: Hmmm. Twitch considered the best ADC next to Vayne.. 72% win ratio on Twitch. Congrats though! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I don't see him picked/banned that much tho (compared to vayne she is banned always every game), pretty much 90% of time i can get him, if i go as an adc {{champion:29}}
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: Every little bit you can do to improve yourself could matter to increase your chances of winning.... I mean what other choice do you have? From the match history you can only discuss items in my opinions. No way of telling why you have so many kills or deaths or cs or whatever. YOu would have to see these situations ingame... or guess. I think sometimes you should consider getting {{item:3123}} on Fiora especially since your adcs seem to ignore that item completely and it makes a huge diffrence when fighting someone like a {{champion:24}} with {{item:3146}} . Don't build {{item:3071}} vs {{champion:17}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:222}} {{summoner:7}} on Fiora seems like a strange choice, especially if you think that your team will screw up you should take {{summoner:12}} and make a play before they do that. xD
Heal was an accidental take, haha. I only really get {{item:3123}} against Nasus really and {{item:3071}} is one of my core items (helps with damage & most of the time alot enemies build armor anyways) but sometimes i take {{item:3078}} just for giggles. Few times i have built {{item:3025}} but its not as effective as it seems
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