: I have asked the same question on the forum , and they responded that Rito is banning in waves, that means they keep track on everyone and then they ban 100 people at once. Point is if you use that its only a matter of time when you will get banned.
riot employee: In our case, we've made a decision that custom skins/splashes aren't necessarily hurting the business. Our business is in making our players happy - the ability to custom stuff is likely what keeps certain people interested in our game, and acts as a force multiplier for other people. From that perspective, banning people is incredibly stupid. We're forcing people out of our game, and lessening the experience of other players, for no real clear benefit.
: As far as i know, Rito will punish you if you use any 3rd program connected to league, except for Game Recording programs, and I assume this looks like MK LOL and that is deffinently bannable.
Hmm why other players dont get ban for this ?
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