Anoligarh (EUW)
: When do you consider low elo ends?
It never does... THATS the secret!
: I actually started playing and watching the entire series of danganronpa. It is pretty good tbh. I'm spending alot of time on BTD and Hearthstone. And when i'm playing league i'm usually playing with friends, because i can mute the enemies and have fun with my friends. Minecraft is also a good game tbh.
yeah i have played them all when i was a kid. maybe i checked half life 2 again, but thanks anyway. about league well... i don't have a lot of firends anymore some of them left because they don't have fun with league anymore and others won't play with me because they are higher tier then i am -_- As a matter of fact I'm downloading minecraft right now :D
: Yakuza 0. It's supposed to be about Japanese mafia (I saw your name and I just had to) but you end up spending most of your time on minigames and side stories.
ElZengy (EUW)
: there are other realeses of The elder scrolls other than skyrim like oblivion and morrowind there's Witcher games maybe you should play halflife (not old gen) there's assassins creed games ( old ones )
I have played all of them when i was a kid. i played oblivion in my firend's house and i thought it's good but not as good as skyrim but thanks any ways :)
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: If you never played Dragon Age then go for it. I played this game many times and never got bored. Only strange thing is that I have to reset game every 1-2 hours because loading is getting longer and longer 😲
well i played Dragon age 2 and inquisition and i fell in love with the lore and when i heard DA1 was about third Blight (?) i thought to my self i HAVE TO play it although I'm little concern about about it's gameplay and mechanics since i heard it's harder to play compere to other DA games
: minecraft. end of
oh! good old days {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Every game without teammates sounds great after playing Lol, why not lean Magic with MTG Arena?
i will check that out! thanks dude :)))
: Path of exile just started a new season. Pretty fun, its what diablo 3 could have been.
yeah i played it around a month did't really workout for me due to complexity
: nah, they're too busy making lux skins
comment of the week !
Shamose (EUW)
: I always recommend The Witcher 3. If you haven't played it, the GOTY Edition with all the expansions is 15eu on steam. > i was thinking about DragonAge1 or Fallout new Vegas Fallout New Vegas is the best of the 3D fallouts. Definitely worth a play
Thanks man! in fact i bought it for my PS4. need to check it out again i guess :) any other games that you have in mind?
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: If your champion counters him, then you can kill him. If not, then you have 2 options. 1. QSS 2. Run away. If you can dodge his pull, then you don't even need extreme mobility. I can kite out Morde with a goddamn Soraka.
You know that there is a thired option: RUN IN TO HIM AND FIGHT LIKE MEN!!!! a true 1v1! Works for me as a darius main
Cypherous (EUW)
: Oh for sure i'm not going to get political, just hoping our syrian players can rejoin us at some point
Let us not forget iranians! Sure they are a little toxic but they are good players who carrying us through hard games (me Atleast) :D
: cant log in to LoL
same problem here :(
: cant log in to LoL
yeah dude !!! same here i tried so many times and it tells me same thing over and over again :(((
: Titanfall is just a PvP shooter like Call of Duty Apex is Battle Royale (~PUBG, Fortnite) Titanfall is pay to play (and quite expesive). Apex is Free to play like Fortnite. IDK why all the youth are so crazy over the battle royales... I'd like to understand, but I can't
"Titan fall is pay to play and quite expensive" 10$ is quite expensive? :/
Mopoii (EUW)
: Why is EUW "English" in American English and not British ?
Who cares? And why does it matter? English is English.
Evidence (EUNE)
: anything less then 500 euroes is unplayable on laptop,cuz fps drops on 300 euroes are harendous my friend. In this case speaking for moba-league.
So what do you recommend? Any special laptop?
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Aguli (EUNE)
: {{champion:81}} Just because i hate to support him. Usually we lose games when i support Ezreals, and win against him
So stop support him and start to actually carry him. If you know what i mean ;)
: What kind of champion/rework would you wanna see next?
New champion: i would LOVE to see a champion that could control 4 basic elements (fire,water,wind and earth) like AVATAR :D For reworks: MUNDO (he is out of the picture) malphite (he is simply boring and only good thing about it is it's ultimate and passive) fiddle (he is wasted potential just like mundo) and last but not least pantheon (it is frustration to play against him)
Dedenne (EUNE)
: The laners job is to press 4 (the ward button) and look at the map
In low elo Wards does't matter. Once i as a support ward whole river for my adc so he could farm for himself without of fear enemy jungler's gank and i went back to buy items. Meantime enemy team decided to gank our adc, we could EASILY SEE THEM COMEING DOWN THROUGH RIVER me (along side outher teammates) started to ping him... writing in chat : Run!!! (Personaly SCREAMED) but No! He stayed and died 1v4 and after that write in chat: REPORT SUPP AND MID FOR NO SS
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: I hate how I make a good gank and give my laner a kill and after i take 3 cs, "?" pings all over screen, "I'll troll", etc. That is the worst part of jungler's experience to me.
In one game i (as rengar jungle) realised we are stuck : our mid fed enemy GP HARD. our trynda was sux vs nasus which is EXTRIMLY RARE. It was tough situation. So i started gank our botlane knowing trist will hardcarry us. I ganked botlane ALOT give tristanna lots of kills (EVEN LET HER TAKE MY KILLS) at min 20 she was 17/3 but i was a little useless (i forced to go tank) At the end screen: Trist: REPORT RENGAR F***ING USELESS JUNGLER ! 0 GANKS AND FEED ENEMY and she was silence in game! :/ THIS is the worst part of being jungler
: I play with a constant ping of 230 - 350
Welcome to the club! :)
DeRoo (EUW)
: Isn't there a server in Turkey?
There is BUT: _That server only support turkish language _you can't comminucate with you'r team becous when you speaking (or writeing) english they answer you with turkish or they won't answer you AT ALL !!! unless you speak turkish (based on my experiance with CSGO and dota2) _one of my firends trancfered his acc from eune to turkey server 4 months ago. when he was at eune, his rank was silverV BUT in turkey server he reached DIAMOND! In only 2 weaks! There is full of trolls and afks EVEN IN HIGH RANKS!!! (Mid or feed types) Long story short: IT's a f***ing MADHOUS!!!
: It's just a name. And Rhaast probably tell Kayn that it means "obey" because this is what Rhaast would want him to do, but i don't really think it's the truth :D.
Never saw it on that perspective!
Fajerk (EUW)
: Yes{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Doesn't have a meaning from either Google nor the wikia page... so it prob isn't a significant meaning. What the quote likely is referring to is that us as humans have meanings behind names, each one means something (for example mine means leader)... darkins likely do similar, at which point rhaast has a meaning in the darkin language which is what kayn was asking for (at which point it prob means obey). As for how riot came up with it... probably the same as most fictional name, figure out the naming convention for the species or culture then brute force choosing names till one fits.
Hmmmm... interesting! Thx for the replay :)
: Save league, don't be a premade asshole
Best thing to do in these situations are just: KEEP CALM and PRESS MUTE CHAT This is the best solution that i could find.
Scköll (EUW)
: I will never understand why people even play ranked.
Simply FOR FUN! :D
: thx for the help. Ive played jinx but haven't really found the right core build. If you could jus tell me below that be great, thank :)
I'm glad that my comment could help you :) Standard build for jinx you'r build should be something like this: Hurrican - atk speed boots - IE - Blood thirster - Lord dominik - GA Personally, i do like to buy frozen mallet instead of lord dominik, or sometimes buy more cirit dmg like ststic. OFC these are very situational :)
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Smittles (EUW)
: Top Lane - What's Going On?
"To me, top lane is, right now, the true meaning of a lonely island" well as long as i remember, top lane was ALWAYS a lonely island. Besides, you talk like it is a bad thing? There is no stupid jungler to feed you'r lane! And personally i think It's time for someone like GP to farm ALL the day long and come out late game only to destroy enemy with one e.e.q combo! To me it's called "balance!" And once a great man told us: "balance is WEAKNES" so abuse that weakness :D
: Is Kalista a Good Main?
If you have someone who is MAIN supp and you can due que with then kalista is a good choice for you. Although kalista is NOT a good adc for low elo AT ALL If you don't , then i recommend you JINX which is easy to play and carry games pretty hard ! Consider this fact that jinx is simply BETTER VERSION OF TRISTANA! (at least imo) you should find you'rself right in home! :) If you are looking to main a champion for better claimbing, twitch and vayne ARE ARGUABLY the best marksmen to do that! Twitch is not realy a mobile champion (so you can take him out of the list) but vayne has good mobility as well as haveing a good Dmg and aggresive playstyle ! The trick with vayne is to MASTERING ATK MOVE. after that you will sitting on gold or plat! :D
: Tell me I am not the only one.
What is ASMR mean anyway? (Read with kayn voice :D)
HoppsJudy (EUNE)
: Announcer Ahri is gone?
It's not on your part. It just got removed and i don't have any idea why? Maybe because it was too hot? xD Upvoted anyway ^^
: Favourite role ... and why?
I love jungle, couse i can room and help people who struggling with their lanes , plus i have more impact on the game with takeing objectives like herald/dragon AND ganking and stuff like that. AND ks OFCOUS xD
Amazonas (EUNE)
: Who created Yasuo?
Same person who created teemo I believe. Ok a now a serious one: yasuo is NOT AS GOOD AS you think! He is weak pre6 and you can easily punish him and even later on game you can use exhaust on him OR cc him to death in teamfights, in low elo people looking for DMG and killing stuff , NOT tanks with cc for teamfights. (They care for kills not winning games) that's why you can't see yasuo in higher ranks
Mumblebum (EUW)
: I'm effing CRYING like a loser
Just keep calm and report :)
Galenygma (EUW)
: Normal 5v5 champion select
I think it'll be nice to see your allies kda when they lock in, like the one we see in
: Kha'zix in the assassin rework
I suggest that riot change how his w . I think something like this: Kha use his w 2times for his first cast he will slow enemy champ slow them and heal himself , for second cast if w hit enemy again enemy will stun and kha will heal double.
: This HAS to stop.
Just mute them all and enjoy your playing with your champ, they don't deserve you're attention.
Caraméla (EUW)
: anyway i think his ult is a core part of his playstyle and concept so i dont think they will change it much if they rework nunu
It was just an idea. Maybe we see it on a new champion. Thx for your comment though
: nunus problem is that hes damage is kind of never applyed. He has only one source of damage and that is hes snowball. So if consume was nerfed but possible to use against champions and then he would be given a good passive. Consume I suggest that consume gets a rewordk there the damage become magic. Active: 70/115/160/205/250+75 ap and heals him for the same passive: a target has been consumed takes extra damage from nunus abilltys and autoattacks equal to Level*2+5% of current hp capped at 80 against minions and jungecreatures. These offers intresting plays since he had to choice between consumeing the junglecreatures or hes dueling Powers. To offer counterplay the effeckt Counts a debuff that is removeable with qss. OBS i dont know if these is op or not it should be nerfed or buffed depending on balanceing. What i want to accoplish is that he is dangerous to duel as long as he doesnt use hes clearingspeed. He has to choice between them and balance can then be accoplished whit nerfs or buffs on any of hes abillitys.
That is.... A lot better than what I wrote , and very professional opinion. I love it.
candoodle (EUW)
: I dont see how you will ever get any of these abilites to proc with passive if passive is only out of combat I like the W idea but dont see how they would impliment it as it would require unique animations for all the other champs also the yeti has a name why does nobody know this poor Willump {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} personally as a nunu main i dont think he is in that bad of a spot right now sure he doesnt have mechanics which makes some people call him boring but nunu is all about that macro play and objective control
Maybe I explain it badly, he is freezing area around him when he is out of combat and walking freely and not attacking. I didn't know he has a name?! How do you find his name? BTW Thx for let us know:) That is true but personally I found his w and passive old and not fun to play plus I wanted to write my ideas somewhere to be heard so riot maybe use them on a new champion or a rework if they plan to.
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: Except that in lore, Yasuo killed his brother.
Yes but there is a chance that he can comeback to life by help of tahmkench or yorick or karma (she can link an entity to him, same as illoi but place a thing replace his heart or something like that). I don't know BUT THERE IS A WAY. I'm sure of it.
: Yasuo is probably the dumbest champ ever made
Personally as jungler main, I love to see yasuo in enemy team. Its just too easy to gank him: he is squishy, can't run from you (like lb or ahri). As an adc main I recommend you to stay close to your Supp and don't go in front of your team
: No katana or scythe in lol
I think katana will be brother of yasuo, yone's weapon when he come to league. (call me crazy but I have an Strong feel that sooner or later he will come to league EVENTUALLY )
: Story time contest! (Riot pls? <3)
i used to creat story about skins that riot released in past such as rengar skins or yasuo skins just for fun .they are alot and not very long storys, are they allowed too?! plus: im not good at english so...
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