: it's normal. i get the same problem if i have my fps over 80, i suggest you play under 120 if u dont want the problem. If u get the same problem then respond to this message
No, it's not that. It's something else, I activated vsync and it fixed it, but the problem is slowly coming back... fps drops again.
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: Was the ball on the bottom right spinning? If it stops spinning you are no longer loading but dc or something else.
Yeah it was spinning all the time
: [STREAM] Annie Ontrick - Bronce to Challenger
You spelled bronze wrong btw
: You can't pinpoint it because it's not there. You're just parroting another dude's stupidity. It's not a problem to me, I simply do not get it and asked for a reasonable explanation for it, which I have yet to receive. I personally strongly disagree with it and I simply got fed up with the sheer volume of such threads on these boards, which tbh, seems really %%%%ing obnoxious. This is a new player board, not a place to fish for suckers who will entertain your boredom (this is my only explanation for the free coaching). Anyway, from what little arguments you did make, I can tell you aren't a person I would take seriously, so I bid you adieu.
You did receive an answer, multiple answers in reality, but still you ignore them and continue arguing. People like helping, ok? Not everyone is like you and everyone has a different logic and mentality. Your words won't change anything and arguing is useless. Coaching is helping, if you say you don't need help then don't get a coach, leave them alone. S**talking about them won't solve anything. You say that everyone should learn on their own and that if they don't understand their mistakes they have no hope. As Hansiman said, who taught you math? I don't think you're so smart and incredibly good at everything that you learned math just by yourself. You had a teacher that helped you. You wouldn't learn math on your own if someone wouldn't explain it to you. If people want to help, let them help, mind your own business, people enjoy coaching, maybe it's bs for you because it's a "Random D5 kiddo" but for a bronze player it's like talking to a pro.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: League of Legends Titles Idea
: I have a couple of questions about "Carrying a match"
If this is your attitude, if you only play to "humiliate" your enemies and you judge your team and decide if they deserve a win or not, then stick to normals. I already see that you're the kind of person that rages whenever someone on your team is doing bad. Look, everyone feeds, even you feed, and you can't hide it. You can't win every game, it's impossible. This is a TEAM game and if you're carrying the team, then expect your team to rely on you. You shouldn't intentionally lose because "your teammates don't deserve to win".
0pen Wide (EUNE)
: Harass and block
The Player Support won't probably do anything about that, I personally reported some people with bad behaviour and they did nothing. Anyways, don't listen to people like that, block them when they harass you and, really, that's it.
: Why i didn't get token?
It's impossible that you don't receive a token if you score S+ on a Mastery 5 champion, unless you already have both of the tokens in your hextech crafting section. If you don't have them already, I recommend sending a ticket to the player support, they will for sure help you out. Good luck on the rift!


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