Coxis (EUW)
: Nope, but not getting a promotion is still sad :<
Coxis (EUW)
{{sticker:sg-janna}} Was I right? ;-;
Coxis (EUW)
: new testing test
They're testing if we are toxic, if we are, Coxis gets a promotion. Sadly he won't be getting one =(
: Reminder that the new client is terribly laggy and buggy after 2 years
Don't forget, if you force close it with task manager, it needs to repatch because they "restored it to a previous version". Also don't forget all the reconnecting issues in client.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
1. Zoe (or basically any champion that has too much cc or ground abilities) 2. Blood Moon Yasuo (even tho I don't own it, I like blood moon series) 3. Lux (cuz she's always happy and cheerful) 4. To bronze 5 (I want to have fun =] ) 5. Either Fiora's sword or Yasuo's katana, can't decide =\ 6. Janna, she would keep me alive =] 7. I honestly don't know... Nero from DMC4? He would be a good figher 8. Straw Hat Samurai Yasuo 9. Eye of Sauron Ward 10. Very good thanks. What about you? =]
: Go above mastery. Achieve greatness. (Achievements concept)
Damn, nice work! I like the idea, and would love this system to be added!
Rioter Comments
: it s not only my problem, a lot of people are on my opinion
If you think riot is a terrible company, you don't know a lot of companies.
: you can't make me believe that
: Riot is just a horrible company that has always problems in their game.....And it s always eune the one server that is affected....................
: Stuck on authenticating, suggestions?
"Due to recent issues, there is currently a large login queue that will delay login times while it drains." LMAO
FearFactor (EUNE)
: They have Problem nonstop or is the game or is the players
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings. EUNE servers are having problems right now.
Greetings, yes they have problems rn =|
Fat Bob 78 (EUNE)
: You are not the only one, riot will probably react to this in an hour or two since they care so much about EUNE servers.
Chill fam. They care, but they don't know its an issue yet.
Lamb Sauce (EUNE)
: Connection issues
I can't even login right now. XD
Rioter Comments
Ateon (EUW)
: [BUG] [Yasuo's Passive]
I don't think it should count if you break the shield and he dies, Assists are granted only if you deal damage, cc or heal/shield an ally that got the kill.
KickTrixx (EUW)
: Hello As a yasuo player for me there is 1 another bug. When u cast your q when u get hit by any kind of ground control like stun knock taunt etc... u q will not trigger but animation happens so why then example garen nasus darius they cast they abilitys like garen q nasus q darius r, if the animation start it will go on and trigger but yas q will not trigger this is my point and as this champ player i see this rly anoing. I think every yasuo player knew when example play vs garen and u hit ur 3 stack of q on him and he at moment latercast q and it still hits. So my point it is some champions animations when they start they triggers but some of them they do not.
Hard cc will deny your Q, they nerfed him that way I remember. I have a bug sometimes when there's hard cc specifically root abilities, I can't auto attack anyone. Don't know if this happens to anyone else.
Eambo (EUW)
: [EUNE[ Normal Draft 24/7 Trial for Patch 8.13
More0 (EUNE)
: Well, this game get more bugs every time they give us new patch, more and more shit. And this game become too much child friendly! This plush toy champion models. I bet at some point every adc will shoot water instead of arrows and bullets. I don't even understand why there is no gay or lesbians in this game, cuz it's so mainstream right now. PS: I just decided to get back and play URF but i was trolled instead, same 999 store error. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I agree that each new champion or item addition patches break the games more and more. I also understand that they have to constantly evolve the game but they're not doing it right. > And this game become too much child friendly! This plush toy champion models. I bet at some point every adc will shoot water instead of arrows and bullets. I don't even understand why there is no gay or lesbians in this game, cuz it's so mainstream right now. This I don't agree with. Especially that they are plush toy champ models and it's child friendly. Have you seen Aatrox, Evelynn, Pyke, Mf or basically any female champ that has her titties out? How is Pyke child friendly? He wants to cut everyone's throat, Aatrox wants to kill everyone, Evelynn is child friendly? Also there are a few gay or bi characters in game. For instance Evenlynn is kinda Bi or open to anything lmao, Varus is gay I think, I don't really have a problem with that it's not forced in your face and is hidden within the lore.
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: How to be an A$$hole (Joke)
I will test this theory of yours, once i hit lvl 30 on my alt account =]
Deeca INT (EUW)
: trash game trash client
lol spam here too? do you have nothing better to do?
: Servers going crazy yet again !
Deeca INT (EUW)
: trash game trash client
: You've been disconnected from chat, attempting to reconnect.
Actually can't start the game at all, fun times! :D
Rioter Comments
: Not upset, just irritated that rito cant make a decent game.
: Oh and also, a lot of people who are playing this game since season 1-2-3 are quitting. Do you know why? Because adapting is fun and cool and league is so much fun to play while having trash servers, flamers and trillion of bugs. Sounds like such a fun game dude! Lets put tanks everywhere in every lane!
Why you hating dawg? Why are you so pupset? :D
: Oh and if you watch lck and lcs, even those games are crashing and being paused because of bugs. So please go away with your adapt theory, its trash, just like this game.
1 hard crash, in like 2 or 3 years and suddenly it's the balance teams fault?
: It's not gonna work now after Riot declared they don't want Tristana to be played as mage and only as an adc. She used to have ap scaling you know. Same as MF.
Yeah, I like when our tristana goes AP and probably ints. But hey, champion freedom and all. Full AP Yasuo before it got nerfed, fk yeee let's go dude. AP mf support against a Leona support with ignite. Wow yeaaah we're gonna win this one. Going full AP aatrox to be useful only in the first 15 minutes of the game then be utterly useless. SO MUCH FUN. They are going to remove ap trist because it 90% ruines the games for people, not because they hate different builds. Even though I sometimes disagree with riot's balancing policy, I would rather have them remove that than get all those matches ruined for other people.
: I dont watch trash youtubers, just Trick2g. And the game is not doing fine. This has nothing to do with adaptation. A mordekaiser with over 100 bugs should be adapted to? Playing Kayn and not being able to transform to red or blue Kayn should be adapted to? Removing a whole class/role from league should be adapted to? I dont think so, and I only just summed up 3 of the thousands of problems in this game.
lmao, you say it isn't about adaptation but you clearly can't adapt to changes. I hate this sort of mentality of people that just want to shit on things for no reason. >A mordekaiser with over 100 bugs should be adapted to? Nobody plays morde, cmon dude you don't even care about him. I doubt you even play him. >Removing a whole class/role from league should be adapted to? Removed? Nah dude, they just opened it up. People haven't stopped playing og adcs. You don't realise if you take ap bot, you have to win early or you lose the game. >Playing Kayn and not being able to transform to red or blue Kayn should be adapted to? Is this a bug or are you just bad at him? Look dude, the game has some issues, but you are over exaggerating them. I'm guessing you are on tilt or something. Your favorite champ got nerfed or something so you started to lose games. Remember when the scuttle was changed? Everyone was shouting jungle ruined, but now? Everything's alright dude. Just chill out, and adapt!
: I literally never said a role is locked to a champion. But I dare you to try to play Tristana AP again see what happens. Also in order to survive in these gimmicky games you have got to have to be on the same level as your teammates. That works pretty much only with a premade. This current state is not a change, it's a problem from purely competitive point of view. It's not skill that wins, it's who can pull off better cheese.
>But I dare you to try to play Tristana AP again see what happens. So you're mad because you can't play things that there's a 90% chance it won't work? It's like saying, go build pure tank on adc and get mad at riot for not having enough damage. >Also in order to survive in these gimmicky games you have got to have to be on the same level as your teammates. No dude. You actually don't have to be. Tell that to all the people I carried when I was getting out of bronze 2 years ago. They are still stuck there. I don't think I am. You need to be the most decent teammate ever and you will get carried from time to time. If I met a challenger player in my team, he's gonna carry our asses so your point is moot. >This current state is not a change, it's a problem from purely competitive point of view. what? Look dude, it's just a patch, you need to adapt. Improvise, adapt, overcome! You're probably on tilt or something.
: This game right now is trash, not only the meta, the state of game and almost all champions having bugs. Bot is trash, jungle is trash, bot is trash, and they are working on making support trash. Also the client, servers and adding new things. And you are here sitting in a burning house, saying everything is fine :").{{item:3751}}
> And you are here sitting in a burning house, saying everything is fine :") too many rossboomsocks and other baiting youtube creators that just hate on the game for no reason. The game is doing fine, you just can't be arsed to adapt...
: Of course not, but you know than the 14 day suspension wouldn't be half bad.
Holy moly, 14 day wouldnt be half bad? What? I disagree, life happens and they shouldn't get punished with a 14 day ban.
The Static (EUNE)
: Something I noticed with mecha Aatrox's recall
He comes to live in 2 weeks I believe, and I guess they're just focusing on the kit bugs right now. They will change it, don't worry. They improve or rather change back animations when they rework champs.
: Fix the bot issue!!!!!!!!!
I only encounter bots on my new accounts, but only pre level 10. They can't really have 100% accurate security against this, since it's easy to develop the programs you need. I think riot usually bans these accounts in waves but they reappear anyways. Same with scripters. I really doubt you got teams where both sides are bots. I really doubt that.
: My recent flame and why i get 10 game chat ban and asking for some stuff to reform.
Take a deep breath and say out loud what's your game plan after you respawn. Works for me. If the game is lost and it's 20 - 3 for the enemy team in kills, then there is no reason to get more upset, just go next. As for your honor level, it will take you approx 3 months to get out of honor 0, a month or 2 to get to level 2 after that. Provided you don't flame.
: I am really really REALLY done with afk's...
So if their house is on fire, they should continue playing the game? If you play all of your games to the end, and you afk one game, just once you should get 14 day ban? Also internet isn't always in your hands, fok man I have the best internet available in the city, but sometimes even I dc. intentional afk's should be punished, I agree. But I wouldn't ban someone just because they afk one game in 2 months.
: The Biggest %%%% Up in Rito's Track Record
Hmmm, is this a player who can't adapt to the changes? Complains how every role is locked to champions then when they unlock that everything is a "shitstorm" Besides the {{item:3060}} fiesta, this patch is okay.
Velocíty (EUW)
: Ranked: trolls, afk and PING
Whoever complains "im stuck cuz muh team" is wrong. Plain wrong. Sorry bud, you should look into some coaching or videos so you can properly learn the game. Edit: if you truly believe you're supposed to be high elo, create an alternate account and try your luck. See where you place!
radetari (EUNE)
: This game is trash now and I don't wanna play Fortnite! Any suggestions?
: I tested Riots ban system: HOW TO GET BANNED WITHOUT ANY FLAME
That's because you were flagged by the bot, not actual ppl, context should matter but riot cant possibly hope to moderate all chat manually. Edit: furthermore, you didn't point anything out, we already knew Riot uses the bot to look for trigger words. I am pretty sure if you got banned for this and send a ticked you would get the account back, however, since you did this and asked for reports I doubt they will. Just an opinion but, I don't think league chat is a place to discuss your father's colleague dying of cancer. I mean sure you can have some nice convos with friendly people but if you really want to have nice convos do it in private chat. I always find annoying when someone is just having long conversations in games instead of actually playing the game. This is why on one part with Riot's ban system I agree, there is no need to type kitten yourself or cancer or some other dumb stuff in chat that was supposed to be there for team coordination. You should limit talking to teammates specifically to team coordination and a quick convo here and there. However, the reason Riot is quick to ban these trigger words is because they are easier to spot. That's why people complain about the system not working and I disagree. The system works as it is supposed to. Most of people who type kitten yourself they don't really mean kisses or whatever, I used to joke about k[[y]]s meaning keep yourself safe but I stopped because its so easy to get banned off of it. And it would be my fault, even though I was memeing. All that aside, even if I agreed with you, there is no way Riot can moderate millions of game's played and every single chat, to determine whether if it was taken out of context or not. That's why they put the bots in place to check the chats of reported people. If you get banned and you actually were taken out of context, send a ticket and they will reverse it probably. So when you create a post like this, people who actually flame, their bans now feel unjustified to them. I am more worried about the people who slide right under the ban radar with their soft int and intentionally losing the games just so they can demote to lower ranks, so they have a smurf account. But that's an another issue. TLDR: You didn't prove or disprove anything. You merely confirmed what we already knew =\ The system works just as it was meant to.
solistic3 (EUW)
: bots plague Aram
I only encounter bot accounts when i start new accounts, then they quickly dissapear.
: The level up Capsules...
i mostly get 270 BE champ rewards. =\ remember how they said they will add exciting rewards for level ups? yeeaaaah real exciting when you get 500 BE instead of 270 BE champ shard reward =p
: I want my points back
They said they were experimenting with improving the connectivity, this might just be that =\
KendoCC (EUNE)
: Cursor Summoner Icon
It's just a cursor, why is everyone bothered by it?
: Shit rework
I don't think so, at least not for me, we'll have to see the numbers tho, and see how he plays =\
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