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: Gift me skin plz
aww, poor kid, hope someone will gift him SG Udyr... I would have done it, but in the last months I lived paycheck to paycheck.
: What the hell are you doing to Morgana?
At this point Riot is just straight up trolling when it comes to the balancr changes. Instead of nerfing Vayne and Riven, they nerf Morgana again. Gg rito, keep up with the "good" work!
: How is Lissandra strong vs. Yasuo?
Lissandra is still doing ok, even after the nerfs...but a lot of champions can feel weak against Yasuo due his overloaded and not really smart designed kit. The champion is just disgusting to play against, unless your jungler helps you or you play a strong counter.
VulcanAxel (EUNE)
: The way low elo queue summoners play ranked.
thats actually a really good idea
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52 Cards (EUNE)
: I just bought 70€ worth of RP xD
oh no, you betrayed our cause :(
: Assuming that all League Players are Male
Well that's a problem that really need to be addressed.
: New buffs/nerf 9.7 Question
I cant understand the nerfs...why would they wanna nerf {{champion:127}} and {{champion:25}} ? It makes no sense, why they dont nerf some champions that needs nerfs? Like {{champion:67}} ?!?
: Lvl 5 champs for ranked?
Ive suggested the same thing a few months ago and I dont know how peoplr will have a problem on doing lvl 5 on 20+ champions...especially cuz there s a lot of accounts from 4-5 seasons ago so plenty of people got a lot of lvl 5 mastery unless they are otps. If they will integrate this the quality of ranked games should improve.
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: Why there is no champion that uses a WHIP?
Ye and that champion can have some funny interactions when in the enemy team you got {{champion:236}}/{{champion:245}} Edit: I forgot to put #noracism
: Rant about Tank buffs and MMR balance
Well I agree with you, but only about Nasus...Yorick seems ok now. I remember last seasons I used to dominate Nasus players in lane with Garen, bully them out of the lane, killing almost all of them get so much sustain, they can stay in lane forever xD its kinda hard to lane against him with the same champion that 1-2 seasons ago, I had no problem. From a pick that counters Nasus he turned in a lane where depends if the jungler comes or not xD
Isra (EUW)
Looks good for your first video :D Wish you good luck on Youtube! :D
Irarius (EUW)
: Why i personally dont want to play this game anymore... after almost 9 years
I feel you dude, even if I play only since the end of season 5, I am so fed up with the game and I try to quit it slowly, slowly...trying to play less and less, cuz I can't just quit overnight, after all the time and money I invested in it. When I started, at the end of season 5, I remember the game was ok, things were fine, now everybody onekshots everybody, they keep releasing champions with a milion dashes, cc, heals, invisibility....they re buffing champions that are already strong and nerf the ones that dont need nerfs...
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Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: Morgana's LAME VU
Morgana is my second main and I'm ok with the rework. Sure, I wished for a new passive and I don't like how her wings look like a tail, but I don't consider that they butchered her with this rework xD they could have done better, but I don't think they are gonna touch her again soon :/
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: he got fired
For real? :3 Can you give me a link please? :D
LJoshA (EUW)
: So.. this is a Riot worker.. why is he still a Riot worker?!?!
Most of us would like to see him getting fired, but it seems like Riot is delaying it...and there's already a big stain on Riot's name...and its getting bigger with everyday as long as that guy is still working there.
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: How drop from diamond to plat in under 100 games.
I think its cuz the system wanna fix your winrate. It happened for me a lot of times...when I get winstreaks of 8-9, the next games I will get matched with really bad players, with weak kda's and low winrates, so that will slow me down :V so the matchmaking system is punishing you for doing good.
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SalterinoK (EUNE)
: Don't play him
Why? He's not good in this meta?
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Morgana will be reworked along with her sister, Kayle. They'll get new models, new voices, new lore and spells. Probably we can expect great animated movie. Probably they are discussed every day by different champion teams. While for Riot Games the question is "how", for ordinary players it's more like "when". You can read something interesting here
Ok, thanks a lot ^_^
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: Why no women!?
I am a sexist dude with 50 IQ, so I am pretty sure that women belong in the kitchen...and you belong in a museum.
šunkallea (EUNE)
: i should like this
I just realised its been 2 years since I made this post...I still have hope in Riot that maybe one day, we will have some tasks for champions and unlockable content ^_^
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: Can you give me cool name for Vayne main??
: Not enough punishments - This community needs waay more and harsher punishments
Agree...I ve played 90 games already this season and I encountered a lot of very toxic players. I reported at least 1 each game and sometimes I reported 2 or 3, so 100+ players were reported by me...but I only got 1...JUST 1 report feedback, that means that 1 out of 100+ toxic players got a 14 day ban or a permaban. And the majority of them were extreme toxic, spamming things like "cancer to your whole familiy"/"kill yourself" and so on. Also, some of them just trolled because of stupid, someone took some minions from them, jungler didnt ganked them or they just died 3-4 times in the laning phase, then decided to feed even more because why not.
314exeexe (EUNE)
: How many did you report?
3 for being toxic and 1 for afk :)
: 1 Free Snowdown Chest For Each Player
A free chest would be nice as Christmas gift :D
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thycee (EUW)
: Placements - 8/10 wins - S rank in 6/7 of the games - generally carried - Bronze V???
Dont worry dude, bronze games are will climb in no time if you re not a bad and toxic player.
: Orianna Outplay
Dewi (EUW)
: Exorcist TF Skin Concept Art
It would look good, but I guess we need more {{champion:1}} and {{champion:18}} skins, so {{champion:4}} can wait 2 or 3 more seasons to get a new skin.
er1kut1s (EUW)
: Get banned for playing camille.
Get banned for playing Camilletow? More like get banned for being toxic. I am sure you had 2 chat restrictions before, so that permaban wasnt for "no reason", as you said.
gyxari (EUW)
: "pls kill ur self"
Dude, you have to understand that if you cannot perform well in a League of Lego game, then you re a shame for your family and the whole planet Earth, so you will have to commit Seppuku/ wash away the shame. Whenever someone goes 0/2/0 or if my jungler doesnt gank my lane by minute 3, then I will start to spamm the chat with "KYS", then all chat with "Report X" so I can feel better.
: Is Karma actually black or is she something like Hawaiian?
Did you just assumed her racial complex? *Triggered*
: Provisional Ranked Game Placements
Dont worry dude...its fun to climb from bronze. I wished I was placed in bronze too, I had 3W-7L but I got placed in silver 5... Anyway if you re good, you will climb back to your league in no time.
Afelers (EUNE)
: This context sounds a bit unsportmanlike, but I have to admit, even though I love playing support, I would rather play MID or ADC until I get out of silver again because I found most ADC players not even to be in the know of how farming goes ._.
So you re that kind of player that refuse to play supp when he got autofilled?
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