: A battle pass for 975 RP
I agree, the game feels kinda pointless without having an event pass to get orbs with. The only reward is levels which is kinda stale.
: Black friday skin sales?
Will black friday have anything special? Like skins or rp discounts?
Fëalnort (EUW)
: try any support, focus on warding / NOT dying / Getting a lot of assist. Something like soraka or sona work perfect. OR try a huge snowball champ like rengar/khazix. finally, try ARAM and try to farm a lot, those count a LOT in Aram. S+/A+ difference can be made with things like low warding score (buy a red trinket and some pink wards) or low CS count.
So i should try ARAM and farm a lot? Since i do not own Soraka nor Sona.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: the champions you play the best on will be the easiest ones to get S- or more
Yeah, but i mostly play different champion. I pretty much main every champion i can.
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Pikaguif (EUW)
: Depends on what you want. If you get the pass then you can go for prestige skins if you like them if you don't like them and still want the pass get chromas or orbs. If you don't want the pass then be carful because you can only get enough tokens for a single chroma
Oh, so i have to buy like 15€ to be able to get more than 120 points? That sucks.
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