë (EUW)
: Kindred Necklace and Key Chain
Really nice work :) What you use to make them? I mean what material?
LuLippy (EUW)
: love the idea, but as a tattooist i think the actual tat could be better. A lot better! Those shaky, uneven, unfinished lines make me sad.
Of course it could be better, and it will. I want to make full sleeve, but it will be expensive so i make small parts first, and in next year i will connect them together. I have Kindred, Winters claw logo, and word wall from Skyrim. It will be all connected to looks like old relief, so this tattoo are just beggining and all uneven lines will disappear when i put background.
l3imbo (EUW)
: someone tell me why he put the writing in Skyrim's Dragon language? Hinzaal jor....
Reason 1: because I can :) Reason 2: to avoid stupid questions like "why you dont put here something difrent" etc. If people cant read this then they dont asking thinking its some ancient, real language. Reason 3: I like skyrim very much. Why not mix difrent worlds, especialy when its only writing and meanings stay the same?
Nivoras (EUW)
: Looks incredible awesome!{{champion:203}} may I ask where the runes come from? Looks like the dragon tongue from Skyrim (I always wanted a tatoo with this runes tho since i loved skyrim)^^ Anyways, pretty nice :)
Yes, this are dragon language from skyrim. "Neh gein, vothni fiin vorey", which mean "Never one, without the oyher" :) You have good eye ;)
: Amazing :). How big is it if you dont mind me asking.
Size of open hand, on my chest, on left side :)
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