Goat Kayn (EUNE)
: Nerf kassadin for god sake
He truly deserves a real nerf.Not -5% movevement speed when he doesnt even walk from 6.But there were actually players on forum sayng "dude thats a big nerf against him".What kind of morons are here dude. But his not gonna get nerf next patch.Riot balance team is full of monkeys.
: Is it possible to get a balanced game in Diamond elo SoloQ? Does the tribunal system exist?
Its sad we came to the fact that League is more based around Champions then skills.Pick the right champ and you win.Without skills. But {{champion:245}} {{champion:235}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:875}} {{champion:84}} get nerf next patch.I dont know why {{champion:246}} dont get nerf but ok.If we talk about {{champion:69}} man conqueror is broken and riot still didnt nerf it.Maybe thats why shes so annoyng.But in general ap items are overpowered. Better nerf adc right {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
xXN1coo (EUW)
: I haven't once said kda is everything, learn to read before posting, you're just making yourself look more stupid than you already appear. And if being bronze on a random account with 10 games played in 2 years counts as stuck, I guess it really must be true.
Master tier losing in bronze...you sure im the stupid here?You embarass yourself mate.The only one who can trick are lower elo players. Keep talking.
: Why are new and reworked assasins getting so strong teamfightpresence/utility?
Broken champs win games nowadays.Its sad that it comes to this.AP champs seems to be the strongest in League right now yet they nerf adc. They buffed lethality and i dont know why neither.Riot balance team is a joke.Probably a gold player can do better then them.
xXN1coo (EUW)
: Add my main if you like, ign whatever jg. Currently master. Oh wait you can't cos you're too busy grinding eune d4 aka euw plat 4. Gnight.
How can you be master when you stuck bronze? Youre Genius dude.But i guess boosting and luck is op nowadays.Keep being delusional boy. You prove you got boosted or lucky because honestly if you really was plat+you knew kda is not evrything.Yep riot dont ban this players we struggle.AMEN SOLO QUE.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Yeah, im going to ignore someone saying something but not proving it. gl
Ye youre ignorant.But i repeat again. WATCH HIGH ELO GAMES STREAMS/PRO PLAYERS TO UNDERSTAND HOW "OP"ADC ARE. Or maybe play them before talking nonsense.And 2nd watch your elo too.If you really knew something about the game you wasnt gold player.But whatever man you do you.Keep being ignorant.
: New Rules for punishments boys. (Obviously no women here)
What do you mean "no woman here" {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
xXN1coo (EUW)
: ***
Stfu dude.I got diamond in euwest too.Youre a bronze player….Why you people lie all the time i dont get it.A bronz eplayer sayng got bigger elo then me.LOL. But honestly euwest people have mental problems.And i know cuz i play there.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Learn to play adc, nothing else to be said. Ur just esports casual that follows up meta, nothing else, thats why diamond is your limit
Stop speaking man you embarass yourself.Try to get some knowledge first then actually speak. I told you the truth.You dont believe me then ask even higher elos.They will say the same think.But you low elo players act like you know evrything. I said the truth believe it or not.Stay ignorant if you want thats your problem.
: negative KDA doesn't mean you perform well either.
Tell that to hashinshin that is master tier +and gets negative kda a lot of times.KDA IS not evrything.If you understand that then maybe you will understand how to climb too.
: I know you're scum Riot, I always have known.
I dont get it whats this.{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
mc4life (EUNE)
: Botlane is then too complicated for you. Start of not playing jhin cuz he isnt solo carry champ, but very team reliant.
Stop it man xD.Get knowledge first then actually talk.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Same old story, i stick to the fact that adcs are strongest champs in game, you just gotta need to learn to play them since they are very hard. That cuz i win mid/top doesnt mean they are doing something, but that i can carry against their lane enemies, team is never good below plat, barely in d4. Here is an example: https://prnt.sc/qvv8pb in 15 mins enemies startewd all going mid. As you can see irelia has 6 deaths, guess why? Beacuse she keeps fighting yasuo even when i am not there and dying. Singed was actually losing vs fiora, tho he was a bit better than irelia. Then we have 2/12 botlane and thresh that has half my vision score, and on their side we have fed draven with 3 supp items lulu at 23 min. With singed and irelia being cowards im forced to litreally 1v5 wihtout getting hydra yet, nor having any way to get needed gold. I guess i didint explain too well in post: I DO make my top/mid win, but they are still USELESS, only reason why them "winning" lane is good for me is cuz i can carry against their lane enemies in late. At one point yas went in on my backline, soo i did on their, i almost dropped draven but i lacked healing that would hydra give me soo i didint finish him off, still i kept enemies pretty far away from yi and my team for 5 seconds, when i looked back, they were all running and yas had full hp still, they haven't even scratched them. As to answer to your useless comment: 1. If i was good enough i wouldn't seek help on boards, i would carry that things smhw. 2. As i said adc are strongest champs in game, just learn to play him. Nice example is kai'sa, i used to main her once, got fed and literally killed 1v3 nautilus, yi and talon alone, they had decent scores, but my positioning, timing, counter-building and timing were just too good for them to kill me. Don't listen to what ppl say on internet, they just want adcs to be easier to play soo they can do things like 1v5 twitch easily by just going in and killing everyone wihtout enemies having chance to one-shot/cc you. If u intend to reply please dont just flame. I didint come here to argue but to get advice, sorry if ur day is bad but i wont be ur punching bag.
Sayng "adc stongest Champions in the game"is th emost stupid think ive ever heard since s10. ADC 2020 OMEGALOL. You realise a {{champion:24}} does way more dmg then an adc?You realise he scales better then adc?He can output insane dmg and be insanily tanky!!How the %%%% can adc compare to that??This meta is all about solo laners. Toplane can be afk top and get lv 16 while you bot even if you get feed youll be around lv 13...How is adc strongest Champions??When you get 1 shot by evryone how is that strongest Champions? An {{champion:266}} can build dmg +tanky and be better then adc.How is adc strongest Champions?Im sorry you lack knowledge but maybe you should find a master tier+player to tell you that adc is pretty awful at the moment. But you can watch high elo games too to see why people play a lot mages bot in the first place.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Also i see you main lux/jhin, and carried quite a lot times as jhin soo im missing ur point. Jhin is litreally weakest adc rn and u manage to carry with him.
No i didnt carry mutch as jhin..Im very good jhin as you can see however i lost bunch of games no matter how well i could perform.Because i lack teammates.Im very team reliant.If i could succed to carry as jhin so badly then i wouldve been higher elo already and could get better winrate especially with Jhin. So as you can see i didnt..Because no matter how well you could perform bot you cant win games without a team.Is not that simple as botlane.
Belormoroth (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=syMKTF5o,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-31T23:22:48.155+0000) > To win as botlane you need tons of kills early and you still can lose game because mid/jgl have the highest impact into the game. > > Most games end around 20mins so adc cant even scale. Maaaan that's one of biggest false claims (to don't say "shittalk") I have read this week. Botlane can carry in so many ways... Obviously every lane can carry. Even support can carry. Look at this game: https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/2368255321/25070516?tab=overview Long story short early game was bad but I have saved bunch of lives and fed our jungler/adc. So back to Your "Botlane can't carry" it's wrong. Botlane can deffinately carry.
False claims??Thats the proof you have no idea wtf you talking about or any knowledge of the game. You even know bot got nerf in exp?Toplane with 0 kills can have higher lvl then your botlane with 5 kills.You know that right?To win as bot you need to win the lane and rotate before your lanes int.I lost many games even tho i performed well i couldnt carry because lack of teammates. Botlane is very team reliant but you link me a "lucky game"and gege im smart.Youre in silver and its actually weird that you even say thats "false claim"when ive been to silver and diamond.So im sure i know more then you do.Its ironic how most low elo on forum deny the truth fact when they probably have 0 knowledge of the game. And i didnt say "botlane cant carry"what i said is you are very team reliant right now.Or you have to get extremly feed early to snowball the game before enemy reacts.
xXN1coo (EUW)
: Most hypocritical post I've ever seen LOL. Quick browse through your history and you actually have a game as mf adc where you went 4/9 whilst the enemy silver 4 adc went 12/5. What now? You should be in iron or does that only apply when other people have bad games? You also uploaded pictures of 4 games in which you got terrible scores in 3 of them, but let me guess someone else got more deaths than you so you just shift all responsibility onto them. In fact you play consistently bad in almost every role / champion you play. Another silver player blaming matchmaking for being utterly awful.
Negative KDA doesnt mean you perform bad.You know i perform well most of the games yet i die a lot too bcs i either try to save my teammates or the game. YOu low elo maybe one day youll understand it.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Carrying with lost botlane
You cant carry a botlane in this patch in this season???Youre bad my friend.VERY BAD.Thats the truth i dont care if you get ofended. Botlane impact is almost 0 without a decent team.To win as botlane you need tons of kills early and you still can lose game because mid/jgl have the highest impact into the game. I played jgl too on my other account and i easy win vs a feed bot.Stacking a bit of armor too and enemy adc wont even hurt bcs armor is really broken at the moment.I won games vs full feed {{champion:145}} 20+kills.Why?Bcs mid top was bad so easy to deal with adc. I never find problems dealing with adc.NEVER.Only if their team is truly doing very good and that gives them the opportunity to carry.If you cant carry a game while you do good and carry mid top then youre bad.Botlane impact is very bad right now.Adc gets shoted by evryone outscaled by almost all champs too and a lot of times you get autofill support and you have no idea wtf you can do. Most games end around 20mins so adc cant even scale.
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mc4life (EUNE)
: I hypercarry 1v9 with thich often, adcs are just hard, people dont know to play them. Used to main kaisa once, i nicely outplayed 3v1 even yi, rammus or any assasin, its matter of skill, being calm and reflexes. You cant kill me if you dont hit me
Twitch early is the worst at the moment.Thats why is not that great.Easy to punish and even if you scale with him he is easy to deal with.
: People do but you block them because they playing other champions aswell xD
I never blocked someone in my life.and who are you?you dont even know me.
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mc4life (EUNE)
: Worthness of adc depend on players skill level, adc is hardest role to master, but as well as strongest one. Mage meta may come only in hell elo, in middle-low elo adcs are dominant specie.
Thats not truth at all.Most that think adc are good are low elo players.Those players that simply never climb stay same elo for years and play the role for fun.Or those low elo players that main top or mid whatever.. However if you go higher elo that is d1+ you will see a lot of times botlane ap champs.Instead of adc you see {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:74}} even {{champion:86}} {{champion:157}} .Because they know adc is not in a good spot. Watch streamers too or high elo players you will see that happen.That because botlane again got nerf in preseason and again they get nerf because riot balance team have no idea wtf they doing.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Adcs are definetetly not useless at the moment. You can watch my latest game in replay to see a 14/1 Lucian.
One good game doesnt mean adc are good...Botlane impact is almost nulll.Ofc noobs low elo have no idea wtf they talking about when they dont even play the role.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Why people play Jhin soo much?
I think is one of the few adc viable right now.Thats why.Most adc are useless at the moment.And because soon {{item:3095}} will be nerfed {{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} will once more fall.And we start to see mages bot more often. But for now until the nerf he is pretty ok.His passive movement speed is very good to kite too.
Morrhen (EUW)
: No, it's the small minority of players who are butthurt because their games didn't go according to their dreams, so they started either flaming or inting. Then they got banned, created a new account and now they're stuck in smurf hell. I feel really bad for new players who are trying to play the game and get these people as teammates.
I mean with evry year the game seems to be unplayable..And evryone can see that simply playng the game. Riot instead of focusing on improving all they talk about is skins and champs.But what about balance?What do you gonna do with matchmaking?What about that?
: and why they feeding? Because some1 flamed them. I had a game everything went fine. Jungler failed a gank and start flaming the midlaner. Midlaner at some point had enough and left the game. Flaming ruins more games than you think. It's actually the core of the problems.
What stupid excuse holy shit.Mute button exist.If you get butthurt from someone that flame into an online game maybe the internet is not for you. You can stop flaming easily mute and focus on the game you cant stop people that leave or simply run it down.
: Item wise magic resist is the obvious way to go. Vs a mage heavily reliant on combos {{item:3102}} can be very powerful, can’t combo if you auto miss the first ability {{item:3140}} is also great vs mages who need to lock you down to kill you... cleansing a Veigar stun or lux binding at a crucial teamfight can win you the game. {{item:3194}} vs battle mages, reduces their damage by 20% without any counter play Vs artillery mages life steal, warmogs... any kind of sustain really if you out sustain their poke they are useless... engage is also very powerful vs artillery mages they exist to soften you up before a fight if you start it before that they won’t offer w great deal. There’s a trick with burst mages, their damage output is finite, if you survive their burst they usually can’t kill you... so health can be a very powerful tool in outright living through burst damage ___ As for anyone getting fed, you can channel gold into a counter. Say if an adc is fed get your assasin ahead. Besides that individual counter play and making picks... if they aren’t with their team gang up on them or engage 5v4 onto their team. Split pushing can also force fed champions to answer the split giving your team a good 4v4 situation
Thats not truth.I did that i builded {{item:3194}} +{{item:3111}} {{item:3211}} vs a gragas with {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}} and he was doing so mutch dmg it was insane. He didnt even had magic penetration his 3rd item was {{item:3152}} and his dmg was insaneee.Ap champs are stupid af.Their items are cheap as hell and very strong.Yet nerf adc lol.
: >Wtf you mean rnaked doesnt matter lol????????? I never said ranked doesn't matter. I said rank doesn't matter and that's completely true. If you are silver and your mmr is in plat, you are a plat player and thsu your rank doesn't matter. If you are in plat and your mmr is in silver, you are a silver player and your rank doesn't matter again. Rank. Doesn't. Matter. >Isnt the point to climb as high as possible? Kind of, yeah. >To get the elo you want? Not the same thing as "as high as possible". >For example youre a gold player..but this season you had a goood start and have higher mmr.Thats being said you will face high plat even diamond players.Thats not good.Because they way above your skills. Try to give an actually realistic example. The scenario you described is not in any way realistic. If you were gold last season, your mmr will be LOWER at the start of this season, not higher and you don't suddenly go against plat and diamond players. And even if you managed to get an mmr like that, then you probably deserve it. You aren't going to get to an mmr you don't deserve. If your skill level is actually in gold, you will never have an mmr of plat or diamond. So I really don't understand what your problem is. You are making arguments that are not realistic.
What nonsense you talking about man...You silver then you silver.Your elo is right there wtf. MMR higher means that you get more lp because the system thinks you dont belong in there. For example me as ex d4 player right now p1 if i create new account and go ranked i will be placed max silver even with 10 0.Then my mmr will be around gold+plat that means i get enemy gold+and for a win i can get like 30+lp while lose 10 lp.Thats the difference for mmr. Buttt if you silver you %%%%ing silver.Thats the elo you are right now.And honestly again mmr shouldnt bother you.IMMagine you being diamond player and start gold..YOur mmr is low so you face gold players even silvers.. Hey thats easy wins for you right??So %%%% mmr.1 ex silver player that gets a lucky good start s10 and wins 15 loses 2 ...will get high mmr.The poor guy will face %%%%ing plat+and he will get deleted.So mmr is mostly your enemy then your ally.Instead of facing your elo to climb you face higher elo and thats not fair for you. So again %%%% mmr.
: Rito, In your screwed up game nobody wants to play support or ADC, cause these roles frikkin suxx. I am the last one of ADCs who are still playing in this bs game of yours. As ADC I feel completely irrelevant, like f-n non-existant player. Supports feel useless too, that's why they pick troll trash champs like Lux.
A bronze player stuck on that elo because of his team...thats what he told me xD...he said to buy armor u.u. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Those kind of players especially low elo like that guy in bronze probably support riot on evrything and talk nonsense all day.Maybe they listen to those and thats why we have this shit meta.I mean in the end 90% of community is low elo so they more in number.
: ***
A ye you bad at the game because your team ok… Moron...you can get tabi doesnt mean adc wont get shoted.See thats why youre bronze.Youre not smart at all.Keep blaming "trolls"cuz you bronzie buddy.I got elo because i have knowledge of the game and know how the game works.Stay bronze and blame Others for your failure and keep talking nonsense. Now because you dont know nothing about the game i will say it.Armor even tho negats lethality ...you fool doesnt mean adc wont get shoted.Even if you get tabi wont save you from assasins.ADC are not tanky champs and they are the damage dealers.Even if you buy {{item:3026}} doesnt mean you still wont get huge amount of dmg as an adc with low hp.You probably dont realise even why there are 2 man botlane... LEARN THE GAME THEN TALK.
: Idk how you got your rank when you don't even know basic stuff like armor counters lethality or anyone can build some defensive items and that doesn't make them tank. Maybe learn the itemisation before you write bs comments hereafter.
Basic?If you knew at least the basic buddy you wouldnt be bronze.Hell i was never bronze in my life.I believe people that are bronze their brain is on drugs or something.When someone is higher elo means they have more knowledge on the game. Learn the game first then talk.
Hananim (EUW)
: Just checked korea, literally every adc except ezreal and kogmaw is going 3-4 crit items. Also i know this is hard for you to grasp but if you have 120 ad and 100% crit you essentially have 240 ad. So your "ye full crit no dmg" comment iscompletely wrong. And i didnt say you rush 4 cloaks, you finish storm/ie/essence/hurricane w/e is your first item then buy 3 cloaks. Yeah frozen heart is really gonna affect those adcs considering its such a popular item /s Dont even bring up midlane, theres like 4 viable champs atm with the rest being just mindless waveclear champions.
And yet they all have shit winrate.Oh wait ashe have a nice winrate lol.And she probably dont even abuse that.Full crit means 0 dmg against armor buddy. Why you think you see most ap champs bot instead of adc??You ever asked yourself that.In higher elo you will Always see a yasuo or syndra bot for good reason.Conqueror still busted yet adc is the problem.. Play mordekaiser to see what smean broken.
: Ok so you don't understand the concepts of MMR and LP. Let me enlighten you. First things first. Your rank doesn't mean anything, which means LP doesn't mean anything. MMR is the only thing that matters. Rank only matters when it comes to end of season rewards but even those become pointless after gold. MMR is used in matchmaking, not your rank (which means mmr tells how good you are, not your rank). Your rank isn't used for anything and it doesn't show your actual skill level, your MMR is your skill level. If your MMR is around plat and your rank is silver, you are a plat player, not a silver player. The game knows this and that's why it doesn't match you against silver players despite you being in silver. It matches you according to your actual skill level. It is ofc a flaw in the system that your rank doesn't keep up with your mmr but that's made just so players would have to grind more games to reach a visual rank they desire and to give that feeling of progress. This happens every season with the soft reset. Your mmr is dropped down slightly and your rank is dropped down more so you can climb back up and get a feeling of progression even when you aren't actually progressing anywhere because your mmr isn't changing (if you are a player who has been in the same rank for years). >You realise the higher mmr you get the higher enemy you get right? Yes and that is exactly the point. You want to play against as good players as possible. That is what shows your skill level, not your rank. When you compare 2 players to each other, you don't compare their ranks but the mmr they are playing at. Again, rank doesn't matter. Now more to the point. You asked for more LP gains while I asked for more MMR gains. Why? Because a) higher MMR means higher LP gains but higher LP gains don't man higher MMR gains so you actually climb faster if you gain mmr (only gaining more LP would actually slow down your climb in the long run dramatically because your mmr would be way behind and you would gain like 10 LP while losing 25 LP) b) MMR is your skill level, not your rank so what your rank is doesn't matter. Two people can have the same rank but they are still not equal because the other one has higher mmr than the other. >Lets say you got high mmr in silver and your enot that good at the game.To improve and get to gold you will face plat+players..Wtf does that help you with? There are many aspect to this comment. First is that you are silver with high mmr and you are not good at the game. Well you wouldn't climb anyway if your mmr was normal then. If your mmr and rank are at the same point, you will not climb with a 50% win rate. If your mmr is higher than your rank, you will climb with a 50% winrate until your rank reaches your mmr. Let's use an example. Let's assume you are in silver 3 and your mmr is around silver 2-1. That could be considered good mmr but if you find it hard to win against those players, it means you don't deserve silver 2-1 as your rank so even if your mmr was on silver 3, you still would climb to silver 2-1 because you can't beat those players. To climb to a higher rank, you must be able to beat the players in that rank at least 50% of the time to be able to hold that rank. The second aspect is you having to play against plat players while you are in gold. Firstly, you gain way more LP per win and lose way less per loss with mmr like that which results in faster climbing. Secondly, how do you have that mmr if you don't deserve it? If you have that mmr, then you most likely can hold your own against players in that rank which means everything is wonderful. You climb faster than with a normal mmr and you get to play more competitive matches and brag to your friends about the level of play you are at instead of looking at your low visual rank. Win-win. As a side note, if you don't want to play more competitive matches then get the F out of ranked. Thirdly, playing against better players makes you improve faster. That's just a know fact. If you actually want to climb, then you need to get better first. You can want to climb without wanting to improve first. Climbing doesn't happen without improvement. Get 2 new players and make the other play 1000 games against silver players and the other 1000 games against plat players. I guarantee you that the one playing against plat players will be much better than the one playing against the silver players by the end of it. Ofc at the beginning it might feel worse for the one playing against plats but he will improve over time and begin to get stomped less. >Isnt it better to face your elo and climb? I think i already answered this. This would only be a good thing if your mmr and rank would increase and decrease hand in hand (so your mmr is always at the same level as your rank) but since it's not how the system currently works, that's not a good thing. And because the system works the way it does, your rank has 0 meaning. Only your mmr matters as i have stated before many times. >Why you people Always atack this mmr i dont get it. I hope i managed to enlighten you. >Just because you have higher mmr doesnt mean you will climb. As i said before, it does. Higher mmr means higher LP gains and lower LP losses which directly means faster climbing and results in you climbing even with a 50% win rate or even less. Having normal mmr means you have to win over 50% of your games to climb and with how the current system works, if your mmr is the same as your rank, you have most likely reached your skill level which means your climb will stop until you improve. However, with high mmr, you can improve while you are still climbing but you can't do that with normal mmr. >You get better chances to climb facing your own elo not higher. With the current system, you do not.
Wtf you mean rnaked doesnt matter lol?????????Isnt the point to climb as high as possible?To get the elo you want?MMr the higher the higher enemy you get. For example youre a gold player..but this season you had a goood start and have higher mmr.Thats being said you will face high plat even diamond players.Thats not good.Because they way above your skills.
: >LP gain should be based on performance MMR gain, not LP gain.
MMR?What you talking about it?You "smart "people why you Always with this mmr?You realise the higher mmr you get the higher enemy you get right? Lets say you got high mmr in silver and your enot that good at the game.To improve and get to gold you will face plat+players..Wtf does that help you with?Isnt it better to face your elo and climb?Why you people Always atack this mmr i dont get it. Just because you have higher mmr doesnt mean you will climb.You get better chances to climb facing your own elo not higher.
: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=EXOICE I cant really sugar coat this. You have been silver for 6 years and not learnt how to play the game at all. I just scanned through your yearly ranked games, and you basically are where i would expect you to be. You have put in less than 300 ranked games in 6 years on that account, and you play on average 25-50 champs in ranked depending on the number of games you played. I played over 1000 games last season, 500 the year before, 1000 again the year before, and this is just my main account. i have 2 smurfs i levelled up to p1/d4 too. If you want to add me on EUW i would explain what to do to get better, as theres a few concepts key to learning this game which need to be expanded on. The basic outline though is - PLAY GAMES - ranked only and play solo only Learn 2/3 (EASY) champs Flex 2 roles for those champs, lets say you pick Malph, Veigar you play MID/SUPP, MID/TOP, TOP/SUPP and stick to it. Use probuilds.com for item help, but learn how to counter the enemy with dynamic item choices e.g If they build MR, you need Void staff, not Deathcap as next item. Focus on your gameplay, ignore your team. Focus objectives, towers and pushing lanes. Always create pressure and dictate the game Look for the stronger players in your team and help them Look for the weakest enemy players and abuse them Look for the strongest enemy and make their life hell by building to counter them, then get in their faces so they cannot carry. Everything you are complaining about is in your head. Once you know the game you will climb out of silver every time you get put there. You just apply your knowledge and get the rank you are. Right now you are absolutely a silver skill player.
If it was that easy mate.If you really a d4 player then you should know since s8 skills have fallen really badly.You can win games from champ select already.And there is nothing you can do about it. Knowledge may win some games but even then if you face some dumb champs like {{champion:38}} {{champion:84}} then pray.Is more like 50% right champion bcs they have so high impact 30% skills maybe you can change something and 20% luck.You can Always get a decent team in your game too you know. Even best players in the world said "champs have a very high impact into the game".Tarzaned for example he said it..he abuses meta mostly thats why he climbed too.
: Season 10 - The best season so far! A list of pro's and cons
You trolling?Or someone from riot told you to do this? Junglers can still carry?Junglers will Always be big carry.First best role in the game.Not because drakes herald only but because 1 gank can change the fate of one lane.Bushes are garbages.So many bushes is frustrating..You never know when you gonna die and you dont even have a lot of wards. Bruisers got love?Werent bruisers s8 +s9 very strong?And they still are??Teamwork solo que?LOL dude.If you dont 1v9 most of games you dont climb.What teamwork.You can lose because 1 lane int but you cant carry alone. We playng same game??
: {{item:3047}} gives armor too which counters lethality; that's why I wrote earlier that {{item:1029}} negates {{item:3134}}. And if it counters opponent adc too isnt it good? I write this because high elo players (diamond 1-2 rank) said me to go always {{item:3157}} because it has armor and it will stop assassins instantly deleting as more armor means lethality is negated. This is also made as complaint by assassin writing mages with this item alone counters them. Yes, adc is dependent on team and more on players not feeding; but in my rank(i was silver last season and right now Bronze due to some reason) it is simply going and inting. I played mid like 5 games and I swapped to bot 2 times till now; in second last game I played right now I was 1v2 in bot lane against fed {{champion:18}} +{{champion:89}} and I was just setting up kills for {{champion:157}} who was originally adc and went to mid after 4 deaths. But players will never play for the team; the jungler was waiting for taking kills and not securing objectives. Last game I played {{champion:74}} apc with {{champion:45}} supp and in game I became supp and he became apc because I was giving him kills. Mid {{champion:99}} also joined us because any cc hit after glacial slow is sure death and we were like 3v5 because top+jg were going split(fine with that 1 3 1), but so much into opponent side with no vision and dying 1v5 always. If I were an adc main in silver or bronze, I would've been writing non-stop saying supp is ks or taking cs or no vision or mage veigar is not supp,.... and go full int mode making the seemingly 3v5 a 2v5 game. This is the difference between an adc playing adc and supp playing adc. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Lol you bronze oh well..No wonder you talk nonsense..Whatever believe what you want.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bzw3t8Lk,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2020-01-18T15:11:37.020+0000) > > What group fights??Where?You really get your adc to stay behind without getting deleted by no midlaner or assasin?You dont even have the dmg or reach the 30+mins to actually reach your power getting 3 +items. > > Why dont you play adc to see how is it?Especially now in 2020.Botlane impact is pretty gone.Without a decent jgl or support you as adc just dont play the game.I lost games and won and botlane was 0 in those games.Was Always around mid jgl and top. > > Learn the game firs tthen to actually say "adc most impactful in group fights".You wont even survive in group fights against a {{champion:131}} or {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} etc.You people still believe adc is strong??Guess what soon youll see mages bot as you already may notice then we will see how "strong adc is". Dont just because your support is bad... Thats if I had good spell for buffing 4 ppl but I played alone. That I am forced to play alone does not mean I am bad buffer. The same goes for adc. "I am good at teamfight but I dont ahve team. PLS GiMmE BuFf." Thats not how balance works... Your only valid argument is that support may not have what it takes to actually give you peel, but that depend on given support... I, as Fiora main, could also cry that I cant teamfight and since LoL is all about teamfighting, I should get a buff... But thats not how it works... I am supposed to make use of the fact that she has good 1v1 potential later on. If Fiora got buffed, she would may be balanced in teamfights but she would go rampage in every non TF situation. Got it?
You dont get nothing.And i have a feeling riot listen to people like you thats why League right now is %%%%ed up.What dont you understand from 1 shot? When a champion can have mobility-dmg-invizible {{champion:84}} thats not balanced.When %%%%ing ap items are so cheap while adc items are so expensive thats not balanced. Yet even tho we see ap champs are strong even tho we see conqueror is busted they still focus on adc. Tell me...isnt adc dmg??Only dmg?They cant be tanky they dont have mobility but they must provide dmg thats all. Same with assasin should be only dmg...and most of them mobility.However its not like that.Champs like {{champion:105}} once he gets 6 you dead.He got his e he can buy {{item:3157}} busted op broken item and he got tons of dmg too.Where does adc can do all that?? Another example top {{champion:24}} Jump dmg tanky as hell...Where does adc can do that?When a champ does more then his role is not balanced.Yet we here nerfing adc again obviously. {{champion:114}} is a duelist.1v1 best at spliting.Thats her jobb.I remember those days where evry role had a job now is either play shit ap champs or lose. When they nerfed bot they did anything to destroy them.Runes champs items+right now even support role nerfed...But when the yneed to nerf kassadin..-5 movement speed.STFU dude.This is not balanced. And btw adc never deserved such nerf.NEVER.They nerfed it because pro stage.
: If there is more lethality and more lethality items(thanks to the buffs and meta shift) what's wrong in building {{item:3047}} in place of {{item:3006}} ? I don't main adc, but I played it few games to know that it is better to do multiple aa or abilities to do 400dmg, stay alive stalling for time for my team to reach me than to do 1-2 aa or abilities of 400 dmg with full dmg build and die making it disadvantageous for my team. For me escaping with low hp and serving as a bait is contributing something to the team, than having grey screen and blaming it on supp and team to contribute nothing to the team.
You realise {{item:3047}} got changed long time ago and made it op vs adc right?Auto atack champs not assasins ad.Wont help you vs ad assasins.Not a chance. And ad assasins are probably the lowest to worry about.Ap assasins are broken.And yes adc right now is mostly to stay alive but you cant.Because is 1 shot fiesta.And if your team dies no one will give you the chance to do dmg. Thats why even high elo players said "if you dont have a team as adc you dont get to do dmg".So youre just like a minion but give more gold. If you get a nice team decent ofc..will be Amazing to play adc.If not you just dont count at all.And this is solo que not pro stage.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Bzw3t8Lk,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-17T23:25:04.780+0000) > > Ap champs are overpowered now.Yet riot is nerfing adc.Like wtf {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} > > I dont get it man.Its because of money?Or what? We already talked about it that ADC is the most impactful and stronget role in group fights and in LoL its all about group fights when they start to be at least a bit coordinated... Second in order are mages that are both strong individually and in group fights, they can on their own go beat every single role that isnt even better in group fights with exception of artillery mages that are as impactful as ADC in group fights ( velkoz, lux - both press QWER in some order and with little help can decide outcome if enemy team doesnt have as impactful champions)
What group fights??Where?You really get your adc to stay behind without getting deleted by no midlaner or assasin?You dont even have the dmg or reach the 30+mins to actually reach your power getting 3 +items. Why dont you play adc to see how is it?Especially now in 2020.Botlane impact is pretty gone.Without a decent jgl or support you as adc just dont play the game.I lost games and won and botlane was 0 in those games.Was Always around mid jgl and top. Learn the game firs tthen to actually say "adc most impactful in group fights".You wont even survive in group fights against a {{champion:131}} or {{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} etc.You people still believe adc is strong??Guess what soon youll see mages bot as you already may notice then we will see how "strong adc is".
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: They are nerfing adc because 3200 gold for 100% crit which is a huge reliable powerspike is just too absurdly broken.
You realise there are 2 adc viable that can abuse that and still not being overpowered?Crit without dmg you dont hurt.Maybe targets with 0 armor maybe.. And the only 2 are {{champion:51}} {{champion:202}} The rest of adc are in a very bad spot.Maybe {{champion:236}} his early is decent. So {{item:3095}} nerf +crit +buff armor {{item:3110}} adc will be more shit then now.And the only viable adc will fall behind badly.Adc is the problem??Did you saw %%%%ing ap mid?
: NERF Diana !
Ap champs are overpowered now.Yet riot is nerfing adc.Like wtf {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} I dont get it man.Its because of money?Or what?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Luciferrx,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8OlEoAk0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2020-01-15T21:51:22.117+0000) > > Actually {{champion:51}} is viable because {{item:3095}} Her and {{champion:202}} both abuse this item to be viable.Only few adc use stormrazor as first item.{{champion:202}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:145}} are gone.And they pretty mutch only viable adc at the moment. > > Ap champs bot incoming 100% sure.Hell most people already do that. Caitlyn's busted because they kept buffing her when she didn't need it. The stormrazor change just made it more obvious.
Caitlyn busted LOLGo play her then see it for yourself.
: Except Veigar can win that match up, it’s not even that one sided if Veigar rushes banshees then he’s pretty much immune to fizz, then he can farm without worry... late game he can easily one shot anyone. In every match up it’s still the one who knows the match up the best that wins. If the viegar knows how to punish fizz for his weak early game and how to stay safe with the fizz then it’s not as hard, where as if the fizz doesn’t know the match up as well he is more likely to make mistakes that will loose him the lane Nothing is sure fire, but the more knowledge you have the better your chances Also I’m silver and I haven’t seen a garen that hasn’t struggled and fed... Hell I’ve laned against a ton recently I just go Darius and proceed to get fed... because I understand that match up and how to play it.
I dont know if you remember about it when {{champion:3}} mid was really strong. And i watched streamers high elo even pro players and faker too.They were playng against this {{champion:3}} and no matter how good they were they couldnt deal with him because the champ was too strong for that meta.Even tho the enemy was worst then them the player who plays galio just won. Tell me what knowledge is there?skills?Even faker admited that he abused galio and he couldnt lose mid at all.He even said "sorry for playng such busted champion".Weird that a high diamond+player says champs can have such high impact into the game and a silver player says "knowledge skills" is actually better now.But whatever.
: Lmao! Where did you learn that building armor or mr is only for tanks? {{item:3047}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3155}} /{{item:3156}} {{item:3140}} /{{item:3139}} {{item:3026}} are situational builds for marksmen and if someone is not going to wait to scale up in laning phase by going like 0-7 in 10 mins and going full brittle damage build they're to be deleted instantly. {{item:1029}} negates {{item:3134}} lethality and it is needed for players who position badly or push blindly. If someone is dead they deal 0 damage and items don't magically do damage while respawning; because adc goes and dies, team is put into 4v5 situation and of-course I will play it sometime soon.
No one said they cant build armor...But they are restricted.They muts build their item core first or they will do 0 DMG.{{item:3031}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} something like this.Then you can build whatever you want for last 2 items if enemy have like 0 armor so you dont have to buy {{item:3036}} .So with that you get to 5 items with {{item:3006}} and only 1 item to choose from. You realise adc dont have same choices like ap champs right?Or maybe you never play adc so ofc people talk without knowing nothing. Without dmg youre just a minion that is a little bit more tanky standing there ready to be deleted even with 1 or 2 items of defence.That wont save you my friend.Immagine tanks how mutch dmg they can get from ap champs wtf can you do. Or you already forgot that this is 1 shot fiesta meta????
: Luck is a factor in litterally everything, everything you do in life is luck there’s litterally no reason to even bring it up. Winning lane is to do with match up, this comes from mechanical skill and match up knowledge... this in turn means if your playing your main in a role other people don’t see them in you’ve secured both mechanical skill and an advantage in match up knowledge over your ppponent... which in turn let’s you win lane more often, and after you’ve won lane even if there’s still luck elements you’ve stacked the odds in your favour... a clear advantage as shown by the win rates of some of these strategies
Again if it was s6 yes..but is not.Even best players in the world like apdo said.."better champs more chances to win". Try to play mid {{champion:105}} vs {{champion:45}} !.Fizz can be a gold player while veigar a diamond player.I show you your "skills"when you see that fizz win.Better champs better matchup. Even high elo said same thing.Play easy champs like {{champion:86}} {{champion:11}} and youll get out of silver gold even tho you new to the game.DEAL WITH IT.ITS A FACT. So no matter how skilled you are if you face a counter champ.Right now you can win games from %%%%ing champ select.What skills...what knowledge?? 50% CHAMPS 30% LUCK 20% SKILLS.Thats the truth.S10 btw.Full oneshot.
: It’s not so much luck. In a match up regardless of how it should go the player who wins it will be the one who understands it better... when you play a champion who isn’t normal you guarentee that advantage over your opponent, meaning anything that could be vaguely viable becomes seemingly strong. That’s why the highest current win rate supports are champions like kled or akali, it’s just a handful of one tricks knowing how to play them while their opponents don’t. So not luck, but also not the champion being good in that role... just an artefact of a main vs someone who doesn’t understand the champion
If it was s6 sure..As you say.But now champs have higher impact into the game.And yes luck is a factor because you can get the good team maybe.Your top maybe does well and your jgl? It never happened to you that your team plays very well and carry you?Thats luck too. And this is 2020.This season for me looks better champs higher chance to win then actual skills.And because bot is garbage evry champ bot works very well.Especially dmg ap champs botlane instead of support.
: Don't say that ADC is weak; if they don't even build armor against AD assassins running around with lethality or MR against AP assassins running around with multiple dashes they're bound to be deleted in 0.03s. I play mid or supp or jg(in normals) and assassins aren't the ones who is destroying adc in lane. {{champion:555}} or {{champion:35}} are capable of doing that, but most of the adc players lose lane because they don't respect opponent's damage. If I play supp, they don't ward, don't farm, don't trade or poke when opponents poke but go in unfavorable situations of one against two or one against three(in case of jungler ganking) and always stay with low health and mana to get {{item:1038}} first back whatever maybe the game condition. Ignores dragon, ignores giving first blood, ignores giving free farm and exp lead but knows how to spam ? ping or write blame on supp. I play mid or jg, before I go for first back, adc is like going 0-3 and single handedly decides to lose game because they want to get farm full game to the extreme end into opponent's side and to feed them. You write anything like build {{item:3047}} instead of {{item:3006}} or ward to push or wait for team, they go full inting mode. I don't know how it is in other ranks, it is what happen in Silver and right now placements are even worse. If META changes to assassin or burst damage play accordingly and not all adc are weak right now. Champions like {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} have been strong in solo and duo lane for long time, but because most of the players don't know how to play adc champ they screw up. Just had a game where {{champion:18}} top and {{champion:236}} adc were playing like bots, I switch roles to make them help and stop opponents from going full force, but not only they int, they troll and have no common sense. "If I am not carry, game should be lost" is the mentality they have and it is common to see autofilled support players hate them because they get blamed all time for adc's mistake. Mid or supp I build defensive items and even if I am ahead I build it because I want to delay giving my bounty as long as possible, but without this common sense of-course adc will be deleted so fast. If ADC players don't know how to play adc and play safe with defensive items just go mage in carry as mages are very good against almost all champion types.
Ez to say hard to do.You try adc then say all of this.{{item:3047}} is an item that few adc can take it because most adcs need {{item:3006}} .And armor..magic resist?Wtf are you a tank? You are the dmg dealer thats what you are.Until you reach 4 5 items keep dreaming.YOu need your core or 0 dmg.
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: 24 lp per win???????? G1
Maybe because you get near the elo you was last season?For example me p4 at the moment i get 24 per win too and i was d4 s9. So closer i get to my ex elo the lower lp i gain.It shouldnt be like this especially if you have a decent winrate but yeh..thats how system works.
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