: u waiting for a diamond player to give u a tip ? i gave u solid advice son . Pick a snowball champ and carry, khazix in jungle, jax ..
Ty for that I will try to play talon then As for kha I really tried to play him and out of 3 games I lost all and I had more than 10 kills with him and carried the early game I'm just that unlucky :')
: Focus on mid lane snowbally champs, fizz , talon or diana for starters they are also easy to learn . i personally like jungle but everyone their own opinion .
M7 talon and I don't really play him that much mainly because he can't carry as well as let's say a riven can so I prefer to play top over mid
: yoooh first of all stop switching the lane just focus on one role and become good at it second main champions that can solo carry third don't depand on your teamates
I got good at top but then played jg too much and forgot how to lane properly and it all went downhill after that
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Einshine (EUW)
: ***
Read the whole thing 3 times to think of a answer so here is what I came up with.I dislike muting all because someone might just really need help and if it gets too toxic I mute them.And yes iron is my first ever rank because I have been only playing for 4 months now and I skipped on ranked in season 8.Im not particularly bad but not good and I tend to make mistakes like spamming m2 to miss autos.And today the first ranked game was A loss with 2 afk and I lost 28 LP :/.I stopped there but I'm really upset and thinking I might even drop to iron 3 if I keep this up.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: https://media1.tenor.com/images/a8af8d05f7dca16001bb2a92f282e77d/tenor.gif?itemid=4850375 HEY %%%%%%!!!!! IT IS NOT ONLY MY FAULT IF MY TEAM IS A BUNCH OF CIRCUS REJECTS FOCUSED MORE ON CHATTING THAT %%%%ING PLAYING THE GAME. GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE MORON. As for second and third paragraph, agree with those.
Lol,calm down friend.Regardless of how bad your team is don't flame like your doing now.And this is a comment on the forums so it's even worse.Cant imagine how much you flame in game.And I too have trash teammates.its how iron and bronze are,most of the people don't even play serious In them and don't care about ranks,but if your like me and want to climb it will be hard because of half the players not caring about the game and the other half are raging at the team.Remeber some people that play this are emotional and will go afk or troll over a single flame.And also I understand it like this,for every flame you lose a tower because the other person wastes time typing their worst Islamic curses at you so you have 2 players flaming each other and you already have lost an inhibitor because none defending.Point is don't be rude man.In one of my last games I had a we that carried and my kata told him to leave because he didn't gank mid.And he left and we lost with their 2 open inhibs and 1 Nexus tower open.Thats just how iron works
Mykon01 (EUW)
: 1/No, if you try your hardest and dont grief the game doesnt matter how bad u are you wont get banned 2/ dont blame counters because they dont exist in what ever rank your in 3/ just mute your team and keep trying to improve best of luck ㄱㄱ
I usually mute people after they start flaming but I don't know what happens this time and we'll,I didn't.And if I understand you correctly your trying to tell me that teemo isn't a counter for Darius and that he was just overall better?I was 2/8 in lane with him beeing 9/2 and those 2 deaths were from him getting ganked.
: I really don't understand why all of you keep playing if you see that you start to gave a losing streak. You get tilted each match and start to play bad and bad and..... If you keep up playing then don't complain that you play bad because is very hard to focus at the game and more harder when you are tilted. If you play bad then of course your team will gonna flame you because they lose the game and its "only" your fault. If they flame you then just report them. If you try to speak with them then or you will gonna be flamed more, or you will gonna get tilted even harder and start to flame (you get banned too). You really have nothing to do if you start having a losing streak , except taking a break. Look more at your playstyle, see what you do wrong, improve and try to win the games by your own. If you do your job in all you games then you will help your teammates doing their job too. After this you will climb and get better player.
I understand what your saying but out of my losestreak 4 games are from today 2 yesterday and the other 2 4 days ago.So it's not that I need a break and I rewatch all my matches and take all of my mistakes and try to improve that way.But I have no idea what's up with the matching system.I use to get good teams with good opponents where I would get carried and other times I would carry myself.And the flaming back thing something I usually ignore and not talk back to but when their saying rep for feed when I have a 1 or 2 KDA is not fine
: Everybody has good and bad games MHDD, as long as you didn't try to die on purpose you should be fine. The people that said those horrible things to you however... Shouldn't be so fine. We might see one of them here on the boards soon, saying that they were "banned for nothing". Ignore them and keep playing, don't worry too much. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Of course they weren't purposeful,and I try to ignore them but when it gets to the point where they tell me hang yourself on a tree over me beeing 7/6/2 and missing 2 of my ults it's really not ok.Also the "banned for nothing thing" is really stupid when they know they were toxic.Before I made this I checked out some threats talking about them beeing banned for no reason yet they show no proof Ty for the answer tho
Kaimeraz (EUW)
: What does toxicity in Iron have to do with flaming in normal?
Sorry,I was really upset when typing this didn't realise what I was saying,I was trying to say that in normals I CAN get toxic because I tryhard a lot there and if I do the same in ranked I will probably tilt hard
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