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: See, last time I played him, I was an idiot and relied a little too much on him being OP rather than first basing his strength off my skill and *then* using his massive strength. I might add him to the list of "When I really want to feel overpowered" and try the bush bouncer style.
I think he is op as fck if he is in the right hands
: he is in the line behind {{champion:78}} and {{champion:44}}
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: Worst meta ever?
im a sion and noc main and i disapprove this message(they are making me do this)
: but the toxicness would decrease
and that,besides this is why bans exist
: Is League becoming World Of Tanks ?
ahahahahahah,nice title :D
: Should riot have an offmeta week?
it looks like a nice concept :D,but idk will it be implemented,the problems are the guys that only play exp. katarina and they will get pissed off and stop playing,where riot might lose some of its customers
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: you only master a katarina when you can 1v5 pent it has been done before
u think its harder to do it with a point and click champion that has a 2.5 ap and 3.75 ad scaling(usually around 4000 dmg) ult or nocturne
: But... you need to kill turrets to win? So they are just pushing while they can?
but the thing is that the same kata writes "vlad noob" when they do a stampedo there
: U still have team or You want to borrow one ?
but the thing is that the same kata writes "vlad noob" when they do a stampedo there
: NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LIKE {{champion:122}}
AdriaticG (EUNE)
: Yes
to brate,aj me dodaj pa os da igramo zajedno,ja san ti iz splita~~~~
: Well, the "noob" part wasn't necessary, but yes, this is a teamwork game so we have to respect that even if sometimes it doesn't seem right.
i hate it when:so here is a example-every time i play vladimir vs kata or akali(maybe 4-0) i fk them in lane and usually their whole team comes around 15 mins ,kills me and destroys my turret so thats kind of annoying
Arsames (EUW)
the only one who needs buffs is{{champion:56}} (just the mana costs),i've played yasuo alot a around 1-2 months ago and he doesnt need a buff in my opinion(maybe a little hp boost)
: 2: When the support dies, it's the adc's fault When the adc dies, it's the support's fault. When the adc and the support die, it's the jungler's fault. When the jungler dies, it's because they're noobs. When the mid dies, it's the jungler's fault. When top dies, it's the jungler's fault. When top gets ganked, it's the support's fault (for not going all the way top just to ward for them) True story
i as a jungle main ,approve this message
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: The most broken champ in the game!
The only op thing about him is when u go full ap(1500 true dmg ult),but ur squishy as fck
: Ao Shin Role and Ad Or Ap?
i would like him to be a ap jungler
: If i may add: Ult and do a double snake (1 on ward other on corpse)
i played him for about 3 months now and i still dont know how to snake with ur clone ,he never snakes while the real shaco snakes,tell me how to do it
: yes pls tell me how to learn a point and click champ. it's like learning how to play vi.
0GameDos0 (EUW)
: this isnt about ranked this about 1v5 pentakills
i got 6 pentas with nocturne in soloq,and started playing 4-5 months ago and i main him,i got only 1 that was 1v5 ,cause they were randomly popping up one by one,but this doesnt mean i mastered him,nor does it mean that u mastered kata if u got a 1v5 penta,cause ur always going to have bad games ,like i had a game when i was 5-18 with noc,mastering means that u always have a good game with her,atleast i think it does
: I'm tired of these people, you?
shaco player here,u should do this,play ap shaco and wait for them to ward something,one-shot someone with ur e ,and do the worm on the ward,people really get pissed off cause of this
ProWind (EUW)
: Oh nice one, Please tell me it was with one skill (Instantly) I've not even had a double kill on Soraka but atleast I have high KDA instead.
actually q(double kill),then e(triple),flash exhaust q (quadra),i was on skype with this other guy,he laughed so hard,,it was just funny and easy to do pull off since they all had 100 hp
Snowfox (EUW)
: Carry if you want to win. Even if you play support you play a carry support such as annie, morgana or thresh :P
even if u play supp sion,won 2 games like that yesterday,and got a quadra when my whole team died XD(4 guys with a 100 hp)
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: what about a Teemo main?
suprise MODIFAKA?!{{champion:17}} ,when coming out of stealth
: It's so fucking annoying! I hate the double Q murder but the bush pouncing is so utterly frustrating! o0"
i played rengar once and failed hard,and promised myself to never play him again,probably not my kind of champion
: Yes :3
or play ap shaco and mess with their minds
Husker (EUW)
: Favourite Champion
DARKNESSS and NOXUSSSS({{champion:56}} and{{champion:14}} ),and stop nerfing the zombie i feel bad as a sion and noc main (i like lunging into someone while saying"DARKNESS" and killing him in 0.5 secs,and has the best skins in the game-all of them are great),and i like sion cause i played him since i was lvl 6(4 months ago) and he was always extremely fun,i like his personality and its fun killing someone while saying"ah,they die off to quickly!"
AdriaticG (EUNE)
: my bro sion and nocturne player right here
nice,are u from croatia(asking cause of the name)?
Reptile1712 (EUNE)
: But isn't the first spanking enough. Do those people need to be bitch slapped two or more times to learn. Because frankly, I'm not seeing the post learning phase.
look,some people are retards,u cant change that,deal with it or rage on them,actually raging is feeding the troll so i wouldnt,im bronze 1 (a crappy division),and the game is like this from my point of view:the team that has the least braindead kids will win
: Rammus or Pantheon
pantheon then rammus,cause u already have a assasin,now go buy a fighter and then maybe rammus as ur tank jungler,or buy reksai or nocturne and have the assasin,fighter and tank jungler in one jungler
Ezlas (EUNE)
: truth said. fact is...noone knows cause lets face it "i'm fed you are not you are useless" mentaility is so fucking high
that mentality is all over eune,people still think that adc's carry,but the supports who get their adc and the whole team the kills dont do shit right?,thats the kind of mentality spread around eune.the the whole team support "who is supposed to win every lane(same mentality)"the jungler gets no credit and gets flamed the whole game,its like ur score means everything here
Lsayu (EUNE)
: That's exactly what I'm saying. You play a game, something happens, you say "well of course I lost because X did Y" and case closed, you remain untainted. By blaming others you subconsciously excuse yourself and are way less open for things like "hm that gank I could've done better", or "I think I want to work on predicting better where to ward for invades because I got caught three times here". I'm not even going into whose fault is it, I'm saying it's not beneficial to YOU to go into direction of blaming others, whereas going into direction of "blaming" yourself, i.e. asking in every situation "what could I have done better" and "did I make a mistake" AND BEING HONEST TO YOURSELF ABOUT IT usually leads to improving yourself and climbing. But then you face better opponents and have less scapegoats, some people subconsciously don't want that. tl;dr: it's important to figure out what you want and whether you're being truthful to yourself in terms of what you're doing about it.
but the thing is that i started playing 4-5 months ago,im still a noob and when i try to improve this happens and i dont even know did it have any effect,so should i start playing customs to find a better jungle route and things like that or improve overall?
: i bet you also think kassadin is op
no one know what adc mains think,their mind is dark like teemo's asshole with a special section for flaming
Zerelous (EUW)
: If you think a champion is OP, please read this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Malefîcent,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0IvqAOrm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-04-12T09:22:40.135+0000) > > Midlane is the hardest lane to gank, just saying ^^ Most midlaners have a dash/mobility spell or immediate hardcc to avoid getting ganked like Ori, Syndra, Annie as well. Leblanc is indeed op though. Well, Vladimir would actually be happy to have a dash that allow him to jump walls. The pool may be effective during lane (expecially in the mid, where the way to the tower is shorter) but in mid and late, without help from your team, you usually get focused, pool, get back in human form, and get killed.
they should make his pool go through walls like rek'sai tunnels
TestosZ (EUNE)
: What about a Nautilus main? :p
"illuminati confirmed?"
: I suggest starting with 6300 IP, and building that into a {{champion:421}} or another actually useful jungler.
i play her and she is op as fck,but i really enjoy playing noc,he is a alternative item that builds of only 4800 ip
: Midlane is the hardest lane to gank, just saying ^^ Most midlaners have a dash/mobility spell or immediate hardcc to avoid getting ganked like Ori, Syndra, Annie as well. Leblanc is indeed op though.
Drouwm (EUW)
: {{champion:6}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:114}}
i like vlad,but everyone hates him,idk why?
: > [{quoted}](name=Inaphyt,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Fjkhedri,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2015-04-11T19:47:12.565+0000) > > Malz really isn't good, no cc until level 6 long cooldown on ulti hard to hit abilities. 55.5% win rate, made to completely stomp lane, his E is point-click and doesn't allow a champion to approach a wave.
when i play morde and see him i get malzahard,so easy to kill him with morde
ChiTenshi (EUW)
oh fck ,my cover has been blown
CaptainMyk (EUNE)
: New Champion
i would like someone related to {{champion:56}} ,since his story is pretty much unclear
: The reason why Vladamir, Le Blanc, Ezreal and Corki are such OP picks in LCS right now
vlad is such a good and fun champ,he was really unplayed since recently,idk why,he is just so powerfull,once a vlad main
Ezlas (EUNE)
: me:"sorry, i'm a pig" (seju main here...that is if i'm top)
oink,(people cant respond to me cause im a noc and sion main,REKT)
Lsayu (EUNE)
: One word: salt. :)
nah i think its sugar
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