mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: another way to nerf him even more, make his W block allies projectiles aswell
or swap it with braum's E
Binnsey (EUW)
: Yasuo needs to be changed somehow
remove the double crit passive(i doubt this would ever happen) or: for every 10% crit chance, your crits deal 10% less dmg (max 150% with IE) so either you force him to build IE to maintain a higher dmg, either push another build without (so much) crit chance.
xCillion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Locust,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Gwb68XON,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-12-01T13:15:41.064+0000) > > 10 losses in a row, on blind pick games. i only played blind pick for the past year. usually things get started at champ select with instalockers and "donuts". things were always this way, im used to it, but were a bit more drastical during summer vacantion. now, even after school started and the new restrictions, there isnt even a revert to the things used to be before summer vacantion. Hmm, blind pick is sort of "the go to place" for instalock's and "no communication" champ selects. Generally it should be expected that people there will instalock more often than in other game modes. However, if you haven't already, i suggest you check out the new Champ Select Experience that is coming (soontm!), wich solves a lot of the common issues the current champ select has. People fighting over their roles, instalocking, and banning just being done by 1 person wich you may not agree with. [New Champ Select Site](
i know the deal with blind pick, if u didnt get the tl;dr its "i was expecting things to change to the better but they changed to worse" as for the new champ select, i cant wait for it. as i was so excited about team builder. look how good that turned up.
xCillion (EUW)
: Hmm, if you really had a bad experience that obviously sucks, no one likes that.. >there is no hope for league Personally i can't really say i agree with this statement. The community seems to be generally "on the same page" when it comes to toxic behaviour, as in a majority does not like it. And the small minority that displays the behaviour is being handled quite fast nowdays. But i am curious, what exactly makes you feel that way? What was your experience like? Where do you think improvements need to be done, and how would you personally improve the situation?
10 losses in a row, on blind pick games. i only played blind pick for the past year. usually things get started at champ select with instalockers and "donuts". things were always this way, im used to it, but were a bit more drastical during summer vacantion. now, even after school started and the new restrictions, there isnt even a revert to the things used to be before summer vacantion.
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: All he has it's his Q, you can't just take all he has away without giving anything.
W and E seems to be just fine in lane, when you're close enough to grab. if you're against vs something without dash it works well. and u get the stun on collide, it doesent lose much. think at what it can do on bot lane.
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: Describe your sex life with a champion's ability
Eveninn (EUW)
: Plural of Nautilus?
north korean submarine fleet.
: Way less flame in Heroes of the storm
league is popular because it has many players. it has many players because restrictions arent harsh and permabans are rare. hots come from blizzard which has more than 1 game and why would any1 flame around and risk their account?
Bombardox (EUW)
: When your support doesnt buy wards or sightstone or upgrad trinket....
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 4- August [TRIPLE GIVEAWAY DUH!]
Acrobat Kalista, some kind of circus knife throwing lady, also ally launching.
: Should i buy Braum or Nami?
why not both? i find myself in the same current situation with 5.8k ip. i only play normals, so nami is free. still need karma, braum, bard, thresh, tahm and zyra. gonna get them all eventually.
iPangolin (EUW)
: [Skin Suggestion(-s)] DARIUS!
15. male-nurse darius. give enemies aenemas with ult.
Prof (EUW)
: MAJOR FPS improvements with Windows 10
so if i got around 200 now, how much would i get? i run win7 ultimate, on a laptop with i7 8gb ram and hd 8850m
ilmplode (EUW)
: Why not an African server
/sarcasm because u get to play LoL irl? how many guys got ambushed by wild life? (rango)
: If 4/5 players want to end the game, then it should end.
you mean 3/5? cos atm 4/5 or 5/5 is how stuff is rolling
vrapche (EUW)
: Low FPS on a brand new laptop. Should the game run smooth on this?
is LoL set to run on dedicated gpu instead of intergraded gpu? i also run LoL on a laptop but with a radeon hd 8850m paired with an i7. had to set league to run on dedicated gpu
: You may keep Zed disabled forever :)
plz# enemy zed usually bashes your mid and carries his team ally zed starts AS item on botrk, brutalizer, by this time he's already 0-5, without boots, cuz he pro but always gets ganked
: 3 New refunds every season.
no. if you've played entire season you'll earn a decent amount of ip, and you'll be able to purchase multiple champs in that season (besides, you'll end up owning them all, in the end if you play enough)
Fújin (EUNE)
: Revelation about Yasuo
{{item:3046}} >{{item:3087}} on ad-c "grabs popcorn"
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Welcome to the Apocalypse (Also known as patch 5.13)
patch notes? im a really lazy person
MCDakata (EUNE)
: Riot, will you sue my ass, if I write a 300-500 pages novel with your copyrighted characters ?
if its not 50 shades of gray style, dont bother. u wont make a dime
Senpai AJ (EUW)
: 500 Euro Laptop For League.
hd8850m here, paired with i7, and 8 gb ram. ~170 fps
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Just brutal
we can fix that. the 2nd part.
Khaery (EUW)
: I have them all uuuuugh
: A new low for trolling?
why is it called a new low? and why do you mix afks with trolls?
HuntSeeker (EUNE)
: Why quitting league of legends is the best choice you can make.
you havent seen WoT community yet =) its much worse. in hots you only got team chat, people dont care much about victory or teamplay, still ealry game (imo many think they still play LoL and laning and last hits matter)
Coxis (EUNE)
: I would give him a carrot.
what if that carrot is actually teemo's blow gun
iHeyt (EUNE)
: ADC Gnar
remember s1 tf and kennen adc? 1000 elo remembers
: rito pls do something with that zac useless passive
SlayerRM (EUNE)
: How can RIOT allow this? I´ll never know.
oh look, its p2. shame!(ding) shame!(ding) shame!(ding)
: Did you honor him? (the thumb is greyed out) :D
its grayed out after you report him aswell
Shenumie (EUW)
: No! Most definitely not! I'm not telling you to go watch the others, but if you DO, you'd see (hopefully) that I do my best in whatever role/pick I do. If that's what my video insinuates, then that's something I'll need to look into the next time. I genuinely tried my best, but ADC, especially lucian, is not my strongest role/champion at all. All my plays were genuine, but dang I sucked! :C
i met a few of "those guys" in games, i dont watch and know any of them from yt, just saying, or maybe they were using excuses for sucking big time. anyways, here's my downvote.
Shenumie (EUW)
: I make strange videos!
are you one of those guys that ruin games in order to get a vid out of it?
: Demostrate whatever you know about League of Legends.
some of these questions should be added as a trivia when you press the play button on queue, if you fail 2/5 you should not be able to join queue for 5 min.
Stenpase (EUNE)
: Rage against the teaming system
do i get a tl;dr? im lazy AF
SwagZz41 (EUW)
: Skill for Rengar?
Trotyogles (EUNE)
: that was a stupid patch then , nerf vayne
: Mice you use playing League Of Legends
Genesis GX 88 mouse, RX 66 keyboard and HX 66 headset. funny thing: i used to flame hard on PL's while i was playing ranked, and these are polish products.
: I am a silver scrub for 3 seasons now and also currently banned AMA PART 2
why do you even still play ranked? i was 600 to 1200 elo s1, up to silver 1 in s2, silver 3 or so after 30 games in s3, skipped s4 and now skipping s5. what's the point of trying "to get out" if the quality of ranked games is lower than the quality of bp games
Eveninn (EUW)
: Food you hate.
rice and mushrooms
galH11 (EUNE)
: help with getting behind
what champs do you main in jungle? i've been jungling since oddone was playing noc with armor pen runes. never fell behind. best advice i can give you is: dont help a losing lane. focus on the ones that know the basics and actually communicate eficiently. lvl 9 upgrade trinket is a must (ward one, few ppl buy wards)
Riquelme375 (EUNE)
: I sometimes do stuff AMA
I want to watch some movies with my girlfriend. Can you recommend me a nice girlfriend?
: New champion buying mode
assign a number from 1 to x to every 3150 champ you dont own. go to input the numbers. roll. ???. profit. repeat. wow.
candoodle (EUW)
: Look up what "UNIQUE" aura means. Then realize why what you just wrote is incredibly stupid.
ppy (EUNE)
i dont think you understand how this works. every game ends as a victory. not for your team maybe, but it ends with a victory. so 1 game=1 victory
: I will not build Aegis first if I can finish my randuins first tbh. After that it probably wouldn't hurt though.
see the 2nd part of what i wrote. yes, finishing the better for team items is a better thing to do.
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