Poramies (EUW)
: I agree that the penalty shouldn't be as harsh if people connect back, especially in ranked where you now get full minus lp penalty as if you lost the match even if you win if you were disconnected for a long enough time (5 mins or something like that). I've seen people do rage alt+f4 and connect back after a while many times tho when they realize they might not lose it. :P That 5x20 mins is not really that harsh to be honest, is it? It doesn't escalate into actual bans or anything. It's also to ensure your system works fine and doesn't instantly crash again so you wouldn't ruin another game right after. Just watch or do something else on computer and keep the client so that you see when it's about to pop. Submitting it for review for an actual person would require more work than what it takes to just wait the so called penalty out I'm sure.
5x20 is not really that Bad but it is Annoying. I mean but yourself in my case. I had a Account level 70 (PLATIUM II) but sold it after I joined the Army. Now after 6 Years in Army I have retired and started playing LoL again. I am currently level 26 and Im trying so hard to get to level 30 so I can start again play Ranked. Then the electricity goes out suddendly (Which is NOT a common thing. I never experianced that the Power goes out in Austria). After 9min I was abel to rejoin the Match, I gave my best to Win this match and we Won. What did I get from it ? : 5x20 Leaver Buster No EXP No BE If I am getting 5x20 Leaver Buster, ATLEAST give me the EXP and BE that I deserve ! **Lets be honest, If the electricity went out again, why tf should I rejoin and play hard again and not just troll?** I mean I will get anyway 5x20 Ban, No EXP, No BE. Why dont I just rejoin the Match and feed the enemey or just dont rejoin again? You see the point in this Problem.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: their afk system isindeed ridiculous. everytime a game is about to end i quit before right before the nexus goes down in order to save some extra seconds but one time right before the nexus went down then inhibitor came up but it was too late cuz i had already presst alt f4.i tried to reconnect as fast as possible and when i did the game was still on until after a minute where the enemy finally finished it and i see that i got no rewards due to afk.so i was basically afk for 5 min max(and it was the time i was in the loading screen) worst is when it happens in ranked games,where sth happens and ure afk for like 5 first min and then u fight for 40+ min to finally win it and realize u gain nothing.
Their afk System is ridiculous. But on your case I see its your fault. Why dont u just wait this some secs xD
: Yes that is fair. You went afk. You could have cost your team the match. It's frankly just luck that they were able to win without you. That's why after being afk for a certain period of time you incur the punishment regardless of whether you win or lose after you come back.
1. I didnt went on Purpose afk, My electricity went out which can happen. (And No its not a common thing that in Austria the electricity goes out.) 2. I was 9-10 min Afk but even there I havent done any Damage to the Match. I was able to Rejoin and win the match with them. 3. I would Understand if I got this Ban because my Teammate reported me, but that was not the case. I havent got Reported and everyone was fine that my electricity went out which why I was afk. So no, I dont agree that this was Fair at all.
StyFox (EUW)
: [LeaverBuster] Tag as a leaver but I was playing. Bug ?
Same bullsh!t happend to me today ... : https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/HuqmRk3P-this-is-a-joke I didnt get even Reported, I just got after the Game Instant Leaver Buster Flagged and 5 Matched Banned (20min before getting Qued for 5 Matches)
LuxyFlexy (EUNE)
: This is a Joke....
If it was Ranked, I would close a eye and would Accept the 5 Matches Ban. Because I know People spend Days & Night to get to Higher ELO, but I was playing NORMAL DRAFT Matchmaking. Which is the reason why I see no Fairness on this 5 Match Ban. I didnt Feed I didnt Troll I wasnt Toxic I had a Good Score We Won the Game and still get Banned :) ????? If the System will Ban anyone anyway because having Power Issue or PC Issue or other Issue, then why should anyone rejoin and Play Fair? Why dont we then just rejoin and complete troll/feed. Atleast when getting Banned then for something xD
: It's impossible for the system to distinguish between you going afk on purpose or you going akf because your power went down. Either you punish everyone who leaves for any reason, or you don't punish leavers at all, and hell knows we don't want the latter.
If it is impossible (which I cant agree) that the System distinguish between me going afk on purpose or going afk because of a Issue, then make something else possible. I had score from 7/2/2 and we was Winning and we Won after I rejoined and as we won I had a score from 13/5/6. But nooo the System gives me 5 Matches Banned for being afk ???? I dont get EXP/BE nor The 400EXP of Daily Win. Fairplay???
Poramies (EUW)
: Trust me it's far better that the system is strict like that, otherwise you would have people doing alt+f4 after dying once all the time. It really is unfun to try to play a 4v5 game, you know that right? Maybe you should think about getting an UPS if this is a common problem for your area?
The System is great against Trollers/Feeders/RageQuitters I agree, but Rage Quitters dosent rejoin the Match do they? Lets take a Example : Cs:Go Bans player if they leave and dosent rejoin after 5 min, if they rejoined then its fine they dont get Bann and they get EXP. Which I see is a good thing, but if the Player started Trolling then he can get Reported for Griefing. (But Valve Report System is sadly TRASH.) In League of Legends, the Report System works really Great. If its against Feeders or Toxic Player it is working. Other Idea would be : If People that got unfair Leaver Buster Ban can submit it some where like in this Forum and the Staff Team review it and if they see it was really an unfair Ban that they remove it. I know it is not the best solution but its something. btw : I been living in Austria Obersteiermark since 5 years and never experienced electricity Problem. This is the first year something like that happend to me so it is not a common thing.
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