cysu098q (EUW)
: We need a new forum section called "Rito behavior"
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: One game dont change the fact that you will never climb if you are not good at this game... while grandmasters can win with troll builds just like in rift.
That shit nonsense my friend is old.Its like card game...Drop the right champ.I lost plenty of games even tho played well just bcs enemy had 3+champs lv 3 and me not even 1.. Thats not skills thats full RNG.You cant choose your roll at all.
: While I agree that neutrals are less appreciated in low elo, its still an XP gold lead over their jungler, and yi is a farming late carry. As for lane ganking, Id only do that if there was already decent wave control / hp leads / vision. Otherwise its just not worth the risk. All lanes vision scores were half mine for the lane phase, I was not exactly deep warding, but getting it just their side of the river while taking scuttles or at their blue. Played another game of him on a smurf. Late invade from blue to red side, stealing their blue with help from bot duo, instant gank bot. Tripple buff again, full clears, Resteal blue into tripple. Snowballed my ADC before lanephase (pushing inner towers) was over with repeat visits if pathing and gank opportunity arose, he was something like 7 0 5 to my 5 1 5 on my first death. His triple kill going from 4 to 7 made it extra worth. though with a lack of grouping pushing inhib tower proved fatal as not all lanes pushed evenly, and their team 5 man death-balled. We had to concede an ocean before we grouped and closed the game.
Its easy to gank low elo...But once you reach gold +you need more then luck to do a good gank especially with YI. And as i say you get "bots"players in your team 90% of the time.Thats why is hard to climb.If you dont help them they lose you lose...If you dont 1v9 you lose. Simple.I got plenty of games with real "morons"that were plat +even diamonds that didnt know shit wtf they doing.They were worst then bots and those players shouldnt even be allowed ranked.Yet is happening. As master yi you got no cc so ganking a lane especially if your laner doesnt have cc or root neither youre just %%%%ed. And if your team doesnt play well youre done for.Cuz you wont reach that 25+mins to scale. That doesnt mean yi cant win games..especially if he farms well and gets some lucky kills on the map.But that doesnt happen very often.So you struggle. I palyed yi too...i like him but his early is weak.Thats why i prefer {{champion:64}} because his early is way way better.And if you win early you won the game.Games end too fast.
: Doing steal into tripple buffs is easy snowball advantage, while your opposing jungle matchup usually has to resort to ganks... its a trade off I feel. Lane pressure vs objectives (scuttles/drake/herald). Easy to abuse at lower Elo, where games have less map vision/awareness, let alone jungle tracking, also they last longer; likewise easy to punish at higher Elo, with hard jungle tracking/invading shutting his farm down.
Im sorry but...especially low elo taking drakes herald ..objectives doesnt really matter that mutch. If you wanna climb you need 1v9.Yi is good low elo cuz people have no idea how to deal with it.However if the games doesnt go 25+minutes youre done.. And in that game what cc enemy had...You can easily avoid lux q with your q and yasuo is just yasuo as usual. If you get lucky kills early sure if you dont youre out.Yi ganks are awful.When i played yi i Always ganked mostly top bcs they had cc like {{champion:57}} or {{champion:92}} {{champion:24}} .So we could easily burn flash or a kill.. Yi is weak early.If you get lucky that your team wins or play safe thats something else.NO 1V9 NO CLIMB.
: Master Yi, is it truly 4v5, or just objectives and scaling vs early pressure?
{{champion:11}} against cc is more then useless.1 simple cc and youre just dead.Thats why you have the q.A chance to dodge something. However {{champion:11}} early is bad.What ganks you can do.If you lose early game you lose the game.Hardly you can comeback now.Most of the games end in 20 mins so how exactly you scale?? {{champion:11}} can 1v9 ifhe reaches lategame...and enemy team doesnt have high scalling and no cc neither.Then yes you can win.Problem is reach lategame your team to play safe that never happens and hoping enemy doesnt have cc.
: I won a game of TFT because RNG
TFT was Always RNG.Even a blind man can see it {{champion:64}} .
: ????????? good mobas? what? How do you define what a good moba is? and there are so many mmorpgs. Yet Wow is still going strong with 5million players Declining? sure. Dead? doesnt seem so.
When i said good moba games i said good content like League...There are no game of moba to compete with League.Thats it. The same is with mmorpg.WOW is going strong and there are no mmorpg to compete with that. Once they succed to create a good moba better then League or something similar yes the games will fall. Il put it more simple for you. THERE IS NO COMPETITION FOR THIS GAME.
: league officially is an immortal game similar to TF2 now , that game has been said to be dead for ages , still going strong after almost 12 years
Maybe because there are no moba games like League??immagine mmorpgs.There are soo many of them thats why most of them are dead. If 1 good moba game will come out League will die in 1 week.
: nubrac, NA nightblue3, NA I'm done, it can gather dust now
Player 123 (EUNE)
: ***
You realise {{champion:92}} is in a very good spot...Why would they buff her???Its skin new buff.And the buff is not needed at all.
Shamose (EUW)
: Guess who is getting a Prestige skin next patch.
Why the %%%%kk they buff {{champion:92}} ?????She doesnt deserve no %%%%ing buff wtf… Like seriously.Riot buff the champs that gets skins i swear.Greedy bastards.The same they buffed {{champion:28}} and she didnt need any god damn buffs. Riot balance team youre on DRUGS.
: Certian adcs would build them and adcs are already the strongest champs in the game right now.
LOL.Funny joke really.
: well thats your life when ur mmr is shit, if you lose more than you win you dont belong where you are (as hard as it sounds) and thahts why you lose more then you gain, at least thats the concept
Really??There are people that have 60%+winrate and still get shit lp and lose more...and then morons that say "bad mmr".Then this guy came that have shit mmr lose more and gets awful lp .I UNDERSTAND IT.But why same fate to the guy with 60%+winrate??? Makes no sense..
Zedant (EUW)
: The only champ that use last wisper are adc,they have to build atleast 2-3 crict item before that,so its at around 25-30 minutes,if everyone played the game right its already over at that point. Black reaver exist but it doesnt give any life steal or enought hp and doesnt give enough ad to kill a tank as a bruiser because whit grasp and brumble vest he's out traiding you until 2-3 items,same problem as before. Comqueror was the to go rune before vs tanks,but now it only does true damage after 5 attack,which is the entire fight before lv 6 and even after lv 6 assuming you are still in the game,brumble vest is still out trading you because conqueror is supposed to be healing but it has grave wound and armor items cost way less. But yeah,magic res sucks we need some rework Magic ress item just dont give enought offensive option to win the early game. They should be strong in mid-late game then,but: 1.almost every mage now has 40% cdr,they arent getting punished enough when they are hitting a tank and"wasting" their spells 2.Mages have alot more versatile build path in general,needed only 1 core item in general,while ad champ need 2. This means they can just build an anti tank item as second if they need it and couple this whit the void staff and company buff. We can see why I dont see magic res tank now. BUT HEY LITTLE LEGENDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS.
Even if you get kills as adc...getting 3 items crits.and then last wisper needs more then 25 mins.Even if you really have some kills you still need more time or heavily feed as hell.
: Tank vs AP and AD the difference
Maybe because adc have a limited purchase {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} one of this. However ap champs are strong because have more options.They can get tons of ap with {{item:3089}} and items like {{item:3135}} {{item:3165}} are op.Lets not forget {{item:3151}} .Its not bad at all especially in champs like {{champion:82}} {{champion:90}} They got plenty of options while adc dont.Ad assasins and adc have to build same think evry god damn game. While ap champs have no worries about. Adc is useless early.They are not strong early they strong lategame.But ofc games end in 30 mins they dont get the time to scale.Thats why tanks can handle adc easy.
: people cant accept it. Everyone likes jinx and they dont want her to get nerfed but she is OP but lots of Adcs are at the moment Her 700 range AOW rocket Crit Hyper speed attack speed steroid is just too strong Her only cons is that she is unmobile . but guess what so are lots of champs. but she sells skins so jinx will not get nerfs in a while
ADC OP???Dude you either just here to qq cuz you have no idea how to play the game either youre really serious and your brain needs help. ADC???OP???Seriously..Right now pretty mutch evry champ scale better then adc.How exactly is adc op...Play her first then talk.Play adc especialy low elo and see how "op "they are.
: i totally agree she is highest winrate adc ever since crit got reverted. But lots of people like her and dont want her to be nerfed they cant admit she is op
{{champion:222}} op?OK.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
SoloAkise (EUW)
: the fact the champions i named even need 5 man communication from pro players to be decent should be proof enough champs needs a buff. and where sejuani and skarner are consistently good in these situations gangplank is still just average. IN PRO PLAY WITH 5 MAN COMMUNICATION. NDAUHDEABDIWA RIOT
Well maybe you didnt know yet but nerf/buffs are most based on pro stage not solo que. Thats why they %%%%ed up the ranked soloq.Why you think adc got so hard nerfed in the first place...Was because pro stage. No point to bother honestly.As long as these people that defend riot with their dumb idea i doubht something can change.
: All my explication will be with the symbol "|". Tank: * Damage     ||||||| * Resistance   ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| * Sustain      |||||||||||||||||||||| Bruiser: * Damage     ||||||||||||||||||||||| * Resistance   |||||||||||| * Sustain      |||||||||||| Assassin: * Damage     |||||||||||||||||||||||||| * Resistance   |||||| * Sustain      |||||| Mage: * Damage     ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| * Resistance   ||||| * Sustain      ||||||| ADC: * Damage     |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| * Resistance   ||| * Sustain      |||||||
Adc dont do the most dmg anymore...I couldnt dmg {{champion:39}} with full bruiser build.{{item:3047}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} She wasnt even full buid and i had more then 4 items. Lets be honest just ninja tabi and adc is %%%%ed.Right now evry champion scale better then adc.
SoloAkise (EUW)
: so riot still doesnt care about gangplank ???
Bcs you ask in the wrong forum dude...In this forum is full of silvers who still think {{champion:238}} is super op.If you ask higher elo players d1+they will tell you what champ actually needs a nerf.However 80% of the players if not even more are in low elo.. However i hear people in low elo qq about {{champion:157}} when in low elo {{champion:86}} {{champion:11}} is op as hell. {{champion:41}} does require a bit of help.As a main adc i even admit that some champs need help even tho most of them destroy adc anyway. They buffed {{champion:24}} tho and soon i hear {{champion:28}} too.Logic riot game yo.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: So why is it hard to solo carry as an ADC?
Adc was never a role to carry alone….but Always with a decent team.Even in the past seasons was the same.Adc needs a team to give them time to output the dmg. Ofc silvers qq cuz they were "OP" and that was never truth.They got nerf bcs pro stage but even in pro stage was all about team.The team taht could simply give them enough time to put the dmg. 20 0 {{champion:51}} gets deleted easily by evryone lategame even if they are not feed.So how exactly you wanan carry?No team no win for an adc.
9 Volts (EUW)
: neither one of them needs buffs
I think {{champion:107}} need huge help.I never saw rengar in my games….Either is forgotten or pretty bad right now.
: Riot, Im done. The game is not playable.
Since s9 ranked was an awful place.Wrong mmr and tons of people climbed bcs of luck.I saw even ex bronze players into plat+this season and that makes no sense. Right now you win if you get better champs or the lucky team.Skills what skills?Even if you win lane roam it doesnt matter.You either get the afk person the tilted player or someone who simply have a "bad game"that goes 1 14 and gives a damn. I got this {{champion:145}} died 2 times bot she started "i troll idc %%%% you noob support".Thats what she said and she did it.She gave free kills to enemy adc cuz she was tilted for her own mistakes.Who is to blame here?? She wont get ban bcs she didnt flame so she can easily give up on game and int on porpuse.Thats riot fault.
: Personally the "unfairest " champions are the ones that bypass the skill and mechanics and make you beat the enemy by pure numbers and stupid ults/pasives. Sooooo {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:11}} - as unfair as it gets the tutorial champion of league {{champion:23}} - immortal {{champion:24}} - just braindead and easy idk xd {{champion:75}} {{champion:33}} - rolling ball of stats and items {{champion:420}} - shes not so braindead actually but fighting her feels unfair if you dont dodge everything and even then she finds a way to oneshot you {{champion:36}} - only if he gets items {{champion:38}} - he only gets "unfair" lategame so this is not complete addition to the list {{champion:555}} - sometimes it feels you cant even kill him and he has escape for evey situation (but he actually takes a certain amount of skill due to having skillshots and playmaking style like thresh) - not to be confused with others on the list
{{champion:555}} only in good hands.He is not easy to play at all.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Even though the buff mainly helps against bruisers and tanks (well, "tanks"), it was completely unnecessary. I'd rather see Rengar than Eve buffs :P
Truth i agree.{{champion:107}} needs way more a buff then {{champion:28}} Eve have such a high dmg and so many builds to choose from..
: Does Evelyn really need buffs
I think they buffed jax too few Patches ago and still dont know why.. {{champion:28}} is an assasin.And from lv 6 permanent invizible..charm+high dmg +good ult either dmg and disengage. They really gonna buff her?Riot balance team are weird people.
: Winning is determined by the Champion you Chose to Play
Its truth.Right now is all about picks and way less skills People will deny it cuz they low elo and have no idea wtf they doing.I got out of silver gold with {{champion:11}} and i never played this champ before...immagine skills LOL.
: i can't anymore
Well thats a small part why the game is pretty %%%%ed.Im talking about ranked. Yes smurf gives bad time to players.Especialy low elo.You lose interest on ranked when you know 2 out of 3 games are smurfs.You dont learn shit you just get deleted.
FulLovsKi (EUW)
: and that "too good not to be taken" part is the one that im trying to adress right now so we can find a collective solution for it so it'll be just like buying GA u get armor and a very useful passive but you get no cooldowns or a huge amount of dmg so sometimes players go for the risky option and buy lethality over armor wich mages don't have to worry about since zhonya grants them 10% cdr a good amount of ap and 45 armor so a nerf might be needed
ABILITY POWER CDR ARMOR. If people complain that doesnt need a nerf they just noobs.So big noobs.+you get 3 second invulnerability that is sooo god freaking op.What else can you ask more. Ap champs have so many posibility for their builds...while tanks assasins and adc just 1 way to go.
FulLovsKi (EUW)
: Possible nerfs for zhonya
Actually {{item:3157}} is busted but ofc most players in this game are silvers..they dont know its potential.Same as {{item:2419}} who evryone already said it its busted and thats why in high elo you see that item all the time. Its too good not to be taken.
: cc, shield, and mobility isn't sustain. cc and mobility makes her more slippery, and the shield is (as the name implies) a shield. it doesn't give health, only some temporary grey bars. if you have a huge issue with her shield, then poke her until she uses her shield, then go all in on her (unless she is fed or you are on low hp of course) dont get me wrong, i do think that riven needs some heavy nerfs, but she has no sustain. she can use her combo to proc conquerer, but take conquerer away and she will be recalling a ton. ever asked yourself why most 1 trick players are riven 1 trick????????Do you even know that??Evry high elo player already said it riven have evrything you need to climb the ladder. Ofc main riven will defend it as usual.But if riven would get nerf probably those 1 trick high elos will get demoted so badly. Riven is a very strong champion and for some reason she gets no nerf at all.Thats reality...if people wanna deny it thats their problem.Neither zed that evryone qq about have so mutch cc shield great scaling like riven..
: You're actually saying that Conqueror is busted, dude.
No its definetly useless in low elo bcs they bad players.The only reason you dont see tanks top is bcs of conqueror dude..Nothing else.
: what sustain? if you mean conquerer, that is utter bullshit. you can put conquere on any champion. same story with deaths dance.
Conqueror is busted.It gives a lot of healing especially with other items that can give heal.1 of them is {{item:3812}} You probably never saw a riven with conqueror and Death dance.. And sustain….She of CC-shield-mobility.Thats huge sustain.Stupid champion that have evrything.Yet nerf adc because its played in pro stage..
: You managed to lose to riven as malphite, who's pretty much her 2nd hardest counter in the game... The problem here isn't with riven, it's with your playstyle.
What crap..Riven have the biggest sustain in the game.And no {{champion:54}} is no more a counter to riven. Did you forgot conqueror????Gives riven a very good early game agaisnt evryone.Especially tanks..Tansk are not viable top just bcs of conqueror. And even if you cant win early just safe and farm.Riven scales better.Way better.
: I will not say useless, but almost all champions are designed so that they require good positioning to maximize damage or play safe to scale up. > The role is called support kid, since supports need do all for they and they all time cry like a baby ^Useful tip xD
Well….adc were supposed to scale very well and output very high dmg.Right now tho evryone scale better then them. So they are pretty useless.Especially taht people say "tanks are bad"...when tanks are actually really strong especialyl aganst adc is just that conqueror gives them huge problem toplane.
: The role is called support kid, since supports need do all for they and they all time cry like a baby
Bot was Always played around support...Adc was useless from the begin of League.Alone adc cant do nothing.They nerfed it bcs riot balance team is on drugs for real.
: meanwhile, lets call the 'high elo' ADCs 'ADWASC' (Attack Damage With A Superiority Complex)
Where you saw that in high elo??They dont do dmg lel.Its the same shit adc.Is just that their team is not stupid and they play around them to scale.Most of the games is what adc survive most. Thats why {{champion:81}} is played a lot.Bcs he can survive.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: No hate please, Question about Yuumi to ADC players.
Afk. Like evry ardent...first 20 mins of the game shes afk.Or you get lucky get easy matchup and win.She is not aggresive. And right now is all about early game most of the time.Win early win game.Win laning phase get ahead and win game. {{champion:117}} {{champion:350}} are best supports if you reach 30+minutes.Or your adc gonna get tons of kills.
: riven to riot games is alinity to twitch
She was Always strong...But we..nerf {{champion:41}} Good choice.
NeekoMew (EUW)
: Just look up jinx for shits and giggles on only {{champion:29}} and {{champion:21}} counter her, and that's only because those champions are destructive in teamfights, jinx still shitstomps them in lane especially after lvl 5 once she got some points in her Q.
You realise jinx is lategame adc right...If jinx wins against you in lane HELL youre really awful.or that enemy jinx Always gets an op support and i doubht that.
Amanti (EUNE)
: I gain 14 and lose 15 in %%%%ing D2 EUNE with 65% win ratio, what a joke of a game
Well thats not normal. There are tons of people tho on forum who believe it is xD.What world we live in. 60%+ is a decent winrate so it should be no problem climbing but whatever...Riot %%%%ed up in my opinion.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Well, I do understand what you say. I just said there is no logic at all. It is random thoughts...
Yes there is absolutly no logic in "WIN MORE CLIMB LOSE MORE YOURE STUCK OR GET DEMOTED" Absolutly.Im sure we should all get 60% winrate and get stuck bcs…"winning more doesnt matter at all".
JustClone (EUNE)
: As I said, people with strong mathematical logic will expect that your risk/rewards is connected to the probability of winning a game. There are other people, obviously, who will fail to comprehend the concept of "fair game". Luckily, the creators of LoL, try to make it fair, as far as reasonable people will consider it fair. And leave the options for everyone else to play "Fruit Ninja"... I explained the math behind the rank system, as basic as I can go... It is to your own ability if you will understand it, or not.
: You are not omegabrain you are a smallbrain. You just haven't caught up yet. {{champion:98}}
Honestly there is a simpel logic here… WIN MORE CLIMB.LOSE MORE GET STUCK.If you cant understand something so simple...well.
Rioter Comments
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Maybe because his buff is almost invisible? They removed like 1-2sec of cd from one ability... And as long as it's not E he will engage the same number of times. Its literally only helping him to lane easier (pve).
Jax was and its still is that champ that can 1v9 the game and win.Its easy to play scales very good high dmg and very tanky.. Why the hell will someone buff that guy..
SebaSebS (EUW)
: Buffed Jax, %%%% it Riot
Wait wait wait…..did jax really got buff….seriously???Nah you are here to troll dude impossible.
: It was an overstatement. But everyone can get a winrate when playing against people who are worse than his actual rank. I mean, not to brag, I have an 80% winrate as gold 1 but I get +35 per game, just because my mmr is somewhere in plat. So while having a really good winrate, I also play against people who should be better than my actual rank and therefor I get more LP. But if I had 80% winrate but would be playing against iron player while being bronze myself, I would get +15 just because I am playing against people who are worse than me. Especially when you do not have a lot of games your mmr still needs to get matched with your actual rank. Eventually one will hit their true rank and start losing games and then the mmr will get lowered to that rank. If you are higher than everyone in your match your mmr will start to catch up once you lose a couple of games. This just happens to put people quicker in their respective ranks. If someone who has the skills of plat and gets +20 per win in iron he has a long way to go. But vice versa, if one is just stomping on iron players when being in bronze, then it would be weird if he got +35 each game bhecause then he would be silver in no time while he might not even have silver skills (Eventho skills are almost the same in those ranks)
If you have higher winrate you will Always go against higher elo players.I had my smurfs too.And even if i was placed silver with higher winrate then 60% i was Always going against plat+ players. And even if i was going against silver gold players as i did duo with a friend…….i still was getting more lp for win then lose. I will say this straight:i played on my ex gf account that was ex bronze...and then she got placed bronze...and even tho her winrate was 40% i could get more lp for win then lose.. So the system s9 in my opinion is BROKEN.
JustClone (EUNE)
: You are risking less and gaining more, when you are facing opponents beyond your skill level, and risking more and gaining less, when you are in a game, that you are expected to win with no sweat. This is mathematical logic. A strong connection between the probability of winning a game, and the reward that comes from it. This is what reasonable people consider fair. IF you are not happy, then I can feel sorry for you, but nothing more... (Also ex challenger? 45% winrate stuck in gold? Please son...)
{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Wtf you talking about.Man i hate the world i live in.2019 people lost their brain or they dont wanna use it. If you have more then 51% winrate you go against better players.Not lower palyers...If i make a smurf account and get 60% winrate i will go against gold plat even if im in silver. And even if i get placed with bronze silvers i still should get more lp then lose.Bcs obviously i have higher winrate and the system should think "this guy is not in the elo he deserve it". First its not fair at all.And ever saw a football team losing 4 out of 10 and going to finals??? If you have 50% winrate..means youre stuck in that elo.You got 300 games...150 win 150 loses… If you got 60% win from 50 games you get like 35 wins 15 loses.Thats being said you climb..You should Always climb bcs you win MORE THEN YOU LOSEEEEE. You have no idea how many players got to plat with shitty winrate and me struggling to get climb... Why the %%%% is hard to understand that????? YOU WIN MORE YOU GET MORE LP.YOU LOSE MORE YOU LOSE MORE LP.Idgaf against who you go if you have a very positive winrate...
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