Zakaria (EUW)
: 45 Champions have been released since total bans were increased for Draft Pick
yea why not just let u ban all the champs and leave only the 5 u want the enemy to play with 3 bans is enough no matter the number of champions released
: Towers needs "Compensation"
And also make first tower shoot down enemy auto atacks aimed to ur champion and make it if u stay 5 sec under it without taking dmg u regenrate hp and mana the same rate as at fountain that will make things fair
: What happened to this game?
what got me into this game from dota is that u could play the heroes any way u want ap sion no prob ap master yi pretty much all of the champs then could be ap or ad now u rito is activly trying to remove that freedom so u can play heroes only the way they want u to play them
Hansiman (EUNE)
: No, you don't have to give up on the game to give up on ranked. There are other modes to play. If you simply don't enjoy ranked anymore, then I suggest you try some of the other modes. Perhaps find some people to play with. Personally I find the game very boring when played alone, and playing alone isn't why I play online games. Your thread is simply a generalization of premades, whom you blame for everything you think is wrong with the ranked dynamic queue system. That's simply unfair, and not correct. You're using them to blame when things go wrong, ignoring the fact that the opposing team also had a premade that helped ensure their teams ability to win. Premades aren't hindering you from climbing the ladder. If you dislike premades, simply ignore them, chances are they'll just ignore you anyway since you seem to hate the fact that they enjoy playing together.
Completly agree with this guy if u dont enjoy ranked simply dont play it
: When Riot released the mastery system for gamemodes and aram...
I think aram shouldnt have anything to do with the mastery system
: Plat3 matched with S1
Simple he was premade with a high mmr gold player
: lvl 7 isn't much a big deal! It only requires some blue essence and a few good or just lucky games to get those S grade! I have lvl 5 Jax with all the S grade mastery tokens on him by only playing him on URF mode with AP build! I could really easy make him lvl 7 while I don't even know how to play him in normal game! xD Riot should have made lvl 7 much harded to make so only the true mains have lvl 7
Yea the mastery system failed from the start rito should have made it that u get mastery points from lvl 1 only if u get an S rank or else its just a useless system spaming the same hero over and over doesnt mean u are any good with him
: Can i get a Riot explanation about this? (Champion Grade System)
: Spamming Q? Lol, please, can you troll another thread, I actually made this one for people who know what they're talking about. I can tell that you don't know shit about Malzahar at all. Spamming Q does nothing, it's literally useless to + as first, so +'d as last skill since the damage is low. The only use his Q has is the refresh on his Malefic Visions and the silence it provides. His manacosts are too high, his E won't return any mana early game because of the low damage it does to minions (Even caster minions). Until lvl 5 you can't really use your E that well without using your W. OP Passive? 30 seconds cooldown, easy to poke down. Or are you not capable of landing a single attack every 30 seconds? It's too troublesome to quote my own post, open your eyes and read it through. I don't care about your wounded pride, you obviously don't play Malzahar at ALL. Or else name your other accounts so I can check them out as well ;) . The fact that I nearly have a 70% winrate on Malzahar over 100 games means that I do know what I'm talking about. I've been playing him for 2 years, nearly 3 now. You never lost Malzahar top, yet your match history dictates that you simply don't play Malzahar at all. Goodbye.
Easily triggered when called out are we 68% winrate with malz this season and clearly i have no idea how to play him go search for Djo Bannana its the other acc i play him on if anything malz needs a nerf i always cringe when some1 else picks him mid and rushes morelonomicon or rod of ages frist item and i watch them crying all game saying how riot failed with malz rework go watch some more mobafire builds maybe they will teach u how to play with malz Kappa
: And here we go again. You played Malzahar twice in season 5 in ranked, zero times in season 6 in ranked. You probably never really got into him, and never really knew what he was supposed to be in the first place. First of all he is an ANTI-ASSASSIN. You can play him top as well before his rework and after. However, if you read my post (Really please read it before commenting) You can quickly figure out that Riot has done a terrible job on making him a legit mage who counters assassins. I'm not going to repeat my post as a reply, so please read it through. If you lose against Malzahar on toplane, who rushes rylais you say, you are either not forcing him back, or you just don't know what he is capable of. His manapool is extremely low, and his costs are high early in the game. He is unable to zone his enemy anymore, not like in the past, and you should be able to zone him with ease. (Poke his shield every time its up) If he spawns a voidling, kill said voidling and watch him cringe for 17 seconds before he can have the useless pet back. His E damage is garbage early game. I think you simply don't know how to play against him. Any sensible Malzahar player knows that rushing Rylais won't fix your mana problems. If you are talking about the old Malzahar, yes he was a pretty good toplaner if you knew what to do.
So what makes u think i play only from this acc And im not saying i lost to malz top i am saying i never lost top with malz U are saying his mana pool is low and high mana costs i never need blue in the games i have played him Hes manacosts are high but he has a build in mana return i can zone the enemy team easily with just 2 items spaming q and he has the most op passive there is what more can u want P.S clearly u are the one that has no idea about malz currently
CppL (EUW)
: In solo Q ,yes.But i guess riot wanted him to be viable in lcs ,thats why they reworked him.And broke him.Not their first time.
Yea from the lcs point of view his rework failed but from the normal players POV its fine he is alot more picked now and broken as fk
: for malz
yea everyone thinks so until they actauly play trundle into malz malz toplane is the easiest to play u rush rylai and u simply cant lose vs any other toplaner from that point
: What have you done to Malzahar? Come on.
Hm have u ever played malz toplane the guy has no counter its not the hero thats the problem is the lack of vision of the player
senkaia (EUNE)
: New game mode
Yes anything just not that poro king and dominion bulcrap
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Is that support grade thing on?
isnt that grading thing still taking the average like if ppl have lets say 25 assists with taric on average each game u would have to get alot more than that for and S+
: GeT CoN TRollED - The new Heisendong?
If he is really that good then why is he B4
: Why are there no girl pros?
Grills make great support players
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Why is Aurelion Sol so rarely played?
simply said aurelion sucks so the pros dont play him so no reason for other players to pick him either
munraker (EUW)
: why did i get plats golds and silvers in my last RANKED game, THIS IS NOT RIGHT its not an excuse
what div are u if u are plat or high gold and get silvers it means u have low mmr its not because of the queue
Rioter Comments
tolisk99 (EUNE)
: Game is not fun anymore.
i am investing in this post
: Time to leave the game. Tribute to Riot
Really doubt this guy is anything close to challenger
CodPlay124 (EUNE)
: im playing against diamonds when im bronze
Even if u are playing vs diamond and plat when in bronze this only means they have really low mmr wich is most likely because they have been boosted to diamond so in reallity they are trash and it shouldnt be a problem playing vs them
: Can't receive hextech rewards
sry m8 but it is permanent


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