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Skere (EUW)
: Please cancel URF.
Can we get a poll for this already captain? > [{quoted}](name=Skere,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=LYgEnesO,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-21T19:48:15.412+0000) > > We want draven heads! >
Eveninn (EUW)
: It won't. >.< Shouldn't be doing threads when this tired. q-q
Also a typo in last line taht* *Looks like you my friend have had rough dynamic queue games today*
Xrozz (EUW)
: Dont know why everyone is hyped about URF anyway... ist fun for like...2-3 games :D Imo All for One is way more fun :D
There are more than 120 champions in League and excluding a few boring like {{champion:157}} there would be for sure atleast 100 champions that you would love to try out in URF how can the fun end in 2-3 games? Also its not a DRAVEN DRAVEN {{champion:119}} DAY thing to be bored in 2-3 games IMO
Eveninn (EUW)
: For those who aren't too hyped about URF
About the experience on ranked games yes I do feel that the ones who are going to be playing ranked even when URF is out are gonna be the ones who take their ranks way more seriously. Like playing Ranked when URF IS OUT THAT TOO FOR JUST 3 DAYS Thats an accomplishment in itself
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: can you guess who this champion is?
Would be good if you mention the champion yourself so someone can correct you on your misunderstanding
: true damage... stupid!
How exactly do you plan on killing a {{champion:33}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} who would be stacking armor as if theres no other item in shop? True Damage is the only thing that makes and keeps these ^ champs balanced.
Dzyrt (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=LoyalCircle,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=AO84eoi8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-04T15:13:40.448+0000) > > Is it your Mac that has a problem or the Game I dont find anything wrong while I play League on my Mac > Maybe reconsider what the problem is and who you should blame or refer? if you don't have problems good for you, but before telling something than you think smart check facts like NA and EUW boards and look how many ppl have the same problem
I told you to check if the problem is of your MAC and should be related to Apple or if its a common problem for all and should be made to RIOT because I dont have a problem on my MAC. I dont know how that offended you in any manner but ya i guess a few more people have FPS problems on Mac too
Infernape (EUW)
: I suggest using Boot Camp and installing Windows. I've always found the OS X client to be buggy.
It still says its in beta like wtf xD
: Well considering last year no one turned up to his party I think amumu really doesn't get good luck with his parties.
*Whispers* Be careful boy you are in a hostile environment with amumu lovers *To the guy with Draven flair*
: New Champion concept?
You my friend have got a sense of humour
: Smurfing
Something made me open up the image just to make sure my eyes were not wrong when they read 40 kills with defeat O_o
Dzyrt (EUNE)
: STILL no fix for MAC OS
Is it your Mac that has a problem or the Game I dont find anything wrong while I play League on my Mac Maybe reconsider what the problem is and who you should blame or refer?
: Amumu's Party
I dont know how but RIOT seriously did a good job on impression of champions on us Just like you I seriously feel bad for the mummy like I dont even know why or if I should but ya {{champion:32}} : Let me give you a hug!
: If you can shout at a dog when it's bad, reward it when it's good
{{champion:236}} Lucian: Blitz you noob you missed your first hook delete lol {{champion:53}} Blitz:..... *Me watching the chat as a top laner* *Next teamfight* Blitz ends up not trying at all because hey he dosent wanna fking hear one more rant about him missing his hooks. Thats what happens you complain, people start to give up and decide not to do it rather than fail at it. ^ Hes right if you cant give a simple 'gj' or 'it's ok' dont bother complaining
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: The key drop rate is so low.. Or I'm just unlucky af.
You are probably unlucky or something else I seem to receive 2 key fragments in over 10 games playing solo and duo a game or two
Rayz01 (EUW)
: The Most Unusual "I Quit LoL" Thread
Egypt taking this move like seriously O_O well what else do they have in store for disappointment now!
Does it have anything to do with the red head referee thats in EULCS?
: Well as a matter of fact i bought the Draven Draven skin, and i really like it. Fact is, all the other skins are way too serious and refined for Draven (even the prime time one), while the Draven Draven one is simply and perfectly goofy as i feel Draven is :D.
Its a good skin but the price does not seem to be appropriate
: How is shens W balanced?
Who said it is? :o
Faca4 (EUW)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
Expressing the sins of your Toxicity through Toxicity maybe make a more subtle post next time ^.^
Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, killed one cancer champion with another cancer champion, I'm so proud of him
: WOW.... my first day on the forums and i'm already getting flamed and bullied, i did'nt think there was as many toxic people on the forums as there is in the game itself so i decided to give the forums the benifit of the doubt, turns out i was wrong... is this how you welcome newcomers?
Well its gonna stay that way if you get concerned much by a few people, just get over them and try to ignore people who dont know a good way of expressing what they mean. Hope you dont get the bad impression of boards just because of few people
D1nzu (EUW)
: IF YOU actually bothered to read your own text, you can clearly see you mention URF, which has been spammed in Boards non-stop So stop please
Theres no such rule that same topic cannot be mentioned by different people Its his opinion and he has his say on it if you dont care get over it and just dont read it no one forced you to read it
: no, i was asking for a way to report rito posts to riot, calling 4 riot for the troll posts they made, urf was just an added bonus extra reason.
I totally feel you boy dont be disheartened by just 2 draven fans replying to your post and ruining it *Note one guys even got his love for draven shown through his flair* As far as post is concerned URF is a legacy thing and should be kept legacy its made for April Fools and we love it so keep it that way And ya i dont know how to report rito to riot Cheers mate
D1nzu (EUW)
: Not true. People in Platinum are worse. They die ONCE, and they go afk
Is not something you should be saying considering you are gold yourself
D1nzu (EUW)
: We also know that LoL has too many 12 year old whiners
You being one of them? Its perfectly normal for a guy to express his unrest on a thing that is supposed to happen on a certain day which didnt happen Thats what Boards is for
D1nzu (EUW)
: 4 REAL??? You have TSM in your name but you're not part of TSM DansGame WutFace
Is it new?
D1nzu (EUW)
: Yep, in 1 game our Kindred went 1vs5 to the Baron pit. TWICE. Lost the game for us alone. That guy got S- -.-
He probably had more game sense kill participation objective control and ward placement than you just going in a 1v5 and dying twice that too to take the 50% risk of stealing a baron isnt at all a mistake and also does not mean he is bad or shouldnt get S-
D1nzu (EUW)
: No, feeded is not a word I am quite aware its not the perfect word but its quite common for non native thats why I mentioned its non-standard
: fed* Learn your irregular verbs.Maybe go to school instead of paying Lol?
Feeded is usually a nonstandard past participle for feed and works too though im totally aware that fed would be quite appropriate Also Please note that I dont pay for lol in any respect I think its playing* Learn your verb spellings.Maybe go to school instead of correcting people on Boards?
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: [World wide message.] My personal thoughts about The weekly totating Queue for Game modes
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