Nalenthas (EUW)
: Best supports right now for solo queue?
Boop chan (EUW)
: What do you do when your team refuses to group?
Don't want to autofill? Tired of troll supports? Duo with a support main and all your troubles are solved! :3
: I do better playing alone than with my bestfriend.
I think the best you can do is to be honest with him, in a nice way. Be careful how you tell him so he doesn't get the wrong way. Tell him that the game isn't fun for you when he flames others. Tell him that it causes you and the teammates you lose more because of his behavior (not performance) Also tell him that you are trying your best to win and League is a team game, that your friend makes it hard to focus and frustrating sometimes when he flames. Make sure to tell him that you really like playing with him, but since he started being negative n flames, playing isn't as fun anymore. See what he says. Do not say: Don't trash talk n focus your game or anything that can be understood as 'you play bad'. (Cuz that might hurt your friendship if he thinks the wrong way)
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: i do some coaching. i just had a quick glance at your game, and made a small summary of its problems.. some points about the games i saw. i saw a fiddlestick game, where it takes you ages to hit level 6, meanwhile you also dont gank. very inefficient pathing and you are actually correct the game has changed in some sense for jungle. you could get away with this slightly more before but not now, ill explain it below a little. In most of the games you lose, the enemy jungler is twice your score and ganked well before level 6 multiple times. this is not surprising given the new Jungle smite changes that allow a champion to heal on each smite, furthermore there is also the plants that heal junglers and also the XP gain from a quick Red buff + krugs path that you do not use, because as fiddlesticks you start blue. the enemy has alot of sustain to keep ganking, while he remains near ''even'' in farm vs you.. so now hes ahead in kills and not behind in farm.. that is a problem. inshort due to multiple reasons, your time spent in jungle is very ineffective. you have to either outfarm or outgank the opponent.. you cannot fail in both regards.. preferably win in both to be a good jungler. carrying low elo is easier when you litterally ''play their lane for them'' and this means very early ganks that screw the lane up for the opponent and continued map pressure that leads to towers that creates a tower gold lead. Second strategy that fiddlesticks could use is to powerfarm level 6 quickly and do full clears of the jungle efficiently and quickly, but this strategy is very risky as it exposes your team to multiple ganks, due to the new meta. but seeing your last game, you weren't able to do a full clear at all, you hit a wall at raptors.. because your pathing was wrong. you started raptors after blue bluff, this is basically the worst path you could have taken and wasted alot of time etc. aka watch fiddlestick mains on twitch, learn jungle pathings so that you can clear better and hit level 6 faster. Try to gank pre-6, if you see lanes that are overextended.. dont afk farm leaving all chances go. some easy ganks can make you hit your level 6 even faster. also it helps your team float. also never lose in both farm and ganks at the same time... it literally means a player is afk. if the enemy is ganking more then you.. how can he also be near ''even'' in farm ? even the enemy taxing lanes doesn't explain how inefficient the time spent is then.
How nice of you to help him out! :3 It is really helpful to read something like this.
BexXz (EUW)
: Allow a dodge in promos.
I don't know... even if it is promos, I still feel it is like any ranked game. If you are good, you will get promoted sooner or later. When you are in promos...just think of it as a non promo game. That is what I do, and I wont feel frustrated even if I lose.
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: Riot can only spend so many resources on the new client... which means that some things have to go in order to conserve resources. Custom item sets is the most unused part of the client by a long shot so statistically it's the one that needed to go. For now you can use the legacy client to keep them but you will just have to get used to playing without them or find some other way to fill in for it.
That just sux. :( I couldn't find any 3rd party program that makes custom sets... On top of that, idk if those would be legal to use if there were...
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: Zoom hack is not allowed as far as i know.PLaying with the vision of {{champion:101}} during his r will result into a ban . I think it was possible to do it without changing something with large monitors (not sure if riot fixed ir ot not) .This ok but still sucks (ultra wide monitor are not made for gaming). Ultra wide Monitor 3440 x 1440 (21:9) : 1920 x 1080 (16:9) : Still playing lol normally at 3440 x1440 is not as good as may sounds .. > But about otherwise? It's possible but no one would post here.
I'm not thinking of any hacks here. xd I don't know what kind of resolution most people play with. But I have 1366×768... xd
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: Level 13 smurf looking for friends
How can you be smurf if your main is bronze 4. Does it even count as smurf? xd
: So I am forced to play ranked? **[rant and reason]**
I hate plants too. I HATE PLANTS!
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: sick of supports that dont pick a support
Imo; As long as the support is good, get adc fed through lanephase, provide vision (buy sightstone and use it well). In teamfights, look out to protect the adc extra. It is good, they do their job. It is sad when people blame all on picks.
: I just met my first Scripter
I don't know how to recognize a scripter. Cuz if enemy dodges a spell or hits them often, might just because they are good. There have been a few times enemy calls me scripter, even tho I'm not. Simply because they are too bad... The only time I remember, and I felt I was pretty sure enemy scripted was an enemy Oriana, who in the single game managed to Zhonyas just in time not getting hit when she stood in the middle on my Sona ult. TWICE. Imo, one must have just...godly reflexes to manage doing that.
kjono1 (EUW)
: With mf you could have always went mid and ulted from the bush, it covers most of the lane and could have helped regnar get a couple more kills to bring him back on track, again, if someone's behind give them a hand, save the jungler, let them get a couple kills to get items, and start being able to contribute to your team rather than the enemies. I wouldn't really take mf support, especially since many supports have stuns or silences, and others have the ability to heal, shield and tank. Whereas you have slightly more damage, and are more likely to ks even if unintentionally, making people fall behind. Some games also can't be won, you could win lane, be positive, and do everything you can to win, but still lose because enemies on their team could be the exact same
Maybe, I don't know... or I just didn't notice the chances. I was really scared of the enemy Kha... With Rengar and Nid, Kha kills us easily if GP manage to land one barrel or ult on someone. And there is Leona too... They were under/behind their turret when we tried to take it. If I stand in range to ult them (couldn't be reached from bush), Leona would jump me so easily. I would instantly die. I manage to get cait 3 kills when enemy jungler/mid wasn't around. During the lane phase I could not leave to help mid, since THEIR mid came to us/ulting. Was busy watching cait all the time or she dies. In that game I only got 3 kills in total with 19 assists, so most of the kills I participated in went to my teammates. xd
: Not all games are winable, thats a fact.
'If you're good, you should be able to carry' 'Support can carry just was well' That is what they say. xd So I assume I didn't play well enough. That's why I post this to see if you guys have better strategies.
: at least she shouldn't be that useful against leona...
I don't really know about specific enemy match ups. When I picked MF againt them, I knew Leona would be hard. But I wanted to do my best. I got my adc 3 kills vs Leona and Jinx, so we won bot pretty hard despite them getting help from Jungler and mid. (Our jungler and mid couldn't help us)
Squallsy (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mölang,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Nr7Ap4bj,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-11-24T16:32:13.741+0000) > > We just could not win because we are squishy, lack of CC and they are now stronger. (all of them) So we lost. i would never be in that situation because i do not believe mf support to be a thing outside of lcs and premade pro teams
Actually I didn't watch LCS. But it looks like she works well in combo with Ashe and Lucian. I tried her in normals, and really liked the massive slow on her e (with Rylais). So I thought, if I just played well enough it would work out. (since the elo I play in is gold/plat) xd
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Squallsy (EUW)
: Adcs and supports you hate laning with!
When I'm support, I don't really mind which ADC picks. As long as they are good with it. But if I should name one, would be {{champion:67}} . Vayne players are typically really toxic, and quite bad...they blame all their weak lane phase and mistakes on support. When I'm ADC, I don't really trust when having {{champion:12}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:89}} Bard because, sometimes they roam, feed and I'm 1v2. Blitz can't land hooks and won't do shit... The other 2 sometimes pick stupid fights that results in death. You never know... But if they play well, they are great.
: Flaming and expecting help?
I understand how you might feel in that moment. I'd feel the same maybe... But you should not punish the other 3 players in your team by being afk. (and you lose as well) Do your best to ignore the flamer and play with the rest of the team. Report that guy after game is the best that you can do. xd If your teammate are decent people, they will report the flamer as well after game.
kjono1 (EUW)
: It's always the support :/
Well, that just happens. What counts is: You know it was their bad, and they are blaming you. And; you notice your own mistakes in every game to improve. It is really annoying to take all the shit tho. Low elo player's blaming skills > playing skills. xd
: Why don't players take ranked seriously?
On the examples you took. 'I'll 1v1 you' is just stupid... I don't know what to say. The 'I have to go now' I think is valid reason to leave. IRL > Game, it doesn't mean players doesn't take ranked seriously. The 'first time with champion'...might just be a joke as well. You never know. Maybe some people think it is a good idea to test a new champ tho... people are different. xd I think the majority of ranked players are serious. They play to win.
: maybe play a normal or custom game every once in a while just to practise landing/dodging skillshots. don't roam unless you have to, and just go ham with trades during laning. doing something similar like this with someone (start watching at around a minute in) may also help: another way to look at missing skillshots is to simply imply that you're not bad at landing skillshots, but that your opponent is just good at dodging/predicting them and that every time you miss you promise yourself to try and aim better next time. that might reduce the factor of disappointment, while still trying your best to improve.
You might think normal game is good for practice, but it is not... In normals I get much more difficult opponents, often plat/dia even master and challengers. I'd just get rekt on if I ever go mid or top. In ranked I get easier enemies that are in silver/gold/plat. I don't know about what is wrong sometimes. In some games, I aim so well I get surprised. Others just realllllly bad. I play very inconsistent, therefore I have little confidence when I play. :(
: sort off, but it helps me focus in a sense. if it's distracting you too much i'd advise putting some calming music on in the background. oh and btw, if you do end up losing early, then try to be supportive when it comes to vision and pings. try not to die too much and hope you can be usefull lategame. in case you have cc in your kit you'll remain relevant for most of the game regardless of your score, as you'll be able to keep your 10/0 {{champion:51}} save or give that full build {{champion:86}} a chance to safely remove the enemy {{champion:67}} without getting kited into oblivion. anyway, no need to be hyper conscious of how you play, sure, you should try to note what you're doing wrong so you can work on it. but there's no reason to panic.
I play to practice getting better of course. I want to perform the best I can. Decision making isn't a problem for me, I know what'm doing; looking map, ping, ward, follow, gank, make good calls...strategy wise, it is easy for me. But I'm so bad with mechanics that I miss spells left and right. I feel so disappointed in myself when that happens...therefore I feel nervous when I play. xd
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GLurch (EUW)
: If you can't protect your ADC and don't want to fall behind too, why shouldn't you roam? However, I think saying "I don't want to stay bot with you anymore" sounds to negative. Saying "I will roam a bit, so I can at least help others out" doesn't sound as negative pointed towards your ADC. In the end, there is no difference in the meaning, but it's the way you say it. I don't think either can get you punished, but it still creates a better atmosphere if you never try to blame a tilted person or just make it sound like you blamed him for something. Best is to just mute the person flaming you and play like you normally would. Don't write anything towards the person you muted, just let them completely be, because if a person already flames you for everything, I don't think they will listen to your advices.
Some flame, a bit. I could handle, and would not leave ADC. Mute and play. But too much of it, I'm not going to take, I don't want to deal with such people... Maybe you are able to be friendly and polite towards someone who are full up with calling you idiot and moron. But I won't... Telling him 'I don't want to stay with you' I'm already informing him something without saying anything too mean. xd
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RazerX (EUW)
: You're expecting the 99% of the playerbase that are not in Diamond or higher to have actual game understanding? That's a mistake my friend. And most people don't know what a support does or should do. Most people think it's just an ADC babysitter or that they should be the one warding. All those people are wrong. It wont help you in fixing your described problem, but it may give you an understanding on why this stuff happens so you can deal with it.
The situation I described, (several times) all actually happened in Diamond. xd Tho my point with this post is. It feels like, in this case, as support, you have to either endure all the crap ADC throws at you, or that you leave him alone, but you get marked as a 'troll' by the team, despite that your intention isn't trolling... (Both midlaner and toplaner would get mad for 'stealing their exp' if you would go there...)
: More penalizations for those who dodge at the last second
I dont see a problem... people usually dont dodge unless there is a player they definetly dont wanna play with. Personally i never dodge. But i do sense 'this game dont seen winnable' when someone is saying they troll/people argue in champ select or by looking at the teamcomp. Often times i sensed correctly. So it is fine to leave, if you predict an unfun game ahead, then why go through with it?
: What runes are best for supports ?
Tanky melee support you can get armor, hp and mr runes. Alternative hp regen as well. Ap ranged lulu, depending on your play style. Ap or mr blue and hybrid pen red if you want. Hp or armor yellows. Ap quints. Less aggressive janna you can even run gold/10 runes if you play passive. There are many variations. Imo there is no 'best' cuz it depends on your playstyle.
JakiStow (EUW)
: Flex Queue will be much less toxic without all the solo players
Yeah right. Played in flex, a group of 3 premade players flaming 1 person. xd
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Good post. Exactly my thoughts.
Solash (EUW)
: You don't know that
The people I've had in friends list who I play with. Most of those who flames often got chat banned at least once. (And I suspect one guy eventually got permabanned at some point) Sometimes, really toxic people I've had in games, I reported after. I get a notice pop up saying that they will get punished. (You know that one)
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: Rito please
When you play support, you have to support your adc during the lane phase as well as providing vision for your team. You can play support with any champion, roaming is fine, but you should not leave your adc 1v2 all the time. That guy did NOT have the intention to play support while picking the support role.
: I admit that. My main problem is the guys havent been punished.
If they frequently behave badly, they will get punished eventually.
I read most of the chat log. The stuff you eventually said at mid and end are not good. But I could see that your team triggered you to that. Still the way you retaliated is bad. Sure you can blame your teammates, but try not to lose the cool that you sink to their level.
: unfortunatly it didnt record that game, as u most likely dont have a runepage named after but there is a irelia game a loss with a score of 12 Kills 8 Deaths 22 Assists if you watched that game then we could check that one.
I don't know anything about that site. xd The games with Irelia I just know that I'm bad with the champ and the role and has no clue how to play her so I haven't bothered to analyze mistakes there. If you think you can identify my mistakes there would be cool.
sobi999 (EUW)
: Need help with Soraka.
I think Raka is fine. In lane vs melee I tend to lv q for more harss. Hard lane I play safe n just heal. You use q to kite/slow. E can root if you put it slightly ahead of were enemy will walk and q on them for slow so the root will happen. In teamfight, you stand far back. E if they jump carry and heal them, then q to kite and heal yourself. When I play raka i often times have about 10% hp after long teamfights, I still stick around in the back. You can build tank hp on her if you want. Most do. But i tend to run my ap variants that heals more n do bit of damage and never run oom. In exchange I need to position better to not die. Works just fine.
: no need just tell me what game to watch they are all viewable on you have a large champion pool, so just let me know which one
Aha, I see. Well, there is that game. A ranked flex. My end score there was 11/1/14 when I played against a Shen. When I watched the replay, I just thought 'wow I'm playing so chicken' and I was thinking that I surely would have been able to done so much more. If my team mates were not being so good, it might've turned out badly. xd Also, (tho I don't remember the exact time) a fight in enemy jungle. I used ult to dash in > deal damage then I walk back for safe and dash in again. I wasn't sure if it was necessary to walk back like that. At some point I felt I was just walking around all the time when my teammates were killing enemies... xd
Gojiraw (EUNE)
: Few words about the state of the game (mini-rant).
Hi, I understand where you are coming from...and it is good that you don't get emotional over a game. But you need to consider, people are different. There are those who do get emotional. And a 'harmless' "noob, you suck" at a random time might just hurt their feelings. I myself don't get affected so easily by flamers, to me, they are strangers who talk shit and doesn't know me. So I won't bother caring. But I remember this one time, I was feeling down, decided to forget the bad things by playing League. Got flamed quite hard in the game, and afterwards I just felt so, so, so much worse... So at all times, I think it is good to keep it strict. Playing a game, you are not supposed to trash talk others. It is NOT NICE. And if they would let 'harmless trash talk' slide. It might be hard to set a point on what counts as harmless and what not...and then people would argue about that too... As for the Singed support thing... If I try to be as 'fair' as possible... I'd say: I don't know if he should be banned or not. There are always different ways to view the case. BUT: I would certainly NOT want to play with that guy, and I would NOT enjoy playing with that kind of strategy. Especially if I'm adc, I think the game would be very frustrating for me to play... So if he happened to be in my game, and played like that when asked not to, I would have reported him for trolling/refusing to communicate with team.
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: i could watch a game for you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} just let me know if you want that or which game
That would be nice. Except... I don't know how to show other people these games. xd (I watch them in client, couldn't find the replay files in League folders - if it wasn't for this feature, I never watch replays.)
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