Mr 44 (EUW)
: 10/10 = Bronze V
This is the real reason behind promo helper :^)
Fransiee (EUW)
: Yea the lag thingy was awfull yesterday.
Yea, just suddenly everyone lost connection and it took some time to reconnect.. Also other players had lag in game (this didn't result to connection lost) but it affected their game so games were really 4 vs 5 or 3 vs 4 for both teams :x :/
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Cosmick (EUW)
: I like the idea with a written warning (including a sound notification to alert them I assume) for being toxic, but the mute vote is a hazzle (imo) when you already have that option individually, simply because it adds nothing other than a vote function.
I think it's important to notify players while being in game if they act badly. Some people don't even realize it & if they get notification in game maybe they would wake up :)
: Hallelujah
The satisfying feeling when your amount of IP is something like 7800, 123000 or other perfect number <3 feels almost sad to play game and ruin the IP "score"
: People giving up too easily
I won't give up in games if my team is still trying to play and everyone plays as team - don't start flaming or leave game after dying 4 times. IF I wanna give up then the reason is > people are arguing, don't focus the game, starts to feed on purpose or just leave the game (more than 1 player) then yea I don't feel like playing if someone flames the living shit out of me and others and ruins the game on purpose.
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Niryn (EUW)
: If it makes you feel any better, not once have I reported a person on the enemy team unless I personally saw them do something reportable like flaming or intentional feeding (buying 5 pairs of boots and running into our fountain, obvious stuff like that). Every time someone in all-chat says "report X for Y", I report the person who told me to report others. :) It's because there is 100% of the time no good reason to beg for reports. Only one report is needed to flag the game for the reported player as "reported". There isn't a thing where you're somehow "more toxic" based on how many people report you in one game. The only reason ever anyone would need my report to back up their report is a bad one. And that's when they_ know_ they send a lot of false reports and can guess that their own reports mean nothing anymore. Which is even more reason for me to report them and not you. ^-^ From what I've seen most normal players understand this as well, so you can rest easy and keep muting and reporting flamers. If you do get a warning but know that you've done nothing wrong, just ignore it since it's automated based on number of recent games you were reported in. =)
It's stupid if someone starts to scream in all chat to report someone, especially if there isn't any real reason. It's not reason to report if you just don't like other player. One time I understand if someone ragequit and someone writes "X left, please report after game". Just one time if someone leaves, not spamming. Riot is the one who decide punishments. I got example hmmm.. Of something interesting. Today I had bad game. I got killed before I even reached turret and later I got dived) so our jungler started to spam in all chat report me for trolling (????) he started to flame me and cried in all chat. I said to him that I know I'm not having greatest game ever like if I stay under turret I get dived and oo boy, try to play against good Blitz and Ali... So he don't have any real reason to report me because I didn't fed on purpose, I got rekt on lane and instead of helping people started to flame. Our jungler gave reason to report him (he kept writing how shitty I am etc. And spamming) then he tried to convince enemy that he didn't flame me. Just wtf.. :D first flame badly and then try to beg for sympathy from enemy and act innocent, something what I won't understand. I didn't get any notification after game (I know 2 people reported me) so I didn't have any worries because I knew I didn't do anything.
Piroman4e (EUNE)
: What do?
I got 128485 IP, I guess I'm waiting new champions {{summoner:31}} Sometimes it's frustrating to think what to do with IP if you have already bought every champion you like and don't wanna change name. I guess you could buy few rune pages and try different things out.
: I'm seeing alot of hating on Jhin...
Well it's hard to say really anything before playing him. The thing I am disappointed in is that he got leaked. Sure it's fun to think ''hmm what abilities this champion has, how does he look like'' and stuff but when his W, R and splash got leaked, I don't know man, when 3 things got leaked people maked rushed opinions about the champion. Isn't it much funnier to actually look at the champion when it's fully ready and all the abilities and try him out in game. Meh {{summoner:31}}
Lsayu (EUNE)
: One time I was really angry at how my friend talked in game (not really flaming but bound to result in toxic responses from other people) and after that I wrote him something passive aggressive along the lines of "i really don't like how you handled the situation in the last game". It turned out he was 12 (I was like omg I'm so sorry )...... So there's that too.
I understand if my good friend says to me like haha you are so bad as a joke, not like YOU ARE SO FCKING BAD WTF PLAY BETTER you know ^^ Sadly some people can't control what they say if they are at the state of mind when they just see red and are so furious, even to friends and that can lead to arguments :( I also met one kid in online game and he was so negative about everything and actually his attitude pissed me off :D because I'm the type of person who is happy what they got and if you want more then be lucky or work for it. So he was raging all the time and to everyone so I asked him like ''Man how old are you if you can't control yourself'' so he was 13 and were bullied in school. I just told him that I'm sorry but I do think he needs to talk with therapist because he was just sooooo angry and even abused his parents. He got mad at me, don't know how is he doing today.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Humans are animals, and like animals we got instincts. In some of us they are stronger than in others. And above everything else, we act based on our feelings most of the time, as opposed to logical actions. So, if your subconscious is telling you to rage. You won't have any idea why you rage and flame, but do it anyway. Generally, rage is very easy to be induced by your instincts because it goes together with self preservation and self protection instinct. These are also stronger in guys than on girls since girls start to develop maternal instincts over the other two after a certain age. Generally, early irl, by this I mean childhood, the humans that are able to control themselves and their instincts to a certain degree are usually made fun off by their colleagues. Ie: kid that can control his (or her aggression) and not fight back, might get ridiculed for being weak or just bullied over and over again. So, by the time we reach teenage to adult age. The majority of humans lack control over themselves. There's a few that are mostly able to do it though, whom were strong enough to go though all that shit in early ages and still retrain themselves. That's why, if you ask someone "why you rage". Most of the time there's no logical answer. They just did it because they felt like it. However, despite this, the majority of us still retrain some control over out feelings and instincts (otherwise we would act like actual animals). For the sake of "pride", "society" or whatever other reason (low control, but still something to be noted). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then there's people like me, whom act 80% or more of the time based on instincts rawr :3 I could control myself easily but, I <3 my instincts, so I trust them pretty much always.
Well in the end if you rage and blame in this game it is you who press enter & if you are punished you got what you deserve.
: Well that's fair enough. Not to say honorable, if you make that effort :-) I don't do that anymore.
Well this was like one time only thing. I have never ever played 2nd or 3rd game with flamer or even tried asking them why they are flaming. I gave him change but he chose to be toxic so it's hard to see how we could play again. I just hope that someday he could calm down little {{summoner:31}}
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I have a few on my friend list that are very very toxic, I even Skyped with one of them (he wasn't as negative when we Skyped). I always try to pm them when they start flaming because I'm concerned that they'll get reported and banned for their behavior. I always report them afterwards. Sometimes they even rage and insult me, among the rest of the team. My experience with a couple of people like this tells me they're not worth the time invested in "changing" them. They eat their punishments and continue raging. I always try to point them towards streams where most of the people deal with in-game stress in a very elegant and non-toxic manner. There's always excuse for their toxic behavior and they are not sorry and frequently won't even apologize for raging. I think the word we're looking for is entitlement, or immaturity, or both. P.S. I use the 3 strikes method, if someone is toxic I put it in the note for them and time-stamp it. If they continue to be toxic I just unfriend them.
I don't enjoying playing with people who constantly flame, even friends. And I agree with you, Riot punish them but they just wait and keep their attitude up when chat or just regular ban ends. What they learn? Honestly I don't think they learn nothing much, just that ''oh okey so in my 7th game where i flamed i got banned ok''. No deeper meaning like.. Some people do change and some choose to stay negative or it is just anger management issue.
: I have a RL friend who can get very toxic. Like he even starts to insult his friends. We were having our break at school, we had time for 1 match. We played as a premade 4, all sitting next to eachother. All of a sudden our support(sitting next to him, he was adc) 'stole' the kill(my opinion was that it was a kill secure but w/e). He totally lost it. He was insulting him in real life and it didnt stop till the match was over. When the match was over we all confronted him about it and we asked wether he was aware that he got incredibly unreasonable during the match. He answered that he knew he was toxic but he just couldn't stop himself. This is like half a year ago and still till this day whenever we play with him we know he will flame when he does bad, or we do. He knows he will get toxic when it happens. Like he's self aware of it. But some people just dont care about it at that moment. They just have less self controll or something. It isn't something you can explain easily. Like, these kind of people are to fanatical. They just wanna go a 150% at it and expect everyone to be at his level and also give a 150%, while some people just dont give more than the normal 100%. This isn't only in league though. Have you ever been watching a child football(not rugby) match? You know around the age of 12-16. You notice that some players, the more dominating ones(they dare to open their mouth, so to speak) can get very toxic aswel. Insulting their teammates when they pass the ball to the wrong person, or lose the ball, miss the goal etc. Only there its more accepted than it is in league(and I find that a good thing by the way).
I know and I have seen people just snap. They know what they are doing but can't stop. Like in school, our class had this one kid who were always angry. Always. One day he just snapped, throw table towards teacher, started throwing chairs and stuff so we left classroom. After that the kid said he knew what he was doing but just couldn't stop. He changed school and went to therapy.
: I would not have played another game with such a flamer in the first place. Not worth your efforts, and not your problem to solve, if he has one. And also no need to understand such people.
Well it would be nice if we had less flamers in this game. Sure they are punished but that doesn't always help so I tried talking. The reason why I played with him 3 games is because I wanted to see does he change his behavior and actually I was curious will he be banned. It doesn't take that much effort to talk but however I won't play with him and I don't even know is he on my friend lust anymore. I think he might have deleted me because I asked why he flamed.
prof1cy (EUW)
: The guy you played with has psychological anger management issues, he uses League to vent all his IRL frustratations. You on the other hand are too emphatic an apologizing for your own good. Why would you even consider playing with that guy again, why even play twice let alone three times. Just report and move on, also, turn off all chat.
Well I thought that after chatting with him he would maybe realize that he is being waay too negative towards other players and I told him he will be banned. So yea, I tried to talk with him so we don't get other very toxic player which ruins games, just maybe he would flame less. What can I say. I am what I am.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Press enter once in a while, it makes reading much easier.
There you go. Just typed with phone, if I would have typed with PC I would have decorated it little :3
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: oracle doesn't reveal stealthed champions
: My adc's run away from me also many time and i could shield/heal/save them but hey..what can we do if they don't want that?:d
Yup, there is no-one else to blame but themselves if they run the opposite way {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ^ Just so none gets offended let me explain my comment; If adc runs away from me usually the answer I get is ''report fcking useless support'', that is what I meant by blaming. {{summoner:31}}
: Yea, They discovered my dyslexia when I was like 6-7 years old(like when you learn how to write and read) so I'm used to writing/reading things wrong and being told about it, so I dont see it like criticism. I see it more like feedback and learn from it. I got a lot of help at an early age and that helped me alot in the future. I'm 23 years old now and I think I can say that I speak fluent English and German. While my mother language is Dutch. Punctuations is important in every language, so even if its not your own language, you should apply them. The first post I made in this thread saying "I like a happy ending story, but can you try to add some punctuations next time? Because this fairly hard to read." was not ment as bullying or to sounds negative, that was just a hint/tip for future posts. As it has proven in this thread, the subject was about a story of a master Yi, and here we see more posts about his punctuations and about dyslexia than about the initial subject. So as a tip to Kalle02, to prevent derailing, punctuations. Re-read your post and add comma's and dots. Shorten sentences and re-write them if they they dont explain what you're trying to say with them. If you focus on this now, when you have a job or going to university it is so important to write good emails or make up reports. If you have to learn it then, it will be too late.
Yea I agree with you. I didn't either meant what I wrote as bullying, it was tip because what I've seen this person likes to post discussion and well.. they are also hard to read BUT since he enjoys making discussions it is very good tip to just shorten little bit the context and read it again few times.
: I have dyslexia, punctuation has nothing to do with that. Anyways, just try doing it. I used to type it aswel, untill I started re-reading my posts before sending them. You start noticing how hard it is to read. I know why I did it, and for me it was because I had this story I wanted to type in my head. So whenever I started writing I wanted to typ it as quickly so I wouldnt forget anything. I've noticed shorter sentences is easier to type(its simpler) and for the reader its easier to read. So basically its a win-win.
I like how you think about your dyslexia like you actually read again what have you typed (even if it is hard) and calm down. It gets more complicated if person with dyslexia get's so exited and just writes their thoughts and press ''post'' without reading the context and get's offended if someone says their context is hard to read. Sure it must suck if you misspell something and someone says their text is hard to read** but when you write in public forum that is something you need to accept**. Not like if someone starts to bully you because you have dyslexia, no you don't need to accept being bullied. If many persons start to saying that this is hard to read then maybe you could look again what you wrote. But at any point I didn't meant to be offensive if the person who made this got offended. I find it hard to read long context and I don't have dyslexia and especially where there isn't any dots. Don't get offended if you spell something wrong. Just try to stay calm and read in time what you wrote and try to keep it short.
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: dyslexia man sorry D:
Also i know in dyslexia it can be hard to form any context and your mind can start to wonder somewhere and you can't focus but you have managed to learn English (Most people struggle with their native and don't learn other languages) and as you grow older most people who has dyslexia can type context where you can't spot any misspellings.
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: dyslexia man sorry D:
Well it was just a tip - no need to vote down, there are other people too who find this hard to read. Edit: if you have dyslexia your school will help you with that so you can write text which isn't hard to read. And just focus.
DumbFux (EUNE)
: Trolls Problems
Just question about if there would be program which kicks you out of game if you are feeding then how it would work > what if you die in lane and when you spawn enemy is waiting you in lane (before turret, sitting in bush) and kills you again before you reach your turret. Would the program kick you out if this happens possibly several times? Also what would be the magical number of deaths before you are being kicked? What if you have bad game but still try to win (not running under turret to feed enemy) then would the program kick you? I'm curious how the program would work if you have thinked about details.
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: A Story about a master yi that got so tiled...
Man it's hard to read when there is misspelled words & little bit confusing context like jumping little bit there and here. It is nice to see toxic players get punished but it would much easier to read if you just calm down little bit and read your context 2-3 times before pressing "post" . And no, this isn't bullying, it is hard to read something without any of these . Dots.
: You thought Riot Game support was slow? :')
"we are sorry for delay" HAH. (y)
Sýrian (EUW)
: Your favorite snack while playing LOL or any other game?
I don't eat while playing because I'm little messy o.o if I eat something while using PC I take my chair little bit back so I don't crumble keyboard. If I eat something its either cookies or chocolate. Drinking is fine though, when I have little time like waiting to spawn then I try to drink water but keep my glass little further from PC and my hands so I don't fall it ^.^
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiroe x,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5V9rc1HE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-12T00:58:10.055+0000) > > Then why don't you buy pink/ward? There is no excuse not to buy wards. So what if you're adc. not when your an adc at minute 20, you have no invenotry space left to put a pink...
Playing as marksman isn't any excuse why you can't buy pink ward. In late game when you have full build switch your trinket to oracle if enemy has rengar or talon & you are afraid that they will go for you. And one thing what I hate the most as support is when I see someone is going for our marksman I stick with him/her so I can help, when enemy reveals themselves what does the "ADC" do? Run away FROM SUPPORT so I can't do shit. I use my flash to get closer to help and still adc runs away... Because they panic. Marksman vs assassin - we know how it usually ends but you have little better change to survive if you keep calm and stick with support. 75 g isn't much or just change your trinket.
: A Stupid Question About Champion Points/Grades
I think it is the amount of IP you gained for that game. :)
Ulriah (EUW)
: 100% broken
Soraka isn't broken. Yea her healing is annoying in lane but if you manage to dodge her Q and play aggressive then she is actually pretty ''useless''. If she can't hit her Q **she can't heal herself** so then go for the adc >> **poke him/her so Soraka is forced to heal and lose her Hp** >> **Dodge her Q so she is left with low hp after healing and poke her.** Simply as that. I have seen people building her just ap mage with wards and when someone decided to go for her she often misses her Q on intense battle. I think Soraka should be build as hp/hp regen tanky support, you don't need the damage - You need to be able to heal your allies without almost dying just because you are healing your allies. **She isn't immortal. **Especially in early game - kill her many times in lane, ruin her game so she can't build her defense and heal her allies. Ofc in mid-game she is not the one you should focus. I find it hard sometimes to play against Soraka IF the Soraka is actually good but that doesn't mean she is broken. There is many others champions which you can call broken.. {{champion:84}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} if these champions go for your adc then even with Soraka's heals it is almost impossible to save the carry. It's all about how you play {{summoner:31}}
A Ocean (EUW)
If that really is our new champion then I am little disappointed by looking the splash so I'm kinda hoping that isn't the final version. Just my opinion, you don't need to agree with me. Yes yes, it is high quality picture but there is just something what I don't like. However the abilities just makes me say wut_the_fuk. I am little skepticall about this because it's not something official what Riot released. I think we will get some new info maybe tomorrow or later this week so then there is not need for guessing anymore! :)
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: I don't know how to title this
Eveninn (EUW)
: > ~~Gosh what I am doing with my life.~~ Idk, Lemon tea sounds awesome. :o
Tuna is the thing which makes me worry, I use it on wierd way. Almost on everything. I love tuna & cheese ^.^ I realized that I was being told around autumn that the education which I wanna apply will be on December on the internet and today the school told me again to wait o.O
Eveninn (EUW)
: Morning Morning!
Just chilling, eating some bread .. with tuna on it..... and drinking lemon tea.. ... Listening to Paramore and reading boards. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ~~Gosh what I am doing with my life.~~
Sayainji (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LlamaLlamaDuck,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JEXEXE7n,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-01-11T09:18:56.581+0000) > > When Riot haven't given much info about the new champion (Some comments about gameplay and that yes he is male & and apparently his VO is .. Something worth to hear) it is just speculations. For me this looks more like fan art. Maybe we will get some new info later this week... ;) We will get it everything sooner than we expected.. Here's a leaked ability of Jhin
Well this is still just internet - Don't believe everything. Looks kinda .. interesting ability though.
: Shens been waiting for a long time I hope riot keep up with reworks theres alot of needy champions out on the rift who deserve to see more play {{champion:19}} {{champion:44}}
Sadly WW won't get rework for long time.. :( Riot has list of champions what they gonna rework and {{champion:98}} and {{champion:44}} are first on the list. Someday {{champion:19}}, {{champion:83}} & {{champion:6}} will get some rework according to interview from employee of Riot. Surrender@20 is good website to find out things about league ^_^
Car0llle (EUW)
: Lets Lighten up the Mood in the Boards! What is Your Funniest Achievement in LoL?
When I started to play league my main was {{champion:22}} for some time (like many people too played as Ashe a lot.) Somehow I were **7 times near to get penta** with her and every single time DENIED. (Not in one game all these times) Also I've been near to get penta with {{champion:55}} & {{champion:17}} (Horrible person) and again denied. These were on normal game, my only pentas is on aram when there is no place to hide. e_e So my achievement - never ever get penta in normal game {{summoner:31}}
Sayainji (EUW)
: Leaked Jihn splash art *NOT CONFIRMED*
When Riot haven't given much info about the new champion (Some comments about gameplay and that yes he is male & and apparently his VO is .. Something worth to hear) it is just speculations. For me this looks more like fan art. Maybe we will get some new info later this week... ;)
: Theory about Jhin
Well there has been several videos on Youtube discussing about this new champion & also discussions on the boards. At first many people believed it was rework for Shen (that did make the most sense at first) but it is now safe to say (After the video and Gypsylord comments) that yes it is new champion and that it is** male** and when you hear his **VO** you will be surprised. Also that this new champion isn't as hard to play as {{champion:268}}, more like {{champion:245}} & {{champion:222}} style. (For me - I find Jinx much easier to play than Ekko..)
: Champion Cancelled
I think Priscilla turned into {{champion:60}}. Riot wasn't happy about the design in Priscilla but still wanted to make spider champion so they started to work on Elise. So it's cancelled and not > The design changed.
: Haha. Same happened to me,i kept on flashing because i forgot there is no more king.:(
Yeaaa and then like ''..... lag...'' {{summoner:31}}
: How did you feel in your first ranked game ever ? What were your experiences ?
My very first ranked game - I just hit level 30 and wondered what unlocked - I clicked it and went to play some ranked. People were typing the lanes they wanna and I was left with adc. Some background info; Only games I had never ever played was duck hunt, tekken, bomberman and sonic and then I was kid. Never ever anything like this game so I was horribly. However when I hit level 30 I had some clue about the roles and what you are suppose to do. nothing more. I didn't know which champions are ap and which not etc etc etc. So in game our support asked where is my runes and I gave her honest answer - I didn't have any ip to buy them. I planned to buy tier 3 runes but they cost so much.. I used my ip to buy champions so I can learn them & that I didn't mean to play this ''ranked'' so then everyone started to watch like how I play and if I missed 1 minions under turret our support would type ''you are so fucking bad i'm gonna take your farm'' so she did. She was playing as {{champion:1}} and used her Q to last hit minions and she took the kills and didn't even ward. I just said that it would be nice if she can leave the farm so I can get some money and that I don't care anymore if she takes the kills - just leave the farm. I can't even remember did we lose or win but what I remember from that game - Everyone just flamed me & after the game I wasn't feeling exactly happy. I played the remaining 9 games because I though I had to. After that I didn't play ranked and just went to play normal games to improve. Late season 5 I did play few raked games.
DireXcon (EUNE)
: So if someone goes troll build, troll pick, feeds then afk I am still not allowed to flame them when they come back? {{champion:63}} that seems fair
If someone trolls the game **you are allowed to report them** and tell enemy team that the person is trolling, (without spamming all the time in all chat ''report'' like 30 times. then you are just spamming.) however if you decide to join the party and start to abuse that player then you sink into the same level with him - you can get reported too and actually should. It is annoying if someone decide to troll the game but trust me, **enemy will notice it and if they got any sense they will report that player** so he will get what he deserve.** If you don't want to be reported then don't start flaming **the living shit out of the troll player, that is breaking the rules also. You are allowed to express your feelings - just not like ''fck this fcking noob shit, die fucking bitch'' I'm sure you get the idea.
Niryn (EUW)
: Can we all please listen to this and remember it forever? ;_; So many nasty flamy games could have been nice and even victories if people just understood what you just said.
I was raised to treat people like I wish they treated me. If I make mistakes then ''fcking noob shit'' don't help me at all. That is good tip for life overall.
: Agreed. Respect and try understand. Move forward.
It will save a lot of your nerves.. :)
Dotje (EUW)
: If you tell someone to kill him/herself
To a depressed person that can be final thing to trigger their will to commit suicide. But if you are depressed you really should talk with someone and don't make rushed decision. My brother had this good friend but sadly he killed himself in Christmas because - he was married with woman and they had 2 kids, after that the woman said she wants divorce and the man won't ever see his kids - he is just big fucking zero useless person who won't ever see his kids was the final words the woman said to him. The very next day that man killed himself, hanged himself. He didn't get to see his kids grow up but I wanna think that he will see them. "normal person" can just move on after someone wishes death for them on the internet. I mean you don't know the person, you probably won't ever meet and they don't know what kinda person you are. I'm not 100% certain but I believe Riot already punish people who do this.
: i miss Poro King! :`(
Today I played aram but in my mind I was playing poro king, I was suppose to use snowball, instead flashes in front of enemy team o___x
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