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: Just leave :)
I ll and others.... Dont ask why ity will find so difficult the matches (or maybe rito shit on the fact that could need more time to find a lobby and will bypass that with other division players).Good luck with this AIDS.
: > [{quoted}](name=FURRY V2,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wAgKEFeB,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-10T04:51:34.425+0000) > > I can't watch the video here (at work), but I am very curious. > Could you explain in some short sentences, how he was not flaming but still got banned? > The guy who posted earlier also states that, he was not swearing. Then what was he doing? At minute 1:24 (4:25 in the video) he was already harassing a teammate with report threats: "_ ty pyke ty pyke, reported_" I didn't need to keep watching the video to understand why he was banned.
But did u at least read what i said to pyke before coming to red?You act the same as RIOT, you care about what you want, not about what it should....i told him to go to my red and that i dont need him to come because he will loose xp so he could loose reason was to have an advantage not to make some1 else loose XP in order to make a shitty buff.... But its ok, i dont expect you guys to be at my level because you 29 y old and work since 10 years with such statistics, way of balancing things, i was a game tester and i also provide usefull infos to the developing department in order to implement some things and make the platform better....what ever...
: It clearly says in the ToS that riot can suspend your account for any reason they want. Also this has nothing to do at all with money laundering, wtf...
the fact that rito dont know yet how to ballance the systhem it doesnt means its good....all the time it can be better....and i know what i say. I ll explain the fact about an exemple, i could give the account to a friend so someone else could enjoy it...but when they ban the account, the money from it its directly taken by rito (yes i know its allready take from 1st second) but i mean no1 else could enjoy anymore on it.... I dont expect to have that hight knowledge on such things but its only about implementing the right variables in the game.... WHAT EVER.....FK IT EXtra: as an exemple how rito they could ban my account for saying FK IT but its not like thats my type...its due they bad systhem and trollers that makes us have such atitude.....from 10 matches, 6 are with afk...what should i say?? TY RITO?Pffff....stupid shit.
WOWOWOWWOW...this is another reason i ll stop play this shitty game: COMUNITY. I CANT BELIVE ALL OF YOU ARE BLAMING ME FOR DIFFERENT THINGS BUT YOU OBVIOUSLY MISSED THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT....seeing that none of you didnt saw that...i dont even know if i still should waste my time but....lets say i ll be good this time also (play since 11 years and im so done with trollers and afk)...from 10 match, 6 are trolls and afk...the other 4 depends on my u thiink this is called FAIR? NOW, as i said, you all missed the most impoprtant info: when game started, i allready told them what to do in order to win (because i am main JUNG and i almost never loose invade and FBlood, but to give kills at the beginning, that was the worst scenario) SO : what u all miss: when game started i told go invade and BOT, go to my red and ward red at 1.30. Why the fk pyke comed?I could also solo invade instead of have all the team there for a kill/ i knew, in order to not loose XP (my team), i only needed me the JUNG, TOP and MID....but pyke camed there, he also got out of bush and also flash at lvl 1....IF ENEMY WOULD HAD FLASH he would had wasted it for no when i told him dont come, he came, stay bush,he didnt, i came for red/count JUNG, he was going for kill... i have allready 5 infos that he didnt respect....and its not about his lane is about my jung path and i know whats better for me/my team.... So no one care about his worst troll beginning, but you all blame me for what i did after.....WOW just WOOWWWW. Its like i shoot someone in the chest/hand/feet with no reason, then i give him a baseball stick....normaly he would hurt me....but i will not report him for doin that due to the fact that it was me the one that started (by shooting him) so i dont know whats this idiot systhem, to calculate the rest when the beginning that i knew how to do it its trolled. The same i got banned before for 2 weeks, same account because i had 1 afk and 1 troller that said from beginning he troll..and thats what he normaly i expressed my feelings....guess what...the afk/troll didnt got nothing but i its my fault i had almost 2 afk...l just wasted time instead of going to work or doing something worthy and got into a game wishing its 5v5 but apparently from min 1 its 3v5....why to play this shit...why to count who was toxic on who when the game was still lost...the purpose of the matches is to win not to see who s toxic...cuz if i have 2 afk its allready lost so i dont see how saying a bad word would make a difference...i allready lost cuz of them and they should be banned for that...for INTING...which in my opinion its more 'dangerous' then being toxic....and its not my type of being toxic...i can show the report from lol from the match from before where, the team told me that they never saw such a positive atitude in their that feedback its not important but they only care of the bad its only a matter of time untill accounts get banned. Im a tech support and im working on different languages and country, curreently worked for EA, UBISOFT, GAMELOFT and my last job NVIDIA and i can tell you i was TOP PERFORMER and got different diploma/rewards/medals awards for being the best but this game its really shit because its only a matter of time to have 1-2 kids in team that dont give a fk about winning and we get stress, we tell them things but after its us that gets perma it wasnt enough that we lost match/time and so on...DO YOU FOLLOW ME GUYS?....DAMN SO PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!
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