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: Team Vindictive Gaming - Looking for "ADC Main" (Diamond+)
**LF serious Team , to join some kind of a tournaments (I can change region whenever i want). Check my stats - Playing so clean on my lane , l like to follow and out-gank the enemy with TP. Nickname : _LeMyyy_ (D3 , playing since S2) Have discord/ts3/skype. I can sepak English/Serbian.** **If there is a open spot for a toplaner (maybe in a new team , i _would like to join_).** Ex Teams: **1. Xember Alpha/Beta/Bravo 2. The Panthers 3. SERBIA5**
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Dεus (EUNE)
: Dia team looking for a coach
Hello. My name is Uroš. (Semi-Professional Coach/Analyst). Playing League since S2. What type of sponsorship can you arrange / provide? I've worked for many teams, some have paid cash, but nobody has ever mentioned sponsorship as an attachment. Some teams as an example of my training: * The Panthers * Xember Alpha / Beta * WE ARE SAIYANS * DQ What can I do? Max. respect for the players and a detailed overview of each game, help around the team of the team (picks/bans/team komp). Overtime if it's really needed, a detailed conversation with each player individually. Hope you dicede best for both of us , have a nice day. _**LeMyyy**_
SolahriTV (EUW)
: Damage Inc. is looking for Players for a new Team with Coach etc DIA +
LeMyyy (EUNE)
: LFT [D3] EUNE - LeMyyy.
Still looking for team.
: Hello I'm a recruiter for The Chaos Vanguard, a big multi gaming community that supports up to 12 games that are nicely organized! League of Legends is one of them. If you need more information head over to I hope seeing you there
Thanks! I'll check it now. :)
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Wicius (EUNE)
: Team Xember[XEM] is looking for new players (diamond+) EUW and EUNE
sosna98 (EUNE)
I can follow , understand hall game mode. Add me: LeMyyy
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archerno1 (EUNE)
: This bug was already reported several times.
So shouldn't I report?
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's possible to use this bug, but it's not very practicall to pull off.
In late game this bug can give up to 300+ AP , with luck u can 1 shot someone.
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: Hm, I've been meaning to pick up Vlad recently. I have a few questions based about your build. What are the benefits of Stormraider's compared to Deathfire? Secondly, while i realize CDR is a valuable stat on someone like Vlad, does Intelligence mastery really outweigh Precision in the Cunning mastery tree?
Stormraider gives you a dive power , deathfire is bad bcs , when ur agressive , u'll get everyshot by turret. Yes they do , CDR is a biggest factor of vlad , without a combo , ur shit.
: Will you make a guide on matchups, laning, and combos? Because this is already hella helpful.
> [{quoted}](name=Thats haram bro,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sR5HhWtA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-01T09:45:03.530+0000) > > Will you make a guide on matchups, laning, and combos? Because this is already hella helpful. I can't make guide just in one video , so best option is to watch my matchups (replays). [Check it out.](
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Applekami (EUW)
: 12 games today and only won 2
**That means you have to carry your team & be a ~~_God _~~of the game. **{{champion:8}}
: the sexiest guy in league
He is mad/bad. :D


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