: Kennen was always a very strange champion. The moment he's viable in more than 2 roles he's straight out broken: * The reason adc kennen used to work was because marksmen where very weak early on. For Kennen this wasn't the case and so dominated the earlygame in an adc vs adc matchup. This soon changed when: * Lethality marksmen became a thing that contested the onhit marksmen builds. * People didn't realise they could just place an artillery mage in the adc role. * Lane bully supports became meta again * Crit was buffed and the average adc recieved midgame buffs. * Sustain got buffed * The ardent meta was released. _You don't have to look far to figure out the reason why adc kennen isn't that viable anymore._ The reason why Kennen became a viable adc pick was because his AD builds where broken. The problem was that the toplane meta didn't suit him add all and so he got away with it in the adc role. Than when the toplane meta changed he was suddenly god tier. So when he finally got the nerfs he deserved the adc role just became an impossible dream for him. Right now he simply get's outclassed by other early & midgame marksmen that scale much harder into the lategame like {{champion:429}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:119}} As far his state right now I indeed think the support role is more suitable for him again. Sorcery/inspiration with the aery and dept mastery sure makes him a very powerfull pick.
Ofc I know that in this meta would be bad anyways, but I want to say that Kennen need some buff.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: When has Riot said they want to keep Kennen as an ADC? And to answer to your question: Lethality poke ADCs are the current meta, not on-hit lightning squirrels :P
If you remember Kennen W nerf. They said it in the text above nerf.
: Let's be real here, the AD Kennen of Season 7 was really not healthy for the game. Especially in toplane, ranged champions are already so oppressive, and AD Kennen even has lots of CC and a solid escape, which makes it even harder for the enemy to do anything. Unless they change his kit somehow, AD kennen should not be viable imo.
It was really good, but no one played it. If I'm talking about ADC role, but really now in preseason there are so many champs that are unplayable from useful champions e.g. Vladimir. It was really interesting to have something new on ADC role and not only mainstream picks. Nowadays you legit can play e.g. 3 or 4 champs on ADC what is this :D
Potchikir (EUW)
: if u really like kennen then play ap kennen top
What is this comment? I'm talking about Riot Games and what they said. They said that they want to keep Kennen on ADC role and only nerf AD toplane Kennen. It's a big difference between adc and top Kennen. Only because of no one can play it from professional players except Rekkles? Oh come on that's cowardly.
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