SekkiShin (EUW)
: I find it to be quite random. I usually play support. Sometimes I wreck with Naut get like 4/2/16 and get B and sometimes I do okish and get S-. System is crazy. What I noticed is that if you do not take standard support (e.g. Noc) and do good for support you will still not get S because it expects you to have assasin/mid/jungler performance. Easiest way to get S rank is to find good ADC, play Soraka and heal like crazy. P.S. I usually play normal blinds because I tend to use non-standard supports :-)
Thank you for replay!!! :)
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: This helped for me :)
: That's your Operating System ^.^ The security software is your antivirus for example :)
SORRY my bad... and its AVAST
: Hey MMGenius, Could you tell me what security software you're using?
Windows 7
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MMGenius (EUNE)
: Please wait to re-patch :) but i wil try that too Thanks you are awesome!!
Nothing :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Any one HELP TheLUCKYfighter thanks for your time.
: Could you try a forced re-patch as described in [this article]( Let me know if that worked out for you :)
Please wait to re-patch :) but i wil try that too Thanks you are awesome!!
: Could you do the same as what I suggested to murderousdolphin? Keep me in the loop :)
I did but nothing :((( Thanks for ur time. :)
: Actually, let's try something else first, it's the same principle but it have a high chance of fixing the issue. Close any instances of the PVP Client or The Launcher and restart your patcher. After the patching process is complete hit the “?” symbol in the upper right corner of your patcher and hit “repair”. Note that this process might take some time, but it should be worth it in the end ;)
i am so happy that u replay but it changes nothing. I had same problem in patch 5.4
: Hey MMGenius, Could you try to close the launcher, go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends and run "lol.launcher.admin.exe"? If prompted for admin rights, click on "yes". Let me know if that changed anything, otherwise we'll have to try a forced re-patch.
no changes
xRockOrBust (EUNE)
: LOGIN ERROR:client version 6.6.16_03_24_18_32 is rejected by server Somebody help with this problem. What can i do?
I dont know i was asking that: HELP!!!
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