The Cubb (EUW)
: Will it go back to Honour level 3? or down to 1? I play quite often and get honoured frequently as I jungle, hoping it gets put back soon, I want to play in Clash whenever that is and you need Level 2 honour
Down to 1, you don't get your old honor level back unless you climb up there again
: Yes it's working in custom games, the problem is just in training tool. You can verify this by yourself easily just by launching a game with soraka btw :)
Computer is going haywire these days so haven't had the chance to play nor check stuff like this. I don't really have an answer for your problem or anything, just thought that if someone checked this would like info on if it's _only _ training tool. Thank you for sharing information like this by the way, I bet they'll fix it soon as it shouldn't be such a problem. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Screwed (EUW)
: ***
Guess I've gotten myself a free M'pengu for buying Nice Try Lux <3
: Yasuo*
Thank you
: Warmog is disabled in the training tool when you pick soraka
Did you check if the same problem happens in custom games (not training tool)?
Seph80 (EUNE)
: Yasou Bans
Regardless if their champion has a 42% winrate or is someone hated by the community like Yasuo, I'm not banning anyone's intent pick as they would only flame more, and you can bet all the money in your wallet that a Yasuo main will show that he wants to play Yasuo hoping his team won't ban the champion. If it isn't intent then I realized "Oh, okay, Yasuo may or may not be picked into my team, chances are not, so I'll just ban my champion's counter". If that happens to be Yasuo then so be it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Give us the option to mute special effect sounds with legendary skins
Just mute the sound then..? If literally every new rework skin and champion has more special effects and that ruins the game for you, then whenever you "too many" of these cases in the loading screen you should lower or turn off the audio. Can't see why Riot would go out of their way to fix this when there's much more to be taken care of.
: Im gonna be honest
{{champion:63}} s abilities has a casting time and is mid-low range and therefore it's only fair that he has a good early game, the late game is quite friggin' annoying though to be honest. He is a combo mage kinda like {{champion:161}} but has much less poke and range, so landing his combos should reward him. His mid-game is his weakest point so focus him there, poke, cc, gap-closers and going untargetable easily counters him. {{champion:238}} ... I don't even know how to {{champion:238}}, last time I went {{champion:238}} I was 0/6 and got reported for inting even though I did my best. I can play {{champion:157}} to a decent level, but I can't play {{champion:238}} at all. While I don't know if it's because {{champion:238}} requires experience and not skill or whatnot, I can't play him, so I bet a lot of other people can't play him either. Doesn't that mean the ones playing him should be rewarded? Agree with {{champion:84}} , hate the champ but can't see any merit in nerfing her, as it would only make her literally useless and forgotten. {{champion:23}} is the 2nd most RNG champion I can remember after {{champion:142}} ( and I love them both <3 ). {{champion:23}} can randomly win lane with good consecutive crits towards the enemy champion, he has a mild escape/gap-closer, the slow only works if you're running from him though so escaping as {{champion:23}} is much harder than gap closing. His Q sustains him and makes him stronger the lower his HP, so kind of like {{champion:2}} . Shut him down early with ganks or a good counter-pick and you'll do great if you don't let the game exceed 40 minutes. Finally, {{champion:11}} with the conq, rageblade and support helping him out is a literal monster, but {{champion:11}} is only immune to slow CC, AS and MS immune, he is not immune to hard CC, and he can't Q while hard CC'd, meaning if he goes the OP rageblade etc build he won't be tanky enough to survive a burst (unless it's a root and he can meditate in it but still.) Overall it's a hit-or-miss champion and has nothing to do with high-elo gameplay unless you're Cowsep Junior, so don't think he's that much of a problem if you actually focus on shutting him down and making the game a 4v5 instead of going your comfort pick. Overall I think you're making too big a fuss about this, it's not as bad as you think. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
sparpo (EUW)
: Champion gameplay and weapon concept: Retractable Whip
Gaining 3 spin per auto attack and losing spin for not being in combat for 3-5 seconds is REALLY, REALLY UNFORGIVING! Tryndamere, Kled, Gnar, all of them not only gain more of their bar but they also lose a lot less and take much more time for them to lose their bar, I think the passive values should get checked on. Add an AP and an AD ratio for the Q, if W is a dash you should give the champion extra stats, kind of like Graves, or give it an effect like Lucian's, but if it's the drag then it's pretty much Thresh/Nautilus, so dunno about that one. In the end, the only damaging ability you've given your champion is the Q and some AA bonus from the passive, the R should either give a massive boost to stats, be a great CC tool or deal tons of damage. In summary, I like the idea of the champion, but the kit needs much more work. This is great though, I've been inspired to share my own champion concept that I made a few months ago, I'll have to change the values though... Thanks for a creative weapon concept {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Eveninn (EUW)
: The sweet smell of propaganda on a Monday.
I love this I need more of this in my life {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Yraco (EUW)
: It might be stressful but Riot is aware of it, making threads about it doesn't help anything.
Well yeah that's why I haven't made one {{sticker:sg-lulu}} just relating with the thread poster.
Yraco (EUW)
: Look at the server status before complaining > Network Operations – 10:38 We’re aware of a problem showing progress in Missions and are working on a fix. Riot knows missions aren't working and they're trying to fix the problem so you don't need to tell them about it on the boards.
Time limits being as they are when we already completed our quests and nothing to do about them while the time keeps ticking away is stressful though...
: Except that I said that I dislike Darius as much as Garen. And would you kindly not suggest my gender. Plus I do not know everything, cause if I did, I would know why disney murdered star wars :3
If you don't know everything then don't act up like you do. The disney thing and this thing are totally different in every scenario, you can't compare them in the least. If you disliked Darius as much as Garen then how come you're talking bad about Garen but not Darius? Especially now that Darius is leading the war? And finally, I never suggested your gender, if anything I only assumed, and assuming that you're a male is more than reasonable considering the % of the community being male. I didn't treat you special in any way possible so I believe I was kind enough when I assumed. If it still offends you that I assumed it with this reasoning then please state your gender in every conversation from now on so people won't make the same mistake. Honestly though, with all things considered, writing to and with you is a waste of time. If you don't want to realize that everything you've said up to now has been baseless, and when we try to bring up stuffs you say things such as "Wiki makes you dumb", which is not supporting your ethos at the very least, then there's not much else to do.
: Wiki makes you dumb. How about you play the game itself for yourself. He actually does say what I claim.
> [{quoted}](name=Kapy Du Couteaus,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=iE6L2boJ,comment-id=00040001000100000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-30T09:10:07.165+0000) > > Wiki makes you dumb. How about you play the game itself for yourself. He actually does say what I claim. **_Wiki makes you dumb._** Excuse you, but I was dumb from the very beginning, and so are everybody that thought they had any chance of reasoning with you since you know literally everything and don't even have to state facts to support your claims and such. Also you've been talking bad about Garen this whole time but said nothing wrong about Darius. Typical Darius fanboy amirite? LuL {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Chill? You are the one making a tasteless 'joke' about a dictator just because I point out the fallacy in your response, think you are the one who needs to chill buddy.
Just forget him tbh
: Play a match. Read the tip of the day... Stop reading wiki
The wiki contains all the quotes that Garen has None of his quotes make him sound like a tyrant Most people neither own his skin nor read the actual league lore so if any of his skin quotes or the lore make him a tyrant, then it's an invalid argument towards not picking him for the VS. event since nobody knows better. A serious ton of people including myself either don't read the tip or the day or picked a side before playing a game, since not picking it would not progress the quests. Whether Garen is an actual tyrant or not, nothing about his base image and quotes would lead people to think that he truly is a tyrant.
: "the many should serve the one" oh I dont know...
Can't find such a quote in the wiki. I do however find; "We fight for those who cannot" "Demacia marches as one" "Fear not, I'm coming" "We are the Vanguard" And many more like this. I can't see how any of this makes him a "Pure tyrant"
: Lore? Just read the messages when the game starts. Garen is a pure tyrant. I like Kim whatever Un more than this guy .
With his quotes? I'm reading the quotes in the league wiki right now, how does that make him a Tyrant?
radetari (EUNE)
: Im disappointed in people like how can you choose that ugly garen skin over that badass darius one what the hell but there were no problems in the first vs event where yas won
Legit best Garen skin that's ever come out, Darius has a legendary skin and a hextech skin already, Garen's skin is great.
: Garen is a tyrant... Darius wants power for his people... Read the tips ingame. Garen sill slay any who dont obey him, while Darius will lead you to personal power. I pref to fight for freedom than to be a slave to a tyrant ideology
I don't read lore all that much but I play both champions and hear their quotes (Non-legendary skin quotes.) Garen leads and thinks of Demacia, bolsters confidence in people as he leads them, and he believes Justice is by his side. Darius likes to kill people, has no tolerance for mistakes and believes strength is is justice, not very great leader. Personally like Garen more than Darius as a character Honestly I think people care much less about lore than you'd think, and it's this kind of simplistic thinking that made them pick what they did. I picked Garen by the way~ {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:garen-swing}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Garen is in favor in EUNE as well~
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Well if a person in low elo had the banner it doesn't mean they are a troll. It was mostly a high elo thing and especially present in korea. People in high elo generally didn't honor anyone during the old system because the system was pointless and served no real purpose so if someone managed to have a banner (especially the honorable opponent one), that usually meant he is a troll. It was basically to warn others.
Smart but sad I guess, and it relieves me to know that it was mostly in higher elo~ Thanks for clarifying! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Yeah they mentioned it but they are most likely not going to make it so that you can honor enemies. They want you to be able to give recognition to enemies who deserve it but not in a form of honor. Why? because people honor trolls. It wouldn't be ok for trolls to climb in honor. The old honor system was used to mark trolls with honorable opponent banners so people would know to dodge if they got one in their own team in champion select.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iHnjdQEB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-29T12:48:39.097+0000) > > Yeah they mentioned it but they are most likely not going to make it so that you can honor enemies. They want you to be able to give recognition to enemies who deserve it but not in a form of honor. Why? because people honor trolls. It wouldn&#x27;t be ok for trolls to climb in honor. The old honor system was used to mark trolls with honorable opponent banners so people would know to dodge if they got one in their own team in champion select. Literally never heard of this lol, I honored honorable opponents back then, if that meant I marked them as a troll... Yikes, I'm sorry for every enemy I've honored.
Varamon (EUW)
: How?
I'm guessing he means the 5 man premade flex teams or 3 man premade Twisted Treeline teams. These people would not report you, therefore these games that are "more valuable" would be abused. I don't know, just guessing.
: Game is free to play. Be grateful that you can get free skins at all. I have been playing for a year or so and have gotten pulsefire caitlyn, gentleman chogath, star guardian soraka and multiple other cheaper skins from the loot system for free. I even have star guardian jinx shard sitting in my inventory and I have like 1000 orange essence now. Feels pretty fair to me.
When you have like 6+ good skins in hextech and 9k essence but can't unlock anything cuz you don't own the champions {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Syllfix (EUW)
: Garon God King Sketch
Doesn't look buff enough, but much greater job than I could ever do, so not gonna complain~ Great job though, really liking the face.
: someone wanna duo ? getting out of silver together
martanCZ (EUNE)
: Who said rankeds are for tryhards ??? are u tryharding in bronz ??? toxicity is part of tryhard so you agree toxicity is more in ranked than in normal game and in d5 iam better than my own teammates so ....
... What is this comment even
yKhLPerry (EUW)
: A serious change to League of Legends.
I can't even be bothered to read this when all the text is filled up like this... It reminds me of my essays as a kid and how... gut-wrenching and painful it would be to read them It's 5 AM and I can't be bothered... Please change it. _**- A very selfish request mentioned by 1 but appreciated by many**_
Sammi89 (EUNE)
: Riot + Shaco = New Skin ♥
Uhh, wasn't this meant in the "Games, Contests & Jokes" section? {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Here, let me ask you a Shaco riddle passed down by a legend among legends: "What is the difference between an AFK Shaco and a Shaco past the 30 minute mark?" ... ... ... Did you guess it? The answer is: "Nothing, cuz they're both useless..." {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} EDIT: Also, I just checked out the Demon Shaco skin link, wouldn't "Imp King Shaco" sound better? You know, he could summon imps from his boxes~
QA guy (EUW)
: ***
Nobody's giving lessons to anyone Nobody has the right to give any lessons to anyone except if they asked for them But as OP of this board said: **"Should you be allowed to play less seriously in normals over ranked? Obviously. Hell, I would say that I'd be down with someone playing Yi support in normals."** While nobody has the right to give you lessons and rage when other people don't take the game as seriously as they do, they have every single right to get angry when their teammate intentionally supports the enemy team or in other words, greifs. Riot doesn't tolerate greifing, and most of the playerbase doesn't either. Love and tons of huggies, the most competitive league player you'll ever meet~ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Llitch (EUW)
This is literally unsealed spellbook, is it not? Even if it wasn't, it'd be too close to spellbook Meaning we'd have to change spellbook or outright remove it for this So no matter what, inspiration tree would still only have 3 big boy runes Also, wrong section. _**Opinion: Thumbs down.**_ {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Maybe its better if u can use trade 2/3 time in season only that would be better
If 1 million people could trade up to 2 times a season, that'd mean there could be up to 1 million trades going on every season, and those trades would be big-fish trades since nobody would waste their trade on something minor. So having 1 million big-fish trades where lots of things are on board with the potential of botting, fraud and such like we've experienced in CS:GO, how would Riot respond to something like that? They'd be held responsible for other people's mistakes, and the players would also be left unsatisfied with the services Riot provides. And this was only with 2 trades a season with just 1 million people. How about at least 80% of the whole league community taking part in this trading? Trading between 2 and 3 times each season? It would become an extreme number that Riot would not be able to take care of in case of frauds and such. Finally, what does Riot gain from this? By lowering the orange essence you get from disenchanting, trading would be a **_MUCH_** more viable option instead of disenchanting, and they want people to buy more boxes and keys to disenchant and unlock their cosmetics and such. Riot will gain nothing but negative impact from this. So, if Riot would actually implement this trading mechanic, then they'd have to take something else away from the player, such as reducing the amount of chests and keys we can get for free, or upping the price of boxes and keys, or make skins harder to get for free, you name it. I cannot see this working as a good idea, if I got something wrong with this then please enlighten me.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: "There was an idea....
I have 9200 orange essence I have like at least 10 975 RP skins in the vault (that I can't unlock cuz I don't own the champs but still) And I'm against this As **Taliyah Supp** mentioned in his comment, giving people the option to trade would reduce the thought process of "Hey, I need to play some more to get chests and keys to unlock some great skins!". Riot would also use this as an excuse to not give as much free stuff. Finally, it may reveal some more problems regarding trading, fraud, botting etc like we've seen in CS:GO.
: > There's a higher possibility that someone who plays 200 games season 5 and does 1000 games at season 6 has moved even just slightly further than behind though, isn't there? (Unless most of those 1000 games were games of this player inting of course). MMR works like this. If it's higher than your current rank, your gains will highly exceed your losses. You can go 0LP-100LP in 3 games, gaining 33-34LPs (I personally done this in flex, last season, while getting placed in bronze 3, finally reaching diamond). So even a 40% win-rate, on short term, will result in an LP gain, if your MMR holds up. +25 and -10. Win 4 games lose 6, that's a 40LP gain there (+100-60). You can however, f#@k your MMR up, by going on tilt streaks - performing bad overall, having loss streaks of 20. Then a 50% win-rate will only result in 2-3LP gains, instead of 10-15. But yes. You're definitely GOING TO climb, after a certain amount of games. Purely out of improving. Even if you make the same "macro" mistakes, micro-play is purely on muscle memory, and reaction speed that improves, - no matter the mindset of the player is -, with time. **** This is kinda offtopic but not really xD : I tell you what I did. I started playing in season 1...had obviously no idea about the concept of MOBAs. Came from WOW and Cabal online - started gaming in the mid/late 90s on RTS games, then switched to MMOs in the early 2000s. So I get into lol in 2010 spring (I think) - a friend dragged me in. It was weird, I didn't understand the concept of starting from scratch every game. I literally thought, if I farm gold for a Bloodthirster, I can put it in my client inventory, and use it next game at lvl 1. I had this stupid MMO-Rpg grinding and improving item-wise - mindset....this just to show you how far I was from understanding anything :D First year passed by, I started grasping the basics. Wasn't going melee form on ranged champs any more. Exited tower hitbox when no minions were around etc. I was far from decent still. My first ranked experiences came, I just hated it...I couldn't perform well. I came from a game where I was somebody, with a high reputation, within the top players of europe, to another one, where every 1 just shits on me...I was disappointed AF. Another year passed, I haven't touched ranked...I became a casual player, occasionally played with my then gold and plat friends (me being on a bronze level), and also played a bunch of bot-games (I have over 1300 of them - that didn't really help, on the contrary, gave me false gratification everytime I got a penta or so). One day I woke up, and as usual, I started thinking about what's wrong, how could I improve or optimize so to say the situation ? ( I'm an engineer as far as my job goes, I learnt to have the ability to analyze and use critical thinking). I was like - ok, I have no idea how to farm, I have no idea how to do the jungle, I can't do jackshit....Let's see how others do it? I started watching streams, I started grasping what was I supposed to do...and OH BOY, it was far from what I was doing. I tried some things I saw, at first I obviously failed, due to not having the muscle-memory skillset in me, but after a couple weeks of practice I can say I went from a low bronze level, to mid silver. (this was all normal games, I wasn't playing ranked this season). I saw improvement, and I LOVED IT ! I couldn't get enough of actually being able to beat others in this was a brand new thing for me. I continued to improve, and when the next season came (6 months after my "realization"), I shot up from Silver 5 (where I was placed) to Plat 5, in under 300 games or so. I felt super good, at first my goal was Gold 5, but when I saw how easy it was reaching it, I pushed further. Problem was, I got all burnt out. For 2 more seasons, even tho I was constantly improving (and pulling 60% win-rates), I was stopping at the plat mark.Then last year, I pushed for diamond (even if on flex, it was quite the achievement for me). I actually made smurfs, even had a higher rank smurf than my main (Peaked D2) . Every 12 months, I gained a little a bit of a better KDA, kill participation, and 3-5% more on my win-rates. Currently on a near 70% WR, D4, and hoping to grind my ass off till I hit masters, either on the 90% smurf, or the main. Point of this, was to show you how I got from trash, to where I am...and I still have A LONG ASS ROAD AHEAD of me. Hope I didn't bore you to death :D Feel free to add me in-game, if you wish to chit-chat more, from time to time. With kind regards, The Lane Police
Definitely adding ya, look out for a friend request~ My league experience wasn't anything special, I played a bit of dota on WC3 before I got drawn into League, my friend pulled me in 1 year after I already knew about it and my friends all left Dota for good... So, I went to league and saw this golem of epicness, Blitzcrank, and became a blitzcrank main. I ended up at like bronze 2 on my very first provisional. Before I reached level 10 I read every single released champions' abilities, and some of their lore. As season 4 started my account got hacked/stolen and I decided to create a new one - this one. I then played around and switched from support, duoing with my IRL friend (hardstuck silver). As we were too different in skill rating, I decided to switch lane to top and mained that around season 6, usually playing Yasuo or Gnar, and I reached plat 5 by the end of season 6. Finally, season 7 I went from top to mid/fill, and peaked at plat 2 with like 220ish games. And so, season 8 started and I didn't play for the first 3 months, and afterwards I kinda began focusing on west since it was lower rank and much less stressful. I'm at G3 90 LP atm. Positive winrate of course~ (except flex cuz nobody takes flex seriously...) Honestly, reading up on those champion abilities did me soooo good. I realize not everybody can be arsed to read through every single god damn ability and hope to memorize them, but I wanted to be good, I wanted to be better than the average player ( I didn't know that was Silver back then.) and my aim was gold. now, with less than approx 1200 ranked games in my whole league career from S3 to S8 I'm here, quite inactive, and proud of peaking at P2 on EUNE. EDIT: Sorry for the "late" reply, was ingame and lost my last flex promo game on EUW... Feelsbad.
: How should I put this. You're not fighting against an AI, a machine, so that riot can optimize your road that you climb on. You are thrown into "the jungle", and you gotta hack and slash your way out, JUST LIKE OTHERS DO. EVERYONE, is going through pretty much what you described. The ones who are able to SOMETIMES 1v9, are the ones who climb. This is the same in my main ELO, mid-diamond as well. Sometimes I have to perform on a D1-master level, to make up for a team-mate's bad dive, or a general fu#kup. **** You have to understand what this ranked ladder is. It's not an artificial score, that can be inflated by Riot. You're NOT SUPPOSED to climb, just because you play. Progress isn't gained by grinding here, like in MMOs. Riot places you in a starting ELO, based on it's algorithm to determine your base-skill level. What does this mean for you? It means that if the script was right, you will be where you HAVE to be, according to your skill, and until you make personal changes, improvements, you're not moving a bit. If it puts you in a lower division, you'll climb, if in a higher, depending on your luck, match numbers, and ability to adapt, you can either stay, fall down to your true ELO or raise. **** Everyone treats this game, like they are guaranteed to climb, not understanding that the ranks ARE RELATIVE to other players. Take Bronze 5 : Here are most of the players, first of all, who have a bad connection / pc, and they play with 15FPS on low settings, 300 ms ping. They will be beaten by anyone who's able to run LOL at 30FPS and has a ping under 50. New players, who failed to learn the basics (like not every-1 was an A+ student in school, not everyone learns the same way ingame either). In order to escape bronze 5, you have to BEAT, the bronze 5 other requirement. It never was and never will be a "fair fight". You will occasionally have 10FPS players, enemy will have them too sometimes. Sometimes your team mate will run into towers, just dive, he has no concept of what's happening. I'm not sure if you saw this in my last thread, so lemme quote it. **** > All these factors, on the long run, have the same equal chance of happening. Both having trolls (you decide the game). Neiter having (you decide). Your team having ( you lose). Enemy team having (they lose). You have a 25% chance for each, statistically speaking, on the long run...that's how it works. So your odds, if you give it your best shot, and know what to do, are 75%win to 25%loss. 3 cases IN YOUR FAVOR, and one unlucky case. In order to climb, you need a steady 52-55% win-rate. I showed you that statistically speaking, 75% of your games are decided by the better player, and only 25% by feeders and trolls - statistics works on a higher sample-size - so you'll have to count your games AFTER the season ends, and after you played 200-300 matches at least. So 75% win-rate is achievable without the ability to 1v9. Once you learn that, you can get my 90% win-rate - but this is kinda rare. Even if you lose 20% from that 75%, you're climbing steadily. What does that mean - lose 20% from 75 - ? It means that you have to play well and have an impact in TWO THIRDS of your games - this is the only requirement. **** Again. The systems difficulty is fully characterized by it's players. Riot SHOULD NEVER influence the climb. If you are silver 5, it means that you are on average better than 17-18% of the playerbase (that's over 200.000 players that you're better compared to). This is how the ranked ladder's distribution works. - you can see for yourself here. 0.02% of the players, are in challenger - that's like - 200 people. They are there, because they, compared to the others they faced, were always better. Like not everyone reaches challenger, not everyone can reach silver 3. Not everyone can reach gold 5 and so on. **** TLDR - everyone plays within the same parameters, and everyone treats the system like they were supposed to climb - and many people have inflated EGOs, and think they deserve more than where they are. The system isn't built to make you climb naturally. Who'd stay in bronze then ? The system is RELATIVE TO THE PLAYERS IN IT. Everyone plays within the same parameters, with the same one rule - play well, have an impact - and you will climb. This rules applies from Bronze 5 to Challenger. Hope you get what I'm saying.
I get you, thank you for your quick, informative and reasonable response, I am grateful. I get that everybody has a rank that they should stay in, that not everybody can climb and some people are "supposed to" stay where they are, or even go back a few divisions. There's a higher possibility that someone who plays 200 games season 5 and does 1000 games at season 6 has moved even just slightly further than behind though, isn't there? (Unless most of those 1000 games were games of this player inting of course). So people expect to get better and therefore get a higher rank than their current rank, I don't think it's all about that inflated ego that you speak of. They play for hours, days, weeks, months and years to get better. Some people just don't get better though, and there's that. Those who do get better though, those are the people that should be ranking up The question was whether that was the responsibility of the player to simply get better or to stay in their current rank And you've answered that question wonderfully, so thank you. Also poggers I'm at the top 19.63% of players with a positive winrate~ That link is really helpful, thank you <3 {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: > im sTuCk in Silver 3 because the ranked system is aTrOcIoUs. No such thing my friend. I made this smurf acc to prove a point. Started 3 weeks ago, leveled to 30 in 2 weeks (was super boring), started mid-high bronze, and got it to plat in right under a week. Skipped divisions like 2 times, and had inflated MMR after a 25 game win-streak, but you get the idea. Before anyone goes like "bUt It'S eAsY fOr YoU iN lOw eLo" - That's the main. You can't call a 90% win-rate luck. When it goes on for nearly 100 games. All victories and losses are ON YOU, no one else. You can literally 1v9 in silver, that's how bad people are. You just need to lose your current EGO, and this bad mentality, that's holding you back. How in god's name do you wanna climb, if you can't spend 75 gold on a control ward. I'm not sure, but I think you haven't bought a single pink-ward on this account, up to this day. You're forgetting that the enemy team has the same chance to have the AFK and troll as your team. Have you NEVER gained LP by enemy trolling? If not, you're officially the unluckiest person in the LOL community, and should sign up for the Guinness world records. All these factors, on the long run, have the same equal chance of happening. Both having trolls (you decide the game). Neiter having (you decide). Your team having ( you lose). Enemy team having (they lose). You have a 25% chance for each, statistically speaking, on the long run...that's how it works. So your odds, if you give it your best shot, and know what to do, are 75%win to 25%loss. 3 cases IN YOUR FAVOR, and one unlucky case. You can also win 4v5 btw, or 4v6 if somebody runs it down mid from your team. Actually over a quarter of my games had some sort of toxic player in them. And I won more than half of those kinds of unlucky games. I haven't lost a single game where my 4 mates were equal or better than the enemy, out of 60ish games. So please, let's leave the ego on the side, realize our mistakes, work on them, improve, stop blaming others - until we're not perfect. Shall we ? Thanks !
See, I agree with everything you say Pretty much everything at least My problem with what you're saying though is the fact that 1v9'ing is possible I'm not saying that it's not possible, don't get me wrong, but my question to you lies here: Do you have to be able to 1v9, whether every now and then or every single game to prove how good you are? Do you not deserve a better rank if you cannot 1v9 all the time? Tbh I'm positive winrate gold atm chilling, literally just won a 12/0/2 Zoe game (flex tho lmao) but you get what I mean? Not struggling What I'm trying to point out is the perspective of the people that are hardstuck and actually have to do these 1v9's I can't 1v9 for sh't, I get a lead and I dunno what to do with it, does that mean I deserve my rank or lower? I just want this clarified, because I do not think it's fair to determine a persons ranked ability on whether they're able to 1v9 or not Sure, it's a great factor, if you can 1v9 every single game in silver and most games in gold then you deserve a higher rank than bronze/silver, that much I can agree on, but I can't agree on the fact that it's your bad if you cannot 1v9, your 4 teammates have the same responsibility so they go and suicide under turret trying to get a gold lead, but die to the 1/3 Caitlyn as a 5/1 Renekton and call "worth" cuz you got more gold and had to back anyway. If you can 1v9, great job. If you can't, it shouldn't be your responsibility to 1v9, therefore if you do not 1v9 it doesn't mean that you deserve the rank you are at / lower rank than you're at, is what I believe at least. What do you think of my opinion towards this? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} P.S: That Udyr winrate is scary dude, please stay away from my games. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
: I name a few of my favorites for you to consider: -Super Meat boy (13.99€) -Terraria (9.99€) -Battlerite (Free) -IMSCARED (3.99€) -SCP: Containment Breach (Free) -Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion (Free) -Doki Doki Literature Club (Free) -LOVE (2.39€) -Spelunky (14.99€) -Kindergarten (4.99€) -LIMBO (9.99€) -The Binding of Isaac (4.99€) -Crosscode (19.99€) -Undertale (9.99€) -Garry's Mod (9.99€) -Starbound (13.99€) -Don't Starve (14.99€) -> **(3.74€ ON SALE TILL 21. JUNE)** -Cuphead (19.99€) -Stardew Valley (13.99€) -Factorio (25,--€) -The Stanley Parable (11.99€) -Party Hard (12.89€) -The Forest (16.79€) -Her Lie I tried to be**lie**ve (Free) Take a look at them and maybe one of them is the perfect game for you.
I see Doki Doki, I upvote. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Do u really think that someone would leave a game after two weeks of playing URF? U must be insane. I understand that it can be boring after non-stop playing urf cuz i got tired too but i got back and im waitng for urf now.
Call me what you want, but calling me things and spewing opinions and statements without back-up is not a way for me to trust you, and therefore I'll still believe what Riot said more than what you've said. You're not a trusted source of information that I can believe blindly, nor does your opinion matter in this subject, so stating them makes literally no sense. The same can be said about me - since as I've mentioned before, I do not have print screens to show you my source of information, but me referencing Riot into this still speaks much louder than your single opinion with no meat on it, no bones, literally nothing to back it up.
: Noone leaves game after urf forever but lets say for couple days. I dont know if they are seriopus in rito with that statement.
And where do you have that information/source from? Riot mentioned this themselves, and not to be rude or anything, but I'd rather believe Riot's own words than these 2 sentences from you. Though to be fair, I just mentioned that they said so, but I'm showing no print screen, links or such to back up my claim. I read it in some article in the "Ask Riot" forum or whatever it was called a long time ago (literal months, if not a year by now. Guessing 9 months.) Either way, I have nothing to back up my claim of Riot saying so, but you haven't mentioned anything to back up your claim either. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Looks like you´ve made an .... ˝erorr˝ when changing your name {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: 0:30 is too early,its a shame for some1 to lose lp cuz of sth out of his control,u need around 3-5 min to reconnect.riot should let us remake when some1 leaves the game before 3 min.
And what if someone dies within those 3 min? Then it'll be a disadvantage cuz someone could just leave and bam, remake.
zykloni (EUNE)
: Glacial Olaf
It's an old skin, what did you expect? Old skins at the very low cost was pretty much just color changes and such, if you've got a problem then buy a new skin. By the way, tip for the future; Google the champion skin before buying/unlocking it to see how it looks like ingame instead of being disappointed like this in the future.
Masantha (EUW)
: Bilgewater Fan Fiction Competition
Do poems count as a short story if it tells a short story of at least one League champion and Bilgewater? And if so, do these poems have to include the name of said champion or Bilgewater? I'm guessing the context would be great enough combined with the description of both the champion(s) and Bilgewater. I'd like to write a poem~ {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Rioter Comments
BuppleBg (EUNE)
: Thry coud make it alot better by just leaving ARURF but they prefer to be hated terrible and giant moneymakers .. I wonder how is this buisness even working i mean virtual items that dont give you boost or anything at the price of you being a slave they are not even that good looking Ultimate skin shall cost no more than 5 dollars..
They made a game and began profiting from it, why would they not keep profiting from said game? If they didn't profit they wouldn't be able to add the other things in anyway! Ridiculous statements you're spewing. Also, they've already mentioned that they are keeping ARURF and snowball URF instead of normal URF since they found a ton of their playerbase leaving the game for good once the event was over, including not only the ones that came back just for URF, but also the people that were there before the URF event started, and then went inactive. If I were them I'd try to find measures against this as well, it only makes sense, nothing more, nothing less.
Sylense (EUW)
: Hey Rito, its my birthday, do i get something? :))
My birthday in 16 days, but same ^ Also, happy birthday!!! {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
PepijndM (EUW)
: Relatable... (Playing on PC without graphics card, only integrated graphics from mobo. ;-;)
Oof, you're like taking several punches meanwhile I'm only taking that one hit You're a hero amongst men, glory to you for the rest of your life my (wo)man. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: What Commander Kozak is saying is that it's currently unknown what percentage of a critical strike will be converted to true damage and that percentage is going to be what determines if Yasuo will be busted or not
> [{quoted}](name=A Red Herring,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tvhFc1ik,comment-id=000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-09T20:02:04.908+0000) > > What Commander Kozak is saying is that it&#x27;s currently unknown what percentage of a critical strike will be converted to true damage and that percentage is going to be what determines if Yasuo will be busted or not Ah, I get it now, I'll look forward to finding out whether it'll be as most fear or not. Thank you very much for your quick and accurate reply, Red Herring~! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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