: i would be on board with that and i'm sure they will think of something (they don't want to blow everything in the first season they implement it) i believe there is a kayle skin that's retired and there should be black alistar and human ryze that, despite being given to those who preordered the game, could be tewaked a bit and turned into honor exclusives. and yes, apparently someone preordered a MOBA. plus, nothing stops them from CREATING new skins just for honor capsules :D
I like ur positive thinking :)
: {{champion:17}} is also a cute little girl
: Probably not since medieval twitch and grey Warwick were skins you could get in the refer a friend program. They're as legacy as it goes. There are plenty of skins you can buy or get out of chests that you can "identify with".
Yep, I do identify with a lot of the skins or champs I bought, I just meant there is no honor for girls/female furries and other creatures vaguely of the same sex as me...
: they didn't make those 2 skins for the capsules, you know? those where limited skins you can't get anywhere else, not even as a shard.
I know. It was my poor choice of words, not MAKE, then chose one of the limited girl skins in the past..
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