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Yea,I have same problem,anyone has a fix?
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: Zoe lacks a huge amount of damage on her q, a long ranged q does about 20-40% of a squishys health. at full build, she might do decent damage, but its almost impossible to one-shot anyone. her tp removal was fine, but the fact that she isn't able to one-shot anymore is kinda sad. also adding CD really just ruined the champion since she can't even spam her abilitys that has significantly less damage now. even if you get ahead on Zoe she is still bad because she cant do her job of killing priority targets anymore. at the moment it's just better to play something else. I expect her to receive some buffs in future patches.
Yeah,Zoe could do decent damage but now... It's probably ok with that minions can't drop Teleport but this low damage...Yeah,it'sad
: Zoe is too much nerfed!!!
Thanks to all for replying me and helping me with my problem.I know I can't retrive old Zoe but I just wanted to see how much people want this Old Zoe,and it seems only 5 of 25 want old Zoe :(.So,because of this nerf,I need to start to main other champion.{{champion:142}} Zoe is out :(
: I didn't say that. I was talking about u getting bronze 4 with 9 wins But yeh... For bronze players, all champs are broken except your main. I didn't say that before but if it is what you want to read here you got.
VEX Enzo (EUW) - about 2 hours ago You got Bronze 4 cuz last season u probably finish at bronze 5. Or your MMR was LOW af. Learn and improve Okk,i got this wrong :)
: You got Bronze 4 cuz last season u probably finish at bronze 5. Or your MMR was LOW af. Learn and improve
So if I am bronze 4 i can't talk about my suggestions?(in this case Zoe's nerf) {{sticker:darius-angry}}
: No thank you.Glad riot nerfed her ,everyone knew from the first day how annoying she would be .Was your fault to believe that riot would keep this bs champion as it was. I also want {{champion:82}} (70% win rate ) the patch right before the worlds but only if my team will be able to first pick him {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Thank you for replying :) :)
: She should be removed from the game. So Riot is going on the right way
Thanks for replying.
: "Im Zoe Main" and this is where you lost me. Bye.
Thanks for replying but I dont know what is bad in that i am zoe main?
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Bronzie 4 player talking about champion balance. Yeah no ... Zoe was overtuned. Now she's more or less balanced. Git gud.
Thank for replying.Also you said ,,Bronzie 4 player talking about champion balance.''.I played ranked games just to rank and i won 9 games lost 1 and they put me in bronze 4.So i played no ranked games since they put me in bronze 4.And again,thanks for replying.
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