: I want to trade My Heart, Soul and Gemstones for someone very very special!
Difference between that and this is that they state they have the 10 gemstones and want to trade it in, you haven't stated how many gem stones you have, maybe you should edit that in~? Also hope it works out, great that you've found a soulmate, hopefully you 2 will stay together even if this doesn't work out~! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} meanwhile I'll be enjoying the show from the backseats~
Rioter Comments
: Please block laggers
They've already stated something about this and how unreasonably hard it is to do Cuz as soon you go into a game you get connected to some server and that ping will be different from what your ping would be on the client So let's say even tho ur client ping is on 200 it may be lower in game, or 10 on client but 200 ingame Or something like that, my memory is as good as a nutshell, so I don't remember the reason exactly but I know for certain it couldn't happen from what they said.
: I switched to quick cast even before i started playing ranked. But i agree normal cast is pretty important. I usually use normal cast on {{champion:412}} 'E', quick-casting it is a pain
Yeah I'd imagine that! idk how people would quick cast Thresh E tbh. Though I also find it hard to do it with those abilities you just have to hit, like blitz and thresh Q, I'd like to aim my shot up before I actually shoot it
Zoulspook (EUW)
: The 5 Tricks to Climbing Ranked Nobody Told You
I play in high plat with normal cast as much as possible, don't think it's a _**MUST**_ to have quick-cast only to reach a higher tier, though I agree it'd help if you can actually use it, I for one, can only use it on specific abilities, such as Yasuo E (as normal cast is just insanely stupid to use it on), Zoe Q and so on.
: wat
: You can use if you want, is royalty free =3=
How sweet of you <3
Musculus (EUW)
: Are you serious right now. He claims I'm lying about my mother **_dying_**. If this is the community i miss I don't think i want to be unbanned.
Let me honest with you right now, even though your story may be true or not, I felt sympathy for you for all those people calling you a liar, but you're really not helping yourself when you're talking down to people - you're digging your own grave. Even if your story was true, the people here will never know if it was true or not, and therefore it's only normal to assume that an unbelievable story didn't happen, as it doesn't happen in your normal day-to-day life, I wouldn't blame them for not trusting you and/or your story. You do not get sympathy or trust back from other people by verbally harassing them. Not all people are like this, that's why I still play league of legends, if the community used as harsh words as you did, I would've quit a long time ago, or just /muteall on every single match, nobody would enjoy being verbally abused to that extent. Gouging ones eye sockets with your thumbs? What kind of horrible person would you be to think of such a scenario with a stranger that doesn't believe your story? Is that how you should treat people that actually cared to read your story and voice their opinion? No, you should argument against what they say and thereby strengthen how believable your story is, or disregard them totally, there's no reason to go this far for some stranger to wish death and pain upon them. Even when I wished for your account not to return (explanation below in a reply on an other comment), I still wished for the best of luck for you, I wish for you to return stronger and better than ever. I hope your statements about you being different in game is true, but this also shows that there's another side of you that you have to take care of. -Best of wishes, some random league player {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Saljin (EUW)
: well we are not missing a friendly person on the rift it seems.
> [{quoted}](name=Saljin,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=JUocNLRk,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-17T13:01:13.048+0000) > > well we are not missing a friendly person on the rift it seems. Indeed... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Musculus (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Musculus,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=JUocNLRk,comment-id=000000000001000000010000,timestamp=2018-03-17T11:35:11.219+0000) > > As mentioned in the story you %%%%ing pig, I&#x27;m a senior in high school and graduating this year, I can even show my student ID card if you really are that much of a cynical prick. This summer I&#x27;ll be working part time at a restaurant but for the rest of the time I wanna play video games, I&#x27;ve been playing all my life and it&#x27;s really fun, so why should I stop? You&#x27;re %%%%ing disgusting to another level. If i had you infront of me I&#x27;d %%%%ing shove my thumbs into your eye sockets and rip you in half you %%%%ing, animal. Wow... So many comments saying they don't believe you, and honestly, I felt bad for you for not being believed, as nobody has the right to tell you whether what you're saying is right or wrong, they have no evidence to prove so, people just assume things. But you're being so rude and verbally abusing to people here, maybe your account should have been banned for verbal harassment instead of attempt on selling the account. The sympathy you got from me has now been lost, please be more careful with your words from now on, or even your followers will turn against you. I hope you do not get your account back, not because you actually tried to sell your account, but either way you deserve a ban with all that harassment in you, I've seen other comments here, you've verbally harassed Stern multiple times. May the best of luck be with you in other cases, and may you find peace of mind. - Some random league player {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: I made dis
You made dis? ... **Steals** ... I made dis.
: She just got buffed tho... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Yeah, so they made her late game just a little bit worse than before her nerfs (cuz E doesn't get reduced CD for hitting with it, and it gets cleansed during either of the phases of her E(which it's supposed to, don't get me wrong). Her early game is so trash that it'd be a handicap to pick her though, especially with all the assassin junglers going around right now. Just because she was buffed from literally dead to below average doesn't mean she's not dead compared to what she was to begin with. Also, on another note, 2 downvotes? Smh, people really not liking Zoe, huh... Deserves more love tbh {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Kai'sa is the funnest champ they've made.
Wrong Zoe is the most fun Riot killed Zoe though, I understand why, but it's still sad to lose a fun champion. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I'm a support main and I know in general it's easier than other roles but the thing is while you're not focused on CS ing and trying not do die in the mean time ( like ADC ) you have other responsibilities. personally I don't play shield/heal bot supports (unless I have a {{champion:96}} ADC in that case I pick {{champion:117}} ) they are boring for me and in my elo ( low elo ) you can't rely on your ADC to carry so I play playmaking supports like {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} and {{champion:26}} and let me tell you if anyone thinks these champions need less skill than any other role you can just mute them since their opinion is not worth your time. they might not have sick combos like {{champion:64}} or {{champion:238}} but in order to make them work you must have a good chunk of game knowledge, and a hell ton of map awareness. supports provide most of the vision control on the map witch is huge and it's not something to joke about. they work as the frontline and CC machines and in most cases they sacrifice them self so the enemy team can't have the shut down on their carries. and this last thing is the most underrated thing of all. support is the shot caller in the bot lane. ( keep in mind I'm talking about low elo ) the ADC is busy farming while support is trying to deny as much farm as they can from the enemy ADC or simply poke them and prepare for an all in. thanks to the new runes and items mage supports have no problem about 1 v 1 ing the enemy ADC so even the damage output is there and overall this role does way more things than any other ( maybe not jungler ) and I love it. I really don't understand why people don't like it. do they think they have to get all the kills to be useful in a game? do they think if they don't get 300 CS in a game they can't do anything? here's the thing about supports : they have OP kits. they have CC, high base damage and survive / escape tools so they don't need money to make them work. money is for the right click machine ( ADC ) so when they do right click, it hurts more ( no offence you know it's true ) supports don't need many items to be useful since they have all they need in their Q W E and R you just have to learn how to use them. and when you do it can be the most enjoyable role in this game
I see "Boring shield supports" I see {{champion:26}} I upvote. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
beachbugy (EUW)
: Is Renkton meant to get angry over honeyfruit?
Is that... Fruit?! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Need Advice from High Elo players
**1:** Play less different champions for the same lane, focus more on a few champions for your main lane and just a few less or the same amount for your secondary lane. **2:** Roam. I see you main mid, if you're ahead and your teammates are the ones costing you the game, you're not supposed to go for the mid laner and get 200-250 gold extra, unless you're close to destroying the turret, if you are, ask your jungler to help you get the turret and roam top or bot afterwards. You've recently lost cuz of a fed Tryndamere, if you let Tryndamere as much as go even in a lane (Especially against an assassin like Akali!) you're in deep trouble. **3:** Don't go Aery on Veigar, it hurts to look at. Go either Spellbook if you know how to use it, Electrocute to make your combo deal more damage or Comet for more poke early game. If you're not certain what keystone to go on a champion, make sure to check out a few guides - even if the guides suck, if most of them indicate the same keystone, then it's probably best go to that one. **4:** Always strive to become better, I see you played Crit Zed in a normal, don't waste your time on that, focus on getting the basics done first, max out your potential on your few mains. If you're gonna play normal either practice a new champion seriously or warm up/practice with the champions you main. **5:** May only be one game, but when you play an off-tank/bruiser (Looking at that Jax game), focus more on getting tanky, you had a Kayle, Veigar, Morgana and Miss Fortune on your team, you have literally no tank nor engage on your team, Jax is more of a follow-up, so for the follow-up to be squishy is a very bad idea (Somehow you won though, cheers). **5.5:** This has to do with point 5 - Play according to your team, fill in their gaps, even if you can't maximize your potential by playing differently, you should learn to do so and play champions that fit the team more, like picking a tankier jungle with that comp you had - gladly someone with engage like Rammus, Skarner, Hecarim and such. **6: **This goes against what I said on point 1, but if you can, try to play the champions in meta, they always help out more than someone out of meta unless you're much more adept on said champion than the meta champions. I'd rather have a mastery 7 Morgana Mid even though she's out of meta than a mastery 2-3 Veigar that is in meta. If you are mastery 7 on both Morgana and Veigar, and Veigar is in meta, rather go Veigar then. **7:** Again, regarding point 1, this is solely for lower ranks for you to focus on getting out of there, once you get higher you want to master more champions and become more diverse, and get ready to be autofilled etc. For now, focus on point 1 more than anything else Hope I helped, I know you asked for a high elo player, but I was only high-plat last season. Good luck on the Rift {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Kelan (EUW)
: Janna Q
Why don't we fund this? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
wldhunt (EUW)
: Remake-Suggestion
TL;DR: This would be abused to reduce your LP loss and nullify the LP gain from your enemy, therefore it wouldn't and shouldn't be implemented.
: Talk about ranks
Most common rank for most/all servers should be Silver 5, Silver & Bronze are the most common ranks, and anything above is above average, therefore - good. high silver is better than average, Gold is good, Plat is better, etc. With the difference in population and biased / unbiased opinions, people usually say that EUW is harder - and therefore - better than EUNE, I don't really agree on that aspect, but to every their own. If you're S2 and your friends have higher rank but lower MMR, they should get less LP from winning and lose more LP from losing than you, don't care about their comments about your rank, they don't matter, just keep playing and become better, show them how good you are It's hard to climb in bronze/silver when you play flex because flex and solo/duo ranked is different, you could fight totally different MMR players on flex than Solo/duo, as they are different ranked queues. If you're bronze on flex but silver 2 on solo/duo, you'll prob be fighting bronzes at flex, and those bronzes may be gold or something on solo/duo, therefore better/harder on you than at solo/duo. This can make your enemies harder, and your allies r still bronze/Silver, therefore it can be harder to climb. I'd focus on getting better than climbing, the season just started, it won't run off anywhere, practice instead of climbing, there's no reason to climb yet. I hope I answered all your questions, good luck on the Rift {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Ryze ult idea
Ryze rework? Let's do it, one time has to be the first {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
iSneez (EUNE)
: first they give you free stuff as gifts then people complain about free gifts as its a right not a privilege to get them them :D old players like me that played before season 1, played for years without free gifts, no free skins, no icons (well not so many as today) no emotes, no champion mastery. we grind for ip and that ip was use for champions, runes and rune pages, we played years to have all champions and all 20 rune pages and not even all runes but a lot of them but took us YEARS. Nobody complain about it and we had fun and toxicity was low, we didn't get flamed and blame every game. New generation of spoiled brats kids emerged and now you have So many free skins that you can can get around 20 / season (estimative didn't make a calculation but atleast 10 for sure), you get emotes, icons and champion masteries -but you complain and want MORE AND MORE and say stuff that it's not fair like you paid money for them or you payed money for a subscription to play League and they promises free skins and now they not give you You win Be now wich you need to buy only champions since runes are free and rune pages not so need since you can edit them fast in champ select, and even if you want them you need to pay only for champs + rune pages not for so many runes like old players did - BUT YOU COMPLAIN, omg riotttttttttt we gain so less Be then ip it not fair And after so much nagging and complaining form the new generation of players that there free stuff it's to little and not fair, we also get flamed in evyr game, and blamed and told that we are KIDs or that we don't knwo the game that we play before you discover erection
I think it has more to do with what we had before and it was removed than people being spoiled You can imagine how annoyed one would be if they got their phone upgraded 4 versions better and it's like the best thing that has happened in their lives, and suddenly they go back to a version that is 3 versions worse - sure, it was better than the one you had at first, but in comparison to the best you had before, it's bad, and people can't see why it couldn't stay as it was. Btw your arguments and caps and "riottttttttt" do not make your arguments seem better at all, and you're talking down to people as if you were better than them, so I'd refrain from doing that if you're looking for people to agree with you. {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: Shes not trash tier. She went from being the queen of midlane to still being a relevant midlaner.
Say that to her winrate down at 42% lmao
Shukr4n (EUW)
: what? i didnt give him a fish. i was teaching him how to fishing. actual tips? read better: stop using a glass cannon xin and look for those 3 links. now he have the ability to use those 3 link for whichever champion he want to play. "fishing" i told him to upgrade trinket, to buy pinks. have i to play his game too? "harsh" are we going over the point everyone feel offended for everything? is teher evn more? damn me.,
You never know with people, so rather play it safe and not be... "harsh" And rather teach a person how to fish than tell them that they need 20 fishes per morning like their Diamond neighbor.
: A champion call targon
Let's make a champion called Zaun too! How about Piltover? Wait, wait, I've got it... Demacia!!! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: the only reason i m asking is that if a friend of mine goes to my match history, he can see a remade match as a victory and not as a non concluded game.
A remade game counts as a win to the team that didn't remake it through missions if it requires it though, so guess this has some truth to it.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: ok first of all. i was silver 3 with a s4 mmr in preseason. so i expect to go down in ladder when i will do my 10 games. (i stopped playing since preseason and planned to come back only for new champ) your xin build is totally silly u build glass cannon, which is coinflip, u can stomp or be roflstomped. propbably more stomped since if someone cc u u explode. build a proper itemization. look for op.gg or lolvvv.com or probuilds.net but please, stop playuing that build. on xin. start buying pink wards. u never use them. they are crucial. u never upgrade your trinket. neither as support. it s bad. lol is a teamgame, not a fighting game. it s a strategy game, not aram. play properly and eventually u raise. im sure
Actual tips?! You may be a little harsh towards whoever you're guiding, whether people who view this post or the OP of this post, but actually giving tips instead of critics is the way forward for the community, I praise you! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Ivern is the coolest champion ever and not a troll pick
Zoe needs some love too {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Talon needs high damage to oneshot casters with W. Same as 1W and 1 AA per melee. And we are counting that those few champs also need to use aa's, like Talon, so it does take some time regardless of spells used. Zoe could just use 2 Q's without aa's which are on super low cd. Nerfs were probably too harsh but Riot said they are making her weak right now and they will address her in some time.
Talon doesn't need high damage, I have over 50 games played on Talon between middle of S7 and now (I'm not a Talon main), all he needs is a single lethality item and a few more components while being around lvl 9 to one-shot the caster minions. Again, the problem wasn't that they'd only need a single ability to kill the wave, the problem was how much longer it'll take for Zoe to kill the wave minions. Don't forget the nerf she got at the previous patch, where they increased the cooldown. Sure, it was only 0.25 by rank 5, but it was still a wooping 1.25 by rank 1. This also doesn't mean that she should have to use 3 times the amount of Q's than she could before to kill the minion wave, how much mana do you think 6 Q's would cost? It's too unreasonable and Zoe would be forced to keep autoattacking her wave all the time. If the enemy plays it smart he can choose between keeping the minions at Zoe's turret and deny her farm, or at his turret and lure her in for a gank. Either way it's very unhealthy and unreasonable. The nerfs were indeed too harsh, and as I said before - they overnerfed her, and she'll be the new Azir, nerfed to oblivion until some minor buffs happens every 3 patches or so (1 patch per 2 weeks, you'll do the math as to how many months it'll take for Zoe to land at a good spot). What a waste, such a fun champion killed, either because people can't balance her or the community complaining too much over a simple kit. Don't get me wrong, she was OP, but overnerfing her isn't the answer either.
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Fun for player playing her, but not for anyone else. > and she literally can't wave clear anything anymore, it already took at least 2 q's and a few basic attacks to kill a wave, while for others it would cost only 1 spell. Who can clear an entire creep wave with only 1 spell?
Talon with 1 W and 1 AA per melee minion. Xerath Q (if high enough AP kek) AD Carry with enough crit and statikk shiv. The problem wasn't that it was only 1 spell or not, the problem is that Zoe needs 6 Q's to kill each minion if she wants to kill them with abilities, and that's without counting in the fact that the Q won't even kill melee minions at laning phase. Zoe has been degraded from the midlane and can only be played as support now.
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Zoe Nerfs - Good or Bad?
They overnerfed her and she's going to become the old Azir, overnerfed and forgotten for seasons until some light shines back in somehow with lots of minor buffs every 3rd patch. Honestly I feel the exact reverse of this post, it's not like she usually sees someone TP in front of her, so the only way of her getting a TP would be through minions, and if she is overpowered then it's okay to remove that. I'm also happy that you can finally cleanse her E, I didn't see any point in that. But why would you remove the AOE from her Q? The AOE wasn't even that big, and she literally can't wave clear anything anymore, it already took at least 2 q's and a few basic attacks to kill a wave, while for others it would cost only 1 spell. Now you're telling me it can't go through minions, yet it'll only hit one? That's as good as a Nidalee Q in lane (Which is why she became a jungler seasons ago). Reducing the ratio from 0.40 to a wooping down-low of 0.20, halving it, is quite a hard hit as well. I believe picking Zoe as she is now will result in it being a troll pick as much as Aatrox - actually even more troll than Aatrox, now that he's finally gaining a few buffs here and there. One of the most fun champions ever, and she gets killed like this, how sad... {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Yeah, it's easy. I feel like you're trying to justify Zoe, when the vast majority of people see glaring issues. Why else do Riot keep nerfing her?
Of course we're justifying Zoe, as you can see, the changes on the very post disregarding comment section is trying to find a way to change up Zoe to make her more acceptable by the community, however, is already quite an overnerf, and now you're talking about taking that and going even further beyond? That is ridiculous, and when I try to justify my case you come with small regards and not enough argumentation. Why would biased people have as much right as other people to talk about champion balance? Instead of being objective they're being subjective, and nothing good comes form being subjective about a subject that regards multiple people. Sure, being slightly biased is acceptable, people are not robots, but letting your feelings overwrite what is truly important is the worst thing you can do if you actually want to balance the champion, and not kill it. Talon and Kata don't have to choose anything, 1 AA per melee minion and a W is enough to clear the whole wave, which lets him roam around. I don't play Kata so I don't know what she does to wave clear but it works well, and she has enough mobility to back off afterwards. Akali has her E which can hit the whole enemy minion wave, meanwhile Zoe (Which I've played a lot) can only one-shot caster minions at max range with only a Doran's ring, if even that. Now with the patch 8.4 changes even that is impossible, I don't know how her laning phase is going to be with these changes, but it'll be one hell of a hard ride now, as it already took at least 2 good Q's to kill the minion wave, now it only hits one of the 6 minions? And that's without thinking about what to do against the laner. The damage is reduced too. Also, regarding your last comment, I'll copy paste my original comment: State something worthy of being heard instead of spreading meaningless hate for champions you simply do not like or had a bad game with. _It doesn't help to get sassy_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: Yasuo can be nerfed to hell and back and I'll never complain {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} . Really? Comparing broken Zoe with broken LeBlanc? Riot have already stated that this is an issue on LB, I agree, she SHOULD NOT have waveclear and assassination potential so easily. Not even biased, just being real.
What about the other champions I've named? Akali, Talon, Katarina, there's even more out there that I haven't named! Also what you said about Yasuo is proof that you're being biased, not to mention only talking about 1 of the champs I named for the sake of having a counter argument. Also literally nothing mentioning what I talked about when it came to the lack of mobility and compared Zoe to Xerath, as well as my comment about her W. I don't mind replies but if they're not backed up by anything then I can't see it as anything but being biased, biased people have no business discussing champion balance... State something worthy of being heard instead of spreading meaningless hate for champions you simply do not like or had a bad game with.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: I hear her crying every time i ban. So no problem.
> [{quoted}](name=TheLynxMan,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xk1bQ3FA,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2018-02-21T05:22:34.170+0000) > > I hear her crying every time i ban. So no problem. How dare you, so cruel {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
green7501 (EUNE)
: Yes but her ult is better in diffrent aspect than Yi's. You can have 2 flashes, an item active that you dont own and easy magic damage. Also, her E is pretty balanced considering the original one.
> [{quoted}](name=green7501,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xk1bQ3FA,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2018-02-21T13:41:12.140+0000) > > Yes but her ult is better in diffrent aspect than Yi&#x27;s. You can have 2 flashes, an item active that you dont own and easy magic damage. Also, her E is pretty balanced considering the original one. I think you meant "2 flashes, an item active that you don't own OR easy magic damage, as you can't have both the flash and an item active and "easy magic damage" at the same time, unless you count in teamfighting where you can pick up lots of spellshards, but that's Zoe's skill looking for those spellshards in the middle of the teamfight to turn everything from a loss to a win, therefore, not broken. Besides, I'd rather have a Yi with 1 flash, ult and an alpha strike (Or even without), than a Zoe with 2 flashes that can do nothing close combat. Also, about her E being pretty balanced, could you at least explain yourself as to how it's more balanced that/this way? I've already explained why it makes her E literally useless, so some explaining or counter argumentation against my claim would be nice. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: W nerf would mean she has to choose to use summs or not in the moment and can't zone people forever. She doesn't need waveclear. She is essentially a long-range assassin-mage right now, so remove her waveclear if Riot are so intent on keeping her OS potential. Yasuo nerfs would be nice too. Not even biased, just being real here.
Yasuo already got friggin' gutted lmao, his E is sh't and no matter what you max it's bad, all his power is from base damage & masteries early, and items at late game, his ult is also extremely bad early game now that he only gains the pen if he crits, meaning all he gets from it is the passive refresh, CC followup & "teleporting" to the enemy ulted, the damage itself is laughable, and only does damage if Yasuo knows what he's doing and AA's & Q's right after his ult. (Or just Q's if enemy has mobility). If Zoe doesn't need waveclear, then why does LB have waveclear, or Akali? Or Talon? Katarina? They're all assassins with high mobility, Zoe has no mobility and therefore has longer range, it just makes sense, just like Xerath, high range, nice burst, no mobility. Also W has already gained several nerfs, including no more hextech gunblade (understandable), no more teleport (Hurts, but can do), the 3 blobs she gets for using a summoner does literally no damage, and the burst of speed is just a bonus, having a summoner only last 5 seconds forces her into actually using it or else she'd lose a valuable summoner spell. Sounds kinda biased tbh.
: Zoe shouldn't have waveclear. Dropped summs should last for only 5 seconds. E should be instantly cleansable. Q should be a larger and brighter particle. There, slightly more acceptable.
> [{quoted}](name=Shade Of Wolf,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xk1bQ3FA,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2018-02-20T22:26:15.506+0000) > > Zoe shouldn&#x27;t have waveclear. Dropped summs should last for only 5 seconds. E should be instantly cleansable. Q should be a larger and brighter particle. > > There, slightly more acceptable. I agree with the E part, and the Q being brighter (And maybe larger), but I can't see why dropped summs would only last for 5 seconds, how would she actually get to use them in combat? Easily bait her too, sounds like the Yasuo Q nerf only giving him 4.5(or less) seconds to fire/charge up his tornado Also without Waveclear what better would Zoe be than an assassin? Assassins would have more mobility and higher burst, while Zoe would only have her poke left, being blocked by a single minion or a full-build tank. Sounds slightly biased there.
Furianu (EUW)
: How to fix Zoe properly
This literally kills Zoe though, doesn't it? Not only did you reduce the damage of the Q, but you made it literally impossible to hit the sleepy bubble without any other kind of CC How are you supposed to hit the sleep bubble when it travels and has the cast time it has? Also the trap now only lasts for 3 seconds (Which would be understandable, if the terrain thing was the same) This makes Zoe's bubble a worse version of Xerath's E(Stun ball), as it travels faster and has higher range, difference being the sleepy effect adding more damage, and the Xerath E stunning for longer the longer the ball traveled. Also, about the ult, does it not seem underwhelming? Sure, you gain a burst of movementspeed(MS), but it only lasts for 1-2-3 seconds? Really? That's nothing, what are you gonna do with a 40% movementspeed increase if it is gone in literally 1 second? For an ultimate? "What about the spellshards?" Try to explain to me how those spellshards can compete with Master Yi's ult, making him faster, attack faster and immune to anything but hard CC? Compared to Yi, with the current nerfs to this ability as W (Meaning no hextech gunblade nor Teleport, which is understandable right now, but not with this kit), how in the hell would they compete? (Excuse my language.) I'm glad people are actually looking for a change instead of just crying about how OP Zoe is, but this is not a definite solution, this'll be the new Azir after he was nerfed to oblivion and literally forgotten about, which makes me very sad, as it seems like Riot has similar changes in their mind, overnerfing Zoe and then return to her/rework her on a later date. I hope very heavily a rework won't happen, as she seems as one of the most (If not the most) fun and creative champion in League at the moment. (May be a stretch with the creative part but still, never had as much fun as with Zoe.) Is this reply biased? Maybe, considering I like Zoe, but objectively, you can't deny the fact that this kit is underwhelming compared to other champs, and suddenly those champs will just be picked instead, leaving Zoe behind in the dust (Do you want to see her crying? Do you? I don't). A change is needed, nerfs too (hopefully no more after the next patch hits live), but change too much and you'll ruin everything. -inb4 hate comin for liking Zoe {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Me telling my team needs to ward more..
He placed 3 wards (probably in laning phase), I'd call that a miracle. Props for playing Zilean {{champion:26}} , good luck with ward placing in the future {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Ferroroent,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=YEmWjEt5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-14T23:27:04.019+0000) > > hello good evening, i had the same issue but today i&#x27;ve just bought the skin of kat. warring kingdoms and i can&#x27;t not use the golden crhoma, (i adquired the package before because i thought tht included the skin). So now i only have -975 rp and a kat sumoner icon. Plis help me to solve tht. > thx . I took a quick look and you seem good to go from me! What issue are you experiencing/what do you see in champion select?
And so, the client asking the Riot Employee never came back Who knows what happened to him All we know is that still Until this day, and forever on The Riot Employee will wait for his client with determination of steel... It's 6:25 AM what am I doing with my life...{{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Champion Idea: Marco the Dockworker
I love the creativity behind this! I don't know about how he'd fit into League of Legends but holy molly that sounds awesome as hell! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: thunder lord aurelion sol
Battlecast Aurelion Sol would be nice, a mecha dragon flying around with bright or dark orbs hovering around him, I could see that happening. Make it an epic skin and add electricity on the ult and stuff, that would be cool! Or just make it a 975 RP skin, either way I bet it'd sell well Now that I think about it a 975 Aurelion battlecast skin would be dope af {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
FMSonto (EUW)
: Hi again! So is it ok for the reflector to be stronger because you disable your ally's actions? What I like is that it could be a Braum-shield with Sivir's Spellshield, which is super innovative. Could you maybe take that approach? **What I meant about the presentation** is kind of [this post:](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/fWHPljmh-djeltic-kumungun-pelter) The overview here makes the page a breeze to read, and especially for the Riot-moderators that have to spend 8 hours a day staring at a screen, an organized post can truly make the difference between something that gets noticed or something that sinks to the bottom of the cesspool we call League of Legends Boards. And that would be a shame because you actually have designed a pretty good champion. **What I meant on the Surpress** is that there currently is no champion that has a surpress-cc in the basic abilities except for Tahm Kench, who needs to have dealt 3 attacks before he is able to do so. Especially considering the strenght of surpresses, getting one in a basic kit that alos has some true damage woven in their is a big challenge.
Well firstly about the W, it's not like the true damage is such a big factor, especially not in the early game, as the base damage is incredibly weak, so I imagine people would max it 2nd or last, and even though it is a suppress-CC ability, it needs you to be in almost melee AA range. Thanks to the low damage, it is even less powerful than Tahm Kenches' suppress ability, so I think it'd be fair to make it possible to throw the opponents further than Tahm. ( of course I'm mentioning Tahm a lot right now but it's not like I thought up the ability on basis of him tbh.) I see your point however, being able to instantly cast a suppress with a further throw than Tahm without setting it up can sound troublesome, how would reducing the suppress time by 0.5 second sound? It'd last only 1 second, which in comparison is much shorter than Tahm. Honestly I'd rather keep it as it is cuz if I did reduce it too much it'd force you to throw no matter what, instead of thinking whether you should or not, wonder which one would be the better idea. I honestly think it'd be alright for the reflector on the E to be stronger because I disable my ally's actions, it's a matter of whether how good Salyu can use her ability. Don't forget she's a top-laner too, (with the option of jungling or supporting, maybe some maniacs would try her out in the mid lane~), making her E literally useless as she can't use it on anyone else that early in the game, and even that early it'd be questionable to use it willingly as its cost to use is high (Either 20% of Despair or 20% of Current HP.) I think the way it is now with the option of either making it reflect everything (but not AOE) with disabling Ally's action or to reflect only projectiles (aside from AA's, AOE's still don't count), and letting the ally take action makes it very interesting and less of a duplicate as Braum & Yasuo walls, even though there may be problems with this ability/hard to balance it, if it could be perfected I think it'd be great. EDIT: I've changed the way the post looks like, does it look easier to go through now? I honestly did believe there was something wrong before... Thanks for pointing it out! EDIT EDIT: I changed the W suppress duration from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds for now.
FMSonto (EUW)
: First of all: Wow, great job on creating that lore and kit. Hat's off for that effort. What's great about this post is that her background story translates so well into her gameplay mechanics. The grapple of her W makes perfect sense for a Martial Arts Masteress. Barring the numbers, since they're always subject to change, this looks to be a really well-rounded kit. I think that if you tidy up the looks of this presentation you might have a chance of getting your champ in the game. Also trying to tackle both True damage and Surpress in the basic kit shows that you are willing to take on challenges which is good. On the E: Can I as an Adc still attack while you take over movement? How did you envision it? In my opinion, taking away an allies control is pretty muich the worst way of finding interaction, so you might want to take a second look at that mechanic. One Question: Are your favourite champs Galio, Braum and Tahm Kench?
Actually my favorite champions are Veigar, Zilean and Zoe~ I felt like we needed a new martial artist in League of Legends, yet I'd like some magic in there, and from what you say you think about the lore, it seems like it worked! Tahm & Braum are cool though, Galio is {{sticker:galio-happy}} I thought of the E as a new kind of "wall" like Braum E and Yasuo W, but instead of negating them or absorbing damage, you'll have to take control of your teammate (and costs you despair/hp) with any spells used being reflected towards the enemy (of course not the full damage that'd be ridiculous, however, it does include the CC). I wouldn't mind letting the person I'd E (as Salyu) auto attack or use his spells, but then I'd only make the E a spell reflector, and not auto attack reflector. If it meant my teammate not being able to do anything (kinda like Tahm kench), then it should reflect auto attacks as well, I wonder which one Riot would pick for that scenario... I don't know what you meant about presentation and the suppress part though, so would be very grateful if you could elaborate a little on that part. Thanks so much for the quick feedback though! I really appreciate it! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: unpolished idea for a new champ
There are so many balancing issues... He'd be so incredibly weak His passive is either a way for him to snowball (And even then, it's only 1-3 AD; Comeon, Veigar gets 1 AP per damn ability he hits/minion killed with Q), or a way for him to fall even further behind after dying already. His Q is a literal Camille E but with wave clear damage I guess, and not necessarily required to hit a wall if he wants to use it(?). His W is a nice ability actually, the numbers could be adjusted but I like the concept His E only works on "knocked down" opponents... There are no debuffs, states or anything of the sort that makes people "Knocked **down**", there's knocked up, but that's an entirely different thing that wouldn't make sense. I'd make it into a 2-time ability, kinda like the R: Make the first ability knock someone down (Idk how, I'm not creative), make his second cast of E become the Elbow Drop. Also, the elbow drops damage is very low for requiring someone to be in a certain state tbh. His R kinda sounds like Malzahar ult tbh, but with extra elements. Don't know what to think about that one. Immediate EDIT: Also, there's no casting time specifics on any of the abilities...
: Buy RPs
You'd need RP to buy a transfer from the store, which costs like... 2600 RP if I remember correctly ( I may be wrong, I haven't transferred before, but it should be around that amount. ) I have no idea if you can use a prepaid Brazil card on the EUW server, I mean, it should work, but I've never tried it and I'm too afraid of giving you an answer that I'm not certain about, so let's hope someone else with this knowledge can help you. If possible you could ask a friend or family member to lay out (pay the money with their credit card) for you, and then pay them back in cash. Hope I helped at all, {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} sorry if I didn't{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Once you get better at her she becomes more devastating. Getting better leads lead to her oneshotting people with her long range Q, and also become better at landing her skillshots, which results in oneshots galore from the fog of war. Old Azir was insane too when used properly. Resulting in having no counters at all, having no weakness and being nearly invincible. Tresh also is the #1 Support since release. Once someone is skilled enough to play him good, he becomes very powerful. Yasuo, who was designed by the same person as Zoe also suffers from this. A bad Yasuo will feed hard, the decent one will have good performance, and a really good Yasuo is pretty much invincible. The only reason he is not nerfed more is people in high elo know how to exploit the weaknesses of his kit, while Azir was unstoppable. Zoe destroys even in high ELO because people there are FAR better at utilizing her R and landing her E and Q, and you just can't dodge every one of her Es and Qs in all situations, especially if your teammates are doing their job and lock people down for you. Her E also zones out people, and it's CC effect is affected in a clunky way by CSS and Cleanse. Her W also provides free damage, and enemies also drop shards when they use summoners. If RNG were a such a downside Klepto builds in general weren't so strong. Like I mentioned either on this kind of champions skill reliance only matters until you git gud. After that total annihilation and eternal despair awaits you adversaries. Hence the incoming Q nerfs because the higher the ELO the more dangerous she is. The passive is basically a Lux passive. Nothing special or groundbreaking here, just additional damage from autoweaving, which yet again is no problem for skilled players.
Then there's nothing new to be added then, right? It's a champion that requires skill to be utilized well, yet these champions that require said skill - Yasuo, Azir, and now Zoe are/will all be gutted and nerfed very hard, I was a Yasuo main back in S6 but since they made the duration of his Q giving you only a small window to build up _AND_ release the tornado it just sucked out most of the power Yasuo had, and made it easier to bully him. Tbh reducing the amount of time u have to fire the nado is understandable but building it up too is/was harsh. Even though these champions require skill though, it seems more like they're balancing them for the sake of the higher ELO than the lower ones. How will lower elo/worse Zoes, Azirs and Yasuos have a chance after all these nerfs? I mean I'm in gold-plat, so it doesn't strike me in either way too hard, but it's not like even half of us are gold+, most ranked players are at silver and below. Tbh I also think it's stupid with the CC effect by QSS and Cleanse not being able to cancel out the E, so that should be fixed, no problems about that, wouldn't even mind if it was a hotfix. But lowering her damage output etc, when it's literally built up on the range you shoot it from, which requires skill to pull off without dying? I'm not so sure about that one...{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Mark Sama (EUW)
: As far as i know they didn't touched the dmg... now you actually can cleanse her cc, that totally destroyed her...
They also nerfed her Q applying passive's damage which means it's a nerf to her damage (PBE atm).
: -Her Q has a relatively low CD and at long ranges it can and will oneshot squishies, unless you are so much rekt, you are so behind not even your max range Q deals significant damage. Due to it's long range it can be shot from the fog of war from a different direction that Zoe is in. Also it has AoE... not even a single target only shot, but an AoE... -Her W very point is it's RNG. Working flexibly with the draw you get is part of Zoe's unique gameplay. You may be unlucky and get something like Ghost, but you can also have a great opportunity waiting for you to utilize it depending on the spell you currently hold, and the shards on the ground. You have nothing to lose on that gamble, and her kit allows you to be effective even when she has nothing good on her W. -Her E not only can come from the fog of war with a long distance, but having a Zoe in the game already forces the enemy into limited positioning by staying away from walls to be safe from bubbles, that also ignore QSS unless you QSS yourself BEFORE THE SPELL EVEN HITS.... -Her R is insane when used properly. Casting Q somewhere not closer to the enemy, jumping with R, then recasting Q before returning gives the Q a lot more damage from range and depending where did you put the Q down, the bolt can come from an unexpected direction. Not to mention the low CD and dodge potential it provides. She has a kit that needs skill to use but once someone can use it, they are extremely powerful. Similarly how Azir was built around difficulty to use, which resulted in good players just destroying any opponent until he got nerfed into uselessness.
This just furthers my point that since she is a skill-reliant champion she should be doing the damage she is doing. Her R may be insane, but as you said, it is when it's used properly that it's insane, just like a Thresh hook. Her E only has the distance of the terrain she shoots it from, the distance shooting it without the terrain is so painfully small and can hardly if at all used in lane against defensive opponents. Nothing much to say about her W, it's RNG, you get something, you use it to the best of its ability, so even though what you get is RNG, what you use/how you use it is not. Her Q may be AOE but it's not like a Veigar W or something like that, it's a very small AOE, and she would have to use at least 2 Q's per minion wave if the enemy is pushing it, assuming she'll kill or hurt the minions a lot with each Q, and even though it has a long recast range, it's not like the initial cast range is that large, she always has to be moving(pretty much in a line) to make the best of it, which can be linear and therefore - dangerous, and therefore _- again -_ makes it skill reliant. Glad we didn't talk about the passive, as I take that we both would agree on what I said earlier then.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Nickosaurus,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ZANZzqEZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-14T17:37:56.022+0000) > > so the question is, Can we have a date for the last log-in for players that haven&amp;#039;t played in over three months for example, or have the option to sort friends based on last log-out date so that the friends that are gone the longest are at the bottom? That seems alright. ######Even though I have less than 20. I like to tell myself "quality > quantity". Right? ;-;
Quality > Quantity, always. You can have 100+ "friends" on your list But I'd rather have a group or a few group of friends, or even just a few individual friends Than many "friends" Keep doing what you think is right {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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