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Mepodis (EUW)
: Can i buy a friend for skins? :)
Depends of what kind of "friend" you want ;). Kappa
: Finding equal minded people
And thats when people will go missing killing each other hahaha....just no...
: MMR tanked?
No one exactly knows how the mmr system works but one thing is sure that the more win you got the more mmr you will get. My advise even though it would take a lot of time is trying getting to promotions as many time as you can get as many wins is possible and don't get promoted.... You don't have to play the games to lose just dodge the queue but you should be ready for the 5-10--20 min of wait after dodge :/
: Oh Mr.High elo pls... I played Rengar and find he is stupid champ. Rank 3 Thrill of the Hunt 70s CD WITHOUT CDR! Oracle Alteration 60s CD at 18lvl. Counterplay is so real. If that bullshit was SO FU*KING balanced, why 60% of the games he was baned? Stop cry like a baby and deal with the changes.
I never said I'm in high elo I said I'm in a elo that people become more aware and fix their mistakes as for the "I played rengar" I saw some of your stats and figured u had only 2 games and it was 1 WIN 1 losse( oh wait a lose?) you want us to take you seriously when you lie? As for the bans fizz is getting ban other champions are that doesn't make them op it's just that people can't handle them so they ban them and you pick the Champions when they are. And about what counterplay are you even talking about are you drunk or something? also I would to add you should start talking better cause riot watches the board you using those words and lying just shows that everything you say it's not even based on your experience and you are just making a comment on something you don't even know about you are just being a straw man
: You play a game with a Rengar and you lose it? That is WOW... I mean, is it even possible? If you go solo all the the time, rekt ADC they rekt you and write "worth it". Ofc worth it because ADC got higher value in teamfights. But since this game kinda based on teamwork and they are busy trying to protect ADC your team can use it and engage them then they are not ready.
I don't know on what elo you are and I'm not gonna even comment about it the idea of oh wow you have an op champion exist only in bronze and silver and I don't mean to be for killing the adc and then dying that's not an option too I won't trust my team enough for me to die for a 1 for 1 if that's how you play im sorry it won't get you anywhere as for you pointing the mistake on my team if I die while killing their squishy champions and my team doesn't follow up that will be my mistake and not theirs I won't blame them for that reason as for the find them alone or when they are not ready I don't think you have played a game on the 1800 mmr to see that people are careful and they play differently and then if you wait too much to engage the game is already over so think about that and then reply I'm talking from my own experience unlike you that I'm pretty sure you haven't even touched rengar and you just watch...
rctboy95 (EUW)
: To be fair he was broken and was probably the easiest assassin to snowball with on a very low skill level. All you could hope for is him being very bad and not able to press 3 keys :p
i completly disagree with you i was playing a game i was 9-2 we lost all the lanes were doing good and everything the teamscore was like 19-21 and we lost cause i couldnt do anything they would always stay near their adc and put a vision ward or use their trinkets when they saw the ! we lost the game it might cost around 300gold in tottal for the enemy to take the wards but they took back the gold by killing me so its not like pressing only the keys and it would be a bit more appriciated if you wouldnt talk about a champion if you yourself havent played him
: To be fair, Rengar is unhealthy by design. He either got ahead and deleted carries/anything squishy, or feel behind and did nothing. That is not a good pattern for a champ. As I've said before somewhere else, he's probably getting the Poppy treatment. Keep them down until they can be reworked into something healthier.
i would prefer him getting reworked than getting this nerf this is just sad dude now they should put assassin secondary at him and the fighter as the main
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Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: Well you can do this without losing a ranked game by playing a normal game. lol :p
yeah but you know it wont be the same :/ ... you know it wont have that suspense that we need :P
Trumannrr (EUW)
: lol, sorry for u, but u can try to switch to Euw. i dont think riot prioritize eune before any odder server sins there are some much bug and lags there. i highly recommend u to switch to euw if possible.
Im sorry man too cause im not going to waste 2600 rp for that even though i thank you for the idea but its a bit too much... Also i would like to add that every server should be the same they shouldnt prioritize other servers from what i have seen the lag has been already 3 days and they still havent given any answer about why is this happening or what will happen to the people that lost games cause of it.I dont really care about the games if i lost points but i lost my mmr something that is really important before the end of the season...
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: Am I really the only one who doesn't have those lags like wtf guys. Can you explain what is happening to you in-game,and when this occurred. I'm fucking confused. I see these threads everywhere.
im gonna try uploading a video with the lag spikes but i will have to lose another ranked -_-
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Sarokh (EUNE)
: no. i dont want others to reach my own level quicker than what i've done... i mean ive worked hard to be better than most players :( i wanna rekk others :(
Are you sure you don't like this idea cause of that reason? If you practice too the difference will still remain plus you will start getting a better team so you can win easier the game more even
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