: Honor and Premades, a small but fair change?
I'm quite sure I read a post from Riot stating that honoring your premade gives legitimately 0 honors added to your account (however if you're honor lvl 3+ you'll get an honor flair in loading screen from 2 honors by premade or 1 honor by a stranger)
Inaphyt (EUW)
: yes i know but it does stack passive mana regen (from 50% to 100%) so it infact does and will.
Well yeah if that's what you meant, sure, but there are other items to fix those kinds of problems, and actually being able to be built into other items. If you were looking for more HP, AP and the mana regen, go for it, stacking has been nerfed from prior patch though.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: I actually don't buy morello's on any mid laner and i kind of main mid with {{champion:161}}, instead i buy {{item:3092}} it's 700 gold cheaper furthermore it's build path gives you extra gold throughout the entire game and it has a really useful active for both surviving and for setting up combo's lasers or even scouting brush that if face checked could result in death. Morello's offers no utility other than damage and mana, mana is managed by a) double dorans ring and b) mana regen scaling in yellows c)Frost queens and d) masteries therefore i can avoid this item which i feel just doesn't offer enough and get the super useful frost queens instead. Now i get ROA which the gold passive on frost queens makes me get much more quickly furthermore the ghosts on queens allows me to gank and get kills much easier than if i bought morello's. After that rabadons into whatever items i need to survive e.g veil/zhonya's/protobelt. If i don't need any defensive items i buy as many rod of ages as i can, and i realise how bronze that sounds but i've found it to be pretty damn effective and as vel in particular doesn't really need magic pen you can get away with doing this.
Gonna note real quick that Doran's ring's passive that gives mana per (minion)kill is now unique, meaning stacking it won't help your mana problems.
Zantonny (EUW)
: Honor Capsules
Only honor level 3 but man I'd like just 1 capsule as well...
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Yes, after reaching level III you will get random capsule drops. But I think that there are a lot of people who haven't had even one yet!
I haven't gotten one yet, feelsbadman {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: IE or Botrk on vayne
Crit builds are in meta, but when you play specifically Vayne, you have to be versatile with your build. If it's about BOTRK or IE, it would depend on the enemy team. Are they filled with squishies? Get an IE and a statikk shiv for burst damage. Are they all tanky? Better get a BOTRK for the on-hit damage co-working with your W passive.
: > [{quoted}](name=DerVide,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EGwuovG9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-12T16:33:26.844+0000) > > This question was already awnsered in "ask riot" So what was the answer? Not helpful.
The answer was the fact that it's not going to happen, due to it taking too many resources and it being a ridiculous beast to pull off. This was also done before the new client was implemented, so they'd have to fix that problem as well. (That's the TL;DR part, it's been 3 months since the Ask Riot post, so I don't remember it clearly, but the answer is negative, that much is certain)
I got Zed in AR URF, I lost horribly because I have no idea how to play Zed, and the only other option was Darius, but who plays Darius in AR URF? :P #ZedInURFSucksConfirmed? Jk, I'm just bad {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: What's the best lol pick up lines you've heard?
Are you my dream girl? 'Cause I've seen you in my dreams a **ZILEAN** times
hardys77 (EUNE)
: It's possible
Congratulations !!!
l MrD l (EUW)
: the Q costs 85 mana at every rank also the Q only slows the first target hit the splash damage doesnt slow so it could be that the Q hits a minion splashes deals damage to champion but because teh champion wasnt affected by CC the mana cost refund wont be chain refunded just the next attack. A lot of people seem to think the splash part slows XD I wasnt sure if it felt overwhelming? A lot of lissandras work with her passove now to get free Q pokes they just dont spam it so much whereas with my idea if you were to spam Q youd go oom quickly but by working with it they might not do? but cost reduction could work too maybe like first is 100% refunded then it scales down so next attack is like you said? But one thing i did like the idea of is extending teh duration of her CC :o
The problem was the mana cost, not the duration of the CC, right? Let's hold us to that subject for now. How about lowering her mana cost to 65 at all ranks and keeping the passive give a 65% mana cost reduction for hitting a CC'ed champion with any of her spells. This way she can farm for 20 mana cost less per Q, and when she goes in, she'd lose less than half of the original mana cost for using her abilities on champions? About the duration of her CC, I don't know the duration of her slows, but if it lasts for at least 1.3 seconds then it should be enough to hit other abilities in the meantime. I mean, do you think it's fair that Lissandra can use her Q on a champion and have them slowed for long enough for her to use her Q again with reduced cost? Without using any other abilities? Without the enemy being able to run without good mobility or flash? That's a strong level 1 powerspike.
Rioter Comments
l MrD l (EUW)
: the Q costs 85 mana and the mana could only refund chain refund on champion hit :o
Well yeah she'd only lose mana from pushing her lane with Q. If she went in on a champion with her spells instead she'd be oppressive. Also I don't play Lissandra, didn't expect her mana cost to be so high on her Q with so low CD, but is that really at level 1-3-5? EDIT before any further comment: Because if the cost really is that high, then maybe we should make the % reduction 50-60-70? Completely free sounds overwhelming.
: What support to buy? (Silver I Player)
Champions I recommend buying in that elo: Blitzcrank(Easily get your ADC fed) Nami(Heal, AOE knock-up's, slow, buff dmg, early poke, good support) Tahm Kench(Save your teammates from doing stupid stuff, scale DMG with HP, help your jungler gank with ult, good sustain) Lulu(Annoying polymorph, shield, AS & MS buff, damage, slow, HP, Knock-up) Janna(Ardent Censer is op) Leona(Get in, stun them, get your team kills) Alistar(Like Leona, costs less, tanks more, engages faster, higher CD's) (In case you want a mage support): Annie(Blow everything, kill everything) Karma(Can build support items and still do decent damage/annoy the enemy team) Morgana(3 year snare, 3 man stun, CC-immune shield, sustain, engage support counter) Veigar(hard early game, 2.5 sec AOE stun late with 1000+ AP) Brand( E --> Q --> W --> R = Squishies are dead. Does good damage against tanks, incredible in close teamfights) Zyra(Oppressive, snare, damage.)
: i don't mean practice tool , I mean in custom games with friends u know .
Yeah I know, that's why I said "Jk" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Your idea is good.
l MrD l (EUW)
: with 40% CDR Luxs ult at rank 3 will have 30 seconds and if it kills a champion it refunds 50% CD making it have a 15 seconds CD but the thing is her basic abilities are quite long and with her being immobile if she misses a single basic ability such as her Q she can be punished so hard
Finally someone who understands the pain of Lux.
l MrD l (EUW)
: Idea for Lissandras new passive
That would make her laning insanely oppressive. She'd never run out of mana if she just made sure to go all in. She could go an amplifying tome and an HP pot, full AP runes and no problems with mana other than the very first Q, which doesn't cost that much. If you still think your idea is superior to any other idea on the table, I'd recommend making it cost a % less instead of making it completely free, like scaling it up from 20-25-30-35-40% mana cost reduction.
It's called Practice Tool ;) jk
: What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
You don't live forever, so better enjoy the time that you have left, whether people think it's the right way to enjoy yourself, do what you think is right.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: I only have 4 poor videos at my Youtube channel. I could play Jinx support with you as we are at the same server :) One of my 4 videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCsBpkPFd5M
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: http://imgur.com/a/2CxZ7
THAT JINX IS SO CUTE!!! <3 Do you stream or anything? I'd like to see Jinx Support in action TBH.
Loonstaa (EUW)
: you can play flex queue for fun (if you want to get triggered)
**Meanwhile plat 4 on flex queue and plat 2 on solo/duo** Dunno why people don't take flex seriously TBH. Flex was supposed to be just as serious as solo/duo Q, but with the option of having more teammates to make team compositions that you couldn't do in normal solo/Duo Q. You even get rewards for reaching Gold+ on Flex Q when the season ends, and a "special prize"(Not specified what yet) for getting Gold+ on both Flex and Solo/Duo! I don't experience near as many trolls in flex at plat like other people, but I still do experience it, and it saddens me quite a lot... Since when did people get this mentality of trolling in flex queue? It's ridiculous TBH. But yeah I just try to fight it with going whatever champion I'm good at, play at the best of my ability and support my teammates at dire times. I mean, if I got a troll or two on my team, and I'm playing serious, what's the chance of the enemy having a troll or two as well? Always a chance of victory. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: ...0 mastery score...? ... ... ...GREAT! MORE CHESTS! *go get all the chests he can"
**Whistles with 25 chests in loot box, using 0 RP on Hextech Crafting**
: OH HELL NO, there's already too MANY movespeed boosts in this game...
Anyting above 500 movement speed is reduced in efficiency tho.
: Please RioT give Ornn upgrade to Ohmwrecker
itzJAD (EUW)
: Any Lucian buffs soon?
Lucian is strong, his latest nerf was simply to his Q's mana cost, making it higher so he can't spam it as much and rek people in lane as hard. Even then his damage is quite friggin' high. Either you're not playing him right or you're building him wrong.
Relentl3ss (EUNE)
Sounds good, doesn't work.
Vademek (EUW)
: Dear Riot Games Company, I have been playing your game for about 6 years already.
As far as I know, the closest a champion has to do with a person in real life (out of Riot headquarters) would be the one kid that died, his favorite champion being Jax, so on the Jaximus skin (I believe), he has/had a quote called "Here's to you, kid" Maybe I don't know anything about past events **shrug** but that's probably one of the only/the only person in real life (out of Riot headquarters) that has to do with a champion. So naming a champion after Chester would probably be too far? Maybe an item, who knows.
Stankella14 (EUNE)
: Justicar Aatrox
Always check google pictures of champion skins before you buy them {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Luniya,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=a6iwoNbd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-08-04T21:16:59.566+0000) > > There&#x27;s always a way to climb, even with a champion that is so out of meta it&#x27;s ridiculous. Look at me, I got to high plat with Zilean and Veigar! ^_^ > > If you think you&#x27;ve literally mastered Aatrox and there&#x27;s nothing to do about it, do something about your macro play (Minimap, teamplay, etc.) If you haven&#x27;t mastered Aatrox, then don&#x27;t give up just yet, you can be among the best of the best~ Well im not so good with the mini map nor do i know when to teamfight and when to Slitpush.
Then don't doubt on the Aatrox just yet! Keep playing and improving both your micro and macro play (focus on the macro play however, as it will help with more than just Aatrox). Hope for the best of luck to you. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Low winrate with my main.
There's always a way to climb, even with a champion that is so out of meta it's ridiculous. Look at me, I got to high plat with Zilean and Veigar! ^_^ If you think you've literally mastered Aatrox and there's nothing to do about it, do something about your macro play (Minimap, teamplay, etc.) If you haven't mastered Aatrox, then don't give up just yet, you can be among the best of the best~
DerPaul (EUW)
: Unfair Flex Q
**Laughs in solo Q'ing flex in plat elo**
Treycos (EUW)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Please make honor capsules "adaptive"
**Meanwhile sitting with 0 key fragments and 24 chests** {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
Rípley (EUW)
: You can pretty easily determine if there's a difference between regions, it does not require years and years of experience or analysis, 7 months is more than adaquate. EuNE > EuW and you either drop or advance rapidly, it only takes X number of games before you can make that judgement. Yes, a person with accounts on both can do as you propose and come to the same conclusion, it does not however, mean that this persons opinion has more weight or value or meaning, than the other example, as they both reach the same net result.
> [{quoted}](name=Rípley,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=iYaj39cG,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-03T18:50:32.550+0000) > > You can pretty easily determine if there&#x27;s a difference between regions, it does not require years and years of experience or analysis, 7 months is more than adaquate. That's not the matter of discussion, we are discussing whether the player himself would change within those 7 months he has used, the player is not a stable matter that we can rely on. And then I come out and say that the people with accounts on both regions, who play on each account equally on the same elo can tell the difference easier, since they didn't have to think about the possibility that they have changed as a player within such a short amount of time, since if he HAS changed (most likely for the better), he'll find a better time on EUW. > EuNE &gt; EuW and you either drop or advance rapidly, it only takes X number of games before you can make that judgement. Why did it take this guy 7 months then? Also still not what we're talking about here. (accidentally deleted the quoting of your last message) Whether they net the same result or not, a matter of fact we have to ask ourselves is if the medium that gives us the result is trustworthy or not. On one hand, you have someone that has been playing his whole time at 1 place (who knows how long), then changes to another place and stays there for a whole 7 months, and on the other, you have a person on the same rank at both regions, playing equally within a short time frame - can you call them both equally trust worthy with no biasing nor corruption within said persons memory?
Luniya (EUNE)
: Ironic indeed.
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Well, this is one hell of a sh'tfest. Congratulations on having a fun time discussing with me, fellow summoner, I hope this won't be the last time you'll enjoy yourself, for I am enjoying plenty right now. Yeah, I'm not gonna repeat myself, since they forgot a part in the sentence "Knees weak, arms are heavy, ears be deaf" (My poor attempt on making a joke, humor me a little, will you?) Call me ignorant or a sore loser if you please, if there was a mute button I'd turn it on, like you've done since the very start, but guess I'll do the alternative - to "quit." I could analyze and write the most fool-proof message to dumpster this whole argument and you wouldn't even give a flying hell, since losing said argument is something you wouldn't be able to bear I guess. But yeah, right now it sounds like a drag to do, and it did so before as well when I tried to end this argument, so I will keep this message as my very last one for this said discussion. > A tip for the future - even if you find the most stupid person and/or argument you've seen in your life, the perspectives of said person could easily be ignored. If you are willing to ignore said perspective, why would a stupid person have responsibility to listen to yours? Not necessarily applicable for this discussion, unless you believe otherwise, of course, but I hope you shall take this to heart. I shall bid you farewell for now, until next discussion, fellow summoner. I, too, wish you good luck in your future discussions, as well as you taking part in your next one in a "better manner."
Rípley (EUW)
: We are in fact talking about play time =/= experience on the server (That's what your first reply is based on), you argue someone with an account on both would have more weight behind their opinion, which is ridiculous at best since 7 months have passed. Imagine your employer at McD hiring you from Burgerking and you start telling him all about your 3+ year experience at the grill during the interview.., he cuts you off, because your opinion about good and bad things has no value, since you didn't work at both McD and burgerking.
I specifically said that his opinion still had fruit, as in it still counts as something, while you are saying that it has no value, there is quite the difference there, just wanted to clear that up. If there really IS a difference between EUW and EUNE, how would he know? If he has played on EUW for 7 months straight, then, as I said before, he is bound to increase in skill, he is bound to become better. If he had went from EUNE to EUW and learned a difference after the first day or two, then of course there's definitely a difference or coincidence. A person with accounts on both servers, however, can play 1 whole day on EUNE, 1 whole day on EUW, and then repeat that cycle. If both are on the same elo and he still sees a clear difference between those servers then his opinion would be more viable - because he's seen 2 sides of the coin within a short amount of time, and didn't use 7 months to reach said conclusion.
Luniya (EUNE)
: Ironic indeed.
There has been no proof of me being proven wrong, nor has there been proof of you being right. I have given up, however, so point taken in that department. Me coming back with a single word to represent my feelings towards this topic, as I am now repeating - I've given up on this sorry excuse of a discussion, since "It's hard to win an argument against a smart person, but it's damn near impossible to win one against a stupid one." GG WP indeed, fellow summoner.
Luniya (EUNE)
: Ironic indeed.
Wonder what my reply meant tho, ironic fits perfectly in. Guess you have proved your point then, good for you. Nice job you've got there, glad to hear it's over.
Tiffan (EUW)
: Supports! When do you buy Sightstone?
Rípley (EUW)
: You highlight 'time spent' because you fail to see the connection? If I had an account for 5 years on EuNE, that means I spent 5 years playing on EuNE, one that had accounts on both EuNE / EuW may only have spent 2 years on EuNE (or 3, 4 years), see it now?
That doesn't matter though, does it? Whether you play on one server or the other, you are bound to become better at some point within those 7 months if you actually play, thanks to experience. If you get 1 dollar a month at your work and you worked for a total of 5 years, you'd have 60 dollars. If you work for another 7 months wouldn't you gain 7 dollars? Bringing the total to 67 dollars? We ain't talking about play time here, we're talking about if there would be a difference other than the fact that he changed the damn server. If he went from EUNE to EUW and could feel a difference from the very first friggin' game then that'd be a whole other story, but this guy used 7 months.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: "I'm done speaking to deaf ears" - The irony lmao. The guy didn't say it was JUST because a pro player told him. He actually gave you valid reasons. You're just in denial man. You chose to only notice the pro player bit, and completely disregarded everything else, no matter how valid and an actual fact they were. Ah well, like you said, I won't waste time trying to convince you to open your mind and understand what we're saying. How can you not believe that the Support usually has the most impact botlane?? How do you think a lane with Thresh, Blitz, even Zilean is won?? You think it's the ADC carrying the lane? LOL. If the Support is useless and misses everything you will lose. Which shows how important the Support is in lane. End of discussion, if you want to keep living in your delusion feel free to do it. But don't try to twist another person's words and then proclaim that you are leaving because you are "speaking to deaf ears". Which, once again, is VERY ironic coming from you.
Ironic indeed.
: I actually disagree with this statement ^ Me, personally, can feel a big difference in skill level between the two regions. I moved on euw like 7 months ago and I like it a lot more. I am experiencing less toxicity, people got better map awareness and overall more friendly, imo! I think I made the right decision to transfer my account. Good luck in whichever region you choose!
Well yeah if you got 7 months to become better at the game and rank up you'd obviously feel a difference than 7 months prior, think people with accounts on both regions got more to say in this matter tbh, but hey, don't let me disregard you from your opinion, just a random dude on the internet, your opinion still has fruit, even if not as sweet.
: We want (AR)URF and One For All more often
URF/ARURF is so popular that it would ruin ranked queues, think that's a major point as well.
Strigina (EUNE)
: >These modes were fun, but after playing them every few patches, they became very boring. >or even better, make one of them permament! Which would make them exactly as boring as Ascension is. I agree there should be bigger diversity, but making any mode permanent would destroy it. ######Also, give us Dominion back, at least for two weekends.
What about Definetly Not Dominion? ;)
: As NOT XPEKE pointed out, your statement is a very onesided and simply can be flipped around. really hard to argue with someone that disregards facts and basically tries to reshape the fundamentals and basics of the game based on anecdotes. Low elo has nothing to do with it. In Low elo you still play top mid jungle ad and support. You still need wards and need to CS and take objectives. The game doesnt suddenly change fundamentally. The maximum capacity of a support in lane is a 10. The maximum capacity of an ADC in lane is a 1. Regardless of how many personal experience you bring with your match history it doesnt change the facts. Understand that there is a difference in what im saying and what you are thinking i am saying. The 90/10 does not mean that every support can carry bad adcs. Carrying has nothing to do with it. The outcome of your games has literally NOTHING to do with this topic we are currently discussing. Its about the lane. LANE. A support can carry a lane, an ADC cannot. An ADC can carry a GAME , a support cannot. You see the difference? If you cant even make use of my simple examples like exhaust vs Heal, there is literally no point in going any further in discussing. That personal experience mambo jambo is really misplaced in an objective discussion. I also cannot forgoe how fast you switched your statements from: "However, a Draven still has higher chances of winning 1v2 in lane than a Janna." => Not equal to: "The support is not grandiose, they are on equal footing with the ADC" => equal
I'm quite done with this tbh. I've already pointed out the laning phase and why your argument about the 90/10 is ridiculous. A support cannot carry a game, an ADC can, indeed, but does that mean the support can carry the lane? Hell to the fk no. When I said that the support and the ADC were equal I didn't strictly mean the laning phase, but for the support to have 9 times better room to do stuff and make plays happen to carry the laning phase than the ADC? That doesn't happen, that won't happen. So yeah IDK call me ignorant, call me a sore loser - call me whatever ya want, brother, but I'm done speaking to deaf ears tbh. Got better things to do than try to change somebody's opinion on a matter because a pro player told him otherwise.
: That is not a logical argument. You are not supposed to bite into a coconut. A mentally challenged person might try to do it, but that doesnt mean it ought to be eaten in this way. If we talk about high elo or low elo the principle stays the same. You might think that you are better but since you are in the same elo as everyone around you in your games we can establish that you all share about the same skill level. The shortcomings that your silver ADC has are equal to your shortcomings as a silver support. The only difference that the 90/10 statement gives is that the shortcomings of the support has a higher impact in lane than the ADC. (again, only in lane) An ADC that cant orbwalk perfectly (attack move) or autoattack trade while the enemy goes for CS has less of an impact than a support that misstimes his spells. For example a Janna's shield time is supposed to hit not only to shield damage but the enhance the AD's attack, making everytrade favorable for your side. Yet most Jannas in low elo only use it to "shield" and even that is misstimed. This has a lot more negative impact than an AD getting the shield and brainafking and not trading with the shield. The summoner heal is also super straight up easy to use in comparison to exhaust. Which many supports abuse an compensation for not being able to hit their CC (used as a slow). While it has a higher function such as reducing attackspeed and Damage, meaning you using it during the strongest ability of the enemy ADC can totally change the entire outcome of a brawl. On equal skill level, nobody will win a 1vs2, and you are not supposed to. There is no chance to win a 1vs2 with equal skill. We talk about no TP's, roams or jungle influence, strictly about the lane. To put it into simple terms: a 5% better support has 10times more effect in lane than a 5% better ADC, thats what the 90/10 statement is all about. It's simply looking at the facts and coming to a conclusion.
Even if the support is on the same level as the ADC, how would the support ever do anything if the ADC is unwilling? If the ADC would like to farm, sure, just farm, but good luck getting ahead when you have a Blitzcrank at your disposal, trying to get you fed for mid-game. In higher elo, the bot lane as much better synergy and reacting time, therefore, if somebody makes a play, it's immediately 2v2. But if the ADC goes in with no pings, then it's suddenly 1v2 until the support reacts, which is of course, slower, than in higher elo, meaning the 2 people on the enemy team could deal more damage in that time. And of course, if the support goes in without pinging, the ADC could be farming and suddenly you're half HP and being called "trash" by your ADC. What I'm trying to say is that even though the support may have CC and exhaust to worry about, and therefore having a big role to play in the game, even if you go in, exhaust, use your resources, if the ADC is not in with you, there is nothing that the support can do. However, the ADC has damage. If the ADC goes in and tries to do something, sure, his chances of winning would be lower since he is 2v1, but they are infinitely bigger than a utility support trying to 2v1, hoping for their ADC to wake up. "Nobody will win a 1v2, you are not supposed to" who the hell told you that lie? Lmao. Do you suppose that Draven cannot 1v2 a Nami and a Jinx? There are roles and powerspikes in these games, and some of these powerspikes arrive different than others. Jinx is a hypercarry, so her damage is extremely low early, and Nami has a skillshot(Q) to worry about, if she misses it, she can only provide utility from that moment. Meanwhile Draven has increased damage by his Q's, increased attack speed by his W, and a CC ability with his E. If he dodges the Nami Q, Jinx E, Jinx W, he'll be able to kill Jinx and get away (hypothetically, of course.) If you are on the same skill level as your opponents, then the skillshots will be as easy/hard to evade as it will be to use it/hit it for the enemy. This isn't only with bot lane, of course, but we are talking about bot lane right now, and you can always 2v1 depending on your champion and situation. The support is important - I'm a support main myself, but in what world do you expect a support to be able to be 9x more important than the ADC in low elo if there is no cooperation as a utility support? The support is not grandiose, they are on equal footing with the ADC - I've been carried multiple times over the laning phase by my ADC as a support cuz I keep missing my hooks (back in my rookie(silver) days, of course :P) thinking that I am a burden to said person, and then there's times I make the most amazing play of the history of league, and he thinks that he is a burden for not following up quick enough, etc (very humble game, remember it like yesterday). The bot lane is equal.
: Kayn or Talon.
Mr Petrov (EUW)
: Rengar Skin
We have a Meowkai skin But no Meow(ren)gar skin? Nor MeowGnar skin? RIOT PLS
: Ok there is like more than 20 threads on reddit with over 1000upvotes and plenty of pros and comon logic thinking that says that botlane is won by the support. Its an offratio like 90/10. The whole idea is that early on its 90/10 support control and lategame is 10/90 for Adc. If i were you i would disregard anecdotes and just trust professional players more.
I don't give a hell what the pro players think lmao, the pro players play in a whole different world than the low elo players, you expect them to understand how it is down there? Surely, in high elo, the support has more to do since the ADC ain't as stupid and non-reactive as in low elo. In low elo, you can't expect anybody to join you, you can't expect anyone to react in time or anything of the sort, you have to carry by yourself, whether you support your allies even with their risky plays, or you go in as Master Yi and get a penta kill. So yeah please keep the pro players out of this, they are not even near the same circumstances as low elo supports, not even normal elo either. The support has literally no waves to change if the ADC is not willing to do anything. The laning phase is not won by the supports, the laning phase is won by what we call "Bot lane", meaning both the ADC and the Support, playing together. If they can't play together, they will high likely not win. However, a Draven still has higher chances of winning 1v2 in lane than a Janna. **Cough** If I were you, I would disregard the opinions of people who are not in the same situation as normal players and trust what the low elo players have to say about this (Since, you know, they are in the actual friggin' elo)
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