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: skin i dont get hem Send a ticket to Riot support, you won't get much by posting it on the forums.
Fajerk (EUW)
: Group Stage is Bo1, Finals Bo5.
x7ta (EUW)
: Kayn
Since he is currently on PBE, he will come out next patch (on all servers)
: x^2
How hard do I have to facepalm in order to die? After reading this, I want to.
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: yay another riven main! ... {{item:3070}}
We're not even on the same server, what do you care?
: Nice Client We're Being Forced To Use Riot
Used it since beta, haven't had a single problem...
: YI is the most BROKEN JGL
**This** is why I consider leaving League every day... facepalm
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Doomley (EUW)
: you just can't be premade. they can be in a same match tho because mmr is what matters in matchmaking and not your division.
What does it matter when a Gold and a Diamond player were in the same game. The diamond player carried it, while the Gold just stood in the back, canceled most autos etc. It was obvious she wan't a smurf, but yet she was in the match.
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Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I hate season 6 just because of Dynamic Q. It sucks. I know League is a team game but with SoloQ you had to cooperate with your team and doing good you are going to win but this Dynamic Q ruins it. Win games just because you have a friend who is smurf/good or you can always tell him when to gank you,etc. So this is a little unfair advantage. For example i had many games where i was top and 3 same enemy's were always diving me so i new they were premades. See? It's an unfair advantage. Also people get boosted by friends not by skills or gameplay.
Oh god, I agree! I have a screenshot of a game in which Diamond V and a Gold II were on the same team! Like, how can Riot even allow that? Let's not get even started on 5 premades -_- EDIT: A ranked game, not a normal one
Eveninn (EUW)
: I personally don't see how it was any different in past seasons tho. O.o And (imo at least) carrying means more 'being good enough to make some of your teammates mistakes irrelevant', but noone can just go win a game 1v5 if they are anywhere near their deserved elo.
In season 3, if your Vayne got fed, you know you win the teamfights. Now, if your Vayne gets fed, you know that it won't mean anything since kills don't matter anymore. Now it's too competitive, only about objectives. Didn't use to be that way.
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Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Will this day ever come!?
So many things wrong with this thread, but I'll just say a couple of things. First of all, your skill doesn't matter if you're a flamer. This game cannot take any more of that, and it's exactly what Riot is trying to root out. So if you got a chat ban, your fault. Learn how to hold in whatever you're trying to say, and learn not to verbally abuse others. Then, how exactly would you explain that the "toxic behavior" is Riot's fault? They simply own the game, they don't control the players. All they can do is ban or warn them about their behavior (and apparently, watch them cry afterward). And they do care about "trolls, feeders, boosted players," which is exactly why the tribunal, or should I say the banning system, exists. if you get banned, you did for a reason. Don't make a cry-post on their forums about it so someone more grown-up has to explain it to you!
Exdominator (EUNE)
: I think there isn't I have this issue quite frequently and riot should make a way
They cannot "make a way." There isn't a single logical way for them to do so. Games are longer and they're a done deal, but champ select is something entirely different. Simply, impossible, and pointless.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: How to win with bad team mates?
Yeah, I'm a support main in Platinum, so don't get your hopes up, higher elo isn't any different hehe :D I'm used to depending on my team all the time, but the best way to get around that is to find a good duo partner. Dynamic queue even allows you to queue up as five, so abuse it if you will. I can think of so many games where I lost due to my team doing the stupidest damn things, and I agree with you completely. Today in League, one player can't carry the game, but if he makes one wrong move he can lose it... sadly.
: There is a post about this somewhere. I'll tell you what I know: - Keys drop in every game that has Mastery points (If you win) - Whenever you get a key fragment your chance of getting one goes down - After a month the chance goes back up to the "base" chance of getting a key - You can only get a key if you win with a champion you own I'm not sure if these facts are 100% accurate but thats what I read on the posts regarding key fragments on the news segment. If you aren't getting any key fragments in over a month you might just be really unlucky.
Alright, I'll just have to wait I guess. Thanks!
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its oski (EUNE)
Give me the code, I'll try it out * wink wink *
: kallista has the same problem with azir. they both have such a great kit that they are impossible to balance. because of their incredible kit if their numbers are somewhat decent lcs players will dominate with her. noone will be able to stop her at that point. and riot cant let that happen. thats why they have to put down the numbers on those characters
Disagree. If riot made her jumps a bit shorter, and her damage a bit higher than it is now, she would literally be balanced. Right now she has too much mobility, and no damage. They need to be in balance!
: No no no and ten times no. Hell no. Do you have an idea how much of a pain in the ass it is to kill this bitch when you can't literally oneshot her? She needs to have a (imo huge) tradeoff for that.
Well it's also a pain to kill a Vayne when she stealths every second, it's also a pain to kill a Caitlyn because of her range, it's also a pain to kill Ezreal when he blinks away. She is **underpowered** and deserves the buff. Normal damage on her autoattacks wouldn't make her the top-pick adc, but it would **help** her. You **CAN** one-shot her. And that is why she isn't picked at all. She has kiting potential, but every champ in this game has a gap-closer, which makes the passive semi-useless (not completely). She needs to have decent kiting, and decent damage. Compare her to Vayne. Vayne can kite with her Tumble, and Kalista has her passive. But what makes Vayne so popular this patch is that she has both damage, and kiting potential. Kalista lacks the damage part.
: No. Also Kindred easier in low elo? Hell no
The post isn't about Kindred... but... Riot's intention with those changes was to make her easier to play down there. Requires less kiting in the jungle now. But let's not get off the topic.
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: also gets ride of vision from all other sources but you
Do you not see what I'm trying to say? I was the source of vision! I was half a second away from that (enemy) ward. I got one hit onto it when Noc ulted, then it suddenly disappeared, until his ult ended. i'm just reporting a bug to Riot
: BUFF SIVIR!!!!!!!!!
Not true. Her damage comes from her crits combined with her W area-of-effect damage. And any adc can get one-shot by a fed Yasuo, that's what your spellshield is for, anyway And it's not polite to call people noobs, especially not on Forums!
: that what his ult do, get rid of your vision
Im not a beginner player, I know what his ult does. But it **reduces** your vision, doesn't remove it. I still couldn't see the ward when I was standing, literally, on top of it.
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Declined (EUNE)
: Control mages.... You know the mages you mentioned have somewhat conflicting roles. Janna, Nami, Lulu and Karma are good at defending their targets. Zyra and also Karma more closely resemble a 'poke lane' type of deal. If we talk about 'control mages' then.... Have you tried Anivia, Orianna, Heimer and Azir? They technically they all fall under zone control. Backline CC.... What about Bard, and Zilean But if you like poke lane, then have you tried, Xerath, Vel'Koz, Ziggs, Morgana, Brand I personally prefer playing poke lane supports. I have tried Darius support, the idea is simple, wait for the enemy to engage and then go ham on their adc, works wonders.
I don't have only **one** playstyle though. I play either burst mages like Lux and Orianna, or someone who has to kite and peel like Syndra, Lissandra or Janna (for the adc or themselves, doesn't matter)
Aly2012 (EUNE)
: sure i try to do that but it still not working :(
When you open your profile, wait a couple of seconds until you feel like everything is refreshed and loaded up. Only then click on the shop, and wait a couple of seconds again, for the image to go away. If it's really still not working, restart the client. If not even then, contact Riot Support, just don't do it until you've tried a couple of times.
As much as I'm thinking about proving you wrong... this is actually kind of right. I feel like Shaco is a champion specifically designed to make you tilt. I've heard he'll be one of the champions in the upcoming assassin rework, and I'm glad. The ability to sneak up on the enemy jungler with a 10-second stealth blink ability is a bit... hard to deal with. He gets both you, and your teammates behind if they leave their lane to help you. Warding doesn't do much, except delaying the counter-jungle. He'll come back eventually, and you'll have to back out, if you can't beat him.
Zuka (EUNE)
In this case, Riot isn't to blame. Report the player in the after-game chat screen, and leave it be. He will definitely get punished for his actions. That is all Riot can do.
vladz2k (EUNE)
: This guy is platinum and I was put in team with him. (the exact game is where he is 21/13/14 Vayne)
Holy... ok sorry. How is that even possible? Riot needs to look at that!
vladz2k (EUNE)
: I thought I would never complain about Dynamic Queue... I was wrong
In normal games? If it's a normal game, that's not a surprise. If it's a ranked game though... well, that's impossible. Here: > WHAT SORT OF RESTRICTIONS ARE THERE ON GROUPS? (RANKED LIMITER) The only restriction on your Ranked group is based on rank. You must be within a single tier of the rest of your team in order to play together in a dynamic group. Players in higher tiers are more restricted, and can only play with those within two divisions of their tier. Here is handy reference: > Unranked: Can only queue with Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tier players >Bronze Tier: Can only queue with Bronze and Silver Tier Players >**Silver Tier: Can only queue with Bronze, Silver and Gold Tier players** >Gold Tier: Can only queue with Silver, Gold and Platinum Tier players >Platinum Tier: Can only queue with Gold and Platinum players. Platinum I players can queue with Diamond III, IV and V players; Platinum II players can queue with Diamond IV, and V players; Platinum III players can queue with Diamond V players
Arcessam (EUW)
: Freezing essentially means focusing your efforts on last hitting only, avoiding unnecessary damage to the minions and stalling their push (or even letting/forcing your opponents to push towards you). This can be good if you want to push an advantage (forcing your opponents to approach you in order to farm their minions) and/or playing safer in general (avoid having to move forward and expose yourself to your opponents and a possible gank). Generally, you should always freeze your lane unless you specifically want to lay temporary pressure on your opponent by pushing the wave all the way to their tower, after which you should attempt to let it reset near yours again.
Would like to highlight: > This can be good if you want to push an advantage (forcing your opponents to approach you in order to farm their minions) and/or playing safer in general (avoid having to move forward and expose yourself to your opponents and a possible gank). You freeze the lane only because of these reasons. Ganking and pressure. You can either "zone" the enemy by freezing the wave in the middle of the lane and by standing in front of their minions so you prevent them from farming, or if you have a champion like Lissandra (who has a lot of crowd control), you can freeze the lane so you can set up a gank for your jungler, so he can gank the enemy more easily, so you don't have to towerdive (you crowd-control them, and you both deal your damage). If, on the other hand, you're afraid of losing the lane, freeze the lane in the middle so you don't have to walk far out to farm minions, you'll be exposed to ganks if you push too much.
Izbakany (EUW)
: matchmaking
Normal games and Ranked games have different MMR systems. If a Platinum player plays ranked games all the time, and decides to queue up for a normal game, his "normal games" MMR will not be the same as his "ranked games" MMR. It will sound complicated, but... practically if you take someone's normal MMR, and compare it to their ranked MMR, it **can** look like two different players, a bronze one, and a platinum one. I'm actually describing myself. I play primarily ranked games, and when I **do** queue up for a normal one, I play with gold and below players, most of the time they are level 25 like you. That... or a high ELO player being premade with a low ELO player
: You are asking a really long answer from us. Can you please specify maybe what roles or champion types you are in to? Though I can post some general groups which apply to each of the keystones: Fervor - auto attack based ranged and melee champs (pretty much any ranged ad and melee ad with as steroid and/or build) Deathfire - Heavy sustained damage and poke champs, or champs that have a core (ranged most likely) ability but not always the follow-up needed to be able to trigger thunderlords. Also deathfire is good on heavy scaling ability reliant champs (for example - jayce, xerath and even gp) Warlords - lane sustain and AD champs who want to get heavy offensive combat stats but don't like fervor or deathfire (draven, yasuo and vs poke lanes) Stormraiders - for champs that have enough damage in kit to kill but need that extra mobility for either escape or chasing down targets (hecarim, talon, diana for example) Thunderlords - most general keystone for optimal early game trade potential, look for constant fights where you can trigger it as many times as possible (morgana, shaco, riven for example) Windspeakers - any supportive champ with heal/shield that did not take thunderlords Grasp - tanky lane champions, You wanna stack hp and smack your opponent as often as you can to get the harrass and heal. (any tanky toplaner, no matter innate like nautilus or buildwise like tank fizz) Strength of the ages - tanky jungle build, you wanna farm up the jungle, get your items and get those 300 free hp (gragas, sejuani, volibear) Bond - Tanky supports. Yep, only them (braum, leona, taric) Hope that helps. Stylish out ^^
This is pretty much all you need, but if you're still not sure, there are guides on the Internet. Just google it. I mostly go on MobaFire.
: Give me advice on this.
It's a strictly competitive game. Players are on the suspense and uneasy, overreacting to every mistake. It's the same with every game that has online, highly competitive gameplay. Most "shooters" are the finest example. Have you heard of that "screaming kid in voice chat, talking about your mother" cliche? While we're at it, I'm pretty sure Riot isn't implementing voice chat for that exact reason: its community (although I've heard some rumors). I don't prefer actually ignoring everyone in ranked games, I just look at the chat when I hear the *chat sound* and if it seems like something negative, I just look away from the chat, sigh, and continue with my gameplay. Although, I do mute people who spam insults, and make sure I report them after the game.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Umm guys I have a question.
You're probably better than most level 21 players. The grading system works in a way that it compares your game results with other people's stats If you're better than average... BAM! S+
Declined (EUNE)
: Not that I play ranked, but could you tell us a bit more about your playstyle? Which champion type do you prefer, or what about lane type?
Control mages! GOD I LOVE THEM! Standing in the back, kiting, and dishing out damage... controlling the teamfight from the backline... My mains are: SUPP - Janna, Nami, Lulu, Zyra (and Karma recently) MID - Lissandra, Lux, Syndra and Orianna
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