: My team and the enemy suddenly getting our game process terminated!??!? (ranked)
Update: even though it took a while, and i got a bit worriedm, they just disabled the queues. so i guess they are on the case.
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Eambo (EUW)
: [Resolved] Telia Sweden - Connectivity Issues [Updated 13-05-16]
Hey Eambo! I want to inform you that this problem is NOT a problem from exclusively Telia. We have other ISP's in sweden with the same problems. Im currently playing on EUNE and every single one of my friends are experiencing these exact problems. I have Tele2, couple others have Telia and some have Telenor. They all have this problem so the root of this problem is probably not something that Telia has control over. My speculation is that all these different ISP's share server in stockholm to "broadcast" their internet. The problem must lie within those servers. Just thought id let you know in this thread since there are no thread on EUNE but the problem is very much just as bad over there.

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