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: > I finally became mentally sick This was in terrible taste. You wholly lack any grasp over what mental illness' are. Nobody cares if you had bad games. It doesn't excuse you from being a horrible person.
If you don't care why did you bother yourself typing a reply in this thread? Is that some ignorant logic you have right there? " If you don't care about something type a comment about you not caring about it" Kind of ironic don't you think? Yes, I'm a horrible person. I'm quite matured to not feel offended by such word. Have a nice day.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Even trolls can aa. If you make superstrong(AKA roam), you have higher chances ON THEM. If you win behind fights, then take a weight for victory. Or accept things/sitback and chill for a moment. There are types of ppl who do not handle stress well yet they want to prove. Let them fall and realise.
Oh well, that wasn't the case, they even refused to help us not like going for a split push or something they were just standing the jungle clearing jungle monsters together.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >and they decided to not even join us in the last team fight. Sometimes if it's not for an objective, it's just better to wait them, it may be that someone has to push the side lanes. >Any %%%%ing tips to get over my mental illness? Take a brake : Mark Sama Ranked (Draft Mode) 37:47 15/1/2018. Also don't play right away when new season starts, give time to the MMR of people to get back to where it belongs.
They literally typed in the chat we're not going to help you go and play 3v5.
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: I think what you're looking for is camille. She's played top but is also viable in jungle and mid. Once you learn how to pull of combos with her you'll be able to dominate in laning phase pretty much every game and even carry your team.
The problem that I still don't have her, but do you know any streamers which mains Camile? would be quite helpful.
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ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: Maybe that's just your elo then. Felt the same when I was silver 2 for a long time. Looking back it wasn't just my team. Sure your team might perform bad, but the enemy team does perform bad aswell. Look at your own mistakes, watch replays, you'll improve.
I couldn't agree with you since I've just reached gold 3 earlier after having 7 wins in a row.
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kmph2mps (EUNE)
: The Paradox of Flame
What's the point of this thread? Since you wrote this thread, we can assume that you're a mature person, but yet why when childsh people flame and insult you, you just over-exaggerate it, I mean its just words what would be the harm of it. I see a lot of threads complaining about the toxicity in League of legends and they say it ruins the game, but doesnt the game have a mute option? Someone toxic in your team? Mute him! Oh wow the the game is not ruined anymore. Trying to fix all players behavior is quite an impposible goao to achieve. So please quit making such ignorant threads for crying out loud.
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Saibbo (EUW)
: I mean with 4Gb you can't do much stuff in background and chrome with that CPU too if you keep your client open while gaming.
Isn't there anything I could do to improve the performance at least? Like without buying a new laptop or buying more rams.
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Zanador (EUNE)
: As i see it right now: The new system is not as bad as people usually make it look like, and it can be actually faster to unlock new champions now than it used to be. However there are a couple of details that i do not approve: 1. The reward is luck based. Both the amount you get and whether you get the specific shard you wanted can result in hugely varied player experience. 2. In the new system it is possible to screw things up. IP was simple: you want a champion, save up and buy it. But you get BE by disenchanting shards, and if you realise a bit later on that you want to unlock a champion you disenchanted earlier then you probably added more than a week's worth of farming to your goal.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > that's lower than what you would be able to get in the old system. No, it's actually not. There's math to prove it. --- > Not to mention, that even if you only need 5 BE behind from buying or unlocking shard like my case, You will have to play another 10 games to level up, that's a disadvantage for sure. Sure, those cases do suck. Riot is changing the FWotD to grant little less XP, but grant you 50BE which should remove a lot of these cases. But that still doesn't change that overtime you'll be earning more, and unlocking new content faster.
I will be thankful if you share the maths with us.
Saibbo (EUW)
: how many before this type of threads stop
I've made a ticket at the riot support, but they have asked me to make a thread on the boards. people are just sharing their opinions, seeing things from another perspective is always useful buddy.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Well even if you didn't disenchant the shard, you did gain BE value from it. You're upgrading it, meaning you've still been granted 1260 BE (since that's the amount that's discounted from the original price). 810BE is the absolute lowest amount you can obtain from leveling up past level 30. In 3 levels you will have aquired at least 2430BE.
that's lower than what you would be able to get in the old system. Not to mention, that even if you only need 5 BE behind from buying or unlocking shard like my case, You will have to play another 10 games to level up, that's a disadvantage for sure.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > all I needed was 1800 BE and I still didn't mange to get it? You are guaranteed to get enough for that in 3 levels, but you can get it within 2 depending on the shards you get in your capsule. Unlocking a 6300 BE champion would in the past require you to play far more than 30 games, but you can now unlock them faster. Upgrading a shard gives you a 20% discount, meaning you'd also only have to pay 5040 BE for the same champion.
As I said when I reached level 34 I've got Illaoi which I didn't sell so yeah pretty much 3 levels and didn't manage to get 1800 BE :D Thanks for replying.
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: Must Read! Reward System Blue Essence / Drops
I agree that the old IP system is more profitable and it's quite harder than before to get a new champion, especially for people which already been 30 when the patch came up but still don't have a lot of champions. Btw @Hansiman I don't get the point of your argument, however, you get 800 or you get 1500 the old system used to be better in gaining currency and that's not even discussable.

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