markos1970 (EUNE)
Hello, as far as I know you get only queue delay penalty, the more you AFK the more penalty is. I used to have very unstable Internet and disconnected almost every other game (sorry teammates), but I just got only 20 min delay on a queue for 5 games (well, 5 then 10 then 15 then 20). However, I don't know if 2-week suspension impacts this somehow.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: Don't start playing this game.
Now I'll show my point. I played kinda a lot of MMO games in different genres. Therefore, I think I can point some pros and cons compared to them. Pros: • Minimal donate influence on actual gameplay • Balance (even though many may think it is not) • Regular updates = refreshing game • Mostly stable servers without lags (depends on your ISP and location still) • Insanely high diversity and versatility • Many developer choices influenced by players • No grind system - you get as much as you invest (time), also play whenever you want and how much you want (minor restriction to high ranks) • Team oriented (for team players) • Community control system (reports, tickets, leavebuster etc.) • Low system requirements • LoL Universe (not future) • Some minor quality of life stuff Cons: • Community (a bit depends on region) • Inability to balance normally regular games and pro games • Team oriented (for solo players) In conclusion, nothing is perfect, but LoL is much better choice than most other MMO games ATM (although some offer greater graphics but mostly poor gameplay).
Shmykius (EUW)
: /remake
There are 2 variants: it is a bug; you was premade with one who left.
Eveninn (EUW)
: What are your favourite quotes of your Top 3 champions?
{{champion:114}} "Do not hesitate." {{champion:99}} "Focus on the battle." {{champion:245}} "Time is not on your side!"
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: ofc I quit normals cause I'm tired of goldies and plats, it was some weeks ago, nohin u can see at my profile, I just farm IP, and I don't play ranked, same as normals EDIT: Took a look there and the is bugged, I only see one normal game, can't find others If u want to see what happened... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
Even if you leave game when it started (lolnexus don't show otherwise) it is still records, and at the renew button will solve everything.
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: trash matchmaking.. . filter Yasuo and... you have never played game like this (or if you did it, it was before DQ)
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 25
• Caitlyn, Vi, Corki, Heimerdinger, Ziggs, Jayce, Ezreal, Orianna (possibly live in Piltover: Janna, Zilean; located in Piltover (but not live): Jinx) • Jinx • Ashe's
Infernape (EUW)
: That's the one thing I hate about both Yi and Fizz. You think you're safe under your tower but nope, they're just going to dive you, go untargetable and avoid turret shots while killing you off. I think if a turret has targeted you and has fired a shot at you, it can't be avoided unless you go into stasis through Bard's ultimate or Zhonya's Hourglass or if the turret is destroyed as the shot comes at you.
So only champions with untargetability can dive? WTF? And if talk about towerdives what about Pantheon's passive? It is not broken in that case?
: Agreed. Simply being a bit higher on a pole should not mean the projectile already heading for him misses.
Logic is not to this game you know for example how you can ignite brand or heal him with water (Nami)?
: Can something please be done with Fizz having immunity to towers?
You should learn about untargetable state of champions. Follow your logic for example Aatrox have to die from turret if he proc his passive under it. This way noone can kill him but turret? Your advice just gamebreaking it is like someone get damage while in statis from Zhonya's hourglass.
: okey Im top 0.62 of ladder so lemme give an actual feedback why all 5 of those 'rules' arent true. 1. Ill make this short, it was created as a friendly community but being friendly to someone is a mutual thing for me, so if he wont be friendly dont expect anything from me. then again being friendly wont help you win the game, while knowing fundamentals will. 2. if you have ambition to be higher than someone else, you should behave like you're higher than them. make it or fake it! and if you're better than them, you carry them :p 3. if the score is 0 - 20, you can give up ^^ no point to waste time. yeah sometimes some magic wil lhappen once in 100 times and enemy will dc or something of this kind but 99% of time it will be a waste of time, just drop it and move on. save energies and time. 4. if you think you can snowball your lane and stomp enemy, or if you have a favorable matchup use the chance and dont swap it. being friendly's good but winning game's better. if you're renek into wukong, dont leave the lane just because some random asked you to do so ^^ go to lane stomp it and win the game. 5. no. just no. . no NO . dont make mistakes because someone else's bad. you do what's right and you dont play the game for others, you should be the one winning the games if you wanna climb, not some random zed lol.
A little selfish, but at least truth)
Riot allowed (if I don't mistake) chat macroses, and there is command /mute all. U know what to do.
fairpaddy (EUW)
: Increase key drop rate
Well, that confirmed that the more keys u already got the less u ll get. So u can do like ~6-15 wins to get 6 key fragments, or do like ~80 wins to get 12 key fragments that's enough before reset, since u can get 1 chest for 1 week and reset every 30 days. Hextech crafting is system with that u can get free stuff (which don't power up u) so don't imagine u can get 1 key fragment for 1 win every win. Riot don't force u to buy skins or to play more, but u can get free stuff by playing more.
: U know there is a formula for fragments right? (80% + Number of premade x 2) / key fragments already gained, the already gained parts reset every month from the first day u got the first fragment.
I didn`t find any confirmation of this formula or reset data. Although this theme wasn't created to calculate formula or something, I just shared my personal experience and overall view.
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Mr Naekh (EUW)
: Secret to climbing (and get free money and fame, bring back loved ones)
Nice thread, would be great if in plat/diamond at least half of players doing this) But I want to correct a bit: in build you have to have 2-3 core items and other situational, in some cases you have to change whole build, but mostly not; even if you don't care about lose your mind is, so better to take a break for 5-10 min after lose; in games you don't have to play for KDA, but have to know it and improve yourself (best way - die less), because the better KDA u got, the more gold you got and less enemies do, so it is easier to win.
: [World wide message.] My personal thoughts about The weekly totating Queue for Game modes
Hello there! Partially I agree with you: this time Riot Games completely failed April 1st event. But I don't understand this waiting "special" day for doing something "special" e.g. cooking "special" dishes, coloring eggs, decorate the pine and so one. I don't get this boundries that people made to themself. Why I can't play "April 1st mode" in summer or winter or when either. Personally I hate to limit myself for no reason. P. S. don't think there is should be ending cause it is just big conclusion & sorry for my grammar(
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 23
There is my list: {{champion:38}} - as for mage have quite low damage which fall off even more when you use R for dodging (so you can't do damage with W). He can do something viable only in mid-late game, where everymage can do the same or even more. Therefore he totally deserve buff or rework. {{champion:83}} - have good laning phase because of spamming with W and E, but can't do much in TF with out fed team member. For now their are so many champions, which can win lane and have high influence in TF in one time. {{champion:82}} - after being OP got nerfed to ground, no more viable as ADC or APC. Mixed scaling and requiring a teammate for W making no ways to build him to make him viable.
: Hex tech Chests are not very sustainable for veteran players
Hello there, here is link to Hextech Crafting announcement FAQ 6th [(] If you lazy: Q: I own all of the champions. What can I do with champion shards? A: At launch, you’ll be able to disenchant extra shards you find in chests for champion essence. We’re currently exploring ways for players with every champ to use the shards they earn but we haven’t settled on the final form of the plan yet. As Hextech Crafting and loot continue to evolve throughout the season, we’ll keep you posted on any new features we add.
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