: Banning your own team's champs is just not ok..
Riot said clearly "You can ban what you want, even declared champions when, for example, you don't want a certain champion in the opponent's team"
LolaLopez (EUW)
: Banned without reason or checking the game?
>shut the %%%% UP 100% deserved ban.
StefanROker (EUNE)
: Perma-ban, my love since i was a kid
>StefanROker: sell ur skin and champ 100% deserved ban.
: I don t know how to do that if you tell me i show you.
Just log into client.
: the only 2 words i wrote were in the whole game were "just ff" thats not flaming and in my bann window they also told nothing about flaming so i don t think thats the reason. Ty for your comment
Show chat logs.
: Banned for playing bad ?
U got banned for flame.
Reichs (EUNE)
: I don't take excuses anymore. Bann my team for feed.
40 min. and only 200 farm? U inted this game or wtf?
Rågê (EUW)
: Yes, it is deserved, but not because of this comment. "ok ff" - I wrote this after yi inted 5th time :) The rest of my team agreed with me.
Nope, it's negative attitude in pure form.
Rågê (EUW)
: My permaban, have fun reading.
>Rågê: ok ff I don't even need to read more. 100% deserved punishment.
ChainedUp (EUW)
: Permabanned. While my team flamed me+ trolled me Please consider unbanning me
Ferrarii (EUW)
: Permanently Banned
Chat logs or ban deserved.
: I'm banned
You are VERY toxic player. 100% deserved ban.
Zintraxa (EUW)
: banned for 2 weeks
>I just got tilt and trolled I do not even read anymore. Ban deserved 100%.


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