: Give turret's respacte back
I think that its a wonderful idea, but it'd be better if you precised how it whould work because i can't imagine myself which champ whould upgrade which turret etc. yes, turrets need some short of upgrade as they dont do anything in the late-game. maybe you could even make a champion idea based on this one. Thanks for the great idea, hope you'll develop it more in the future :)
: Try Champions in Practice tool?
The only thing adding this feature will hurt is the actual champion rotation (in a way) cause one of the main reasons why we have it is try new champions, not being able to temporarily unlock them. P.S how do they loose money from that? like think for 2 seconds doe. All ingame champions are, bacically, free. no pay to play here apart from skins with not really visible projectiles.
Ezeriukas (EUW)
: [Suggestion] League Of Legends Classic
At least some of us have judgement kayle and some other skins to remember those good old days... happy to have been there while it lasted :D
LukaHollow (EUNE)
: Reasonable ranked system
Let's say that you're playing with a team that tries their actual best to win,without any trolling at all but they still loose... Shoukd they get rewarded less for that? I bet they whould quit league on the spot! P.S bad players troll less if you dont flame like its your last day chatting on league.
: Champ concept (Assassin/Bruiser) – Nightshade
Thanks for sharing this with us, here are some "complaints" or "compliments" rather about it :) his atk growth is far too high, As of Ms, more than 335 seems like too great since you can almost escape from champions like vayne you could be more presice in the passive,people might not understand you have to use basic attacks for it to work for the W you could describe the "explosion" radius in units or... teemo E is kinda confusing me since it works with stacks. and ult doesnt sound as the most useful thing in the world (+ i think wards should have 80% reduced vision range in smoke instead) Still, I'm not saying it wasnt a good champion showcase but I kinda smell the 2016 inside of it :) But thanks for posting this great Idea anyways, hope you'll keep this up!
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: I just had a new idea for a skin
Sounds like an awesome idea but it's kinda unoriginal,i suggest you make a more detailed post about it :) like what you think he'd look like and such.im greek too by the way
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