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: Obviously. She is op right? Can't do nothing about it, any attempts to play against the new LB are just useless. The thing is, it's not true at all. Go play against a good summoner, let him pick a random champion from the pool of those who are barely played and if he is better than you, you will still be raging about his champion being op and needing a nerf. Why ? Well, mostly because we got used to always put the blame on something, someone and never take the blame to ourselves. Instead of creating those kind of threads, you would be much better off playing leblanc yourself, understanding her better than you currently do so when facing her next time you know her capabilities and when you should engage / stay away, etc. Also most people don't even consider remembering when the enemy used spells, whether they have ignite, flash, ult, etc. Those little things, if you know them, can provide huge opportunity otherwise you will feel like they always have flash, ignite, ult and therefore you will most probably stay away or engage in useless fights. And Merry Christmas.
Ye, ur right, maybe i should do better, but i dont want play vs him never, its simply annoying playing vs him, i need to do my best, dodging, play def, freeze lane, and i cant do nothing if the enemy player is good at him, or just play def and wait u,til happening something with TF, roams, rotates etc. but the point is, i dont want get destructructed by LB in every matchup, this is simple. Merry Christmas.
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