Kouèn (EUW)
: I'm really not trying to be mean, but if Janna used all he rmoves on you, and you used Merc, flash and heal, and still died from one single bruiser, then you're bad, and it's not their fault. Usually, I outplay her unless she's REALLY REALLY fed. Vi has TON of counterplay.
She had like 23 kills
: so you're trying to say that all this series of events including : -Janna E,W Q -Jhin Heal, QSS, flash and autoattack and W -Ahri E -Pantheon W happened in less than one second ...
well, the janna stuff and ahri E happened after her ult ended and i QSSd her knock up and flashed right after. Everything else happened afterwards
Wukongz (EUNE)
: {{champion:432}} ult {{champion:44}} ult {{champion:10}} ult {{champion:223}} W {{champion:429}} ult {{champion:203}} ult {{champion:26}} ult {{item:3157}} ... {{champion:25}} E prevents the knock up {{champion:117}} Ult increases the chance you'll survive {{summoner:3}} reduces the damage she'll deal to you
Unfortunately i had none of those champs in my team, my supp forgot to use {{summoner:3}} and bulding {{item:3157}} on {{champion:202}} is ducking retarded. Unless ur AP {{champion:202}}
moonborn (EUW)
: that's the point of the Vi. if she's fed and ulting my ADC, then {{summoner:3}} is mostly sufficient, unless she is really ridiculously fed.
she wasnt really fed, only about 24 kills {{champion:222}}
: Vi is quite awkward to peel away after her burst, stick near some allies and they can trade 1 for 1, or maybe even try and save you
i would usally be ok with 1 for 1 trade but in that game i had most of our kills and our other carries were behind. So even if it was 4v4 they lost without me.
: While charging Vi is immune to CC so no matter what your team would do to her she won't get stunned, snared, silenced and so on. Mercurial scimitar and qss were changed and they remove CC ONLY (zed,vlad and vi ulti is no longer removed) so they would help with the second part of her ulti when she knocks you up (notice that you are still being damaged). Vi's ult is a lock-on ability not a skillshot so flash does nothing. Janna's e and heal just increases your hp so they are not relevant. That's all for your team actions you described. Actually countering Vi is easy. Just become untargetable as soon as she ults you. Zhonya's is a go to unless you have Tahm Kench in your team, then just let him Devour you.
I QSSd the second part of her ult and then flashed away. Somehow she still got to me even tho she was in a 1v5. (My whole team was at our Inhibitor turret and her was at their outer turret) it mostly pissed me off bc i went 27/3 but she just pressed R and i went 27/12
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