PapaSmurf22 (EUNE)
: Can urf be back again 2015?
It's not just u. As much as I dislike URF for being too abusable and unbalanced which makes it unfun when you see the same champs every game... It's still the best skillshot and skillshot dodging practice i've had . Before URF i could get to p3 or so with Vayne. And after it I got diamond easily just cause of the way I got used to fast paced fights, which is important for teamfights.
: how many champions are in your champion pool?
: Braum's mustace should scale in size with his maximum HP.
No. You forgot that his Poro should scale as well.
OrestisK (EUW)
: Ahri improvement
Your magic damage doesn't get amplified. Their mmr goes down to 0 then you deal true dmg each way. Only amplification is from masteries.
Dragyen (EUNE)
: change language in log files -> open client -> create new korean/chinese name
I don't think this Works, I've tried it.
: Not every time. If she sends real ultimate and it stuns somone and then she sends next "Harrowk" you are sure that this one will not stun. If you outplay Ashe by avoiding her arrow and it flies through map you may check if it flied whole map or crushed somewhere revealing area. If u didn't check - that's Ashe's new advantage -and you need to outplay her again or just be prepared for it even if you just missed her ultimate. Remember that she has still only ONE stunning arrow on same cooldown(100/90/80) and the scout is fake!!!
i dont know if ure bronze or what, but it's realls simple to just... Okay so a fight. You fight. She slows you. And then its time for her arrow. She uses her E cause of your idea. You dodge it and then she insta arrows wherever u flashed or dodged. And how the fuck Will you see if it popped when its a fucking global piece of crap. Sure you'll see it pop in 10 seconds. But in 5 the fight Will be over.
: Harrowk - Ashe's E and R visual effect rework - E tricky buff
so every time you outplay an ashe you realize that she just used her E?
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: What do you mean "cast it fast"? The laser has a slow travel time and there is no way you can speed it up. It's perfectly dodgeable unless point blank.
Most of the time, if you just line it up in under 0.3 seconds it's Quite hard to dodge.
jjconroy (EUW)
: Viktor-E
U dont even need to be good. You just need to know your range so you cast it fast. Then you choose to either cast the starting point on your oponent so they cant dodge... Orrrr you can just cast it really fast so its still really hard to dodge
: a marks man that can be played as adc or in mid lane
: Then you probably rushed through gold. This guy has a negative winrate.
54W 32L and that's counting in the stats from playing in plat where i was about 5 W 15 L on him
: We are speaking of low elo man. We are too "stupid"/bad to last hit properly and prefer to group mid for no reason.
I played a lot of Draven in gold and could easily get 200 at 20-24 if i was fed
: Actually it is. He has 201 farm in 23 minutes, something a player gold or below will NEVER get. I doubt even platinums get that cs.
It's easy to get over 200 cs at 20 if you get fed and have to last hit with over 300 ad lol.
: \*So \*Fnatic \*are \*But \*Graves \*can't \*cigar
Give the man a break, at least he's trying... That's more than a lot of other people are willing to do.. Some people talk as if they use Google translate... except it's even worse, to the point where not only does nothing make sense, but also they spell things wrong. (pls no grammar nazi, i know my grammar sucks :C )
: Full AP Akali deals more PHYSICAL damage than MAGIC damage
If you get enough AD on her, her E Will have a 1 : 1 scaling on dmg vs healing which means that you Will heal for that dmg every 0.7 seconds lol
LA Losty (EUW)
: Dude, her dash lategame is pretty insane. Noone can run from you. I bought black cleaver and with just 20% cdr i could dash to the enemy every 3.5 sec. (Q loses 60% of its cd if it hits an enemy, also minions and monsters).
Nobody gets away from a Vayne either :P She's made for that. She's supposed to duel you and if you get cought out late game by her she should win and you shouldnt get away. That's the type of champ she is.
DeeDeeXde (EUW)
: fiora in bronze. silver, gold, plat, diamond and masters. how are your thoughts on her?
: > [{quoted}](name=LiftLift,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ExVxdboM,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-08-09T21:42:05.281+0000) > > trash build. draven with morg against trist with nauti. Easy lane. > > and in silver? > > Please. Last time i played draven in silver i had 28 kills at 20 lmao can u tell me where did u buy that salted chips before u started typing? can i call u Mr.HOTSHOT?
im just being real, that isnt a smurf
LA Losty (EUW)
: Ya ive only played Draven a handfull of times. Got 2 pentas within my first 3 games with him :P B1G KR1TZ
:P that draven build he's running sucks tho. he shoulda just went phantom with his supp getting a zeke and say gg ez nubs
LA Losty (EUW)
: My spark is back baby, who is up for a game!?
When I get d5 again, this time not as a Vayne main but as an Ahri spammer okay.
Zygor (EUNE)
: Wards? You mean spoilers.
: Another exciting episode of "Spot the Smurf"
trash build. draven with morg against trist with nauti. Easy lane. and in silver? Please. Last time i played draven in silver i had 28 kills at 20 lmao
MacDeath (EUW)
: Sated Devourer and Typhon Claws
intended. same UNIQUE passive
Zardas (EUNE)
: (Bug) Yasuo ulti bug on Nami
nice mechanics :^)
xoki93 (EUNE)
: Yeye, but I'm not in a challenger lvl :D
U just need to relax and play like u did before and you should be at the elo where u got to. U just need to play to improve. Don't even look at LP. And sooner or later if you do that you Will just find it write ''You have qualified for a series'' and it Will just be a pleasant surprise. Getting LP (wins) is not a goal. IT is a side effect which is a reward
xXExileXx (EUNE)
: Skin boost trolls
He does get it back... Or it goes off in the next Q? Idk
Trexlo (EUNE)
: Fiora ult bug!
43% max health IF you pop all 4 vitals... Read it. Its a potential amount of damage.
Sarokh (EUW)
: no it's not... i once smurfed from b2 to gold, only lost 2 games... and from gold to plat, maybe 16-20 games were lot
xoki93 (EUNE)
: So if I won to much in a row, some Riot system is activating to lose that much?
dude... apdo got 89% win rate on a smurf till chall, do you think he gets better teams?
: Whooooo chill dude this is my point
yeah but full ad fiora wont get many autos off before she gets cc'd or killed what ure suggesting would make her tank counterpart even more viable
: Can we change fiora passive scaling? With this build it said that my ult, if i pop all 4 marks, Will deal 104% of the targets MAX health as TRUE DMG. I laughed so hard but sadly couldnt get even more ad. Full ad Fiora can get 25% or more off you with a single passive pop lol. Meanwhile if we make her base higher then people can just go full tank Fiora and melt your tanks. Its not a problem for a full tank fiora to take dmg while she's taking 500 off you per second and then giving her team an AOE shield. Or is that 1000 per second? Idk.
Myster10 (EUNE)
: Ahri is great the way she is and i have never played ahri. All you people who cry about op champs fail to understand that what you call op is their state when they are fed and this happens WITH ALMOST EVERY DAMN CHAMPION IN THE GAME!! So i got a solution for you.... DON'T FEED HER P.S ofc there are exceptions like devourer yi or shyv who just need to make it sated , they don't need to get fed.... I'm worst Ahri Eu. And I have a 75% win rate on her. That's why I cry. This is just sad. I feel like I'm getting rewarded for bad gameplay. At least when she was charm reliant you needed to hit it. Now you can just Ambush someone and use it. OR just straight up run at them and kill them. Which is pretty sad. And my match history with her is just pure nonsense. Anyway thing is. When you can just comeback from a 0/5 lane with a safe assassin by just buying mejai and getting a few picks thats pretty bs. Side Note: Never actually played vs a really good Ahri who would get fed and stomp the game cause I never really feed her. When I play against her it feels weak cause people try to play her like a Talon/Zed/Yas.
: He always could as far as I can remember, it's not a bug.
That just makes it an old bug.
Snowfox (EUW)
: Kassadin/Diana can survive the burst. Viktor isn't particularly hard to play and outputs a huge amount of damage whilst also being pretty meta atm. She is good and will always be good, but she wont always be the strongest or best midlaner for a given meta.
To me she seems like the best SoloQ mid laner below diamond. Easy to play. A 3x get away free card. Strong pick potential. Everything u need against uncoordinated teams
Draqone (EUW)
: [BUG] Ezreal can E out of Blitz grab
Trist can jump out of it.
Kjelldor (EUW)
: Her passive is getting nerfed soon, this will reduce her sustain. She already has less damage then other mages and is supposed to be a slippery 'get in get out and do it again' style champion. With the reduced sustain this kind of gameplay will become rather hard. As one mistake can lead to her not doing her full potential of damage.
Is it really getting nerfed? how badly?
Snowfox (EUW)
: It's not about who counters her, it about picks that are stronger at the moment, such as Viktor who is ridiculously strong atm. Ahri will lose to a champion that can blow her up before she can do anything, or that can survive her burst such as Diana or Kassadin. I wouldn't pick her into a tank comp team or one with too much cc. She is not overpowered and does not need a nerf.
How exactly does Diana or Kassadin blow her up when she uses charm as DIana ults and same thing for Kassadin? And comparing an assassin who's made for picks to a Burst / Control mage is ridic. And I dont see how Viktor would ever be better than Ahri in soloq below the highest levels of play. Anyway I was talking about her being really really strong as a champ to climb with in soloq.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: We all have our opinions...
i was kidding, i do wanna know why he thinks that she isnt good tho
Snowfox (EUW)
: She'll always be viable due to her kit. This doesn't mean she's meta or even a good choice.
why exactly wouldnt she be a good choice, what counters her?
Windsteps (EUW)
: Ahri is not even good atm..
Ahri isnt good atm? dafuq, are u high?
: Help to reach diamond(Plat 2-1 flame)
Play Ahri. Enjoy challenger.
Rioter Comments
: Any high elo players willing to help me?
lmao, gl with that :p getting diamond feels way better if nobody helps u tho, trust me, been there :p
: So, what place is Fiora in now
: Whats a good name for someone who only plays darius mid/top/jungle/support?
Seenot (EUW)
: NEW HUD S&!T - IS BAD !!
why, all of the info is there if u need it, otherwise you just dont look at the hud, but rather play anyway lol
: New 0.75s delay on Darius Q
It opens a Door to counterplay. Other than just, dont step into his Zone or take random damage.
I3onito (EUW)
: Champion that you can carry your way out of silver? help
Kalista / Control Mages / Poke Mages / Assassins
Wrâth (EUW)
: Challenger euw soloq looking to answer questions
What do you think are the easiest junglers to play? And what would be some good ones when u compare skill vs reward. Also where do u think Rengar sits as a top and as a jungler?
Pandrodor (EUNE)
:] Video and pentakill made by Pandrodor. 'Hitting me is like boxing with shadows.' {{champion:67}}
This is how u get a penta with Vayne. This is also why i only have 1 penta total with Vayne in over 1k games.
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