: Bronze !!!!!!!!!!
Try upgrading boots faster so you can move faster
: Do you think it would be a good idea to add 'Free Name Change to league'
Why you need 3 name changes to increase individuality ? one name is enough, just take some time and find the name that is available and fitting for you
: ineed skin form yasuo i love yasuo and i cant buy skin for many
GLurch (EUW)
: *The creator or the account But you get what I mean
: in silver leblanc is easy, much smoother than the old leblanc and many possibilities for outplay. I am thinking about minion dematerializer on her would be nice for waveclear and maybe the cookie delivery or stopwatch, depends on your opponent.
i am leblanc main, now i really don't like her waveclear, i don't want to sacrifice ultimate hat for minion dematerializers, i just hope that rito will buff her waveclear a little bit. her auto attack damage is garbage
: I played against a few leblanc and found the match up difficul, her dammage is insane, but it is true that most of them didnt do well in the late game, kinda like a pantheon, stomp the early but useless in late. Also I was just wondering, because not my type of champion at all, but I was still hoping that she would be a bit easier than the old one. Anyway ty for the answer
in silver leblanc is easy, much smoother than the old leblanc and many possibilities for outplay. I am thinking about minion dematerializer on her would be nice for waveclear and maybe the cookie delivery or stopwatch, depends on your opponent.
GLurch (EUW)
: Likely, they locked your account for security reasons while they're investigating if you're the real owner of the account. Recovery tickets are usually used when you lost access to your account, which in some cases is due to people getting scammed, so it's important for Riot to verify if you're the real owner of the account before giving it back to you, as you could potentially be using it for malicious purposes. However, no one here on the boards can really tell you more than that or help you. You'll have to contact the Riot Support for more information, or, since you already submitted a ticket, wait till they reply: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Don't worry if you weren't able to answer all question, Riot just needs most to be able to verify you as the owner. If you still have any more information, like RP payments and Riot should say they couldn't verify you as the real owner, you can write them again with the extra information.
Riot said that riot owns all accounts, how can somebody be the real owner other than riot ?
xKazumax (EUW)
: 14 Day Ban + A Chatlog
He was reported for negative attitude, he made his teammates negative too.
: Yeah exactly, what do you want me to do? Normally I'd reset minion waves and recall. In ARAM I can only recall if I voluntarily gift over 300 gold to the enemy team. Or I can stay behind the tower and do nothing at all except a little poke which is also bad. I always feel like I could just run it down mid, do as much damage as possible and just die again and again. Like the cliché Vayne flash-R-tumble 1v5 into enemy team, unleash as many autoattacks as you can and die. Totally stupid mode. I actually like the good old custom game ARAMs or the magma chamber we see at All Stars, there you can recall and heal up. Then it does actually make sense.
In aram you must die when you have pushed the wave as far as possible so you have time to walk back when enemy push the lane back. if everyone dies and you survive with 50 hp then you will lose a lot of aram games like that. To win in aram you must understand when to die, the further you are from your base, the better it is to die there and come back with new items while enemy can't even reach your tower
: "many players will get banned" ok then we need to stop banning people for flaming. Also low perfomances dont get you afk
AFK or dc is something out of their control for most of the players, but everyone can control themselves to not flame, your logic is just absurd. If riot wanned to get rid of afkers then they would do it but as you see they are okay with people being people not some robots that never go afk and never have bad games
: thats why its a paradise for trolls. my mistake was that i actually wanted to win and it hurted me that things i achieved was ruined by those guys. i learned something, i dont give a damn about winning anymore thats how you dont get triggered
when i got afkers and trolls in team then i do everything to win outside chat, i never chat with idiots. Once i won a game 3v5 when my team toplaner and midlaner went afk, i was left with 2 of my premades and we won
: consider that i dont have to post my chat logs in here. i know i went too far and it was not right, but i want to be transparent with you guys. so i let you read. i just think on the one side that inting and trying to loose game on purpose just to wipe someone out and trying to trigger him into tilt is more unsportsmanlike than what i wrote. i cant post the chat log of the trollers but believe me it was not better
better lose that 1 game and forget about it than get banned for 2 weeks
: what do you usually say when your mates inting in fountain on purpose telling they afk farm your jungle cuz they dont want you to win what would you do
if you touch a poop it starts to smell, same is with trolls, just ignore them and don't make them smell even more. If they want to lose that game then just mute them and report after, they will get 100% banned, but if you respond to them then you make trolling fun for them because they get reactions and anger, just what they expect.
: when you get trolled by premades
omg you are so toxic, i would never want you in my team ever
: The trolls have won the war!
i see trolls and ragequitters very rarely, i play in silver 1 soloq and gold 5 flex
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=7c6oFEPO,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-23T20:26:40.510+0000) > > Afkers are just a part of the game, if you ban them then many players will get banned because most players have mid/low spec computers with some typical problems and not so excellent internet providers. And there are life situations too you know. they should all be banned simple. No good internet? = dont play ranked or ban. Bad pc? = dont play ranked or banned. if you cause 4 players to suffer because you dont care about their success you dont deserve to play. Go play normz if ur internet or pc cant handle it. The rest of the trolls should get banned anyways
just make AFK meter that fills up if you often go afk and when it is filled up then you can't play ranked until you play enough normal games and don't go afk so the meter drops down
: Leavers need to be punished harder/Leaving must be discouraged stronger
Afkers are just a part of the game, if you ban them then many players will get banned because most players have mid/low spec computers with some typical problems and not so excellent internet providers. And there are life situations too you know.
: I played 4-7 games every day since season 2. Also horrible adivce
just pick full ap gragas with lichbane and protobelt and all other hard ap stuff and destroy that leblanc, i am leblanc main, but i got humiliated by ap gragas mid lane
Shiwah (EUW)
: Was she ever?
i destroy silver 1 in every game with this leblanc with garbage farm, but i mained her before she got reworked. Look my match history
: lol Zoe deals damage yes but she does it with skillshots and u can Qss cleanse her sleep and her damage is easily blocked and Zoe is easy to kill aswell
if zoe have lucky summonerspells then it is not that easy to kill her and leblanc have skillshots too, her w and e
: Leblanc is too strong in the early game and needs more counterplay
Ubeh (EUW)
: "I see that the mechanics are still there".. Let me quickly burst that little bubble here.. she hardly required mechanics back in the day.. the only "mechanic" you required was a braincell realising what combo you would go for.. Either the dubble distortion or the double chain.. Nice "mechanic" there buddy. she's overpowered right now due to the large manapool she gets from practicly every good ap item along with the cdr.. she's dominant from 2-18, the only thing that never changed is that she's still useless late.
but she is so dominant that she get to lategame much faster than enemies
Antenora (EUW)
: Yeah. She's really obnoxious to play against now and doesn't drop off as hard as before. The whole point of reworking her originally was to make her more fair to play against.
her ult have 15 sec cd in lvl 16
Cheini (EUNE)
: ye.. idk how you are so happy about a chara you get amazing scores, if you don't get terrible ones as well this simply would mean that she is way unbalanced and has no counterplay... like, with her distortion spell, isn't she a rather good pick against skillshotters? and, she can blink back immediately now... idk, i have a feeling she is rather overpowered against many champions atm.. and i dislike it! let's see what will the winrate tell in the coming days..
Leblanc was my main, i stopped playing her after rework and now i play her again, i have played a total of about 500 Leblanc games
: i just made the enemy adc to ragequit because of you know, oneshots
i also have no idea what rito was thinking, but i love how smooth the oneshots feel, it is so satisfying to make enemy adc life so miserable
Zavion (EUW)
: "Mechanics". She has no mechanics. A monkey could mastery her in an afternoon. I love LeBlanc too but the previous version was just better for the game, and required more than 70IQ to play.
i just made the enemy adc to ragequit because of you know, oneshots
Rioter Comments
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Or the other option is just int to lose some games and drop MMR. Riot won't detect it anyways.
don't int, just play all games to win and try to learn this game in the process
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Herald needs to be removed...
S8 Jungle (EUW)
: This Sivir Bot seems to have preordered the skin
good luck on delivering pizza without the flash
Indigo47 (EUW)
: Increase in troll threads
if i see a troll in my team, i see a challenge to win that game with a troll in my team, that is so satisfying to win a game with a troll in my team, best feeling i can get from this game, same as winning a game 3 vs 5 is same good feeling
: is duo worth it in ranked?
i duo with my friend in the same room and it is very fun.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: For example?
We’re moving away from every patch to a more sporadic schedule. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/riot-games/editorial/upcoming-changes-rotating-game-modes
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > So now riot decides that rotating gamemodes Really? Where did you read that?
anywhere where they talk about rotating gamemodes
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Rakan needs a complete rework
then play that champ and get to challenger, what is stopping you ?
GLurch (EUW)
: From what I see, yes, calling other players "scum", "idiot" and accusing them of trolling is not exactly what I'd call sportsmanlike. I don't see it serving any purpose like helping your team. If something you're about to write doesn't help anyone and at most makes things worse, don't write it. Others doing the exact same or even worse also is no excuse. Someone else breaking the rules doesn't allow you to do the same and to be honest, it doesn't help either. There's for example the saying "The wiser head gives in" which of course, shouldn't be applied to all situations in life, but if you're discussing something that won't lead to anything positive anyways, there's no reason to spark even more fire. It won't gain you anything, and in this case, it only made matters worse for you actually. If you want further insight into your chat logs, you should post your full chat logs. If you want a Rioter with the ability to do something to review your chat logs, you should instead [submit a ticket to the Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), as noone here is able to speak for Riot and noone here really has the power to do anything about your punishment (except for some of the rare Rioters lurking around). However, the Riot Support often does not give a complete insight into the reasons your punishment, but only a few examples.
what if i call riven scum not the player ?
RedFairo (EUW)
: Riot plz! what is this
what exactly ? you have a friend in friend list with level 11 so what ?
Ya55u0 (EUNE)
: One for all
should be live after 2-5 days
Leblanc was my favorite champion before the rework, also I enjoyed sivHD Leblanc content.
Rioter Comments
: can we punish players who don't accept the match when matchmaking finds one??
: Didn't her damage take a serious hit too + no slow on E? Seems trash.
it is hard to get assists with her because she can oneshot too fast.
Eagle09 (EUNE)
: I might have received wrong chatlogs.
when my teammate says that he will go afk then i say to him to go afk and we will win anyway, and after that i mute him and try my absolute best to win 4v5, sometimes i actually win
Rioter Comments
: It just reduces heals, they can still heal poke.
but they heal 40% less so they need to spend almost 2x mana to heal the same amount
marcus85 (EUW)
: I got permanently banned for nothing
: How to instalose lane lmao, you're gonna get your ass handed to you then in all trades cos you've rushed Executioner's instead of BF.
if you are against soraka, sona or nami then it is better than bf and you don't need to wait for 1300 gold, but just 800 and you start to hurt because they don't get so much heals
: One For All Coming too EUW?!
i think that it will come after like 3 weeks
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