: :) well I wish you good luck. To acknowledge a weakness is the first step to improvement.
: So you tell me you have basic knowledge but you just posted already you don't. That makes no sense.
Lets make it clear: I know the spells and some %s of the champs, know the stats of items, but I do not know a lot of things that mains may know or maybe I know something wrong. But my friends not and becouse of this tips in these thing can be useful too Hope I explaned myself. And sorry for the trouble.
: 1 your playstyle is not unique 2 if you use boards it will drive you out of your goal
1 I meant that only some play this way. If you can send me a pro like me. I know that I have to upgrade my playstyle. 2 how? You look like a helping one.
Èclair (EUNE)
: Well, if you send me a replay from one of your games or add me in-game so I can spectate I can pick up the errors you make during the game. I had a glimpse at your match history. From what I can gather: * I don't think you should be building Muramana on Lucian; * Gunblade isn't that good as it sounds. Ahri and Veigar benefit better from full AP items since they can't utilize the Cutlass part of this item very well; * Try swapping second summoner spells a bit more often. Exhaust is good for duelling but Ignite and TP are also useful; * Always buy boots unless playing Cassio. The amount of utility they give is too good to trade it for regular item. I can't really say anything more just by looking at your stats. As I said, if you want me to elaborate more you can add me in game or via my discord handle Eclair#1345.
Will see what can do. Until that: 1) Last time I played Lucian that was good, but after I bought I realized my misstake 2) Its my fetish... I know it's bad and I want to abandon it... But I need time to learn the power of recall. 3) I am used others too, now I am testing how it works and where I can use it. 4) I know I know... Boots they are OP... But novadays I forget about them sometimes. Anyway thanks! Will try to contact you!
: So you are generally lacking overall basic knowledge.: Item build Mechanics Exp in different champ kits All stuff that you can look up and learn by yourself and that will probably take some time and practice. I suggest you mimic pro/semi pro players there are a ton of video content that you can learn from.
You misstaken me. I know the basic knowledge (okay, the meta isn't clear becouse I did left out 2 months) but my friends have little of it (one of them didn't known Urgot's ultimate) I did searched the net for builds and it helped a lot, but as I know my friends they won't. Anyway thanks for the advises I'll try to make them search.
: the fastest way to improve is to watch and copy the profesional players of each one of your roles and champions. Once there, u can start analyzing by your own. Also try to use variety of strategies, fail and learn from your tries, dont just stay with the same strategy/runes/builds all the time, u wont learn like that. And most important: keep a good mentality, dont play too much, focus on yourself, and dont ever think "im so good, im playing perfectly now, i will keep playing this way" becouse then you start ignoring ur mistakes and u wont improve.
I watched a lot of video from pros. I know that I won't reach diamond, maybe gold maybe silver. But novadays I didn't watched any, so I will watch some than. Our team is mostly play draft becouse we still study so we are tired often, but when possible we go for a maximum of 5 ranked. And we play different games too, like wow, csgo etc. I always try out different builds (mostly I make them). I have many unique strategy that I know I can play. Also I love trying out new ones. Thanks for the advises! I will watch more video than.
: i will tell you how .... never open boards again ... at first copy 1 pro player you like most .... not all of them... then find your play style ... mute all at the first sec in the game ..." that what made tfblade rank 1 muting all help you alot "
We are muteing a lot of time, but not at the start only at the first flame. I tried this copying but did not found one similar to my playstyle only ones whos is too different (I have a unique playstyle built on suprise bursts to scare enemys) Anyway, thanks for your advises! I did not asked my friends to try to copy someone. About the never open boards again part... Why? There are bad advises or something?
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: 1) Choose your roles and stick with them 2) 2 3 champions per role. 3) Playing defensive only comes after getting hardcore recked or when the player knows what to do and how to win. this means more experience needed=play against them. 4) seek another team of your level willing to help and do some skirmishes
1) we are trying to do just that. 2) One of our jg is zac one trick. The others are have at most 4 champ/role 3) I meant when he get behind but this is true. He needs more experience. 4) thats a good idea. A lot of time we get 3 vs 5 premade match ups and still win but those 5s are mostly not speaking ones. We will keep your advises! Thanks.
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