Tarolock (EUNE)
: >League of legends isn't playable anymore. People are openly inting in ranked games and riot does nothing about it. im in high silver and dont even remember the last time i met with ppl who inted in my games... poor gameplay/teamwork is more common which is fine by me, noone born challenger... >People are flaming and wishing you death (or worse), you report them, and there is no message about them being banned. the first punishment for flaming is chat restriction, and you NEVER get message about that, and you get that message only like 10% of the times you report someone, and you dont get it at all if the guy is banned after the next game he is playing rather than in the game you just did with him >Poeple flame you in game and when you respond to them or try to have a conversation using arguments you are the one getting banned. if you flame you get banned... its simple as that, and if your definition of "trying to have a conversation" is flaming/verbally abusing them then dont be surprised that you get banned... mute them as fast as you can and report them after the game, im pretty sure you cant get banned for that >Very disappointed because I have been playing since season 2 and to see this game at this very low state is saddening. im playing since season 3 and i think the game is getting better each season, too bad the same cant be said about the community... >I am strongly considering giving up on the game and encouraging my friends to do the same as they are having a hard time trying to enjoy this mess. if you have to try to have fun then why do you bother? i play games just to have fun, if i have to try i just find a game where i can have fun without trying... you dont have to hold on a burning hot handle when there are a million colder ones out there... >The banning system is unfair. it bans toxic ppl, how is that unfair? >The champions are unbalanced. which ones? because the ones im hearing about are mostly the new ones and those are unbalanced because ppl dont know how to play against them yet... >The client is rubbish and breaks every day. since we have the new client i never had any problem with it other than the hextech tab not working after games, but that can be fixed by clicking on shop and on hextech again... >I understand the game isn't in its prime anymore and now it's just about milking as much money as you can before the game dies but it is very upsetting. a 10 year old game with pretty active pro/esport scene, millions of players every day etc is not over its prime imo... maybe its just YOU who got bored of it? and thats totally fine too, you can leave noone forces you to play >My team wouldn't listen and kept flaming me so I started arguing to explain why they are wrong. After the game I received a 14 day ban. so you flamed back and got banned... it seems like the punishment system is as fair as it can be... >Few weeks ago I reported a person who told me he would r*pe my sister, slit my mother's throat and kill me. I never received a message of that person being banned. he prolly got a chat restriction, you never get a message for chat restrictions >The report/ban system is a complete joke and you will see more players leaving the game because of the developers/rioters not being competent at doing their job. it banned you, so its working fine... and if this means that the toxic ppl who think the punishment system is trash are leaving then https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/490/511/148.jpg >All about the money none of the points you made are about the money, so how is this all about the money?
Just because you have a different experience with the game doesn't mean my points are invalid. If I am unable to have a conversation with some people insulting me and I can't explain them why they are wrong without getting banned and that makes me toxic then yeah, I guess it's a win:win situation. So narrow-minded.
: Never experience inting in ranked.
I guess we are not talking about the same game
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Do you keep seeing the same people all the time? No? then how do you know that riot doesn't care If you'd just look at the boards for a while, you'd see multiple threads complaining about bans/chat restrictions. Meaning that riot does care Riot has an automated system that punishes people when they break the rules. It can't really pick and choose, It just punishes all rule breakers, so...... Except that i'm having fun when i'm playing league
You don't want to solve the problem or try to understand the side of people complaining about unfair system. You just want to be right while sitting on a high horse. People complaining about the unfair judgement does not mean that riot cares. It means the system is bad and needs changes.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: You do know that most of the time you won't get an ifr if someone gets punished And just because other people are breaking the rules, doesn't mean you're allowed to break the rules freely
Doesn't matter. I see these people every game which means Riot doesn't give a flying f*ck about it and selectively bans people instead of having actual rules and regulations. The community will become worse and worse because the players are starting to realise that the company doesn't care about them. If you want to play a game and have fun don't choose league.
CenarX (EUNE)
: Goodbye League of Legends
I agree. This game became a joke and the developers don't care anymore. They should sent written apologies to the players being banned for petty, unfair reasons like this.
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