μοlótov (EUNE)
: Is yasuo support a off-meta pick ?
He was right for the part that off-meta picks aren't punishable, but for feeding and AFK-ing he will certainly be punished
Declined (EUNE)
: Volunteer Community Games! Day 1
Sjokz better interview me after this
Lsayu (EUNE)
: Issues with forum icon
By my personal experience, it is totaly bugged. If you want to know something even funnier, I created a smurf on Russia but when I go on the russian boards I have the icon that the guy on EUW with same summoner name as me has. And that is since I created the account ( months ago)
: Taliyah is trash
Hey, I do not fully if not at all agree with you. You don't seem to understand the power of her ultimate. If you want to just play to carry 1v9 you can always go with "OP" champions that got damage on all their spells but lack CC/Zoning or so. But if you just want to win relying on your team (as most do), reach level 6 and all you have to do is walk not even 1/3 down river and guarantee a double kill/ double flash on the botlane with your "useless" ultimate.
Rïvëñ (EUW)
: Looking for a team to practice with!
Hey, you can post [here](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en) to find teams or partners
: Can you get demoted from gold to silver?
Yes you can, it is dependant on your MMR though. Legend has it that if you get silver 3 hidden MMR then you get demoted to Silver 1 if you lose at Gold V 0 lp
: Can someone help with a brief explanation of what I'm looking at in the second link? Wouldn't sorting by win percent give a better indication of individual strength of a champion? I noticed that many of my favourite champs are low on their respective lists with a low play percent and < 50% win percentage (e.g. jungle Jax, support Karma, top Renekton, adc Tristana). Should I reconsider these picks? (or go with them and have fun but accept I will lose more games?).
You can still play Jungle Jax if you still want to be bronze V. Take it hard or whatever you'd like, you came here for help? I'm telling you what will get you out of bronze, not what will make you enjoy the game more, jungle Jax or jungle Malzahar/Fiddle who will improve your rating even though they are more "fun to play" than jax also.
LA Losty (EUW)
: I agree with most of it except the last part. Its better to play something you are good at rather than playing the flavor of the month. Even a strong champion is useless if you have no clue how to play or build him. If someone wants to pick up strong meta champs it will require a fair bit of experience before jumping into ranked if you want good results.
The thing pal is, he is already bronze V. He tried his own way, and he seems to have failed.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: He's correct. According to the post, it goes live at 20:00 BST, which is in a couple of minutes. =) Remember that it may not happen **exactly** at that time. =) If you still can't see it after a short while, relog into the client.
It just happened, had to relog and now it's updating
: Stuck in Bronze V :(
Aside from people giving you the general rules of not tilting, farming, objectives etc, I'd suggest you: 1. Not to build youtube builds (korean lucian which you're not even doing properly, you're buying BC without yomumu) Check sites like [this](http://champion.gg) to know the core items and skill max order 2. Duo que (Wins.alot.more.games). You have no idea how much more lanes you will win playing with the same person since you will know his playstyle, and not just go 1v2 (which I guess in bronze happens every game) 3. Meta picks even though not mandatory since people have reached challenger with one-trick off meta champions, but still for your level, you can get gold V easily just by playing top 2 meta picks of your role. For this you can again check the same site [here ](http://champion.gg/statistics/#?roleSort=ADC&sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend)
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: There is no source. Just think about it. Lets say you never feed/afk/surrender/troll. There is a possiblity for 4 players in your team that they will feed/afk. In enemy team there is a possiblity of 5 players to feed/afk. This means that there is a lower chance of having a feeder/afker on your team **(4 of 5/5 of 5)** = higher chance of your team winning. **(56%/44%)**
There's a hole in your "system" I'll try to explain it to you in-game
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: The more they toying us, the more risks they will take, which can throw the game for them. Also if you are playing solo and you never surrender or afk, you have 56% chance to win the game while enemy team just 44%. Which is pretty great for climbing.
Mind if I ask for your source?
: Why don't people use this build for Wukong?
Hey LightningPo, The answer is simple, because all your spells are on low cooldown and scale off of attack damage, therefore you are considered a bruiser, who plays the role of a tank mixed with high base damage from spells. A good example of a bruiser would be {{champion:122}} . {{champion:62}} is of the same principle, you build tanky, a bit of damage and cooldown reduction (that's why most rush {{item:3071}} ) since it gives all that a bruiser can dream of, health, damage, move speed, armor shred. So there is no need of that {{item:3072}} which is mostly needed on marksmans to resist bursts (due to it's shield) nor is {{item:3031}} realy needed since {{champion:62}} doesn't benefit much from Critical Strike. With that said, if you feel like you need some hints on the meta builds, take a look at [this](http://champion.gg) page.
Madliv (EUW)
: Ranked guide
It's a bit eye hurting to be honest, you can format it a bit better looking at [this](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/rL385u11-how-to-boards-formatting)
: RP
Hey, you can find information regarding your issue [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/ZGErnvY4-hextech-crafting-new-player-chests-to-replace-400-rp) .
Seiken3 (EUNE)
: Manhealer reporting for duty!(Not really in need of advice, but just want to say hi)
Hey there, Welcome back! We can check your summoner name and server just from your post by the way, you must be used to other forums I guess (WoW?). Anyways, if you want to play some normals I sent you a request. I can teach you the art of supporting as I myself want to explore more into the other half of the botlane (marksmens).
hellhex (EUNE)
: its 1 chest per campion per month not year, with a total of 4 chest per month
Please stop spreading FALSE information. It IS 1 chest per champion per SEASON (which is more or less one year)
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Draven or Kalista? NEED HELP!!!
Hey, apart from others said, I would suggest you to go with Draven for the sole purpose of seeing you play normal games only. You should know that Draven is the god of DPS for marksmens and can 2 shot squishies even if behind and besides burst also has consistent damage Kalista in the other hand can't burst any one even with full build/fed and is mostly picked for her CC ultimate and overall mobility of her passive and requires a premade support to synergise (and stay within oathborn range since last AS nerf), but let's face it, on normal games you'll be dealing with alot of assassins and "OP" champs due to the lack of ban phase, like {{champion:238}}
: Climbing
Hey, that is true that people mostly suggest to be a one-trick in order to climb, but that is true up to a point, for the champion one-trick part. * As for the 1 lane only, yes that is a very good thing which you can do up to challenger since you learn all those tiny details that make the difference in a lane * About being a one-trick is kinda fishy because in some situations you might want to coordinate better with your team or to counter the enemy team. I can tell you as support main I main 4 supports, mostly one for every case tanking, utlity, team comp and countering.
NamesAMX (EUW)
: How do you play Ahri?
Hey, Ahri is relatively easy to learn the basic combos and pokes. * On lane against ranged mage you will mostly need to charm them to be able to hit Q since it's relatively on short range, and against melees you can just poke with Q AA Q while managing mana. * On teamfights or 2v2 skirmishes with junglers, most of the times you will need to use your first ult charge just as a gap closer (no damage) to be able to hit your charm and then go for a secure kill. * It can be hard to get to the backline on teamfights, but that should primary be your goal, with something like R>W>E>Q>Zhonyas> run away or just keep shreding their tanks with Q if you see it hard to penetrate backline. (this means you also swap builds, e.g Void Staff if you know you'll be hitting the frontline)
roneers (EUW)
: I need help with my blitzcrank
Hey, first off, DO NOT get armor penetration on blitz, all his spells deal magic damage. About the tank opponents, that's why blitz is off the meta as for now, since braum/alistar are most played supports, and you don't want to risk hooking them.
: Malzahar CC shield bug
With what champion did this happen if you can be more specific, don't think it applies to all CC spells
: How to earn RP in ll
Hey, you can find info regarding the changes here http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/new-player-advice-euw/xb6IUo9B-new-player-rp-replaced-with-hextech-chest
: New approach to 'Clubs'
Hehe wouldn't that make it war*cough*craft? Even though it would take the MOBA out of it, having to make clubs with achivs, like have 10 challengers, make 50 pentakills etc is good, but would realy take the MOBA out of league
Rioter Comments
SirJonjo (EUW)
: Never posted here before
Can't agree more on the ARAM part. Trying out a new champion there takes all the pressure away.
: New player? Struggling to improve? Getting hate from better players?
Hey there, while I hope you get any luck with that, it is some what "bad" since you won't know how and where to look for improvement if you just play with other new players. With that in mind I would suggest to maybe try [getting adopted ](https://www.reddit.com/r/LeagueConnect/comments/4h8e63/adoptanewbie_may_2016_edition/)
: Division demotion
Hey Miauwt, It is totaly MMR dependant, I've had times that I was demoted at 4th loss on 0 LP (Plat to gold) and times that I got demoted on 13th loss on 0 LP (plat to gold again)
: Thanks for the feedback,i will tell him to specify that the program is not a virus or a hack :),yeah for the cmd,but u need the IP address of the servers and they always change,i used to do it before,but as i said they change.:)
Yeah, just some more reputacion on the program I'd say and the trust comes along the way. Good luck on your project if I may call it.
: Yeah dude its safe :( why no one believes me lol. https://www.virustotal.com/en/url/494fea4c3d76d964c066ab7d7775bb021981fd76d533e585670e642f1d8ca01a/analysis/1462383675/
Because of no proof until I asked for, unfortunately. I am not supposed to download your program just because it says "ITS FREE AND CLEAN". Although good work to your friend, but there was some way to specificaly check your ping with Riots server (EUNE/EUW etc) using cmd prompt, some one posted it on reddit like a month ago.
: http://imgur.com/zMFfMyW{{champion:105}} I think my matchmaking rating says enough
Sorry to break it to you man, but that's.... Normal games MMR, and in normals I might have like what, challenger MMR? Since I am with 100 more wins than losses? There is MMR for every matchmade mode, including SR/TT/HA maps, none of them which has the same meaning as ranked games MMR (elo)
Summoners, Proceed with caution as it might be a phishing site, judging of no real proof like a https://www.virustotal.com/ link and the fact that it's a smurf account. EDIT: owner posted virustotal link below, also some positive feedback from others
GamezBatu (EUW)
: Why Champions are release so late in EU-West?
Hey, what you saw is probably NA & Korean Streamers who have access to the public beta environment, which is where riot releases new things for testers to.. test them, it's a different server same as EUNE/EUW/KR/TR
Hey, If you mean you can't sign IN then yes, server is having some problems, you can check it [here ](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#eune). Server is having an emergency maintenance.
: I'm only level 7 but i play like plat what do i do. how do i jump to plat like my real elo?
Hey, not wanting to sound rude, but possibly you have MOBA experience and at the start you picked that "total rookie at MOBA" option so at first levels (1-10 I'd say) it matches you against real newbies, which at level 7, I'd say most of them even skipped the tutorial being hyped to play. That's just my opinion though, if you DO deserve plat, you'll get it just by playing regularly, same as I have.
: Oh no, I was having a really pleasant afternoon until you hurt my feelings. Shame on you.
Sorry sir Sion, enjoy the REST of the afternoon!
: ***
That's not helpful at all, reporting your offensive name too.
: My account got hackt
Hey, don't listen to the other reply, you CAN restore missing/changed/bought things on your account if you [submit a request](http://support.leagueoflegends.com/) proving that you were hacked at X date , like 3rd of May in your case and providing the information they will ask for. If it goes with success, then support will revert any action taken to your account from that day on, and you will have your account same as it was. I can tell you that because my friend had same thing happened to him, and the hacker wasted all his IP, RP AND even transfered server, but when he contacted support doing what I wrote above, they reverted everything including his account being back on EUNE.
: skin unlock with box disapeared
Hey Did you try relogging?
Dabbadoo (EUW)
: Which is exactly what I'm not getting in teamfights ><
Don't expect to get last hits on teamfights, as long as you win them you win the game, it's important to get the lane kills though.
Rioter Comments
: i can't play adc [or squishy champs in general]
Hey, * before I start I would let you know that in the current meta marksmens are at their weakest spot even though after the marksman update it seemed like they would 1v5 . They are at the bottom because of current top and jungle picks, like ekko or maokai toplane who got their natural tankiness and still do around same ammount of damage as you in mid game (where marksmens are supposed to shine). * All that aside, learning to play them is indeed a tough ride, especialy if you don't play with a premade support since you will have to adapt to a new support playstyle every game by not being so. As for saying you are bad at it, I would focus on the 2 primary duties of marksmens, getting through laning phase and positioning. * The laning phase. Depends on your support and your marksman (less on you I'd say), and for this I will take the 2 extremes, Soraka and Alistar . If you are laning with Soraka , you start with Cull since It's a guarantee you'll have free farming even if you get harassed pretty badly and you don't want early to pick early game bullies like Lucian but instead go with something who requires items and levels to scale up, and since Soraka guarantees a safe lane, picks like Vayne are very effective with it . And in Alistar's case, getting an early game bully like Lucian is way to go since he has a dash and a strong early- mid game. * Team fight and skirmishes positioning. It takes quite some practice and requires a very good knowledge of enemy spells. Most mistakes I see rookies do while playing as a marksman, is seeing some explosion at their tank and panicking thinking that they have to go in or his tank will die and then it's a lost teamfight. Wrong. If you know they have their primary gap closer/CC up, you just stick to the backline throwing your poke spells (if you have one) or just bait the enemy dive heavily while getting nuked by your jungler/mid laner. If you then know their Malphite's ult is on CD and they don't have other tools, it's your time to shine, just know that attacking their mage/ADC isn't your goal if they have a good frontline, you just try to chunk it even if it seems like a waste, it's suicide to do that. * There are also lane or dragon skirmishes, 2v2's, 3v3's which are very situational but way easier to manage, since keeping track of 1-2 peoples CDs is easy, like if you see their blitz/leona miss their grab/dash, you can go and auto them without worrying
: Thanks for the detailed reply! Just a few questions: > and make sure to call SS when your lane opponent goes roaming. What is SS? > When you&#x27;re behind the most important thing for you is not catching up, it is avoiding falling behind even further as much as you can. If you&#x27;re behind 1-2 kills its not too bad but fall behind even further and you will start dying under your tower and you don&#x27;t want to let it get to that point. That actually happened in the game I was linking to above. The Zac could jump on me even when I was under my tower. That made me feel like the only place I could really be safe in is my base... > You might also want to think about altering your build in that case. Preferably build cheaper items that help you stay alive. In Kassadins case an item with MR would probably have helped a lot, if youre against AD assassins items like a Seekers Armguard help you out. You&#x27;re not going to kill your lane opponent anyway if you&#x27;re behind and also won&#x27;t trade good even if you go full damage so a damage build does nothing to help you in that situation. A more defensive build on the other hand makes you able to stay in lane longer against harass and helps you survive all-ins, so that you don&#x27;t feed more. As I've said before in another reply, I'm not even remotely thinking about "altering my build". I don't know what items do, when to buy them, etc. Most of the time, if not always, I just go blindly for the recommended items because I don't know what's appropriate to use. A friend told me two general rules so far: Don't buy boots first and always finish a full item tree before I start with another one. Doesn't the second rule go in direct conflict with Annie? All of her items are seemingly built around damage, not one tanky item. It just feels "wrong" to give up damage for something the game tells me isn't fit for the champion I'm playing. Also, what is MR? > An example in the game that you posted. I assume you built Ludens second, since you probably did Rod of the Ages first. Rod has some defensive stats so it&#x27;s ok, since you also weren&#x27;t that behind early. But Ludens does noting for you except more damage and you bought that at a time where you were already feeding, so the item probably didn&#x27;t do much for you and also was pretty expensive. I&#x27;m not too familiar with mage itemization but an Abyssal Scepter (MR and some off stats) or Athenes Unholy Grail (MR and more mana so you can get more lasthits by abilities) would have done much more for you and would have been cheaper (by a lot) . Even getting a Null Magic Mantle before you started on Ludens would have made it easier for you. Well, basically what I said above applies here. I got no idea what you just said, I'm afraid. I don't know half of these names (Athenes Unholy Grail, MR once more, Null Magic Mantle). I do know Rod of Ages and Ludens, because those two were recommended items. Interestingly, I remember clearly that I did build Ludends first and Rod of Ages some time after I was done with my boots. I didn't have a lot of money even way into the game, so all I could really do is to buy _something_. (Side note for the boots, a friend told me I should always go with Ionians on Annie, so I blindly did that from then on). > Hope this helps you out a bit. if you have further questions just ask :) There you are. Just please don't chop my head off, because I feel like I've been thrown back into Elementary School after writing down all these comments. :(
>What is SS? someone is miSSing >Also, what is MR? Magic Resist which reduces damage from magic spells > I got no idea what you just said, I'm afraid. I don't know half of these names (Athenes Unholy Grail, MR once more, Null Magic Mantle). I would recommend starting a custom game with no bots, just you solo and take your time to check the shop and memorise the item names
: Thanks for the reply! Though, uh, what is the death bush?
[This](http://res.mmofan.com/league-of-legends/guide/juking1.jpg) is often called the death bush, or the banana bush which is the one behind red buffs or the tri bushes which I guess you already know of
: What to do when I'm falling behind?
Hey Selbi, what your mates mean with "playing it safe" is to actualy just stay in range to last hit with spells (autos are too risky) but in Annies case she's also a short-ranged mage, which means you just stay in XP gain zone (max range to get XP from dying minions when they are dead). You might think, oh well am I supposed to turret hug all game without a chance to comeback? Basicaly, yes, but by doing so your enemy will push the wave into your turret so he will be very exposed to ganks or if he roams after pushing your wave, you just shove the wave very fast with all your spells so you push into his turret and try to kill the turret while you know he's away (putting a ward on the death bush of the side he went is good so you know when to retreat) and so you get closer in gold and levels since when he roams he doesn't get any of that (unless you don't ping your lanes and he gets a kill :) )
Dabbadoo (EUW)
: Getting more assists over kills
Hey, are you sure you're keeping up with the current meta builds and spell max order, like in Caitlyns case R>Q>W>E? If yes, it also depends if you are playing rankeds or normals, because on normal games people often do get "carry" supports who have bursts and by doing this they tend to finish off kills alot more than your auto attacks.
: Season rewards
Hey, If you won't repeat, you will certainly get them. For season 5 rewards, people who had an active restriction at the final day and were banned some given time before the season end, were'nt eligible to obtain the season rewards
: My client lost connection and I had over 150 mbit/s
Hey jonisen22 There were some reports before of EUNE being "down" at the time of your submission but [Status](http://status.leagueoflegends.com/) didn't mention so.
NatooBeda (EUNE)
: i just lost in a game (normal) , i swer i check 10 times) and the game drop me to lower league
Hey, could you link the game from your matchhistory? Also are you sure you didn't play a ranked before that, it maybe took a little while to update (since you might have instanly requeued for your normal game without stats loading).
: Kill steal report
Well you already said it yourself >(played {{champion:223}} (I know he's support)) . > . >Support compared to >(played {{champion:223}} (I know he's support)) . . >Support
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