Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Still broken. I can't even seen them in my icons bookmark. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
I can see it if I click on my summoner icon in client. It seems like it doesn't exist if you look at my icons in the collections though. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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Daniele (EUW)
: Yep, same thing
Just logged in now, the friends list is back. Must have been a bug.
HelligKreuz (EUNE)
: Yes, logged in just now, tried to restart the client several times but it's not working. Initiated a full repair, still no fix.
Just logged in now, the friends list is back. Must have been a bug.
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Corbyn (EUW)
: Just got smurfed on
To give the person the benefit of the doubt, it might be his secondary account, and he only started playing on it again after their first got permabanned. Either that, or it's a gifted, bought or stolen account. It's been inactive for a very long time. And back when the owner played, it was an B5 ADC/support player, not a jungler. I personally find it hard to believe you come back a year later and become a jungle god. Especially with how much jungle has changed since he last played. Bravo to him if he has, but it's unlikely. As for your question about his MMR, yeah. He should slingshot upwards when he gets promoted to silver. Given that last year the account was in B5, there's a good chance he started this provisional rank somewhere in Iron, and was already in Bronze when he finished his placements. He should soon start skipping divisions.
: WHY IS MY LASTNAME OFFENSIVE!?????????????????
While I agree with you to a degree, you are posting your complaint in an entirely wrong place. Boards are meant for players to interact with each other, with a rare occasional Rioter popping by. The place you want to submit this is on Riot Support's official page. You can find the link [here](
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: Trial Tokens are NOT updated [stuck at 285 tokens]
Yeah, I've been experiencing problems for a while now. You either get told you earned tokens, but gain none. If this was a mission reward, it can be counted as completed or incomplete. Sometime it would reset it (i.e. if you had "win 2 games", and had one done, it can be reset to zero). What's annoying is that Riot stated last week that there were problems with missions which were later solved, yet all the problems i encountered persisted.
Iakovia (EUW)
: I always minimise it or put it on another tab and it always works for me. Sometimes I have to watch a few more as it won't work straight away every time, but nevertheless, it works. If they have changed it recently though that could be the reason why? In which case, if I kept it up on my second monitor whilst playing games or watched something and muted it, would it still work do you think?
Odd. I used to do it, but ever since last year's worlds, it just stopped working. I'd either have to watch it properly, or give up the reward. Which I guess is fair and the way it should be. Not a clue for second monitors, I never tried that.
: Watch quest does not count
Are you sure you "watched" the games? One of my friends tried keeping it open in another tab, and the same thing happened to him too. If you keep it open in a different tab, or minimized, anything other than flat on your screen watching, the rewards system can and does pick up on it. I'm not sure how or why, but it does. (PS: Have you enabled rewards? When you go to the lolesports website to watch the games, go to the rewards page and make sure it's enabled.)
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: I'm pretty sure his program was called "DST".
Oh god, I remember that one too! {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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AcidBuny (EUW)
: the 100% sure way of being non-toxic
Or, alternatively, just don't be an asshole. One of the old League youtubers, Sky WIlliams (don't think he still plays), had a sure proof, four step program with guaranteed success called D.O.N.T. Just follow these four steps if you ever feel like typing something toxic. Step 1. D = Don't The other three steps don't matter.
: I guess you right just feel a bit tricked by the system that people like that goes clear and people get wrong accused by the system. The funny thing is those games is like 1 week old and i got banned today. So it took 1 week for them to bann me which seems a little bit wierd.
No, sadly, it's not wrongly accused. As for why it took a whole week, I can only assume are they were reviewed by an employee, rather than the program.
: Can someone help me?
I used to talk back to toxic people a long time ago. But it's a very slippery slope. It takes very little to turn toxic yourself. My rule for dealing with this these days has evolved to: "why would I waste my time talking to someone looking to waste my time?" I don't play League to socialize. Just mute whoever is annoying, and move on with your life. Anything else is simply not worth the effort.
: MSI Missions
I think next week. You can learn more on this post [here](
: Weird one here, Kai’sa is a man?
Maybe she was referring to the void monster covering Kai'Sa's skin.
: Anxiety
If you're having issues with SoloQ anxiety, the best way to break it is to just do it. However, trying out other roles in more chilled SR modes (normal/flex) for a few games just to get the feel for things again can help you with your problem.
: did they change smite so you can't smite small raptors?
I think it was a change implemented a bit over a year ago, to not just little raptors, but small wolves and baby krugs too. You can still smite the medium krug though.
: How can you stand playing with this community
Eh, shit happens. Move on to the next game. I know you're right, I'm not arguing with anything you wrote here. But is it really worth all this stress? Once the game ends, thinking about people you will never meet again, and getting stressed over it is a waste of your time. Just go next, and win that one.
Dùelist (EUW)
: Why riot Punishing over and over bruisers?
Mate, you sure you're on the same patch as the rest of us? The new Conqueror works great on champs like Jax, and the new item, Spear of Shojin{{item:3161}} is outright broken on most brusiers like Jax, Riven, Renekton, etc. etc.
ReeZ182 (EUW)
: ranked win/loss streak
Don't play when tilted. I haven't checked your match history, but I wouldn't be surprised if you kept queuing up game after game, defeat after defeat. It's the only game you can go on such a massive losing streak. My good rule of thumb is to stop playing SQ if I lose two games, or if a particularly tilting game just happened. Also, stop pressuring yourself to 'carry alone your whole team'. That kind of mentality is a trap that gets to so many people. You don't _have_ to solo carry every game. You don't _have _ to win every single game. Putting yourself under all this pressure makes you take risks you normally wouldn't. It makes you go for these 50/50 (or worse) high intensity mechanical outplays that tent to backfire badly when they fail. Stick to your guns instead. Do what you are good at, and play smart and basic. You'll win games, and you'll lose games. But you will find that a leveled head will help you keep that win ratio in the positive far more consistently. Consistency is the key. ----------------------------------------------------------- I hope this was in any way, shape or form useful. Best of luck on the Rift!
Brokenhz (EUW)
: Luck. You didnt see so many players that get lucky winstreak??And then booom next few days luck is gone and no more winning?' League is more luck then skills now.Deal with it.
What an utter load of nonsense. In league, the only luck are crit, Zoe's W, and the dragons that spawn in the game. Nothing else. Not even your shitty teammates factor in to luck. Everything evens out with the number of games you play.
noxalvus (EUNE)
: im sick of this
You won't get banned to the best of my knowledge. The counter for LPQ will keep counting up most likely, though. Try contacting Riot directly though their Riot Support website. Boards are only meant for player interaction with an occasional Riot employee dropping by (Eambo is the one you're most likely to run into here on EUW/EUNE). [Here's the link]( Secondly, please stop trying to play more games until the problem is solved. I know it's tempting, I know League is an addicting game, and not being able to play sucks incredibly hard. If you have log files of the times you ran the repair tool, make sure you attach them to your report card as well. Riot will ask for them anyway, might as well make the wait shorter a bit.
al3pashpi (EUNE)
: No new loading screen on EUNE
It will probably be activated at a later point in the patch, as most new features tend to. I can't wait to be able to see people's honors. Might even dust off my jungle boots and camp the rank Zero to oblivion. _(insert evil laughter here)_ EDIT: It goes on NA because it's smaller than EUW, by almost double (not sure about EUNE's comparison). Riot will always delay stuff on EUW compared to other regions because of how massive it is. If changes make just a small percent of players quit the game, on smaller regions it's no big deal. On NA it will sting, but it's manageable. If the same percent quit on EUW, it's an outright disaster for Riot. It's why we have to wait for Role Ranked (and pray it never gets here).
: I think im done with ranked this season
Well, that's fair. If you feel like it, and aren't having fun anymore, it's okay to quit. Just don't join the League of Moaning, where it's everyone's fault but the person complaining. Common denominator and all that jazz.
Morogoth (EUW)
: Hextech Chest System VS One Tricks
The game is not aimed towards one-tricks. If you don't want to broaden your champion pool, then you're gonna either have to play random stuff in normals or play ARAM.
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: Beginner champions for me
I'm just gonna give you the same advice I was given when I first started. Play what you think looks cool, and try to have as much fun without ruining other peoples' games. Look up a youtube video of whatever champ you think is cool, and have fun. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: WHAT ?
Yikes, just looking at the way you interact with the people here on the boards makes it very hard to believe you were unjustly punished. Also this: > no i wont write a ticket if Riot has forum for reporting bugs they should read it. Let me get this straight - you came here looking for help, and wound up at the wrong place. And now refuse to go to Riot Support's website just because _you think they won't read it_? Yikes.
SaulTight (EUNE)
: The League of Pay To Win
Mate, wrong category. I believe you were looking to post in [Games, Contests & Jokes](
Darwinion (EUW)
: Oh right, the part where you take context out of my post due to a title and apply a meaning of your own, gotcha.
Ugh, the term Nazi has a context. You chose it for that exact purpose, and got called out for it. For that same purpose. So who is really taking things out of context here?
ego1st86 (EUNE)
: Got permad
Very much deserved. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Darwinion (EUW)
: Nazi moderation?
Nazi, systematically murdered 11 billion people in an attempt to wipe out anyone who they deemed of lesser value than their Aryan ideals. They performed brutal acts of torture, experimentation, and deprivation on the said people before mercilessly killing them all. But hey, lets compare _literally anyone else from the internet_ to them. I'm sure that will make your argument so much more mature and thought out that the world would have to listen. A word from the wise, when aiming to create a debate, do try to be respectful in all manners and treat the other side as an equal. ------------- PS: I am partially curious if this too would enact a penalty.
: Forgive Me For I Have Sinned =(
It's why I absolutely loathe blind pick. Since role selection first came up years ago, I never played a single blind pick again. Without a doubt, blind pick champ select is the most toxic place in League I have ever experienced.
: Autoban system sucks, change my mind!
The system does suck, but not for any reason you listed here. It is simply not strict enough, and is unable to accurately detect griefing (or borderline at all in many cases). And while it's not something you can solve by, and I quote: > Riotgames hires 2-4 (or more) employers that works on shifts and their only job is to give permisions to the autoban system to ban a player AFTER actually reading the chat logs. > remove the autoban system and give players centairn amount of reports they can give for a week so they don't abuse it This is a massive issue that concerns big enough portion of the player base that Riot simply cannot afford to solve it effectively. It would take a lot of money just to set up a system that could effectively detect this (as it would most likely require a **large** group of people to monitor games, programs aren't advanced enough). And secondly, it would cost far more than even that because of how massive of a blow that would be to the active player count. In 2016 there was an estimated 100 million active accounts worldwide. Even just removing 1% of that is insanely massive. that's a million players gone. And let's face it, it's not just 1%.
: I got honor 2 after getting chat restricted
You had to be at honor 2 at the end of the season. It's too late now.
: LF A Taric/Lulu mid for Funnel (Gold-Plat)
Boosting strats make this player sad. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Yuka (EUW)
: Challenger Series might not exist anymore, but I think that being Challenger still gives you the chance to challenge the legends - you'll meet them in solo queue all the time. And if they're good enough, they might even challenge the pros for their starting positions on their rosters ;) Can't get complacent when you're at the top!
As it should be, heh! Thanks for being awesome, mate!
Yuka (EUW)
: Hey Legendsofthedark! [We made an announcement last year ]( the relegation tournaments coming to an end. We didn't have any relegations in 2018, and all of the pro teams that were interested in forming a long term partnership with the LEC went through an intensive application process. I don't think you're being harsh at all, I personally really loved the relegation tournaments too so I'm also sad to see them gone. I thought they were one of the most high stakes, exciting times of the year! However the removal of them means that teams will have more security when making investments in their team structure, players and sponsors. We're already seeing some cool stuff coming as a result of the long term partnerships and I think it's just going to get better as 2019 rolls on :) As for Excel and Rogue - I think they're pretty interesting orgs. Excel is a scrappy underdog team coming from the UK, and Rogue is backed by Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki and their social media channels are really neat. I hope you can get excited about them, but if not, that's cool too- OG will be glad to have your support for sure :) If you'd like to learn more about Excel and Rogue we've released some content about them here, feel free to check it out: Excel infographic and Meet the Teams video: Interview with Excel's co-founder: Rogue infographic and Meet the Teams video: And trust me - it's been strange for us too, but you'll get used to saying LEC pretty quick :D
Hey, thanks for replying! I fully agree with what you've written, and I'll give each team a fair chance. Who knows, maybe they'll take EU by storm and win the hearts and minds of everyone! ^^ ------------ On a sadder note, I feel that without the relegation tournaments, the name "Challenger" has lost its meaning. I've always seen it as such. You'd strive to become challenger for a fleeting chance to challenge the Legends.
: It's almost impossible to get actually banned for flaming, those people who do put years of work into it. That's why they are still playing and probably now trolling in different ways because they are chat restricted
Actually, it's the easiest way to get punished, as it's easiest to trace and prove. Trolling and inting on the other hand are a lot harder to prove.
: It Happened. I got chat restricted, I have some quick questions.
I don't think you're not in any immediate danger of permabans mate. But to answer your questions: > How long will it take to get Honor 5 again? Are Honors I get during the resctriction credited? There is no direct information on how long it will take, but you shouldn't worry about S9 rewards. Unless something changed, once S9 begins in January, honor will reset to rank 2 for everyone, just like it did last year. > Is my account flagged now somehow? >Am I more likely than someone who never had a penalty before to get punished again? Yes and no. There is no flag attached to your account to make you more likely to be punished again. Once you work through your chat restriction, you're home free. However, if you continue being toxic, these things will start stacking. You won't be more likely to be punished, no, but each new punishment will get worse.
629824 (EUW)
: Can't play League anymore
I'd advise contacting Riot support directly. You can do so [here]( Do keep in mind that it can take anywhere between a couple of hours to two days for them to respond on average (from personal experience, it's usually a day to day and a half). If I understood you correctly, you have uninstalled your game, and upon trying to reinstall, the installation would fail. There may be a chance that when you uninstalled the game, some files were left over and they're messing with your new install. Perhaps you can try scanning your computer for League related files and deleting them before you try to reinstall. Again, this is just my speculation, and I would still rather wait for a response from Riot first.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I think a new issue is on the rise on EUNE in beginner bot games
This is by no means a new issue. Riot is very well aware of this problem and are actively working against it. There was a recent post by Riot developers on how they deal with various problems in league, including these bots. According to them, they can detect these accounts quickly, and route them all to their own games, where it's always bot-vs-vot. This is done for the purpose of protecting new players. Later, when such accounts are sold, Riot has means of detecting the transfer and quickly ban them. You can read the whole article here at ["dev: Removing Cheaters from LoL"](
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GqgqGIxP,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-29T15:34:05.775+0000) > > I bought both skins seperatly for 2810 and it still costs me 1100 to get the mega bundle. Gj rito games. It costs more then before buying the skins. Lol, 550RP per icon then? Daaamn, those must've been designed by late Leonardo da vinci himself {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Split it to two icons and two borders. It's still dumb and pricey, but it's not as crazy as you guys make it out to be.
: Yet another reason why I stopped playing this game. Riot is just a big scam nowadays. Rip-off bundles Unfulfilled promises Sexist as company Years old bugs still present I could go on...
> Yet another reason why I stopped playing this game Out of curiosity, why are you here?
: > [{quoted}](name=Legendsofthedark,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GqgqGIxP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-29T14:43:21.493+0000) > > I don't think you get the variant discount with the bundle, only the standard one that goes with all bundles. That's still hardly any type of deal, if standalone versions of Leo's skin do have the Variant discount. Bundle is only attractive price-wise, if it's components are cheaper in it then when obtained separately.
I wasn't disagreeing with you mate. Lately Riot has been having some questionable decisions regarding the pricing of their borders and icons when attached to bundles.
: Leo eclipse bundle price is a rip off.
I don't think you get the variant discount with the bundle, only the standard one that goes with all bundles.
: "Your Shop"
Maybe when Christmas comes around, but no guarantees.
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