Trekkorm (EUW)
: Flex Queue sees a lot of Diamond vs Silver matchups
Hey, as a diamond player myself, in normal games there are not many things i can do more than a sivler player. I am diamond by playing support, and in normal games, i definatelly dont want to play support anymore. Besides, being "diamond" doesnt guarrantee personal skill, there are other aspects like doing the things needed, when needed. This does not apply to normal games since they are so random, you cannot make any coordinated efforts. Yes there are teams who cooperate, those who dont, but all these have nothing to do with a person being diamond in them. Whether you believe it or not, in every normal game i lose as diamond, i get reported for ebaying my account.
: Anyone else getting a huge boner for Riot?
I was a pretty huge fun of Rito and always defended them, but this season, oh man, made me not wanna play anymore. Hopefully next season will be decent. The salt and frustration i get from playing is ridiculous, i mean, should a game be THIS stressfull? Playing league gives me the worst feelings throughout the day, i dont get this anxious and frustrated even when i am at work
: How to win a dominating game?
Roaming to the nearby lanes,whatever role you play. If you learn how to effectively do it, you might win 30% more games. A braindead person with 2/0 is better than a braindead person with 0/2. Also work on your theorycrafting
Teejoon (EUW)
: What have happened to matchmaking? Games are more of stomp the enemies or get stomped on? (Rant)
Be my guest. I stopped ranking up at dia3 and now I can't carry a single game at dia5
Eveninn (EUW)
: When to build Rabandon's Deathcap?
Looked that in theory crafting, the hat is not worth before 5th item. Its cost efficient towards the end. If u want to build it in a support, maybe build as 4th at best. But yea, the hat is cost efficient as 5th or 6t item
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: What happens when you play too much of a champion
You went tunnel vision mode. You get too focused on the wrong things
: No dude. You just don't get the idea about AR URF! If you can't figure it out for yourself, then nobody can help you.
: What it feels like to move out?
Will you pay yourself or have financial help from your family? Do you go there to work or for college? Financially you wont have a problem if you are alone in a small apartment. At first it's going to be crappy but every day will be better than the previous. I am a very social person and i was really excited to go away from my noisy family but when that happened my character turned 360. I didnt want to make ANY friends because i liked the ones i had at home. I also had no idea how to cook and that's when i paniced. My family had cooked my favorite meal before they leave and i was eating that for 3 days... After that, desperation came, i was constantly on the phone with my mother telling me the basics of cooking... Gradually i made some friends whom i didnt even like at the begining, yet they are very dear to me now.After 3 years of being away, there is no chance in hell im going back to my previous home :P nope nope nope! I want you to remember one thing if you go to that new place. Ask yourself constantly "Why not?" in thoughts like should you go to that party alone? Should you hang out with those guys who have totally different hobbies than you? Should you go to that place where the music is crap? Should you ask that girl out? The answer to all these previous questions should be yes, because there is no valid reason for you NOT to go. Actually, 1 week after you go there, watch "Yes man" with Jim carrey, even if you have seen that movie before. It WILL help you. Keep me updated for i can help as much as you wish for anything, may that be cooking, housework, or friend problems and tbh i want to help in anyway i can
: Plat elo is the worst experience I've ever had
Oh my god i totally agree with you. I am at d4 and stopped playing, because something feels really wrong. I've been lurking around mid diamond since season 3 and i have no motivation to play. I dont know if it's DQ or something else's fault, but i totally feel the same as you.
Eveninn (EUW)
: On another note... Hey you are back on boards! Glads to have you \*snuggles*
i'm sorry to dissapoint you but im not. I even stopped playing league. I always get so frustrated, i've quitted, at least for this season. I just come in here to see your monday threads :P
Eveninn (EUW)
: Face is part of my body. And there is the "That bit could be better" not liking and then there is the "idiotic male Body give me a female one" not liking. :< Either way, it lead to giving little care to it too, meaning it purely is a vessel I use instead of something I would intentify myself with. :p
well, i am male and i am straight, and i still want to take care of my self, plucking eyebrows, shaving areas, or even do a laser to get rid of unwanted things(hair, moles etc). It's in your hand and how willing you are to make yourself look the best version you can. Many people just lie down believing that they have awful face/body and do nothing about it. I dont care about their sex prefference but if people are unhappy with what they see, they can change it. How old are you? One thing i notice is when we finished school at 18 years old, after some time everybody started looking way better than they were at school :P Send pic now >.< jk I hope i didn't make you feel bad in any way, i just have the best and honest intentions here
Eveninn (EUW)
: And I have 1 wish and I hope the community can understand: I hate my Body, therefore would wish to not have anyone see it. :p Maybe in some years. \*pats* ;) And nah, there are a lot of other people who makes boards lovely. \*red Panda wink wink* And pretty much everyone who is active on here helps to make the experience better. :3
Who said about your body, just your face...! And tbh, what is this with everybody not liking their body? I even have a friend who goes to the gym for years and he still doesnt like parts of his body. Though i definately want to see your face and tell you if it matches your personality..! which i have no doubt it will :)
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'm baaaaaaaack~
i have 1 wish and i believe the community can agree with me. We NEED to see your face. The face of the person who makes the boards positive and shiny and gives us a better begining of the week
: Don't Surrender - More reward! (Key/Key Fragment rewards)
not really give more, but give a reduced reward to whoever presses yes on surrender
: pls who knows pc systems well
there could be alot of things that resulted in this. But what's the damn problem if you play at 70 fps? I was playing with 25 fps, for three seasons
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Larry,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=HhZfE6Xs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-05T09:01:35.530+0000) > > im diamond and i cannot win a silver game. Seriously and they also call me noob xD. Thing is, you propably expect from them things that they cannot do. Stop relying on your team, actually Huh. If a diamond player can't carry a silver game then how are silver players expected to get out of silver lmfao
Well there is a different reason to why i lose silver games and why silver people lose silver games. I lose mostly because i expect them to do things and they don't, my playstyle is not adjusted to that elo.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I'm astounded that law exists in the first place in a society that borders on modern. But then I live in the UK, the country where (pre-Brexit) the whole British culture was to be multicultural.
We, Greeks, generally think ourselves being modern but we are as close minded as an Islamic nation as it seems.....
: While a think religion is a good thing overall and that it should be respected I think it should never be enforced by the government or anybody else. In my opinion religion should come out of people's heart, and not be something you do because of law. This doesn't mean that people should not be open for any religious activity. I've heard non-religous people sometimes can have a good feeling after doing religious activities.
Well it bothers me the fact that its either orthodox or nothing. They could enforce that whatever religion (of the accepted religions) exists in each school, should have their moment of prayer like the orthodox. I'm astonished that no true Greek person agreed to my opinion and they find it natural that our country should just accept and enforce Orthodoxism to people, just because they are the vast majority.
: There is this slogan,_no_masters
Okay, i liked your response. We do have a socialist government that has been taking capitalism measures up until now and reading your wiki article, that's propably a socialist move they did....
Rioter Comments
: That's a great point but I can't actually see how that's different from what we have today, the action is there already just not as explicit option as it would be with a button. Can you point to that post (I've searched but couldn't find), totally understand if that's an old thread you just remember but can't easy find.
I'm very sorry i cannot relate to where i've found such a post, yet i stick around forums since season 1 and in many Q&A rito said they want to avoid such mindset in this ranked system (either dodging with 0 lp or loss forgiven if afk) because it could be exploited and will corrupt the mmr ladder technically, i dont even remember how, but i'm 100% positive i've read it quite a few times in the past.
: Yeah, I understand that part of dodging , I just think this should be incorporated to the client since it's already part of the game and not something that is an obscure mechanic used just by 1% of the players. Not all my points are perfect but I believe that at least adding a button to do so is needed.
Rito said that if they did such a thing it would corrupt the mmr ladder
CJXander (EUNE)
: Platinum 2 elohell
i had the same from d4 to d3. I went to d3 for four damn times and never won a single game. While i had 65% win ratio in d4, in d3 i literally had 0% win ratio. 5 defeats in a row followed by 7 defeats in a row followed by 4 in a row etc. Just the moment i hit d3.... I guess that is our skill barrier. Edit: Try to play offensive supports like morgana, i used to main janna but i broke out of plat with offensive supports and ignite cuz they win the lane
: Is dodging a valid option or should I just take the loss?
Learning when to dodge will reward you.Better off with -3 lp but no mmr loss, than -19. Every time i lose a game i'm like "oh gosh, i have to win 2 in a row now in order to advance". It is very demotivating xD
: Silver harder than gold?
im diamond and i cannot win a silver game. Seriously and they also call me noob xD. Thing is, you propably expect from them things that they cannot do. Stop relying on your team, actually
SonYic (EUW)
: Season 6: By far the worst IMO!
i didnt read your whole post but the major problem in all this fuss, is the meta. It changes so fast that only pro's can keep up with it, and all the rest of the players cannot find out what is the cause of their defeat. By the moment they understand it, the meta has changed again. But all in all i dont like s6 as well...
: Help The Silver Guyz Riot
I've been from silver to diamond in divisions, and i can agree with you from my experience silver 2 silver 1 and plat 5 are the worst divisions. Stop playing thresh, play offensive supports with ignite. (morgana,lux) Do not rely on your silver team mates because you will stay in silver. Morgana is a support that goes well with every team, always build rylai's as a first item(instaslow with W is awesome) and then you can build Zz portal. In silver elo they dont pay attention to wavepushing so you can get alot of towers with this strategy. Also, gank mid between waves or if you guys push to enemy tower. Roaming mid effectively will give you more victories I can say there is a small line between silver players and even plat players. I've seen some AMAZING silver players who dont make it far because they dont understand small details that end in defeats and they cannot cooperate with the team
AdamnCat (EUNE)
: I'm really amazed!
hahaha may that be your baseline for the next season and you reach the platinum ranks :)
raps1355 (EUW)
: Why cant people end a game correctly?
I so agree with you. I rage more when we have a free inhib on a lane and people just decide to go to the other lanes and kill towers, or never do baron.I dont rage when we lose i rage when we fail to win.So many games were thrown away just because one of our carries just decides they want more items and they skip fights that we could win if we had them
: Another thing I would add: if you are picking up a new champion and losing, stick with it a bit longer especially if its currently a strong pick (not OP that it is banned all the time but just strong as in 52% winrate and viable at higher ELO). If its a weak pick I get it you might drop it but sticking with it is crucial since you will eventually start winning with that champion, and can add that champion to your champion pool.
hmm not really. I personally think that zilean is a very stong pick in the current meta yet i had 0/3 win defeat. I stopped playing him because im propably not so competitive with him than with other supports.
Mačka (EUW)
: ***
Well since you play support as well i'll tell you what i did. I spam offensive supports that can kill an enemy or bring them down low enough just by themselves. Huge mistake is if you pick exhaust on offensive support. Do you know what is a lux/morgana with exhaust? A dead lux/morgana. You need to understand what is happening and makes your team mates feed. Take your thought to the next step. E.g. They die cuz they push and get ganked. What can you do to safely disengage or prevent ganks? Which support champion could be the best for this scenario? Stuff like that
Rioter Comments
kps dinamo (EUNE)
: isnt it about time you fix your servers?
Kps dinamo, are you the smart one? Do you realy believe they dont care about fixing the server? Bad servers=loss of customers=loss of money. Why don't we pay you to fix them instead? You are really ignorant on what it takes to "fix" a server, you propably dont know how it even works, so i'd politely ask you to stop being a jerk and demand things that is not humanly possible to solve so easily.
Rioter Comments
: I kinda dissagree Supports had 3 times more realeses than assasins had in Recent history. the last champ that was realesed that was supose to be an assasin was {{champion:245}}, Supports had in the in this time {{champion:44}} {{champion:223}} and even {{champion:432}} shortly before {{champion:245}} . also a Couple of nice reworkt Supportitems and a Change to the Exp. system. I would love to see another Assasin realesed and i'm kinda confused wich the Classrewort will have. point is Supports had way more love than the Assasin class had IMO.
Yea and in the end it all comes down to building {{item:3190}} and gp5 upgrade all the time. Awesome love with no diversity
Allosen (EUW)
: Like a guy with an Instrument, giving different buffs and debuffs would be nice to see :D
SirBlues (EUW)
: These replies annoy me. I wouldn't have made this post if I was a KDA hero. The first tower we got was bot tower because after I got first blood, I went to bot lane and give them the 2nd two kills. I was 1/0/2, I did everything I possibly could. "You couldn't carry" Look at their deaths mate. Please watch the match history first. If you want, I'd give you the entire statistics of where I was the entire game and how my kills were. Regardless, This is just pathetic. When I lose, I don't wait to get carried after dying 700 times. if I died a couple of times, I play very safely. I never died in team fights because I won every single team fight I was involved in.
Well you are looking for answers on what went wrong in your games. I tell you that "safely" sometimes means that _**you dont get the best out of the situation**_. More risk is more reward. That is what master/challenger players do better than all. You never died but you propably sacrificed your team mate for it. They were there maybe expecting things of you that you didnt provide. Maybe they expected too much, but they placed all their bets on you most likely. Do you believe that you could have given some of those 13 kills to your team mates? Do you believe that you could have died once or twice to provide your HP bar as a resourse for the enemies to use their abilities and ultimates, so that your team mates could have more ultimates on their side and propably win a fight? I'm not saying that what you did was wrong, it was just not the best you could do.
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: A guy that trolled 80 ranked games is not banned yet.
trolling basically means "defeat" so if u do this often you get punished by dropping so there is your punishment
SirBlues (EUW)
: Should I laugh or cry?
13 kills is good but the 4 assists tell me that you had all the gold flowing in you, yet you failed to carry your team. When a player takes all the kills that means he SHOULD DO most of the team's damage and be the winning factor. Though 1 player cannot compete with 5 enemies so you should never take all of the kills and try to distribute the gold. Yes you might have a carry champ, but you can't carry alone. Plus 1 person can be easily countered. Easiest example would be a le blanc having 13/0 and the whole enemy team building banshee. That would waste all your gold and negate your champion, yet your team won't be able to do much because they dont have any gold flowing to them. Also your 0 deaths might mean that you ran away from certain situations in fear of dying, and bailed on your team - who didnt have many items resulting in more deaths on them. You should learn when it's worth dying for your team, when to help them and you should know that your presence alone gives pressure and makes enemies fearful of engaging. A 13/0 score would be good if everyone on your team actively tried to keep that same score. In any scenario that you have such a score, and more than 1 of your team mates have something like 2/10, then you are definatelly to blame as well. What you can do? When you start having an advantage, roam to other lanes because if you want to win, 2 lanes should at least snowball. So consider roaming to your nearest lanes after pushing your waves to the enemy turret. That would definatelly give you a bigger winning chance in many games. If you stay at your lane, that means you dont actively try to win the game. It's like global warming, we know it exists, but no one is actively doing anything to prevent it
: AMA Best Rengar EUW - Master Tier
1) How can u reach master just by spamming 1 champion? Okay you know all about that champ, but i thought high diamond would be about team composition as well, so in many games he would not be a good pick, or in pick order you could get countered. I was spamming morgana support and reached d3 but then it seems like i cannot win anymore with her and i thought that i should expand my champion pool (i believe you should learn 1 champ perfectly to reach as high as you can and then focus and learn other aspects of the game, then start expanding your champion pool again) 2) Do you believe i could reach master by spamming 1 champion in the support role? If so can you recomend some? 3)what is this that distinguishes d5-d3 people from the higher divisions, and what can i do to improve? Seems i cannot break the d4-d3 barrier, but can definatelly climb out of d5 hell :P
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Yep that's true, given the right items ADCs can gain their health back rather quickly. However that isn't even possible sometimes due to a, like mentioned above, a Malphite engage which took like 70% of their health, only to get last hit by the enemy carry. You know the feeling when you insta die before you can even do anything? I wouldn't mind that feeling... if it wasn't a Tank with all defensive items that did it however. As for riot not wanting to force malphite players into tank, I don't exactly see what it has to do with this to be honest. That's precisely my point. If you want to go damage on him, go for it, and deal damage. But if you go tank on him, your damage should be minimal. Especially since the engage itself is very strong and game changing (and it would be such even if the damage was reduced). Ofc I agree with malphite's ultimate is predicatable, you can dodge, flash etc. I'm still however focusing on the flat out logic that a TANK can deal damage while be unkillable. It's precisely because this exists that people have adapted playing assassin's tank. It's to keep up and avoid getting one shot by Tanks. Pro players themselves have given this as a reason as to why exactly Fizz, Ekko, and even Tanksuo in soloQ are being built tank. Yep, I agree with you, they should buy one defensive item. However that is not always possible, at least not as soon as we'd like to have one. In the meantime the 2 Tank item champion is deleted you while being unkillable in the mid game. Also I'd like to ask you this. Have you ever felt as a carry because you had no kills (less gold for items, etc), that you did small amounts of damage? Because you were lacking items? Then can someone explain to me why tanks can do damage with 0 damage items or just one? When carries themselves can clearly be observed as lacking damage, when their whole build is damage. It's kind of a rethorical question, but an important one in my opinion. It has probably got to do with base damage, scaling and the fact that most carries won't have resistances. Just because there is this explanation, it doesn't make it right. Logically speaking it doesn't make sense.
well, tanks are mages mostly, and spells deal more damage than autoattacks, because they are not so spammable. Even if they gave malphite (idk why we are only talking about this tank, and no other champions have been brought up) a large cd on spells, he'd still do the same damage to one person once they are all up. The most critical part though and where adc's mostly fail on dmg output, is that as an adc, you have a harder time on chosing your stats, and a total different build than all the other classes. You can't just go for more damage like mages do, cuz you also have penetration, attack speed, critical chance, and lifesteal that you somehow need to balance for an effective build, where mages only have to focus on AP with a defensive stat, CDR being secondary and not so important. This is a huge problem and a mistake where most adc's fall out, cuz they might build ruuran's or phandom dancer as a first item, and for some survivability, while their damage is literally zero, but they can somehow deal SOME damage to non-tank champs. Then they have wasted 80 minions and 15 minutes of time in the game.
: Armor is not the reason a tank kills you
No, but changing the damage done by lower/no pen champions would fix a lot of things about the roles. Carries with 80-100 penetration should do the same amount of damage they do currently
: That makes no sense, if you want to lower somethings damage increasing the damage done to them doesn't help. This also punishes everyone not just fighters... it hurts squishies as flat armour pen is already very strong vs them, and it hurts actual tanks because you hurt their ability to do their jobs. This issue is only on a few champions, so if you really need to get rid of it target the individual champions instead of nuking the whole class and punishing a ton of innocent champions in the process.
A mage or an adc with 80-100 penetration should have the same amount of pen they have at the moment. What they should decrease is the damage done by low/zero penetration champions. That could bring tanks to tealing no damage, and reduce a portion of the damage done by bruisers.
Rioter Comments
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Yeah I get what you mean, and I know their damage alot of the time is related to the damage received and damage done. However I think it is also useful to ignore the maths itself and look at the big picture for a change. A tank such as Malphite or Zac will and can do like 60-80% of a squishys health with their engage. Like... why? What's the point of the Zac's ADC teammate? Get the last hit? C'mon, he has enough disruption, CC, and even if that fails he has an engage and for at least a couple seconds people WILL be focusing him. He doesn't need that amount of damage, especially while being tanky as hell in the first place.
The thing is, that an adc can get such an amount of HP back pretty quickly. They have the least health pool from all the roles and they can take it back easier than anyone.Adc is hardmode, but overall more tanky than actuall tanks if u position properly.(examples of 1v5 vaynes or dravens that tank and kill everyone, getting back enormous amounts of HP is a pretty common thing which we all have seen.) Also, riot does not want to "force" malphite players into playing tank only, they dont want to have a specific "meta" for a champion. If u want to play ap malphite, go ahead! Though why does everyone stick with malphite, while alistar can pulverise combo the same amount of damage, more often and with his ultimate as a defense tool and heal back when trading yet nobody says a thing about him? All comes to how can an adc counter these tactics. And believe me when i say that if the adc has lifesteal, then malphite is rendered useless. A good ulti combination from _**any champion**_ could result in the death of the adc. And that is the problem of the adc themselves, its not like malph's ultimate is op. On the contrary, it is easily predictable and has a delay, which you can counter. And it definatelly has a small area of effect. Also, i believe that everybody should have one defensive item at least. And support should itemize for such plays. I mean, if the only MR your adc has is runes, then screw it, every tank would deal damage without penetration. But just a little bit of MR will render them useless. But to agree with you in one aspect, what i believe should fix the problem is the penetration values, not the ap ratios
: Rework skins
it's one of the first legendary skins and is not available for purchase. That alone makes it collectible so its price is pretty low for 1850.
: As it turns out, solo/duo is coming back! ... kinda
Yea after that they will only complain about matchmaking
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: "We won't bring soloq back" "We will fix Dynamic Queue as soon as possible" "We believe its the best for the game" Looks like it wasn't possible. Looks like the Community was right. They really make a fool of themselves. Whatever, one wasted Season of Ranked play in my LoL history.
haha yea cuz more will come xD we dont quit
: The Day you will quit League .........
the only reason im gonna stop playing league, is when i reach the maximum rank i believe i can get, and then have a punch from life, and make a family
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Can we just admit the game's philosophy in general is poorly designed?
This is a very hard thing to fix, not in this game but in every game. Tanks are always more efficient than other roles because people miss spells and do mistakes. And a tank get punished less from a mistake than a squeezy target. In an ideal world where nobody does ANY mistakes, tanks are not OP. In terms of maths, their tankiness is equal to the damage received and damage done, though in action that seems to be OP because people's reactions. If tanks were really OP, everybody in the pro scene would pick tanks only. Back in s2 everybody was building warmog's as a first item, because it was THAT good. Even adc's picked warmogs first
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