Zee Zone (EUW)
: Just saw the a video describing the game and tbh it sound intriguing. It's certainly different but the "a game can take 3 months to complete" makes me want to look elsewhere. Not because it's bad or anything but that and "the game is still running even after you go offline" gives me the feeling that my mind will be constantly thinking about the game and that is sth i wanted to get rid of. Offline games help me organize my time both physically and mentally. On the flip side I've never tried an online strategy game and i love space so i might get hooked the moment i give it a try xD Ty for the recommendation nonetheless ^^
it's addictive. but unless you play hardcore..and i mean going for win no matter what, the game is pretty forgiving to casuals. mainly thanks to community. it's more of politics in space than who has more mass. Also, it's reduced to 2 months now. each session lasts 2 months. and if you aim for win, the game does get in a way of personal life. if you don't, then it doesnt
: not sure if I should laugh or cry
both. it was sarcasm
Shamose (EUW)
: Because mobas have always been 5v5.
So 4vs4 stops it from being a moba? Also, Star Conflict totally disagrees
Diävolo (EUW)
: The problem Riot is still making cringy skins like prestige skins or E girls skins because YOU PEOPLE BUY THEM. If people stop buying their shit, they'll just work on making the game better
No they won't work on making the game better. They will just shut it down. (Light Of Nova, Star Supremacy, Thurmalite wars, COMMAND AND CONQUER, NEED FOR SPEED WORLD, all had the same fate)
Zee Zone (EUW)
: They acknowledged this in the latest ask riot. I was getting hopeful when they said that they've taken notice of the community and will put more effort into things but lost it all when they they said that they're starting with the worlds event. It was clear that they won't change their ways whatsoever. I've been away for 6 months now but been lingering on the boards and surr@20 just in case. Not gonna lie when i quit i thought they hit rock bottom but i was highly mistaken. Eternals (purchasable achievements really?!), TFT taking so much of their budget that they're sacrificing quality events and TT. All of that would've been ok if they worked on fixing anything else yet damage- and mobility creep still wack, balance out of hand and random af and bugs all over the game and client and decisions that make no sense (why even touch the legacy cursor at all?). Was holding out and still am for them to find their way but at this point the next event after worlds will determine my relationship with League as a payer and with Riot as a whole. I personally have been enjoying games other than league ever since i quit and i advise people to do the same. Not necessarily to quit but try to change pace, take a break and play sth else. Forget the online climbing competitive aspect and just play a game for fun. I still own my thanks to whoever advised me to do that in the boards back when i quit. If it wasn't for him i wouldn't have tried games like Transistor, Entre the Gungeon, The Witness, and recently Celeste all without spending a dime because of the Epic Games free games every few weeks. (Yes ik Epic games practices regarding exclusivity is controversial however i am not advising anyone to spend money on them rather make use of their free game system).
Starborne Sovereign Space is also worth a look. It's space MMO-RTS with astonishing depth. It's also in alpha till late december, so to get alpha tester tag and special rewards from alpha now is the perfect time to join. The next months are being focused on polishing the game before beta
: No more PvE
ofc they won't do it. they are preparing to shut the game down. all their actions speak of it
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I want to live long enough to see champion nerfed with release of a skin... One day~ https://media.tenor.com/images/af2cd26dd0a819994c65012e40d16b35/tenor.gif
Rioter Comments
ryandub (EUW)
: You pretty much summed up the problem with matchmaking. The other side of the coin is equally frustrating. As a gold player why am I getting unranked and bronze players on my team that make it impossible to win cause its too tough for them. Everyone is frustrated with it lately and most people take their frustrations out on the team by trolling or AFK which causes more issues and starts other threads on the board. Vicious cycle...
Whiteknights are defending riot when they don't even know what they are talking. thats why riot just ignored everything. If riot actually got proper honest and brutal feedback(in other words, they lost customers and support of everyone), then they'd start thinking more. Whether or not it would resolve anything is another teal, since riot is now chinese company that is all about greed.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > If the IFS has absolutely no problem with the load, then how come it's pretty common to encounter people who break the rules and tos EVERY GOD DAMN %%%%ING GAME??? Because you're ignoring the scale, with millions of players you're always likely to encounter someone who breaks the rules just due to volume, its just a numbers problem, has nothing to do with the "load" the IFS is under, as i said its pretty easy to parse most reports and chat based ones take seconds to check > Also??? Action a punishment 15 minutes? LMAO... Nope, Nope Nope. If people would actually get punished in 15 minutes, they wouldn't keep being so entitled jerks. Again, you're treating it like every instance of toxicity is the same person when its not, you're also treating it like a single report means a punishment when that isn't how the system works anyway Its just a lot of misunderstandings being compounded to look worse than it actually is
Nope, it's a problem I point out. Do not put words into my mouth. I also don't ignore the scale. THE SCALE is the reason of the "load" of reports being more than the system can actually handle. It is more effective than tribunal, yes, but in under no circumstance can it handle everything alone. The system needs another system to match the scale. or let me put it in the dumb persons terms: More people you need to control, More systems you need to implement to control them.
Player 123 (EUNE)
: ***
Straight out stats buff is not the way to go. Especially when it's concerning base damages. I'm gonna have a field day with my tank riven now xd
Shamose (EUW)
: Guess who is getting a Prestige skin next patch.
To be honest... She is borderline balanced...this is definitely gonna push the girl to the borderline overpowered status. While I agree, she could use some buffs, straight out stat buffs are not the one she needs. Also, good to see Shamose being on the light side of the force for once.
Cypherous (EUW)
: The IFS has no issues handling the load, it takes it seconds to scan dozens of text chatlogs, next to no time to scan through game logs, it doesn't have an actual backlog of any real size, at most it takes it around 15 minutes to process and action a punishment, compared to the weeks of the tribunal
If the IFS has absolutely no problem with the load, then how come it's pretty common to encounter people who break the rules and tos EVERY GOD DAMN %%%%ING GAME??? Also??? Action a punishment 15 minutes? LMAO... Nope, Nope Nope. If people would actually get punished in 15 minutes, they wouldn't keep being so entitled jerks.
: Why do death threats go unpunished, and has it gotten worse?
yhea it has gotten worse. Yes, they should be punished. Yes, Riot and community are lazy. can't fix what is out of your control
Rioter Comments
: I got Perm banned for third party programs, i never cheated in my life and will never do
did you buy the account? Did you use something for custom skins? If the answer to one of those 2 is yes, then chances are, they won't lift it.
: janna's passive! ( question )
They use the boots of mobility to get to places, not for damage on her w. Also, if you don't use autoattacks or any other abilities and don't take damage before your w lands, it will get full benefit as far as I know. (I may be wrong on this one)
: Keep running into bad starts, mood sours almost instantaneously.
to be honest i'm playing starborne. this game does not give me much in the way of gameplay... or fun. Also, when I do play, it's on russian server, it's aram, and it's a 5 man premade
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Teemo is the best most pure character in league of legends
And then there is me, the dark lord, playing teemo just cause I love to make things go BOOM but slowly and painfully.(No ziggs, you make things go kaboom, not boom)
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Lucky you! We don't have those on EUNE, not anymore. :(
Thats because people scared the last one(Eambo) away from Eune. We are officially the most toxic server in the History of League. Besides Korea xd
: Tanks are very strong vs AD carries early game because *everything* beats AD carries early game. AD carries scale in such a way that they are very strong with each successive item (much stronger than mages), but weak with few. Tanks, with a few exceptions, right now are actually in kind of a bad spot - Most of them cannot deal with the strong duellist threats in top lane, leaving them relegated to jungle and support (and all the limitations of those roles). This is one of the reasons Maokai has fallen off the face of runeterra :( In general, any champion that relies heavily on ability base damages for early game damage (tanks) will be strong in the very early game but will rapidly fall off in terms of damage, unless that champion stays ahead of the general experience curve of the game (higher experience = better abilities = higher base damage)
CustlyBane (EUNE)
: Should Poppy's shield placement get changed?
I have to admit, it can be annoying sometimes. So, maybe the shield should land in the direction poppy is facing if changed at all? However, zoning you away from it is the only way to counterplay it. And as poppy, you can use belts placement to your advantage. I don't think it needs any changes. If it would be more reliable, it would take up a big part of her power budget.
: The Tribunal has always been a side system - it affected roughly 2% of total punishments in game when it worked. It was used to things that couldn't be just botted - honor trading, player camping, boosting, trolling etc. It should just be back in the same form as it used to exist in - because it was exactly what you just said - it was just used as a slight help for the actual system.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that
: Roast me
Judging by your post history, you're immature intellectual. Judging by your match history, you're a wannabe ARAM main.
: Tank vs AP and AD the difference
{{item:3071}} {{item:3035}} Thank me later
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Can we PLEASE bring The Tribunal back No /thread > It's not %%%%ing difficult, it would take literally 0 time for anyone to come up with good ideas to make this system work Tribunal does not and never will be effective, it takes too long and its too open to human bias to be accurate > the Tribunal takes literally 0 effort from Riot to maintain. It takes literally 0 money to pay for people voting to punish a player. They still have to maintain it and make sure all the data is properly anonymised and that nobody is given cases they reported and that people are actually reviewing cases and not just spamming the punish button Then there is the issue of how terribly slow the tribunal is, you seem to massively underestimate the hundreds of thousands of reports that are generated daily, its literally impossible for players to keep up with that number of reports Tribunal is never coming back and it was a complete failure
In that case, the current system needs to be duplicated, cause it can't handle the load either.
: Can we PLEASE bring The Tribunal back
As a side system to work alongside the IFS we have, yes. As a separate system replacing the IFS, Hell no, not even when the whole cosmos dies.
: Hey, i am just here to take out all of the "fkn rito, why people so toxic ? system needs rework or i cry" toodlers. If u can handle chat, fine !! :)
when community has no tools to put jerks in place, then how do you expect the community to put the toddlers in place as well?
MuMoGu (EUW)
: I was so free and checked your op.gg and couldnt found a wukong game. Maybe your games with wukong were some patches ago and it was viable back then but regardless im happy that you can play that champ in a way you want. But sadly the champion is overall only really viable as a assassin :(
i dont play on eune anymore edit: also, it is painstaking how the community actually fails to adapt these days
MuMoGu (EUW)
: i dont know mate. i mean yes he deals damage but its like either he one shots you out of stealth without any possibilitys to react or he feels like the weakest champ in league in my opinion. But thanks for your comment regardless :D
i don't build him assasin. i usually go triforce-bruiser build. it works fine for me so far.
MuMoGu (EUW)
: Wukong Rework Concept (Lets work together to bring our monkey back to life)
To be honest, i would not touch wukong at all. He is perfectly fine
: Except normals is what it is, normals. It's not ranked, if you want to play vs. people against your skill level go play ranked that's what it's for.
LMAO Really? You don't play with/against people of your skill level in there as well. Same shit happens there, except, it's just smurfs on smurfs.
: Why am I getting qeued against Diamonds in normals as a Silver player?
Cause normals MMR is not ranked MMR. which is a big mistake. but well..noone %%%%ing cares
Shamose (EUW)
: I hate Youtubers who think they are special because they are youtubers.
To be honest, this is what happens when secrecy meets conspiracy theories meets lunatics meets immature people. I'm not surprised anymore what happens there. if you have tons of secrets, better make sure the place you keep them doesn't become an attraction. IMHO, they should abandon A51 and just let the rummaging squad find nothing while they start on new location
: What is wrong with ranked?
Riot's incompetence and communities unwillingness to admit there is a problem. That is what is wrong with ranked.
: Do you know how to maths ? You got 70% of the champions in a single year, it took me 5-6 years to get them before the BE system was added, that's 20% of the champions / year You're getting champions more than 3 times as fast as I did before the BE system was added
lmao you really must be living in a different dimension than me. you don't even get half the champions
: 5 or 6 years, but with the new BE system it would probably be faster
it isnt. i still have less than 100 champions after 1 year of playing on RU server
: When can I gain Honor levels again?
Took me about 4 weeks on first offence:P
: > [{quoted}](name=M3GTRDragon,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=089ToEG9,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-09-09T01:31:41.482+0000) > > riven.... like empowered auto attacks from afar...she'd be better than ezreal. and safer xd Riven has no empowered basic attacks. Those are all considered as abilities. Empowered basic attack is like Nasus Q. Though if Riven skills had 550 range, then it would be seriously broken.
Riven's passive empowers her basic attacks to deal extra damage after casting a spell, without a cooldown on that passive. That is the very definition of empowered basic attack
Rioter Comments
: which champion will be the most broken shit if they had 550 range.
riven.... like empowered auto attacks from afar...she'd be better than ezreal. and safer xd
Sùomi (EUNE)
: You cant actually report this guy
dw. trolls, afk's , smurfs, inters won't get banned. say 1 word and they come down with full force
: Hi My name is Pantheon, I have a dragon skin.. So i'm a dragon in TFT
Diävolo (EUW)
: ***
Yet you are still talking and also don't bring out any counterargument of your own
Diävolo (EUW)
: ***
So you result to insult because you lost an arquement?
malek vr (EUW)
: Anyone has an idea of what this season's victorius skin could be ?
what was the most impactful champion in all elos? If it is one of the adc's or supports, you got your answer
: isnt Myrtle snow the Witch from AHS
Try Potter That name was present in both
Diävolo (EUW)
: Sadly you don't even know Zed's abilities. So you don't know how they work. Its W E Q W Ignite AA. That's the Zed combo. And early in the game that deals about half hp if he hits both Qs before they hit minions If you don't dodge Talon's W and you let him full combo you like that when his W stays 1 sec in the air just doing nothing. Sorry I can't help you Kayn, Q auto W auto auto auto auto auto Q* He doesn't even have combo. If you let him do all that to you and you're afk watching him. Sorry you're trash >Adc: before getting 3 items: autos deal 0 damage. after 3 items, assuming they even get that far, autos still deal 0 damage to everyone exept the gold starved enemies. I wanna flame you honestly. Most adcs's early game is too much. Look at Caitlyn/Xayah/Kai'Sa. These shits are too much. Specially if Kai'Sa or Xayah goes with Braum. After 3 Items they can literally delete any champion in the game. Vayne after 3 Items is a monster that kills everything by just staying at her place and spamming Q. Easier than master yi. What I get from that is that you're just talking shit
lmao. zed uses w against people who actually keep their distance. melees have to get close to you, so you can use w for double e instead of extending your q, thus having way more reliable damage. Sorry mate, I know zed better than you do. A full combo like that is certain kill if you hit anything, along with aa. Also, who said I'm the one who doesn't know counterplay. I PLAY THOSE CHAMPIONS, So I know the base comboes pretty well. If you use AA's between your abilities properly, you have a combo. But that is up to you to actually learn the champ before running your mouth. Talons w is easy to dodge, but only, if you don't jump in first. a Q-w combo gets alot of people by surprise. Kaynes Q is low on cooldown. Maybe you should try taking some damage instead of utility on him. LMAO, Caitlyn only hits 1 autoattack per second. you don't do much with it, unless you keep your range. Kaisas damage early is based on missing health. Her stacks work with stuns, so ofc leona, tresh, braum make her quite alot stronger. Kaisas damage late is the same mechanic. MISSING HEALTH. Xayah? lol, if you ever let xayah hit you without trading back properly, you should flame yourself, not me. Her range is quite a problem. It's right down in the center, which means most adc's can trade back and most of them will outtrade her if they don't get rooted. You might want to flame yourself if you are talking up your arse.
Febos (EUW)
: No one holds the rights to the word "God". Besides, which "God" are you talking about? Christian, Islamic, Judaic? Maybe "Gods" instead, like Greeks, Romans and Egyptians? For all I care, there's only one **true** God. Our Lord and Saviour... Teemo. #All Hail Lord Teemo https://i.imgur.com/9UWgweD.png
trust me, I have seen god. i'm a mother%%%%ing messiah (in case someone doesn't realize, i am sarcasm)
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