: Why do things like ELO hell exist its so unfair
it is not possible for a gold player to lose a bronze game.
Magneset (EUW)
: Good god this is hilarious to read. The I CANNOT BE PUNISHED I FOLLOW THE RULES, and just have to make sure they know it by repeating it 100 times. Ah well.
ProKii (EUNE)
: I do not understand what your problem is
try to lower your fps to 80 or 100 i know that some super computers who run lol on like 500 fps make your champ invisible, capping fps to about 100 should solve the problem
N1ghtOG (EUW)
: I now understand why people say adc is the hardest role...
adc is the hardest role because you need to survive long time to deal much damage so your positioning is the most important and also your team's ability to peel for you and your support's ability to defend you. Stutterstep is the hardest mechanic in league of legends. if you can't do it propertly then you will die fast in teamfights and you will not deal enough damage. most easy adcs are jhin and ezreal because you don't need to do so much auto attacks to deal good damage. any other role is like 10 times easier than adc
: Is mid fiddlesticks super hard counter to zed?
wow now they nerf fiddle midlane and buff zed ahahahahahaa
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Wait there are actually people who prefer blindpick over draft? I get that blindpick is faster, but c'mon. This is the pinnacle of toxicity.
you have 2 games in 1 1st game you fight for your role 2nd game you play league of legends
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Do you know how to get chests? there are some requirements for it. You must own that champion, there has to be a chest available and you can earn only 1 chest per champion per season.
in this season i earned like 2 chests and i play only ranked so i own the champ i play. all i ask is 1 skin shard.
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Damzthe15 (EUW)
: League Uses Up Too much Mobile Data Now
in my country Latvia, you can pay like 15 euro per month and you get no limit mobile data and no limit calls and no limit sms
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Why do all my rounds have to be determined by who's the better ADC?
you need to play fidle or full ad jarvan and make enemy adc life a living hell, then the best jungler will decide the game
: Honor LvL stuck?
im lvl 3 honor, but i have got many honors since then and i don't reach 1st checkpoint. i think you need to play like 2000 games to get honor lvl 5
: Free RP
yes, you can work for me and i will give you some RP
: Settings won't affect internet usage at all
then just steal internet from someone
: think it was 27/2/15 or around that
i see you get 3 honors very often then :D
Damzthe15 (EUW)
: League Has Begun to Devour 400mb+ per Match
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carcaroff (EUW)
: Throwing and throwing again.
group mid and end is a good strategy. but seriously you must understand what your teamcomps win conditions are. sometimes you need to split enemies to kill them one by one, sometimes you must dive enemy hard over and over again till you destroy them, sometimes you just need to siege towers and poke enemy till they back off. before you engage you must wait till everyone have their ultimates ready and your team is at least in even numbers. there are many things to consider when you try to finish the game. if your team want to overextend then you must back off first and when they see that they are very low in numbers, they will follow you
: no...on weekends in ranked you get 4 trolls and enemy team get easy win... i learn my lesson, never again play ranked on weekends, thats where i get all my losing streaks, so no thank you.
why enemy dont have 5 trolls but you have 4 trolls ?
: dude dont play ranked on the weekends... is a complete clownfiesta.
on weekends enemy have 5 trolls but you have 4 trolls, so it is super easy win
Alex Gunboy (EUNE)
: Horrible losing steak
main jungler and you will decide the game. your team have 4 people that can be trolls but enemy team have 5 people that can be trolls. i suggest you play full ad Jarvan 4 and oneshot everything
spoweDDcho (EUNE)
: Permanently banned
blame jungler when you are feeding enemy laner and jungle hahahahhahaah some serious bronze stuff right there
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: this is just a message to all ppl that think hey are smarter then anyone else and try to throw gaems becasue of something they cant get that is the equivalent of breking all the kids toys in kindergarden bcz u dont have any of your own
why even play normal games where u must fight for ur lane hahahaha patheeetiiiiic
: Funny, the guy telling others "you deserve the gas chamber" is still playing
MadEclair (EUNE)
: The only champion that is supposed to one-shot you is Zoe but not for long and she certainly doesn't count as "39.2% of the champs".
jarvan can oneshot even more than one player at a time
: Recording people without their consent should be a reportable and BANNABLE offense
you can't be arrested for filming in public places. you are not really smart aren't you
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0m7gBPYk,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2018-02-15T07:14:15.969+0000) > > there are many ways you can win a war and they did not force anyone to be hostage First, this isn't a war. Second, that's some psychotic mentality right there. > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0m7gBPYk,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2018-02-15T07:14:15.969+0000) > > every player can close the game and live his life not being a hostage. Except every player is expected to play to win. When I play against someone else I expect them to play to win just as much as I do. Those players weren't playing to win and you basically just admited it by not answering the question: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0m7gBPYk,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2018-02-14T19:07:44.834+0000) > > Consider the following: if the enemy team were Bots, would they win? Because you can't answer that question without telling me "you're right", means something. It means you understand the problem but chose to ignore toxic behaviour. > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0m7gBPYk,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2018-02-15T07:14:15.969+0000) > > those guys did great job to show riot that their mode is complete garbage As they say "there are multiple ways of skinning a cat". Could they not have e-mailed Riot instead? I don't know, maybe just a boards/reddit discussion could do it. Instead they chose to abuse it for their own entertainment and at the expense of 10 others players (2 different games). You're trying way to hard to justify their behaviour. What they did should have consequences (for them), but Riot has the final word on that and they decided not to. Can't blame them. ######Just FYI. I remember a guy that contacted Riot about an exploit with Draven. Did he use it in his own games? No. He found the thing, tested it against bots and then contacted Riot. That's what those guys should have done after the FIRST game. Two games is abusing it.
why they aren't banned then ?
: > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rrXB6OLA,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-15T09:57:23.606+0000) > > it is a bad expirience for the player, what if he don't like the champion at all, at least give 100 blue essence for disenchant If you don't like the champion, you shouldn't buy that chroma. You'd be better served by one of the other options such as the lunar revel orb - which will give you a skin shard.
oh sorry, i though that he get it in random from orb
: I think basically you need {{item:2420}} to counter {{champion:238}} easely. I'd agree that {{champion:9}} is not a fun match up agains't {{champion:238}} but with a {{item:3155}} he can negate and sustain your E damage and he doesn't have to worry about your other spell for the lack of ranges + your very vunerable to ganks compared to him. why the sudden impac tho?
sudden impact works when fiddle use ult because ulti is a leap and fiddle core build is magic pen, armor from zhonya and hp from mask
: Pretty sure as Zed I'd just use my superior waveclear, push you in and roam. I didnt play Fiddlesticks on lane yet, but I'd imagine he has a hard time farming under tower.
that's why i take minion dematerializers and use them on melee minions
: it is a bad expirience for the player, what if he don't like the champion at all, at least give 100 blue essence for disenchant
yes i am a snowflake
: > [{quoted}](name=LessChatMorePlay,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rrXB6OLA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-15T09:47:24.901+0000) > > it is so bad concept that you can get something that you can't use and can't even disenchant. The intention is that you can earn the chroma should you wish to purchase the skin at a later point. If you don't wish to use the chroma, then you're not the intended audience for that purchase option - and there's other options available to you to use your tokens on ^_^
it is a bad expirience for the player, what if he don't like the champion at all, at least give 100 blue essence for disenchant
GPet (EUW)
: Midlane fiddle is just a pain to play against for any champion. But in the end he still has Fiddlesticks-problems and in lategame those might result in a lack of mid-dmg for big fights. Why electrocute though, I feel like you don't really need it's damage. :o I'd rather consider spellbook or phaserush, but I don't know how fiddle feels ingame. :/
electrocute is great for all in and burst enemy down while he is cced with my q and e and can't escape without qss so i give him maximum dmg from my ulti. yesterday i played 3 times as fiddle vs zed in ranked and all my combos worked great on him
: Hi kaqkarcheto, When you purchase a chroma, it is a modifier of the original skin (think of it like buying a paint job for your car - you still need to own a car!). If you do not own the original skin, you cannot use the chroma. Should you purchase the skin in the future however, you will have the chroma available for use :-)
it is so bad concept that you can get something that you can't use and can't even disenchant.
Rioter Comments
Febos (EUW)
: No, it wasn't. Their strategy was to hold hostage a game. Winning was "collateral damage". If they really were trying, then they would capture points. They wouldn't kill the enemy, since it was part of the strategy, but they would, at least, try to capture points for themselves. The first part of the strategy is fine, but it stops being fine when they purpossefully drag out a game for more than 50 minutes. They were just trolling and having fun at the expense of 5 other players. Why are you trying to justify that behaviour? Consider the following: if the enemy team were Bots, would they win? Prove me wrong by answering that question. Be sincere.
there are many ways you can win a war and they did not force anyone to be hostage, every player can close the game and live his life not being a hostage. those guys did great job to show riot that their mode is complete garbage
: is it reportable when people leave lane in game?
if support leave lane that means that adc is very bad and he don't want to support so bad adc and that adc must be reported for unskilled
Febos (EUW)
: Answer the following question: did it look like they were trying to win? If the answer is "No" then you may report them. Any strategy can be used, as long as the goal of such strategy is to win the game. Remember this case? [Winning with 0 kills (Ascension)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8Fw-zwDdbw) Those guys should have stayed temporarily ban. I assume Riot only reverted the ban because of the backlash they received, but I would have kept them banned. Their strategy's goal wasn't winning.
their strategy goal was winning. did they lose with that strategy even a single time ?
Mark Sama (EUW)
: so ofc is someone is near a 200 cs at 20 min it's better for you to surrender that guy for sure is a challenger ;)
if someone is 200 cs @ 20 min then he have item advantage over other silvers in that match and he will deal much more damage.
: You may be an exception but I think we've all seen enough toxic players from EUNE over here.
this post is toxic and you are toxic. i report you
Mark Sama (EUW)
: 10 cs/min? That's not hard at all lol? that doesn't mean nothing, even a silver could do it easily
: Bots are killing aram and just like Dominion Riot doesnt care
i looked ur match history and opened 1 of the bot profiles and saw that he played 45 aram games in 24 hours yesterday
: Bots are killing aram and just like Dominion Riot doesnt care
aram and all mods have their own separate mmr win more games and gain more mmr and gain better matches
: how can a silver or bronze player get a plat diamond challenger smurf in his team ?
i mean, if that smurf farm like 10 cs/min then he can't be matched with bronzes or silvers or even golds, he should be matched only with other smurfs who have the same farm
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: A little more often. And that's just the ones who decide to write something about it. Even so: It's pretty rare that someone comments my summoner icon, or even champion skin. Does that mean they're useless?
i am support main, but i got no idea what ward skin i use, i haven't changed it for months. that's how useless they are, but champion skins give different feeling when playing the champion, for example pulsefire ezreal is much more satisfying to play than regular ezreal.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: My fistbump skin gets noticed.
once every 200 games somebody write in chat - nice ward skin ? :D
OliverWild (EUNE)
: Why is everyone complaining about Zoe?
i just want the old leblanc back so i can *** zoe in the a*s
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Because honor also brings it's own seasonal rewards. Ward skins were tied to this last season.
who even notices ward skins ? i think that is the most useless reward, even icons are more noticeable than ward skins...
: My account got permabanned - my story and a few questions on how to go on
just tell riot support that your account was stolen and you quited this game after you notice that your account is stolen, then you come back to game and want rito to help recover your account, they won't read this boards topic anyway
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you ended last season at honor level 5, you began this season at honor level 2 checkpoint 3. It also matters how well you behave.
honor will reset every season ? if that's the case then it su**s big time. why am i able to enjoy honor 5 only for end of season ?
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